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This OSRS Fairy Ring Guide teaches you everything you need to know about Fairy Rings and how to unlock them.

This article is part of our osrs world map Travel for Beginners Guide.

Requirements to use Fairy Rings

  • Completion of Fairy Tale Part I
  • Started Fairy Tale Part II (until the fairy rings are unlocked)
  • Dramen staff or Lunar Staff to get access to Fairy Rings

fairy ring osrs How to unlock fairy rings

Fairy Rings are unlocked during the Fairy Tale Part II quest but don’t require completion of the quest. You only need to do the very start of the quest to get access to the Fairy Ring Network. In fact, most players who use Fairy Rings, have never completed the quest!

Here’s how you unlock the fairy rings in 7 Simple steps:

1After completing the Fary Tale Part I quest, speak with Martin The Farmer in Draynor Village to start Fairy Tale Part 2.
Dialogue: 2
Martin tells you to wait 5 minutes for his crops to grow. Do something to keep you busy but DO NOT PICKPOCKET HIM or you won’t be able to continue.
Once the 5 minutes are over, Speak with Martin again.
Dialogue: 2-1
2Now we will need to go to Zanaris. Equip your Dramen Staff and run towards the shed in the Lumbridge Swamp that you have used during the Lost City and Fairy part 1 quests.
how to enter zanaris in osrs

Once you’ve made it to Zanaris, complete the following steps to unlock the fairy rings:

7 steps to unlock fairy rings in osrs
3Run towards the Zanaris bank and then enter the Alcove. A cutscene will start.
After the cutscene, take the healing certificate from the shelf. Right-click to study it.
4Run South towards the cooking range. Speak with the Fairy Chef.
5Run East towards the Runecrafting Altar.
Between two regular trees, you will find a Rune Temple Sign on the southern wall. Click on it to read it
6Now run to Chaeldor the slayer master and speak with the Fairy Godmother.
Dialogue: 1-2-1
7And finally, run towards the Fairy Ring in the center of Zanaris and speak with Fairy Fixit.
Dialogue: 1

And that’s it! You are now allowed to use Fairy Rings and can use every Fairy Ring in Gielinor provided you have your Dramen Staff equipped.

Easy Access to Fairy Rings

Fairy Rings are of course only useful if you have easy access to one.

The most easily accessible Fairy Ring is the one in your own house. However, this requires 85 Construction and I assume if you are reading this guide you do not have that.

There is a similar alternative, however, and that is to use the Fairy Ring inside someone else’s house.

Did you know that you can go into World 330 (House Party World) and enter anyone’s home at the Rimmington Portal using the Advertisement Board? This allows you to use the many teleportation devices they have including their Portal Nexus, Jewellery box, AND fairy ring!

use the house advertisment board in world 330 rimmington to enter someone elses house and use their fairy ring
Use the Fairy RIng inside someone else’s house in World 330

Ironmen should unlock Ardougne Easy Diary for the Ardougne Cloak reward which offers unlimited teleports to the Ardougne Monastery. This teleports you close to the Tower of Life fairy ring which will be the closest Fairy Ring to you for a while.

Useful Fairy Ring Locations

Fairy Ring Code
A-K-SFeldip HillsChompy Bird Hunting
A-K-PNecropolisTombs of Amascut
Requires 62 Agility to use the shortcut
A-K-QPiscatoris Hunter AreaNear Piscatoris Fishing Colony
– Fish Monkfish
Swan Song Quest
Falconry Hunting Spot
A-L-SMcGrubor’s WoodNear Fishing Guild & Ranging Guild
A-L-RAbyssal AreaPlayers can get Runecrafting pouches here by killing the creatures
A-L-QHaunted WoodsNear Port Phasmatys
A-L-PLighthouseHorror from the Deep Quest start & great spot for cannoning Dagganoth tasks
A-J-RFremennik Slayer DungeonGreat for tasks:
– Basilisks
A-I-RClue scroll islandVisiting A-I-R is an Ardougne Medium Diary Step
A-I-QMudskipper pointEasy access to Port Sarim & Rimmington
B-L-RLegends’ Guild Useful during the Legends’ Quest
B-L-PTzhaar areaUse this teleport to get to Jad
B-K-SZanarisEasy access to Zanaris & Puro Puro Minigame
B-K-RMort Myre SwampYou can take the boat to Barrows here. Though better transportation methods exist
B-K-PTeak Tree South of Castle WarsUseful for the Teak Tree location for players who don’t have access to Ape Atoll Teak Tree or Fossil Island
B-J-SZul-AndraTeleport to access Zulrah, 76 Agility is required for the shorcut
B-I-SArdougne Zoo, unicorn cageKind of useless teleport but required for the Ardougne Medium Diary
B-I-QKalphite LairFor Kalphite Slayer tasks and Kalphite Queen
C-L-SHazelmere’s homeUsing during the Quests The Grand tree & The Eyes of Glouphrie
C-L-RApe AtollUsed to access Ape Atoll.
48 Agility & completion of Monkey Madness & ninja Monkey Greegree are required
C-K-SCanifisAccess the Mort Myre Swamp, Canifis town, and Slayer Tower.
Also useful place to start the Temple Trekking Minigame
C-K-RKaramja Fishing spot.
South of Tai Bwo Wannai
You can fish Karamji here which are used as bait to catch Karambwans
C-I-SArceuus LibraryMust pay 80K to Trossa (located in front of the fairy ring) to unlock this fairy ring.
useful for easy access to the Arceuus Library (to get Arceuus Favour) and also for training prayer with Ensouled Heads
C-I-RMount KaruulmThis spot is used by ironmen to access the Farming Guild via Fairy Ring.
Furthermore, this is a close teleport option to the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon & Konar Slayer Master
C-I-PMiscellaniaTeleport for Managing Miscellania after completing the Throne of Miscellania quest
D-K-SPolar Hunter AreaThis spot is close to the Brine Rat Cavern, where Brine Rats live, a common slayer task.
D-K-REdgeville, Grand ExchangeThe fairy ring that sits in between the Grand Exchange and Edgeville
D-K-PKarambwan Fishing spotThis fairy ring spawns you next to the Karambwan fishing spot
D-J-RChasm of FireTeleports you next to Shayzien. Can be used to gain favour, access the Chasm of Fire slayer cave or as a fairy-ring accessible bank.
D-J-PTower of lifeThis Fairy Ring is commonly used by ironman due to their close proximity to the Ardougne Monastery which players can teleport to using an Ardougne Cloak.
D-I-SWizards’ TowerEasy access to the Wizards Tower
D-I-QTeleport to your houseOnly available if you have a fairy ring inside your house


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