osrs fletching guide

There are many different ways to reach 99 fletching. In this complete 1-99 osrs fletching guide we will be laying out the most profitable way, the fastest way, and some alternative methods you can use to reach the max level.

Depending on the method you use, fletching can be the fastest skill currently in old school runescape. For example, player EVscape managed to get from 1-99 fletching in just 3 hours and 9 minutes! Of course, he spent over 150M doing this method, so it’s up to you whether you’re willing to waste money on the fletching skillcape. 

Want to learn how train your fletching in osrs? Keep reading!

Boost Fletching Exp/hr

Dragonfruit Pie (+4 Fletching level boost)

dragonfruit pie osrs fletching guide

Dragonfruit pies are the new meta for boosting fletching in osrs. These 2-dose foods cost less than 1K each in the grand exchange and they temporarily boost your fletching with 4 levels. Meaning you get access to higher-level bows/darts so you can train your fletching even faster in old school Runescape.

Using dragonfruit is recommended if you want to get 99 fletching using the fastest way possible.

Stash your dragonfruit pies in your inventory (while doing darts) or your bank tab (while doing bows) for maximum efficiency.

Fastest Way to 99 Fletching in OSRS

The fastest way to 99 fletching in osrs is by fletching darts all the way to 99.

OSRS Fletching Darts 1-99

Fletching darts from 1-99 fletching is the fastest method currently in Oldschool Runescape to train your fletching. Taking this method to 99 can give you realistic experience rates of up to 1.5M per hour.

This method is only for those that have the money to do it. Do not even think about this method of fletching training if you don’t have around 150M to waste!

Total Time: 12 to 18 hours (realistically)

The current world record is held by EVScape: 1-99 fletching in 3 hour and 9 minutes using only darts.

Total Cost: 143M

Since prices change constantly you’ll want to use the fletching calculator for a more accurate gp/exp.

LevelsMethodExp per DartAmount (of Darts)EXP RateMoney Lost
10 – 22Bronze Darts1.8248472K/hr – 108k/hr– 42K
22 – 37Iron Darts3.85750150k – 230K/hr– 120K
37 – 52Steel Darts7.512,825300K – 450K/hr– 700K
52 – 67Mithril Darts11.237,884450K – 670K/hr– 2.8M
67 – 81Adamant Darts15109,658600K – 900K/hr– 11M
81 – 95Rune Darts18.8349,933750k – 1,1M/hr– 78M
95 – 99Dragon Darts25170,5151M – 1.5M/hr– 50M
Total loss:143M

OSRS Fletching Darts with Dragonfruit Pie

Using dragonfruit you can constantly boost your fletching level +4. To increase your fletching training and get 99 as fast as possible, it is 100% recommended to use dragonfruit pies. This will cut your time by about 2 hours and you’ll only pay around 3M more in total.

Total Cost: 146M

Total Time (100% dependent on your clicks): 10,5 to 16 hours (realistically)

Levels (dragonfruit pie)MethodExp per DartAmount (of Darts)EXP RateMoney Lost
6 – 18Bronze Darts1.81,67372K/hr – 108k/hr– 28K
18 – 33Iron Darts3.83,875150k – 230K/hr– 80K
33 – 48Steel Darts7.58,636300K – 450K/hr– 470K
48 – 63Mithril Darts11.225,499450K – 670K/hr– 1.8M
63 – 77Adamant Darts1573,799600K – 900K/hr– 7M
77 – 91Rune Darts18.8235,493750k – 1,1M/hr– 52M
91 – 99Dragon Darts25285,2641M – 1.5M/hr– 85M
Total loss:146M

Alternative – Fletching Adamant Darts to 99

Osrs 1-99 fletching guide with adamant darts

Alternatively, from 63-99 (using a dragonfruit pie to boost your fletching level to 67) you can fletch Adamant Darts.

You will need to fletch 844,389 adamant darts to get 99 fletching. Fletching adamant darts gives you an experience rate between 600-900K experience per hours so it will take you anywhere from 14-21 hours to reach 99 fletching.

63-99 Fletching with adamant darts will cost you 104M in total.

Alternative #2 – Fletching Mithril Darts to 99

If fletching Adamant darts from 1-99 is too expensive for you, you can fletch mithril darts all the way to 99. From 48-99 (using dragonfruit pie to boost your fletching level 52) you can get 99 fletching fast with mithril darts.

You will need to fletch 1,156,377 mithril darts to get 99 fletching. At an average EXP rate of 500K/hr this will take you around 26 hours.

48-99 Fletching with mithril darts will cost you 78M in total.

Fletching Darts on OSRS Mobile

A new method for getting 99 fletching with insane speed is fletching darts on OSRS mobile. You can tap faster than you can click making this method up to twice as fast as usual. Of course, it takes a while to get used to the mechanism and this method is extremely click-intensive. I’ve tried it and I can’t keep it up for more than 30 minutes, but you should go see for yourself if you want to.

Some of the experience rates you can expect when fletching darts on OSRS mobile (90,000 darts per hour):

  • Mithril Darts: 1M EXP/hr
  • Adamant Darts: 1.35M EXP/hr
  • Rune Darts: 1.7M EXP/hr
  • Dragon Darts: 2.25M EXP/hr

This means that you can get 99 fletching in under 6 hours with the osrs mobile method.

OSRS Fletching Guide – Most Profitable Way to 99

Want to make some money while fletching in old school Runescape? You can! And you still get pretty good experience rates! The best way to do so is by cutting or stringing bows. Or both!

Fletching Money Making Method #1 – Cutting unstrung bows

cutting unstrung bows is a good way osrs fletching money making method.

Cutting logs into unstrung bows is a common method players take to reach 99 because it is very AFK and a good way to make money with fletching. You can easily do this method while watching a movie or focussing on other work. Since yew shortbows result in significant loss and it just isn’t worth it for the experience gained, we have left them out of this table.

Again, prices of bows change quickly in osrs so to stay on top it is advised to use the fletching calculator.

LevelsMethodExp per bowAmount of bowsEXP RateProfitApprox Time
10 – 20Longbow (u)1033215K/hr-2k13 minutes
20 – 25Oak Shortbow (u)16.520525K/hr-2K8 minutes
25 – 35Oak Longbow (u)2558340K/hr-20K20 minutes
35 – 40Willow Shortbow (u)33.2544650K/hr2K20 minutes
40 – 50Willow Longbow (u)41.51,54570K/hr4K50 minutes
50 – 55Maple Shortbow (u)501,30780K/hr45K45 minutes
55 – 70Maple Longbow (u)58.259,80390K/hr215K6 hours
70 – 85Yew Longbow (u)7033,613120K/hr1.9M21 hours
85-99Magic Longbow (u)91.59,775,837150K/hr850K65 hours
Total Profit3M
Total Time94 hours

Fletching Money Making Method #2 – Stringing bows

stringing bows old school runescape fletching guide

Even though the process of stringing bows gives you the same amount of experience as cutting a bow, the string method is a lot faster. For this method you’ll need bowstrings and unstrung (u) bows which you can get from the grand exchange or make yourself.

This method is not nearly as AFK as cutting bows but it will provide you with a higher profit starting from maple longbows. The experience rates are also significantly higher.

If you were looking for a good osrs fletching money making method, this is it.

Fletching LevelsMethodExp per bowAmount of bowsEXP RateProfitApprox Time
10 – 20Longbow (u)1033223K/hr-50K8 minutes
20 – 25Oak Shortbow (u)16.520540K/hr-32K5 minutes
25 – 35Oak Longbow (u)2558360K/hr-88K15 minutes
35 – 40Willow Shortbow (u)33.2544680K/hr-57k12 minutes
40 – 50Willow Longbow (u)41.51,545100K/hr– 63K30 minutes
50 – 55Maple Shortbow (u)501,307115K/hr-18K30 minutes
55 – 70Maple Longbow (u)58.259,803130K/hr560K4 hours
70 – 85Yew Longbow (u)7033,613180K/hr3.3M14 hours
85-99Magic Longbow (u)91.5106,840200K/hr7.2M49 hours
Total Profit15M
Total Time68,5 hours

Quests that provide Fletching Experience

QuestRewardFletching level RequirementOther Requirements
Big Chompy Bird Hunting262 exp5 fletching30 cooking, 30 ranged
Animal Magnetism1,000 exp/18 slayer, 19 crafting, 35 woodcutting, 30 ranged
Zorge Flesh Eaters2,000 exp30 fletching4 smithing, 8 herblore, 30 ranged
The Fremennik Trials2,818 exp25 fletching40 woodcutting
Devious Minds5,000 exp50 fletching50 runecrafting, 65 smithing
Temple of Ikov8,000 exp/40 ranged, 42 thieving

Old School Runescape Fletching Training Tips

Create your own training path

Since prices change so quickly there will always be new methods that become profitable and old methods that will result in a loss. To stay on top of this, use the fletching calculator alongside the methods in this osrs fletching guide to create your ideal path to 99.

Combine fletching with other skills

Some zero time methods such as creating darts and bolts can easily be done while doing other activities. These fletching methods require just two inventory slots and you can spam-click them between certain activities and skills such as agility, questing, etc.

Summary: Osrs Fletching Guide 2023

Hopefully, this osrs fletching guide was helpful and will aid you in getting 1-99 fletching as quickly as possible. Training fletching is a very low key skill that you can train semi-AFK while you do quests, NMZ, or skilling on an alt account.

If you want to train as AFK as possible and still make some money, cutting is highly recommended. If you don’t want to AFK you can opt for stringing and still make money while fletching or you can opt for darts and spend money to get 99 fletching as quickly as possible.

Remember: you can buy dragonfruit pies from the grand exchange to boost your fletching levels by 4 so you can get access to higher darts/bows and achieve higher fletching experience rates. Stash these in the same bank tab for efficiency.

Definitely check out fletching training on mobile if you plan on doing darts all the way to 99. Let us know if any information is missing so we can keep this osrs fletching training guide as updated as possible.

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