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Looking to get to Pollnivneach? Maybe you want to start Blackjacking or maybe you are looking to train your Agility on the rooftop course? Regardless of your plans–we’ve got you covered. Here are the best ways to travel to Pollnivneach in OSRS.

This article is part of our osrs world map Travel for Beginners Guide.

As always, the first method is noob-friendly and doesn’t hold any quest or skill requirements. Further down the list, better travel options are revealed but these are often locked behind quests, diaries, and skills.

3 ways to travel to Pollnivneach

Travel methodRequirements
Magic Carpet200 coins
House Teleport40 Magic
House in Pollnivneach
20 Construction
Redirected House Teleport TabScrolls of Redirection
20 Construction

1. Magic Carpet

The easiest way to travel to Pollnivneach is to use the Magic Carpet system from Shantay Pass.

Location:Shantay Pass
Requirements:200 GP

The rug merchant here will take you to Pollnivneach for only 200 GP. You will also need to cross the Shantay Pass, paying an additional 5 GP for entry.

Shantay Pass is located in Al Kharid and serves as the entry into the desert. You can get here from Lumbridge (pay 10 GP at the gate if you haven’t finished Prince Ali Rescue) or teleport to the PVP Arena using a Ring of Dueling.

how to travel to Pollnivneach from Shantay Pass using the Magic Carpet

2. House Teleport

Players who have their house located in Pollnivneach, can teleport there using the house teleport spell (requiring 40 Magic) or by using House Teleport Tabs (made or bought from Grand Exchange).

Requirements:40 Magic
House in Pollnivneach
20 Construction

This will require you to visit an Estate Agent and relocate your home from its current location to Pollnivneach for 7,500gp. You’ll also need 20 Construction to unlock the ability to move your house here.

Estate agents are located in the following towns:

This method isn’t ideal if you only visit once but if you plan to go here a lot (e.g. for Blackjacking Thieving Training), it’s definitely worth relocating your house as it will save you a ton of time getting back to your training spot.

3. Redirected House Teleport Tab

The final travel method to Pollnivneach is to use Pollnivneach Teleport Tablets.

Requirements:40 Magic
Teleport to house tablets
20 Construction

Pollnivneach Teleport Tablets are made by using a scroll of Redirection (Reward from The Nightmare Zone) on a House Teleport Tablet (made or bought from Grand Exchange).

These allow players to turn regular house teleport tablets that would teleport them to their house, to a different city with a house portal such as Pollnivneach, without their house being in that location.

So Teleport Tablets can also be made for the other P-O-H locations:

  • Rimmington
  • Taverly
  • Pollnivneach
  • Hosidius
  • Rellekka
  • Brimhaven
  • Yanille
  • Trollheim
  • Prifddinas

Provided they have the construction level required to allow relocation to this portal. For Pollnivneach, this requirement is 20 Construction.

Redirected Teleport Tablets are a handy option if you tend to Train Combat at The Nightmare Zone and have the points to unlock Scrolls of Redirection as a reward.

Myself, I have a bunch of redirected tablets on my bank for exactly this reason. And I always have scrolls of redirection on hand instead I need to make more.

redirection house teleport tablets on my bank

Final Thoughts

Reaching Pollnivneach is pretty easy. The city isn’t locked behind any skills or quest requirements. You can easily get here by Magic Carpet if you are only planning to pass by once for the time being. If you plan to train thieving here, temporarily relocating your home is a worthy option. Or finally, if you are further along in the game, it’s definitely worth investing some time into making Pollnivneach Teleport Tablets to make traveling here in the future so much faster!


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