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This OSRS Karambwan Fishing Guide teaches you everything you need to know to start Fishing Karambwans in OSRS.

This article is part of our osrs fishing guideOSRS Fishing Guide.

quest requirements Requirements for Karambwan Fishing

inventory setup Inventory setup

osrs karambwan fishing inventory setup
  • Karambwanji (used as bait)
  • Karambwan Vessel (used to catch karambwans)
  • Dragon Harpoon (optional for the fishing level boost delivered by the special attack)

If you have lost your Karambwan Vessel, you can buy a new one from Tiadeche in Tai Bwo Wannai for 2GP. Keep in mind that you need to have completed Tai Bwo Wannai Trio.

Note: the first time you use the Karambwan Vessel, you have to use one Karambwanji on it.

How Karambwan Fishing Works

Karambwan fishing requires untradeable bait known as Raw Karambwanji. You have to fish these Raw Karambwanji before you can start fishing Karambwans. So basically there is an extra step to fishing Karambwans, that isn’t seen for any other fishing method.

Luckily, fishing Karambwanjis is super AFK and the fishing spot is right next to a Fairy Ring.

So again, fishing Karambwans requires 2 steps:

  1. First Fish Raw Karambwanji
  2. Then use the Raw Karambwanji as bait to fish Karambwans

How to get Raw Karambwanji

Before you can fish Karambwans, you need to obtain Raw Karambwanji first.

Karambwanji is a small fish that is stackable and functions as bait for Karambwan Fishing.

To get to the Karambwanji Fishing Spot, use the Fairy Ring code C-K-R. The fairy ring takes you directly to the pond where Karambwanji can be fished.

All you need to fish Raw Karambwanji is a small fishing net.

osrs karambwan fishing guide: how to obtain karambwanji

Since Karambwanji stacks so you can AFK here for a very long time.

We recommend AFKing Karambwanji for at least an hour before starting the fish Karambwans. This should give you enough Karambwanji to fish Karambwans for a couple of hours.

Fishing Karambwanjis is super AFK and while the fishing spots do move, they stay for around 30 minutes each.

TIP: You don’t need to drop the Shrimp that will fill up in your inventory, even a full inventory won’t prevent you from catching more karambwanji.

Where to Fish Karambwans

The Karambwan Fishing Spot is located on karamja and can be accessed by using Fairy Ring Code D-K-P.

To fish Karambwans, you will need a Karambwan Vessel and Raw Karambwanji (bait).

The fishing spot is located just underneath the Fairy Ring and it never moves.

osrs karambwan fishing guide: where to fish karambwans

Once your inventory is full you can use the Fairy Ring to teleport to Zanaris which is fairly close to a bank.

Some tips to make Karambwan Fishing easier

Best Fairy Ring Options

Since Fairy Rings are used to access the Karambwan fishing spot, having access to a fairy ring with minimal walking is highly recommended.

The best option for a Fairy Ring is to have one in your P-O-H which requires 85 Construction.

Alternatively, you can use the Fairy Ring in someone else’s house in Rimmington W330.

For Ironmen, the closest fairy ring location is to use an Ardougne Cloak teleport to the Monastery.

Best Banking Options

The best banking option for most accounts is to use the Fairy Ring Network to teleport to Zanaris which isn’t far from a bank chest. This also means you will never have to change your fairy ring code and can easily go bank and forth.

Alternatively, you can teleport to Shayzien via code D-J-R which teleports you next to a bank chest.

And another alternative is to use dueling rings to teleport to Castle Wars/Ferox Enclave but this will require you to get back to a fairy ring to reset your run.

Save Fairy Ring Codes

save fairy ring codes for karambwan fishing guide

Did you know you can save fairy ring codes? For example, saving the codes for the Karambwan Fishing Spot (D-K-P) and the bank (D-J-R) will make your banking trips a lot smoother!

Catch rate

You can expect to catch between 400-600 Karambwan per hour depending on your fishing level.

Fishing Experience

You can expect between 20k-30k experience per hour fishing Karambwans depending on your fishing level. This Fishing Training is very AFK and recommended for ironman accounts as you get AFK fishing Experience, Cooking experience and they are the best food source for a very long time.

Other fishing methods

Hopefully, this OSRS Karambwan Fishing Guide helped you get started with Karambwan fishing. It’s not great experience, but it’s pretty AFK and a great food source for ironman accounts. Main accounts can use this as a money-making method making up to 200K per hour selling the Karambwans, however, better money-making methods exist.

For a better AFK method, check out our OSRS Monkfish Fishing Guide instead.

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