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My name is Dean and I run OSRSGuide. I’ve been playing Runescape for over 17 years now, having started in 2006 when I was only 10 years old. I still remember those days, coming home from school and instantly heading for the family PC to play Runescape from internet explorer until I had to go to bed. I grew up pretty spoiled, so I was never really cut off. From an early age, I was always in Gielinor.

I have Runescape to thank for a lot of the lessons I’ve learned in life. Among all the accounts I’ve run over the years, I probably have tens of thousands of hours. And I have zero regrets. Runescape is and always will be a big part of my life.

I briefly quit the game during the EOC days but returned as soon as Old School Runescape was announced. 2013 was a magical year for me and many of us OSRS enthusiasts. 

I decided to start OSRSGuide out of frustration with the lack of content regarding OSRS online. The OSRS Wiki is a valuable resource for everyone, but sometimes it lacks that personal touch that some people (including myself) miss in a guide. That’s why I founded OSRSGuide. 

Before it, most websites that created Guides were run by gold sellers who are just looking to real-world-trade. That’s not what I’m here for. I get tons of emails every day from some of the best gold-selling websites to start advertising on OSRSGuide. It’s not going to happen. (I know, sometimes you’ll see an ad from them on this site, but sadly I can’t control those without turning off all monetization…)

Running OSRSGuide isn’t easy, there are a lot of copycats and bots that steal content. But I still love doing it. 

The main goal of this site is to help the newer and returning players of the game get settled into OSRS. I don’t cover a lot of high-level content in-depth such as Raids because these are better left to YouTube videos that can explain the mechanics in better detail. 

OSRSGuide on Youtube

After years of writing guides, I’ve finally gone ahead and started a Youtube channel…

On Youtube I’m posting zero-fluff bite-sized videos. You can check them out here:


Your subscription would help out a lot! 😀


Do you play RS3?

I don’t currently play RS3, just OSRS.

How old is your main account?

My main account is over 6,000 days old and started in 2006.

hans osrsguide main

Note that the ‘time spent’ only counts OSRS and the arrival time is from the original Runescape. Probably for the best as I spent a lot more time on this account as a kid, it would look a little over the top. 😉

What kind of OSRS accounts do you run?

I have my main (2100+ total), an Ironman (2000+ total), a Zerker account (unused), and I play in a casual Group Ironman (1900+ total) with friends.

Favorite thing to do in OSRS?

Starting a new account and rushing to B Gloves. Love the nostalgia.

I simply love grinding on the game. Doing Quests, unlocking achievements, unlocking new gear, etc. Not much of a PVMer. I’m very much enjoying the Group Ironman content at the moment.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me at [email protected].