osrs money making guide

This is a complete Money Making Guide for OSRS.

In this guide, you’ll find a TON of methods to make money in OSRS for all levels. Please use the navigation to choose your preferred money making method: Combat or Skilling.


Combat Money Makers

Killing Hill GiantsLow Levelup to 50K GP/hr
Killing Chaos DruidsLow Levelup to 170K GP/hr
Killing Cows & tanningLow Levelup to 80K GP/hr
Killing SpidinesLow Levelup to 300K GP/hr
Killing EntsLow Levelup to 300K GP/hr
Killing Green DragonsMid Levelup to 600K GP/hr
Killing Blue DragonsMid Levelup to 500K GP/hr
Killing Brine RatsMid Levelup to 100K GP/hr
Killing Cave HorrorsMid Levelup to 300K GP/hr
Killing Ice TrollsMid Levelup to 300K GP/hr
Killing AviansiesMid Levelup to 250K GP/hr
Killing GargoylesHigh Levelup to 300K GP/hr
Killing KurasksHigh Levelup to 500K GP/hr
Playing Barrows minigameHigh Levelup to 700K GP/hr
Killing ZulrahHigh Levelup to 1.5M GP/hr
End game PVM and Mini GamesEnd Gameup to 3.5M GP/hr
Bossing and RaidsEnd Gameup to 10M GP/hr

Skilling Money Makers

Stringing BowsFletchingLowup to 390K GP/hr
Making boltsFletchingLowup to 350K GP/hr
Hunting ChinchompasHunterHighup to 900K GP/hr
Hunting ImplingsHunterMidup to 600K GP/hr
Smelting bars at blast furnaceSmithingMidup to 1.1M GP/hr
Cooking fishCookingLowup to 220k GP/hr
1-ticking karambwans CookingMidup to 400k GP/hr
Agility PyramidAgilityLowup to 200k GP/hr
Hallowed SepulchreAgilityHighup to 2.5M GP/hr
Pickpocketing master farmersThievingHighup to 800K GP/hr
Pickpocketing elvesThievingHighup to 2.5M GP/hr
WintertodtFiremakingLowup to 300K GP/hr
Cremating Urium remainsFiremakingMid-highup to 600K GP/hr
Crafting JewelleryCraftingLowup to 400K GP/hr
Humidifying ClayMagicHighup to 700K GP/hr
Casting tan leatherMagicHighup to 1M GP/hr
Chopping WoodWoodcuttingLowup to 190K GP/hr
Catching fishFishingLowup to 300K GP/hr
Crafting runesRunecraftingHighup to 2.5M GP/hr

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Making Money with Combat

We’ll start off this OSRS money-making guide with all the different ways you can make money through the use of combat. Combat money makers have a lower barrier of entry and tend to make more money than skilling methods. If you prefer skilling, you can [SKIP HERE] to fast forward to our skilling money makers.

Highly Recommended: Train Slayer to get access to some amazing PVM money makers.

Low Level Combat Money-makers

Killing Hill Giants (50K GP/hr) F2P-friendly

killing hill giants is a low-level combat money making method for osrs

Hill Giants are another low-level combat money maker in OSRS. These can be found underneath Varrock. You will need a Brass Key to enter but this can easily be bought from the Grand Exchange for around 400gp.

Hill Giants drop Big Bones which you’ll want to bank and sell at the Grand Exchange for profit. You can make up to 50k per hour doing this method. It’s not the best money maker, but it is nostalgic and offers good combat experience for low levels.

(Also it’s F2P-friendly!)

you need a brass key to access the varrock dungeons where hill giants are located

The shed that leads to the Hill Giants is located southwest from the Grand Exchange. Be sure to buy a Brass Key before you enter the shed.

Killing Chaos Druids (up to 170K GP/hr)

killing chaos druids is a low-level combat money making method for osrs
Cb Level:13
Location: Edgeville Dungeon (Wilderness section)
Recommended Stats:30+ combat
Hourly Profit:170k/hr

By far the best low-level combat money maker is Chaos Druids. These Chaos Druids drop a bunch of valuable herbs that can really make the bank for a new player.

How to get there

Chaos Druids are located in the Edgeville Dungeons. First, get to Edgeville (teleport using Glory Amulet or walk from Grand Exchange/Varrock) and then make your way to the graveyard and go down the ladder in the coffin.

chaos druid location: how to get to the chaos druids in osrs

Killing Cows + Tanning Cowhides (100K GP/hr)

killing cows is a low-level combat moneymaker for osrs

Killing cows and tanning the hides is an excellent money maker for super low level accounts. This method has no requirements except for a little bit of cash in your inventory.

You’ll be killing cows in the Lumbridge cow pen and picking up their hides. Next, you will run toward Al Kharid as illustrated below. If you haven’t completed Prince Ali Rescue you will have to pay 10gp toll to pass the gate. Once passed, run towards the tan shop where you will find the NPC Elis.

tan your hides by speaking with ellis

Pay him to turn your cowhides into leather or hard leather (whichever is higher priced at the time). Then bank your hides and repeat!

cow killing map osrs

Killing Spidines (300K GP/hr)

killing spidines is a low-level combat money making method for osrs
Cb Level:42
Location: Tower of Life
Recommended Stats:50+ combat
Requirements:Tower of Life quest
Ardougne Medium Diary
Hourly Profit:300k/hr (Ardougne Medium Diary)
50 – 100k/hr (Without Ardoune Diary)

Spidines are a great combat money maker that can be done on a low level account. It does come with some requirements, however, which means it is not as viable for those who don’t like to quest or do their achievement diaries. For those players, I would recommend other methods such as killing Chaos Druids instead.

To kill Spidines, you’ll need to have completed the Tower of Life quest, an easy and quick quest with no requirements outside of 10 Construction. Additionally, it is recommended to have the Ardougne Medium Diary completed as well as the Fairy Rings unlocked for faster travel but these are not necessary to kill Spidines.


Fairy Rings will unlock the nearby fairy ring (D J P) for fast travel (requires start Fairy Tales part 2 quest).

Ardougne Medium Diary unlocks NOTED drops from Spidines.

How to get there

You have to spawn Spidines yourself in the Tower of Life basement. You can teleport here using an Ardougne Cloak teleport (Monastery), Ardougne Teleport, or with Fairy Ring code D-J-P.

Killing Ents (300K GP/hr)

killing ents is a low-level combat money making method for osrs

Killing Ents is a hybrid (skilling-combat) money making method. You can make REALLY good money here starting at level 60 woodcutting. The higher your Woodcutting level, the better logs you get and the more money you make.

Once the Ent is killed, you have to chop down the branch with an axe (hence it being a combat-skilling method) and you receive NOTED logs in return.

This is by far my favorite low-level money-making method as it doesn’t hold high requirements and the combination of combat and skill is genuinely fun.

You can kill Ents in two locations in OSRS:

  • The wilderness (requires Wilderness Medium Diary)
  • Woodcutting Guild dungeon (requires 75% hosidius favour and 60 Woodcutting)

The Wilderness location has better drop rates but higher-level Ents (harder to kill) and the chance of getting PKed of course. The Woodcutting guild has lower-level Ents (86 combat) but you can still make very good money here.

I recommend using the Woodcutting Guild over the Wilderness to be on the safe side.

If you need more convincing, the Woodcutting location has a bank chest meaning you never have to run far!

ents have a bank chest so banking is quick
How to get there

Ents are located in the Woodcutting Guild dungeons. To get here, use a skills necklace to teleport to the Woodcutting Guild. Entrance requires you to have 75% hosidius favor as well as 60 Woodcutting.

this article was originally posted on osrsguide if you see it anywhere else it was stolen.

Mid Level Combat Money-makers

Killing Green Dragons (300 – 600K GP/hr)

killing green dragons is a mid-level combat money making method for osrs

Green Dragons are a popular combat-based money-making method found in the wilderness. Green Dragons are found in level 13 Wilderness meaning you can teleport out if you get PKed (unless you get tele-blocked of course).

How to get there

You can get here by using a Burning Amulet to teleport to the Bandit Camp.

Once at bandit camp, run southwest until you reach the green dragon pit as shown on the map above. Once you are done, use a Ring of Wealth or Amulet of Glory to teleport out and bank.

Gear/Inventory Setup

Since Green Dragons are located in the Wilderness, you should bring gear that you can afford to lose while you die but still provide protection against dragonfire.

A budget setup includes dragonhide + anti-dragonshield. Wearing these items, you will risk 10k at most in the event that you get PKed.

In addition, you can bring 3 items that you will protect. Bring your best-in-slot weapon in addition to maybe a helm/boots or amulet.

Killing Blue Dragons (500K GP/hr)

killing blue dragons is a mid-level combat money making method for osrs

Blue Dragons are an excellent money maker for mid and high-level accounts. They can be safe spotted with ranged or magic or faced head-on with the right gear.

While this method doesn’t technically have any requirements, it becomes severely less viable if you don’t have 70 agility which allows you to use the Obstacle Pipe Shortcut.

you need 70 agility to use the blue dragon agility shortcut
the Taverly Dungeon shortcut requires 70 Agility

Players who don’t have 70 Agility, will need to take the long way around as well as have the Dusty key. This will make banking trips a lot longer but not impossible.

How to get there

Blue Dragons are located in the Taverley Dungeon right next to the entrance. Players with 70 agility can simply squeeze through the obstacle pipe to get started with their Blue Dragon money farm. Players who lack 70 Agility will have to go the long way around and need a Dusty Key to get access to the Blue Dragon section of the Taverley Dungeons. Here’s a quick video that teaches you how to obtain the dusty key.

how to get to the blue dragons in osrs

You can run to the Taverley Dungeons from Taverly or from Falador.

Killing Brine Rats (100K GP/hr)

killing brine rats is a mid-level combat money making method for osrs

Killing Aviansies (up to 200K GP/hr)

killing aviansies is a mid-level combat money making method for osrs
Cb Level:79 – 94
Location: God Wars Dungeon
Recommended Stats:60+ ranged
Requirements:60 Attack
60 Agility
Eadgar’s Ruse quest (recommended)
Rope (first time only)
Mithril Grapple + crossbow
Zamorak item (optional)
Bones to peaches tabs (recommended)
Hourly Profit:up to 250k/hr

Killing aviansies is a combat money making method that requires ranged as Aviansies fly above the ground and thus cannot be reached with melee. This is a great mid-level money maker but does have some requirements such as 60 strength and agility.

The blowpipe is the best weapon of choice for killing aviansies but a rune crossbow or higher also works. You should wear at least one zamorak item to not make the Gorak’s aggro on you which can be very annoying. You can bring either an unholy blessing or Zamorak d’hide piece (e.g. coif).

Aviansies are relatively easy to kill but you should bring some food and possibly bones to peaches tablets to prolong your trip.

How to get there

Aviansies are located in the Armadyl section of the God Wars dungeon.

You can walk to the godwars dungeon by teleporting to Trollheim first (requires Eadgar’s Ruse quest) and following the path in the illustration below. If this is your first time in the GWD you will have to bring a rope.

If you have no completed Eadgar’s Ruse, you will have to walk all the way from Burthorpe.

how to get to the godwars dungeon in osrs

Once you are inside the dungeon, make your way south to the Armadyl Eyrie. Remember you need a mithril grapple to get in the Armadyl section!

how to get to aviansies in osrs

Killing Ice Trolls (up to 300K GP/hr)

killing ice trolls is a mid-level combat money making method for osrs

ice trolls

Killing Cave Horrors (up to GP/hr)

killing cave horrors is a mid-level combat money making method for osrs
Cb Level:80
Location: Mos Le’Harmless Cave
Recommended Stats:70 attack
70 defence
70 Magic
Requirements:58 Slayer
Cabin Fever Quest
Witchwood Icon
Light Source
High Magic Defense Gear (recommended)
Hourly Profit:up to 250k/hr

Killing Cave Horrors is a good money maker that you unlock at 58 slayer and with the completion of the Cabin Fever quest. They are the only monster that drops the Black Mask which is needed to make a slayer helm. Hourly profits at this place can go as high as 250k GP/hr.

They are located in the Mos Le’Harmless Cave which can be most easily reached through the Trouble Brewing grouping teleport. You will need a light source inside the cave as well as a Witchwood Icon to fight the Cave Horrors.

P.S. if your stats aren’t high enough to face Cave Horrors using melee you can also safespot them with ranged as they are very easy to stuck.

This article was originally posted on osrsguide.com, if you see it anywhere else, it was stolen.

High Level Combat Money-makers

Killing Gargoyles (up to 300K GP/hr)

killing gargoyles is a high-level combat money making method for osrs
Cb Level:111
Location: Slayer tower
Recommended Stats:70+ combat stats
Requirements:75 Slayer
Rock Hammer
Slayer Helmet
Priest in Peril
Hourly Profit:up to 300k/hr

Gargoyles are considered a money printer for ironman accounts as they drop a lot of cash. But they aren’t just viable for ironmen either, normal accounts can also make a nice 300k per hour in this place. However, they do come with a hefty slayer requirement for making only 300k per hour. But once your reach beyond level 75 slayer, you will be making a TON of money from slayer.

The only real requirements (outside of 75 slayer) is that you have finished Priest in Peril to access the Kharyll teleport which gives you quick access to the slayer tower. You should bring a slayer helmet or nose peg to get to the Gargoyles safely. Additionally, a rock hammer is required to finish them off. You can buy a rock hammer from slayer masters.

How to get there

Gargoyles are located in the Slayer Tower.

Killing Kurasks (600K GP/hr)

killing kurasks is a high-level combat money making method for osrs
Cb Level:106
Location: Fremmenik Slayer Cave
Recommended Stats:70+ combat stats
Requirements:70 Slayer
Leaf-Bladed weapon or broad bolts/arrows
Hourly Profit:up to 600k/hr

Kurasks are a great moneymaker that you unlock at level 70 slayer. The have a nice droptable which includes nature runes, seeds, herbs, rune/mithril/addy items and the leaf-bladed sword and battleaxe. You will need a leaf-bladed weapon or broad bolts/arrows to damage them. Ironman can buy a leaf-bladed spear from the slayer masters but regular accounts are better off purchasing a leaf-bladed battle axe from the grand exchange.

How to get there

Kurasks are found in the Fremmenik Slayer Cave. One can easily get here using a slayer ring or the with fairy ring code A-J-R. Alternatively, you can run southeast from Rellekka.

Play the Barrows Mini Game (up to 700K GP/hr)

barrows is a mini-game that is a great money maker for high level accounts

The Barrows mini-game is a fun mini-game and money maker in OSRS. The minigame requires you to go into the catacombs of the Barrows brothers. These brothers are Verac, Dharok, Guthan, Ahrim, Karil, and Torag. You can defeat them in your preferred order. At random, one of their tombs will lead you to the dungeons where you have to complete a maze and kill the final brother. Afterward, a chest will give you rewards. These rewards can include cash, valuable runes, and sometimes one or more barrow pieces!

This is a great money maker for mid and high-level accounts alike. The higher your level, the more money you will make of course.

You can easily get to barrows using Barrows Teleport tablets (Grand Exchange) or using someone else’s P-O-H in World 330 (which we recommend as you can use their rejuvenation pool as well).

More info about how to play the Barrows Mini Game can be found in our OSRS Barrows Guide.

Killing Zulrah (up to 1.7M GP/hr)

Zulrah continues to be one of the best money-makers for mid and high level accounts. This solo-boss does come with a bit of a learning curve but with help from our Zulrah Guide you should be able to get the ropes rather quickly. Zulrah only has one requirement: starting Regicide. This means you should have completed other quests: Underground Pass, Biohazard and Plague City. You will need high defence and a high ranged and magic level as Zulrah has different phases which are weak to different combat styles. To make switches easier, beginners are recommended to come here with void robes.

If Zulrah interests yo, please check out our OSRS Zulrah Guide fore more info.

End Game Combat Money-makers

Monsters & Mini Games

Money Making MethodProfit/hrYouTube Guide
Killing Lizardmen Shamansup to 1.2M GP/hrWatch Guide
Kiling Rune Dragonsup to 1.4M GP/hrWatch Guide
Killing Demonic Gorillasup to 2.6M GP/hrWatch Guide
Killing Vorkathup to 3M GP/hrWatch Guide
Doing the Gauntletup to 1.5M GP/hrWatch Guide
Doing the Corrupted Gauntletup to 3.5M GP/hrWatch Guide

Bossing and Raids

Money Making MethodProfit/hrYouTube Guide
Killing General Graardorup to 2.5M GP/hrRead Guide
Killing Commandor Zilyanaup to 2.5M GP/hrWatch Guide
Killing Kree’Arraup to 2.5M GP/hrWatch Guide
Killing the Nightmareup to 2.5M GP/hrWatch Guide
Killing Phosani’s Nightmareup to 3.5M GP/hrWatch Guide
Chambre of Xeric (Raids 1)up to 4M GP/hrWatch Guide
Theatre of Blood (Raids 2)up to 7M GP/hrWatch Guide
Tombs of Amascut (Raids 3)up to 9M GP/hrWatch Guide
Killing Nexup to 10M GP/hrWatch Guide

Making Money with Skilling

Fletching Money Makers

For more in-depth info check out: Fletching Money making Guide

Stringing Bows (up to 390K GP/hr)

stringing bows is a money making method for fletching

Stringing bows is by far the best way to make money with Fletching. All you need is unstrung bows (u) and bowstring. Both can be bought from the grand exchange.

In addition to good money, you will also see great experience rates.

How it works

Withdraw 14 bowstrings and 14 unstrung bows per inventory. Use them on each other to fletch them into longbows. Bank and repeat.

With good efficiency, you should be able to make 2,400 bows per hour.

Fletching MethodFletching LvlProfit/hrEXP Rate
Stringing Maple Longbows55320k/hr150k/hr
Stringing Yew Longbows70250k/hr180k/hr
Stringing Magic Longbows85390k/hr220k/hr

Making Bolts (up to 350K GP/hr)

making bolts is a money making method for fletching

Making bolts offers another great fletching money maker. This method is however limited by the fact that you can only purchase 11,000 adamant bolts from the grand exchange every 4 hours. For this reason, stringing is a much more efficient money maker.

How it works

Purchase adamant bolts and Ruby or Diamond bolt tips from the grand exchange.

Continuously use them on each other to quickly make Ruby or Diamond bolts. That’s it!

Fletching MethodFletching LvlProfit/hrEXP RateItems
Fletching Ruby Bolts63350k/hr170k/hrAdamant bolts + ruby bolt tips
Fletching Diamond Bolts65320k/hr189k/hrAdamant bolts + diamond bolt tips

Hunter Money Makers

Hunting Chinchompas (up to 900K GP/hr)

hunting chinchompas is a money making method for hunter

Hunting chincompas is the best hunter money-making method. This method has become less profitable over the years as these are very commonly botted. For this reason, we don’t actually recommend hunting Chincompas until you have some of the heavy requirements out of the way which allows you to use the best Chinchompa locations.

Hunting Chinchompas is done with Box Traps which require the completion of the Eagles Peak quest.

Hunting MethodFletching LvlProfit/hrEXP RateLocation
Hunting Chincompas53190k/hr1k/hr
Hunting Red Chincompas64600k/hr150k/hrGwenith hunter area (song of the elves)
Chinchompa hunting ground (western provinces hard diary)
Fairy ring code A-K-S (no requirements, heavily botted)
Hunting Black Chinchompas80900k/hr150k/hrLvl 30 Wilderness

For more info on how to hunt chinchompas and their location, check out our hunter money-making guide.

Hunting Implings (up to 600K GP/hr)

hunting implings is a money making method for hunter

Hunting Implings is a good money maker as some implying jars go for a lot of money. This method becomes more profitable the higher your hunter level becomes as you unlock higher-level implings.

Hunting Implings can be done in Puro Puro. The only requirement is that you have completed the Lost City quest to get access to Zanaris and the Puro-Puro minigame.

What you’ll need
  • Impling Jars (can be bought from the grand exchange)
  • Magic Butterfly Net (can be purchased from Wizard Elnock in Puro Puro for 3 gourmet impling jars, 2 earth implying jars, and 1 essence implying jar)
  • Runes to cast snare (requires 50 magic)
How to get there

Puro Puro is located in the lost city of Zanaris. You can only get there if you have completed the Lost City quest. If you’ve forgotten how to get to Zanaris, you can equip your dramen staff and teleport using any fairy ring.

Once in Zanaris, head over to the wheat field and Enter the crop circle in the middle.

how to get to puro puro to make money catching implings

TIP: for quick access to a fairy ring, teleport to Rimmington (house tele) and hop to W330 then use the fairy ring in someone else’s house.

For more info on how to make money hunting implings, check out our Puro Puro Guide.

For more in-depth info check out: Hunter Money Making Guide

Runecrafting Money Makers

Runecrafting is by far the least-liked skill in OSRS but it does pay off if you can stand to level it as it is one of the best skilling money-makers in the game.

Below we’ve listed every runecrafting money maker available. For more in-depth info, check out our Runecrafting Money Making Guide.

Runecrafting MethodRunecrafting LvlProfit/hr
Ourania Altar70 (lower possible)up to 200k/hr
Crafting Mud runes13+200k/hr
Crafting Soul runes90500k/hr
Crafting Cosmic runes (Abyss)75+up to 600k/hr
Crafting Blood runes (Arceuus)77+up to 600k/hr
Crafting Cosmic runes59+ (lower possible)up to 800k/hr
Crafting Nature runes (Abyss)44+up to 1.1M/hr
Crafting Blood runes (Abyss)77+up to 1.1M/hr
Crafting Law runes (Abyss)54+up to 1.2M/hr
Crafting Astral runes85+ (lower possible)up to 1.2M/hr
Crafting Death runes (Abyss)65+up to 1.5M/hr
Crafting Blood runes77+up to 1.8M/hr
Crafting wrath runes95+up to 2.2M/hr

For more in-depth info check out: Runecrafting Money Making Guide

Fishing Money Makers

fishing can make up to 300K profit per hour

Fishing is a pretty obvious skill to make money in. You catch fish and sell it at the grand exchange. Fishing is very AFK but is not the best money maker. You can make up to 300k per hour at level 85 fishing.

Fishing MethodFishing LvlProfit/hrOther ReqsLocationItem required
Catching Lobsters4035k/hr/Catherby or Fishing GuildLobster pot
Catching Karambwans65180k/hrTai Bwo Wannai Trio Quest
Fairy Ring Access
Fairy ring D-K-PKarambwan Vessel
Catching Infernal Eels80190k/hr25 herblore
completed fight caves (defeat Jad)
Tzhaar figh caveOily fishing rod
Fishing bait
Ice gloves
Catching Anglerfish82190k/hr100% piscarilious FavourPiscarilious docksFishing rod
Catching Minnows82190k/hrFishing Contest Quest
Full Anglers Outfit
Minnow platformAnglers outfit
Small fishing net
Catching Sacred Eels87250k/hr72 Cooking
Regicide Quest
Zul-AndraFishing rod
Fishing bait
Catching Dark Crabs85300k/hr/
Wilderness Elite Diary recommended
Wilderness Skill AreaLobster pot
Dark fishing bait
Cash to note dark crabs

For more in-depth info check out: Fishing Money Making Guide

Smithing Money Makers

More info found here: Smithing Money Making Guide

Smelting bars at the Blast Furnace (up to 1M GP/hr)

blast furnace is a mini game that can generate up to 1 million profit per hour

Since the arrival of the Blast Furnace mini-game, smithing has become a really good money maker.

What you need to know
  • Giant Dwarf Quest start required
  • 60 Smithing recommended (under 60 you have to pay 2500gp every 10 minutes)
  • It costs 72k GP per hour to use the blast furnace (place in the coffer)
  • Blast furnace worlds are: 355 – 358, 368, 387

The Blast Furnace is located Keldagrim. You can easily get here using the grouping teleport. Alternatively, there is a trapdoor in the Grand Exchange that leads you there as well.

Blast Furnace Money/hr
Bars at Blast FurnaceSmithing LvlRecommended lvlProfit/hr
Smelting Iron Bars1560280k/hr
Smelting Mithril Bars5060460k/hr
Smelting Adamantite Bars7070550k/hr
Smelting Steel Bars3060600k/hr
Smelting Runite Bars85851M/hr

For more in-depth info, please check out our Blast Furnace Guide.

Cooking Money Makers

Cooking Fish (up to 220K GP/hr)

Cooking fish is the most common way to train the cooking skill. Since cooked fish is more valuable than raw fish, you will make money cooking fish as soon as you stop burning them.

Below is a list of the money/hr for cooking fish in osrs.

Cooking MethodCooking LvlRecommended lvl (stop burning)Profit/hr
Cooking Raw Karambwan3090150k/hr
Cooking Raw Sharks8089220k/hr
Cooking Dark Crabs9099130k/hr

1-ticking Karambwans (up to 400K GP/hr)

1-ticking karambwnas can make up to 400k per hour

Using tick manipulation, players can cook Karambwans at an EXP rate of 800K exp/hr. This is by far the best way to train the cooking skill as reported in our OSRS Cooking Guide.

Starting at level 90 Cooking, you will no longer burn karambwans at which point this method is good for up to 400k GP per hour.

Keep in mind that this is incredibly click-intensive and there are much better and less click-intensive skilling money makers out there.

One can also AFK cook Karambwans for 150K GP/hr.

For more in-depth info check out: Cooking Money Making Guide

Agility Money Makers

Agility Pyramid (up to 200K GP/hr)

the agility pyramid is an easy money maker for low level accounts using agility skill
Skill Requirements:30 Agility
Quest Requirements:None
Location: Any bank
Items required:Waterskins
Desert clothing (recommended)
Weight reducing clothing
Hourly Profit:up to 200k/hr
EXP Rate:up to 34k/hr

The Agility Pyramid is a great money maker for early-game accounts (and ironmen) as you can achieve between 100k – 200k GP per hour here while getting pretty good agility experience (up to 34k/hr) at the same time.

This Agility money maker has no requirements outside of 30 Agility. A higher Agility level is recommended to fall less frequently but not necessary. I’ve done this method on plenty of Ironman and Group Ironman (as well as deathman mode) accounts with 30 Agility and it is by far one of the best and easiest ways to start out an account.

Since the agility pyramid is located in the desert, desert clothing is recommended to combat the heat. Additionally, you should bring waterskins and some food to stay alive.

How it works

To make money at the Agility Pyramid, you will collect the Pyramid Top once you reach the top of the pyramid.

So start at the base of the pyramid and make yourself to the very top. Once you reach the top, you want to climb the rocks to take the Pyramid Top as illustrated below.

Next, go back to the entrance and find NPC Simon Templeton. Sell him the Pyramid for 10k.

sell your pyramid tops to simon templeton to make money from the agility pyramid

Rinse and repeat!

How to get there

The Agility Pyramid is located southwest from Nardah.

To get there, you can use a Nardah Teleport Scroll (Grand Exchange) or travel using the Magic Carpet to Pollnivneach and then Nardah.

how to get to the agility pyramid in osrs

Hallowed Sepulchre (up to 2.5M GP/hr)

hallowed sepulchre is a great agility money maker than can make up to 2.5M gp profit per hour making it one of the best money making methods in this guide

The best Agility Money Maker is the Hallowed Sepulchre. A lot of money can be made in this new agility training mini-game but it does come with a learning curve. The Hallowed Sepulchre is a skill-based mini-game and requires quite a bit of practise to get it right.

For more info on the Hallowed Sepulchre, check out our Hallowed Sepulchre Guide.

Thieving Money Makers

Pickpocketing Master Farmers (up to 800k GP/hr)

pickpocketing master farmers is a profitable thieving method

Pickpocketing master farmers becomes possible at level 38 thieving. However, at this level, your success rate will be extremely low so it is best to hold off on pickpocketing them until you are a higher level.

A rogues outfit is a must-have to get 100% more loot while pickpocketing. Additionally, you need 71+ Farming to get higher-level seeds. The Ardougne Hard Diary will help increase your success rate.

  • Full Rogues Outfit (100% more loot)
  • 71+ Farming (highly recommended)
  • Ardougne Hard diary (increase success rate)
  • 38+ Thieving (80+ recommended)

There are a number of locations where master farmers can be pickpocketed. My preferred location is the Farming Guild (requires 85 farming) but there is also one in the Draynor village market.

Pickpocketing Elves (up to 2.5M GP/hr)

pickpocketing elves is a very profitable thieving method that can make up to 2.5M per hour. It is one of the best money making methods in this guide

Pickpocketing Elves is the best skilling money maker in the game. That being said, it comes with extremely high requirements that is not achievable for your average skiller account.

  • Full Rogues Outfit (100% more loot)
  • Song of the Elves quest
  • A kingdom Divided quest (optional, for shadow veil spell)
  • 47 Magic (for shadow veil spell)
  • 97 herblore (recommended)
  • Ardougne Hard diary (increase success rate)
  • 38+ Thieving (80+ recommended)
How money is made

The highest ticket item you can achieve from pickpocketing Elves is the Enhanced Crystal Seed (worth 2.2m in GE). Significantly more money can be made if the player has 97 herblore which allows them to make super combat potions using the Crystal shards (untradeable) they receive from pickpocketing Elves.


Elves are located in Priffdinas which you should remember from the Song of the Elves quest. You can get here using a teleport crystal.

elves can be pickpocketed on the island of priffdinas

Firemaking Money Makers

Wintertodt (up to 300K GP/hr)

wintertodt firemaking money making method

Wintertodt is a mini-game that can be played by any player who has 50 firemaking.

Aside from being an amazing firemaking training method, Wintertodt is also profitable allowing players to make up to 300k GP per hour through the rewards. That being said, rewards are highly dependent on ones skilling levels. (e.g. a higher woodcutting level = higher level log reward). Because of this, low-level accounts might find they earn a lot less using this money-making method.

Nevertheless though, if you plan on training firemaking, Wintertodt comes highly recommended.

  • 50 Firemaking
  • An Axe
  • A tinderbox
  • Some food
  • 4 pieces of warm clothing

For more in-depth info, check out our OSRS Wintertodt Guide.

Cremating Urium Remains (up to 600K GP/hr)

cremating urium remains is a great osrs money maker than can make up to 600K per hour using firemaking

Cremating Urium Remains is the best firemaking money-making method in the game. It does have the steep requirement of 95 firemaking (though being one of the easiest and fastest 99’s this should not be a big deal).

  • 95 Firemaking
  • Shades of Mort’ton quest
  • Morytania Legs 3 (optional but recommended for teleport)
Inventory setup
  • Tinderbox
  • 27 Redwood Pyre Logs
Gear setup
  • Gold Coffin
  • Morytania legs 3 (recommended)
  • Weight-reducing clothing
How to get there

Cremating Urium Remains is done in Mort’ton. You can get here using the Morytania Legs 3 or if you haven’t done the hard diary, you can buy Mort’ton teleports from the Grand Exchange.

How to get the gold coffin

You will need a gold coffin to store your Urium Remains into. To get the gold coffin, you can speak with Dampe in Mort’ton.

He will give you a broken coffin. To repair this coffin, give him Gold Locks. These can be bought from the Grand Exchange.

The Gold Coffin is equippable.

How it works

Start the run by filling your coffin with 20 Urium Remains (buy from GE) then fill your inventory with 20 Redwood Pyre logs. Travel to Mort’ton.

Head over to the funeral pyres.

Withdraw some Urium Remains.

Use the log on the funeral pyre and then add the remains. Finally, click to light it with your tinderbox.

how cremating urium remains works in osrs

Pick up any keys that spawn (these will give you your loot).

Bank, rinse, and repeat!

For more info, you can watch this video guide.

Crafting Money Makers

Crafting Jewellery (700K GP/hr)

crafting jewellery can make up to 400K per hour

Crafting Jewellery is the number one way to make money with the crafting skill in osrs.

All you need to craft jewellery is a mould (purchase from the grand exchange), a gem (sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond) and bars (gold, silver).

The best furnace for most players is located in Edgeville next to the bank. Players who have completed Song of the Elves will find a better furnace is Priffdinas.

Crafting MethodCrafting LvlProfit/hr
Crafting Gold Amulet (u)580k/hr
Crafting Gold Bracelets7214k/hr
Crafting Sapphire Rings20140k/hr
Crafting Sapphire Bracelets23230k/hr
Crafting Emerald Necklaces29155k/hr
Crafting Jade Bracelets29350k/hr
Crafting Emerald Bracelets30240k/hr
Crafting Ruby Necklaces34139k/hr
Crafting Topaz Bracelets38400k/hr
Crafting Ruby bracelets42214k/hr
Crafting Diamond Necklaces43150k/hr
Crafting Diamond Bracelets58180k/hr

Magic Money Makers

Humidifying Clay (700K GP/hr)

humidifying clay is a profitable magic money maker
Skill Requirements:68 Magic
Quest Requirements:Lunar Diplomacy
Dream Mentor
Location: Any bank
Items required:Steam Battlestaff
Soul Runes
Hourly Profit:up to 700k/hr

Humidifying Clay is one of the best Magic money makers. While the Magic requirement is relatively low (68 Magic) the quest requirements are a bit steeper requiring completion of both Lunar Diplomacy (to get access to the Lunar Spellbook) and Dream Mentor (to get access to the Humidify spell).

With the Humidfy spell, your entire inventory of clay will be converted into soft clay. This makes this method really fast and really profitable. The down-side is that it becomes really click-intensive as you constantly have to bank and cast the spell again.

Using Runelite’s Menu-Entry-Swapper plugin is highly recommend to achieve left-click banking.

Additionally, you can use bank fillers to make your bank tab more accessible as illustrated in the image.

The Inventory Viewer plugin for runelite is also highly recommended.

Casting Tan Leather (1M GP/hr)

casting tan leather is a profitable magic money making method
Skill Requirements:78 Magic
Quest Requirements:Lunar Diplomacy
Hard Fremennik Diary
Location: Any bank
Items required:Fire staff
Astral Runes
Nature Runes
Hourly Profit:up to 1M/hr
EXP Rate:130k/hr

The tan leather spell is currently the most profitable Magic money maker in the game. It does have some tough requirements though. For starters, you need 78 Magic as well as completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest (to access Spellbook) and have completed the Hard Fremmenik Diary (to access the spell).

With this spell, you can tan any dragonhide into leather. Each tanned hide should give you a profit of at least 100 coins. Since you cast this spell really quickly, you will be able to gain a huge profit and a ton of Magic Experience (130k/hr) on top of it.

Which dragonhide you use, depends on the current prices. Check the WIKI for the current best prices. (Black Dragonhide tends to be the best)

This method is click-intensive. It is possible to tan 8,000 leathers per hour which would make you nearly 1M per hour in profit.

Woodcutting Money Makers

cutting trees is an easy money maker featured in this osrs money making guide

While I don’t feel like Woodcutting really needs a money-making guide, here is a quick graph indicating the profit/hr for each tree type.

Woodcutting MethodFishing LvlProfit/hrOther ReqsBest Location
Chopping Oak trees4070k/hr/Seers Village
Cutting Yew Trees6550k/hr75% Hosidius FavourWoodcutting Guild
Cutting Magic Trees80190k/hr75% Hosidius FavourWoodcutting Guild

Making Money with Bossing

The best money making methods in this game are locked behind End-Game bossing content such as Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood, The Catacombs of Kourend, and high-level bosses such as Nex and Corporeal Beast.

Since these are the absolute best ways of making money, they of course have to be mentioned in this OSRS Money Making Guide. However, this article would be FAR too long if I were to cover each of these methods in depth. Therefore I will leave you with some handy YouTube Guides instead.

We mentioned them earlier but here are the current best bossing money makers in OSRS.

Money Making MethodProfit/hrYouTube Guide
Killing General Graardorup to 2.5M GP/hrRead Guide
Killing Commandor Zilyanaup to 2.5M GP/hrWatch Guide
Killing Kree’Arraup to 2.5M GP/hrWatch Guide
Killing the Nightmareup to 2.5M GP/hrWatch Guide
Killing Phosani’s Nightmareup to 3.5M GP/hrWatch Guide
Chambre of Xeric (Raids 1)up to 4M GP/hrWatch Guide
Theatre of Blood (Raids 2)up to 7M GP/hrWatch Guide
Tombs of Amascut (Raids 3)up to 9M GP/hrWatch Guide
Killing Nexup to 10M GP/hrWatch Guide

Making Money with Flipping

One can also make money by flipping items at the grand exchange. This is called item flipping and it works as follows: let’s say you buy a Bandos Godsword for 18.1M and sell it for 18.4M this means you flipped the BGS for a profit of 300K GP.

If you have a large cash stack, item flipping can be a great way to turn money into more money. It does come with some risks, of course, not all flips will work out! And there is definitely a learning curve to this money maker.

Since this money making guide is long enough already, you should check out our OSRS Flipping Guide instead if you are interested in this sort of way to make money.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this OSRS money making guide has helped you find some new money-making methods using either combat or skilling!

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