osrs ironman fishing guide

This is the comprehensive guide on Fishing for Ironman and Group Ironman accounts in OSRS.

This guide is aimed towards Ironman accounts. For regular training, check out our 1 – 99 Fishing Guide.

In this Ironman Fishing Guide you will learn:

HEADS UP: If you follow our OSRS Ironman Efficiency Guide, you will fish all the way to 74 fishing through Questing and regular fishing.

Questing to 27+ Fishing

The following quests should be completed before doing any actual fishing training:

Sea Slug7,175 fishing expThis quest takes all about 5 minutes and brings you instantly to level 24 fishing.
Fishing Contest2,437 fishing expThis quest will bring you to level 27 fishing.
Recipe for Disaster: Pirate Pete1,000 fishing expThis quest is optional
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio5,000 fishing expThis quest is optional but could boost you all the way to 31 fishing

Other Recommended Quests:

Shilo VillageAfter completion you will be able to fish Salmon/Trout in Shilo Village which is near a bank. This is ideal for Ironman accounts as they no longer have to drop their fish.

Ironman Fishing Guide

Levels 1 – 27 Questing

As mentioned above, you should quest to boost yourself through the first levels. You can skip all the other quests if you really hate questing but you should at least complete Sea Slug.

Sea Slug is done in Witchaven just East of Ardougne. To get to Ardougne you can either teleport from Edgeville using the Wilderness Lever (not recommended for Hardcore Ironman) or you can get there by teleporting to Castle Wars (grouping teleport) and running all the way northeast.

Completing Sea Slug will only take about 5 minutes.

Levels 27 – 58 Salmon/Trout

Next up, you’ll want to fly fish all the way to level 58 fishing.

There are two locations you can do this as Ironman accounts:

  • Shilo Village (Requires Completion of the Shilo Village Quest) which is near a bank
  • Or in Barbarian Village (which requires you to drop your food but there is a fire so you can train cooking as well)

Which spot you choose will depend how far along you are in your progression of the game.

Shilo Village is the preferred option as you can bank all your fish to cook them later.

Though some players prefer to use Barbarian Village because you can instantly cook your fish even though you have to drop them.

TIP: to get to Barbarian Village quickly, use the Soul Wars Minigame Teleport and take the portal to Edgeville.

You will see about 20 – 25k fishing experience per hour.

Alternative: Levels 35-99 Tempoross

Once you reach level 35 fishing, some ironman accounts might want to switch over to Tempoross over other fishing training methods.

Tempoross is a laid back skill-boss similar to Wintertodt which allows you to train multiple skills at once.

While defeating the skill-boss, you will gain construction and cooking experience as well.

If you don’t cook your fish, you can see over 30k fishing experience per hour here which is more than fly fishing.

If you do cook your fish, you will see similar experience rates to fly fishing.

So it’s really up to your which method you prefer.

Of course, Tempoross has nice rewards such as the pet, tome of water and fish barrel which can store 28 fish.

Check out our complete OSRS Tempoross Guide

Levels 58 – 99 3-tick Barbarian Fishing

The most efficient way to train fishing from level 58 as an ironman is to do Barbarian Fishing with tick manipulation.

Of course, this method is incredibly click-intensive.

You can also do regular barbarian fishing as well but you will see similar experience rates as you would at Tempoross.

However, for maximum efficiency, you will be getting Agility Experience as well.

Ironman Fishing Goals

Unless you plan to max out your ironman account, you really don’t need to grind out fishing all that much as an Ironman account.

Quest Cape

In order to complete every Quest in OSRS, you only need 62 fishing.

Barrows Gloves

If you’re going for barrows gloves, you need 53 fishing at most.


At level 65 fishing, you can fish Karambwans which provide amazing cooking experience and heal 18 hitpoints each. Karambwans are used as combination food as well.

Group Ironman Fishing

Every member of your ironman group should get at least 48 fishing (53 if you don’t have a dedicated cook that can make Admiral Pies)

One group member should be the dedicated fisher and cook who catches karambwans and other food for the squad.

This person will need at least 65 fishing and 30+ cooking (though higher is highly recommended) to catch and cook karambwans for the group.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this OSRS Ironman Fishing Guide has been helpful and will help you reach your Fishing goal as quickly as possible.

If you’re not an ironman, read our Regular Fishing Guide instead.

The methods in this guide are the best ways to train fishing as an ironman or group ironman player.

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