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This OSRS Vorkath Guide covers everything you need to know not just to kill Vorkath once but also masters its mechanics so you can do so comfortably and without trouble.

This Vorkath Guide is helpful for both the quest version (which is easier) and the post-quest version.

Vorkath is a mechanic-heavy boss with a bit of a learning curve but once you get to know its mechanics it really isn’t all that difficult.

And once you do master its mechanics, you have also unlocked one of the best money makers in the game, isn’t that something?

Now let’s hop into the guide!

osrs slayer guideThis article is part of our OSRS Bossing Guide.osrs slayer guide

πŸ›‘ Vorkath Requirements

quest requirements for slayer task Quest Requirements: Dragon Slayer 2

Vorkath only has one requirement: you must have completed Dragon Slayer 2.

combat statsRecommended Stats

You’re going to want to have good DPS when facing a boss such as Vorkath.

Therefore, you should have some decent stats.

osrs ranged guideIf you’re using ranged on him, 85 or higher ranged is highly recommended.
osrs combat training guideIf you’re going to melee him, 90+ Attack and Strength are highly recommended.

statsVorkath Stats

  • Combat level: 732
  • Max hit:
  • XP/kill: 750
  • Weak to: stab
osrs vorkath guide, vorkats' stats

πŸ—ΊοΈ Vorkath Location

Vorkath is located on the remote island ‘Ungael’ which you can travel to by taking the Fremennik Boat in Rellekka.

The fastest way to get to Rellekka is to use the Fremennik Boots 4 which require the Elite Fremennik Diaries.

Alternatively, you can set up a Lunar Isle teleport in your P-O-H.

The friendly people at Lunar Isle will teleport you to Rellekka for free if you try to speak to them without a Seal of Passage.

P.S. You can use the third bank booth which you unlocked during Dream Mentor to bank WITHOUT a Seal of Passage.

A third and slowest option, if you refuse to put a Lunar Isle teleport in your P-O-H for whatever reason, is to relocate your P-O-H to Rellekka.

Once in Relekka, simply take the Torfinns’ Boat which will take you to Ungael.

how to get to vorkath in osrs

πŸ’­ Vorkath Strategy Guide

Vorkath Attack Cycle (6-1-6-1)

Vorkath is very predictable and attacks in a 6 – 1 – 6 – 1 cycle.

First he’ll attack you with 6 of his regular attacks and then he’ll hit you with one of his special attacks.

And repeat.

The first special attack will be random and from that point on Vorkath will alternate between them.

For example, if he hits you with the Zombie Spawn first, you’ll know that on the next cycle he will hit you with the Acid Phase and vice versa.

Counting his attacks can be helpful to know exactly when the next special will be and brace yourself for it.

Vorkath Regular Attacks (first 6 attacks)

ranged attack vorkathRange AttackRegular Range attack.
mage attack vorkathMage AttackRegular Magic attack.
venom attack vorkathVenom AttackYou get hit by venom. Sip your anti-venom.
dragonfire attack vorkathDragonfire AttackYou get hit by dragonfire damage. With decent gear and super antifires, this shouldn’t be a problem.
Prayer BombThis attack will turn of your prayers. Once you see this attack, simply turn on your quick prayers and continue.
fire ball attack vorkathFire BombYou have to move two tiles away when you see this attack, otherwise you can be one-banged back to Lumbridge.

Vorkath Special Attacks (every 7th attack)

zombified spawn attack vorkathZombie SpawnYou are barraged by Vorkath (can’t move) and a Zombified Spawn makes his way towards you.
Must be killed with the Crumble Undead spell BEFORE the spawn can attack you.
acid phase special attackAcid PhaseThe room is covered in acid. You must continue moving to prevent damage. Woox walk is recommended.

How to Woox Walk

The Acid Phase is the most fatal phase for those new to Vorkath.

The most effective strategy during this phase, to keep walking so that you avoid damage, but also deal damage at the same time, is to use the Woox Walk.

Here is an example of what that looks like.

how to woox walk in osrs
credit: Joebiee on youtube

To set up the Woox Walk, you’ll need to find a row of 4 tiles that is not covered in Acid Splats.

1.Start walking towards the back tile (to start the Woox Walk)
2.Once you’re one tile removed from the back tile, click on Vorkath to attack him.
3.IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS click on any tile in front of Vorkath.
4.Once your character has moved one tile towards Vorkath, click back on the back tile and repeat this process.

The video below will teach you how to Woox Walk during this phase.

TIP: You can practise your Woox Walk before you awaken Vorkath.

Here’s another helpful video for those using a Blowpipe.

How to Kill the Zombified Spawn

The Zombified spawn, while the easier of the two special attacks, can be a problem to newbies as well.

One simple way of making this easier is by using the Slayer Staff.

Once you know the Zombiefied spawn is going to spawn, on the seventh attack, switch to your slayer staff to autocast Crumble Undead.

This way, you don’t have to go into your spellbook, select Crumble Undead AND click on the Zombified spawn.

Simply switch to your staff and attack the spawn.

BEWARE: If you aren’t using a Slayer Staff, make sure your Magic Attack is better than -64 to prevent yourself from splashing on the Zombified Spawn.

slayer gear iconVorkath Gear Setup

Melee Gear Setup

When using a melee setup at Vorkath, you should bring either a dragonhunter lance if you can afford it or a Zamorakian Hasta.

Every other weapon will simply not output enough damage.

Wearing a Serpentine helm is recommended to avoid taking damage from venom.

Bringing a Salve Amulet (e) is HIGHLY recommended as Vorkath is an undead creature. Using the amulet will give you an extra 20% damage boost.

The damage boost does not stack with a slayer helmet so you should always prioritize the salve amulet over the slayer helmet, even if you are doing Vorkath on a Blue Dragon Slayer task.

melee gear setup for vorkath

Swap out the DFS for an Avernic if you have one.

Ranged Gear Setup

When it comes to ranged, you’ll ALWAYS want to wear Elite void.

Bringing an IMBUED Salve Amulet (ei) is HIGHLY recommended as Vorkath is an undead creature. Using the amulet will give you an extra 20% ranged damage boost. The Ranged boost is only applied to the IMBUED Salve Amulet.

Weapon-wise, bring either a Blowpipe or a Dragonhunter Crossbow if you can afford it.

If using a Blowpipe, bring either Adamant or Runite darts.

If using the Dragonhunter Crossbow, bring Ruby Dragon bolts (e) and Diamond Dragon bolts (e). You should be switching to Diamond Dragon bolts (e) towards the end of the fight.

If you can’t afford Dragon bolts, go for regular ruby and diamond bolts instead.

ranged gear setup for vorkath

inventory setup Vorkath Inventory Setup

Your inventory should include the following:

  • 1 (Extended) Super Antifire
  • 1 Anti-venom+ (unless you’re using a serpentine helm)
  • 4 prayer potions or super restores
  • Rune pouch with runes for Crumble undead + House Teleport (dust runes, law runes, chaos runes)
  • Fremennik Boots 4 for Relekka teleport (only if you have them, otherwise use lunar teleport in POH)
  • 4 karambwans as combo food
  • High-healing food: Manta Ray/Dark Crab/Anglerfish

Rangers should bring:

  • 1 Bastion potion
  • Diamond (e) bolt switch (if using crossbow)

Meleers should bring:

  • (Divine) Super combat potion
  • Dragon Claws for special (optional)
  • Slayer staff (highly recommended)
ranged inventory setup for vorkath
example of RANGED inventory
melee inventory setup for vorkath
example of MELEE inventory

osrs drop table Vorkath Drop Table

Vorkath has an amazing drop table. For this reason, vorkath is frequently camped as a money-making method.

The Guaranteed drop for Vorkath alone, which includes 2 superior dragon bones and 2 blue dragonhide, is worth 28k.

The special drops you can expect from Vorkath are:

  • Vorkath head (1/50)
  • Draconic Visage (1/5000)
  • Skeletal Visage (1/5000)

Aside from that, Vorkath also drops dragon armour and weapons:

  • Dragon Battleaxe (2x 1/75)
  • Dragon longsword (2x 1/75)
  • Dragon platelegs/plateskirt (2x 1/75)

Vorkath commonly drops Chaos (600+), Death (300+) and Wrath (30+) runes.

Vorkath also commonly drops noted dragonhides (2 x 1/18) worth around 45k.

You also have a chance of obtaining fletching materials as a drop (e.g. unfinished dragon bolts )which can be valued up to 400k.

Vorkath also drops high-level seeds.

Finally, you can expect cash drops (2 x 1/30) worth up to 81k.

exp waste osrs Is Vorkath Worth It?

Killing Vorkath is a very fun and profitable activity.

Sure, it takes a while to fully master the mechanics, but once you do, it becomes an amazing money maker.

Vorkath is still one of the best money makers in the game.

I continue to do Vorkath whenever I’m in need of money, new gear or simply have a Blue Dragon task.

If you are struggling with the boss, remember that no one does Vorkath on their first try.

Just relax, calm down, read over the attacks again and try again.

Soon enough you’ll find yourself competing with yourself for a new time record.

πŸ“Ό OSRS Vorkath Guide Video

In order to master boss mechanics, you need to have some visuals. For that reason, I recommend you check out SmallExpLamps video on Vorkath.

He does a great explanation of the attacks and special attacks of Vorkath.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this OSRS Vorkath guide gave you all the information you needed to start slaying Vorkath, whether you are doing it for the quest or as a moneymaking method.


Dean started playing Runescape in 2006 when he was just 10 years old and has been playing ever on and off ever since (you never quit OSRS, right?) In 2013 he switched to OSRS Servers and never looked back. Dean has spent over 20,000 hours in the game now and frequently revisits his favourite portion of OSRS; the early-to-mid game through new account builds. You can also find bite-sized runescape guides on Deans' YouTube channel

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