osrs bandos guide. How to face general graardor in the god wars dungeon. Bandos Solo/duo Guide, profit per hour at general graardor, gear setup and more.

This OSRS Bandos Guide covers everything you need to know to face General Graardor for the first time. We also cover how to get to the god wars dungeon and solo/duo setups for Bandos PVMing.

Getting Started – OSRS Bandos Guide

General Graardor Location

god wars dungeon location in osrs. Part of the Bandos (General Graardor) Guide

General Graardor (Bandos) is located in the God Wars Dungeon. The fastest way to get here is by using a trollheim teleport, which requires the Eadgar’s Ruse quest.

Tip: use a scroll of redirection (nightmare zone reward) on a house teleport tab to create trollheim teleport tabs. Bring two trollheim tabs in your inventory and once you’ve teleported to trollheim, right-click to revert the tab back to a house teleport tab.

Bring a rope if you have never been to the godwars dungeon before.

Stat Recommendations

The only real stat requirement for the Bandos Room is 70 Strength although higher combat levels are highly recommended.

  • 43 prayer (70+ highly recommended)
  • 80+ Attack/Strenght/Defence if melee
  • 90+ Ranged/Hitpoints/Defence if ranging

Gear Setup

attacker role inventory setup for osrs bandos guide. General graardor DPS setup
Attacker Role Gear
General Graardor Tank setup. Gear and inventory setup for bandos
Tank Role Gear

Attacker Role

The best in slot weapon for the attacker role is the Scythe but since this is a two handed weapon it should be in your inventory. The second best option is the Ghrazi Rapier and third best would be the abyssal tentacle. The attacker preferably maxes out on strength so bandos gear + Neitiznot Faceguard + avernic defender + torture and primordial boots are best in slot. You can switch out the chestplate for a karils top/ blessed d’hide to maximize your magic defense and save cost. If you’re on a budget you can switch out Bandos for Guthans with a dragon defender, helm of neitiznot, dragon boots and a fury.

Tank Role

The tank will need high defensive stats making Justiciar armor + Elysian spirit shield the best in slot options. You can switch out the Ely for a DFS/Crystal shield or if you’re on a serious budget you can bring Zamorak d’hide body + Guthans helm/skirt.

Note: to avoid aggressive monsters you will need a bandos and zamorak item. Saradomin item is optional as the minions are easier to avoid.

Inventory Setup

example of an inventory setup for general graardor(bandos) guide osrs
General Graardor Inventory example

Your inventory should contain:

  • Special Atttack Weapon (DWH/BGS/SGS)
  • Guthans set (for healing on minions)
  • Bones to peaches tabs (extend trip time)
  • Rune pouch (high alch/potion share/veng other)
  • Trollheim teleport tabs (2)
  • Super combat potions (if melee)
  • Super Restores
  • Saradomin brews

Bandos Drop Table/Rewards

General Graardor has a pretty generous drop table which is why it’s often hard to find an empty world. Depending on your team setup (solo/duo/trio..) kills per hour and rng, your profit per hour can be anywhere from 500k to 2M per hour.

Below is the valuable drop table of General Graardor. You have a 1/127 chance to receive a high-ticket item such as the Bandos Chestplate or Tassets.

Bandos Chestplate1/381
Bandos Tassets1/381
Bandos Boots 1/381
Bandos Hilt1/508
Godsword Shard 11/762
Godsword Shard 21/762
Godsword Shard 31/762

Pre-Room Prep

Acquiring Kill Count

You should kill the goblins to acquire your bandos kill count in the god wars dungeon. Part of the OSRS Bandos Guide

Just like every God Wars Dungeon boss, you need 40 kill count to enter the boss room. Kill count needs to be done on monster who serve Bandos such as goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, and so on.

The easiest way to acquire the kill count is by killing the level 12 goblins that spawn north of the god wars dungeon.

Note: Don’t forget to pick up a hammer as you’ll need it once you’ve reached 40 kill count to access the bandos section.

Location of general graardor in the godwars dungeon.

Boss Room Location

The boss room is located in the north-western part of the God Wars Dungeon. You need a hammer to access this part, if you brought a dragon Warhammer that will work. If you didn’t bring a DWH, the goblins frequently drop hammers.

Tip: Drop a brew to pick up the hammer. Next, use the hammer to bang on the door and gain access. Drop another brew here, head back over to the main area of the dungeon and pick up your dropped item. Use the hammer on the door again and then drop it and pick your brew back up.

Fighting Bandos – Duo Guide

Tank Role

Overhead prayer: Protect From Melee

illustration of attacker (DPS) and tank locations in the bandos room of the god wars dungeon. Where general graardor spawns in the room.


The tank has the hardest role. He/she has to tank all of General Graardor’s hits. Bandos always attacks the first person he sees in the room so you want to make sure that the tank is always positioned near the Graardor spawn and the attacking roles should be hugging the north-western corner (next to the altar).

Walk Under Strategy

The tank should apply the “walk under” strategy when fighting bandos. This strategy is also applied by the tank at phase 3 of Verzik. Basically the tank wants to walk under General Graardor after every 2 whip hits. Doing this will limit Bandos’ hits and save you a lot of food in the long run.

Attacker Role

Overhead Prayer: Protect from Ranged


The attacker role should wait for the tank to attack the General first before starting his own attack. Always position yourself away from Bandos’s spawn point.

Vengeance Other

A good way to speed up kills is by bringing Vengeance Other runes in your rune pouch and use it on the tank every 30 seconds.


Once general Graardor is killed, the tank and attacker roles want to use protect from Magic and attack the magic “Seargen Steelwill” minion first. Once downed, players should quickly change prayers to protect from Ranged and switch over to Guthan’s to heal on the remaining two minions.

Bandos Solo Guide

Bandos Solo Gear

When soloing General Graardor, you become both the tank and the DPS. So you should optimize your gear for both.

Bandos Solo Inventory

Solo players should bring anglerfish instead of Saradomin brews as constantly brewing will result in a lot of DPS-loss. Instead, bring 1 or 2 brews as combo-food only.

Bandos Solo Fight

Overhead Prayer: Protect From Melee

If you’re an ironman, you’ll have to solo Bandos. When soloing Bandos you want to apply the same “walk under” strategy as the tank does in a duo/trio fight. This means you walk under General Graardor after every 2 whip hits to reduce the amount of damage you take from the boss.

You don’t want to bring Guthan’s as a solo player and instead finish the minions of quickly using an abyssal tentacle or rapier.

Hopefully, this OSRS Bandos Guide has helped you prepare to face General Graardor. Don’t forget to wear your god items (zamorak/bandos) so minions don’t get aggressive on you upon entering the godwars dungeon. If it’s your first time, you need to bring a rope to be able to climb down to the dungeon.