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In this 1 – 99 Complete OSRS Crafting Guide we cover every possible method to train crafting in old school Runescape. The fastest way, the cheapest and AFKable way, the moneymaking way, and F2P crafting methods.

Crafting can be trained really quickly like other buyable skills such as herblore and prayer, which is what we’re covering in the fastest method of this guide. The second portion of this crafting guide is dedicated to AFK crafting with the glassblowing pipe. The third portion is all about making money with crafting and we finish off with a F2P Crafting Guide. You can use the navigation below to navigate toward your preferred method.

ironman guideIf you are an ironman, please check out our Dedicated Ironman Crafting Guide.

What you should know before starting with crafting

Mushroom pie

The mushroom pie gives you a +4 crafting boost which can be handy to boost your crafting level for quests but also while training higher levels so you can unlock higher experience rates. 

Where to craft

Where you should be crafting depends on your crafting method, level, and whether or not you’re a P2P player.

Furnace crafting

The Edgeville furnace is now available to F2P players and still the closest furnace-to-bank location in Gielinor with zero requirements.

For P2P players, the only better furnace location is in Prifddinas but this requires the completion of master level quest Song of the Elves.

Left-click Banking with bank chests

If you’re crafting anything that requires you to constantly bank you should always be set up at a bank chest location. These can be left-clicked on instead of the usual right-clicking. Recommended locations are castle wars/duel arena chests as there are no requirements.

OSRS Crafting Guide – Fastest way to 99

Levels 1 – 54 Cutting Gems

OSRS Crafting Guide levels 1 - 54 cutting gems

Cutting uncut gems into cut gems is a very fast way to train crafting with experience rates up to almost 200K/hr.

LevelsTypeExp/hrTotal Profit
1 – 20Uncut Opals30K/hr22K
20 – 27Uncut Sapphires140K/hr13K
27 – 34Uncut Emeralds170K/hr40K
34 – 54Uncut Ruby230K/hr650K

Levels 54 – 99 Battlestaves

osrs crafting guide levels 54 to 99 crafting battlestaves

Be sure to check out the recent prices using the crafting calculator 

LevelsTypeExp/hrTotal Cost
54 – 58Water Battlestaves250K/hr500K
58 – 66Earth Battlestaves275K/hr1M
66 – 99Air Battlestaves340K/hr51M

Alternative: D’hide Bodies

osrs crafting guide levels 63 to 99 crafting d'hide bodies
LevelsTypeExp/hrTotal Cost
63 – 71Green D’hide Bodies300K/hr1.4M
71 – 77Blue D’hide Bodies350K/hr3.2M
77 – 84Red D’hide Bodies380K/hr10M
84 – 99Black D’hide Bodies430K/hr100M

OSRS Crafting Guide – Cheapest Way to 99 (Glassblowing)

glassblowing osrs crafting guide

This method covers the cheapest way to 99 crafting, while still maintaining decent experience rates up to 120K/hr. The total cost for glassblowing to 99 will be 16-24M depending on whether or not you take unpowered orbs or light orbs all the way to 99. 

To do the glassblowing method, you’ll need a glassblowing pipe. The pipe can be bought from the grand exchange or if you’re an ironman you can find the glassblowing pipe in the most south-western house on Entrana. 

You’ll also need molten glass and a secondary ingredient. 

LevelsTypeEXP/hrTotal Cost
1 – 4Beer glasses29k/hr1K
4 – 12Empty candle lantern32k/hr10K
12 – 33Empty oil lamp43k/hr100K
33 – 42Vials60k/hr110K
42 – 46Empty fishbowls72k/hr77K
46 – 87/99Unpowered orbs90k/hr5M/16M
87 – 99Light orbs120k/hr19M

OSRS Crafting Guide – Moneymaking Alternatives

Levels 10+ Bowstrings

Spinning flax into bowstrings are the classic way of making money with crafting. For this method, all you need is flax (1gp/each on the grand exchange) and a spinning wheel.

The best location for spinning flax into bowstrings is Lumbridge castle, where you can spin on the second floor and bank on the third.

Ironman can pick flax in the flax field of Seers Village and use the spinning wheel on the second floor of the building next to the church before they bank.

EXP Rate: 20K/hr

Total profit from 1 – 99: 132M

Levels 7+ Jewellery

LevelsTypeEXP/HrTotal Profit
7 – 22Gold BraceletN/A21K
22 – 99Opal Bracelet50K/hr54M

OSRS F2P Crafting Guide

For the F2P Crafting Guide, I’m going to assume you don’t want the fastest methods as these will cost you money and if you’re going to spend money, you might as well buy a bond for P2P crafting. 

Levels 1 – 8  Quests

Free to play quests are incredibly short with very little requirements so there’s no reason not to do them. Completing these three quests will take you all the way to level 8 crafting. 

  • Sheep Shearer
  • Goblin Diplomacy
  • Mishtalin Mystery

Levels 5 – 20 Gold Jewellery

Gold Jewelry is a profitable way to train crafting. It requires a furnace, Jewelry mold and gold bars to make. The best location is Edgeville as the furnace is right next to the bank. 

Levels 20 – 99 Sapphire Necklaces

Sapphire necklaces will profit you 24M from levels 20 to 99. 

Quests that give crafting Experience

QuestReward expCrafting level requiredOther requirements
Sheep Shearer (F2P)150 exp//
Goblin Diplomacy (F2P)200 exp//
Tower of Life500 exp/10 construction
Misthalin Mystery (F2P)600 exp//
In search of the myreque600 exp/25 agility
Dwarf Cannon750 exp//
Animal Magnetism1,000 exp19 crafting18 slayer, 30 ranged, 35 woodcutting
The Golem1,000 exp20 crafting25 thieving
Tears of Guthix1,000 exp20 crafting49 firemaking, 20 mining
Making history1,000 exp24 crafting/
RFD (goblin generals)1,000 exp//
RFD (Pirate Pete)1,000 exp/31 cooking
Murder Mystery1,406 exp//
RFD (Skrach Uglogwee)1,500 exp/41 cooking, 20 firemaking
Cold war2,000 exp30 crafting10 hunter, 30 agility, 34 construction
Enlightened journey2,000 exp36 crafting20QP, 20 firemaking, 30 farming
In aid of the myreque2,000 exp25 crafting16 mining, 7 magic
Shades of mort’ton2,000 exp20 crafting5 firemaking, 15 herblore
Observatory quest2,250 exp10 crafting/
The giant dwarf2,500 exp12 crafting15 firemaking, 33 magic, 14 thieving
The fremennik trials2,812 exp40 crafting25 thieving
The great brain robbery3,000 exp16 crafting30 construction, 50 prayer
Nature spirit3,000 exp18 crafting/
The slug menace3,500 exp30 crafting30 runecrafting, 30 slayer, 30 thieving
Shilo village3,875 exp20 crafting4 smithing, 32 agility
Elemental workshop 15,000 exp20 crafting20 smithing and mining
The fremennik isles5,000 exp46 crafting20 construction, 40 agility, 56 woodcutting
Cabin fever7,000 exp45 crafting42 agility, 50 smithing, 40 ranged
Enakhra’s Lament7,000 exp50 crafting39, magic, 45 firemaking, 43 prayer, 45 mining
Elemental workshop 27,500 exp20 crafting20 magic, 30 smithing
The hand in the sand9,000 exp49 crafting17 thieving
The fremennik exiles15,000 exp65 crafting60 slayer, 60 smithing, 60 fishing, and 55 runecrafting

Hopefully, this osrs crafting guide was helpful. Be sure to check out the crafting calculator to check out the latest pricing. If you enjoyed this guide, we have skilling guides for every skill in OSRS.

ironman guideIf you are an ironman, please check out our Dedicated Ironman Crafting Guide.

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