What are the best items to flip in osrs? The best items to flip depend on the grand exchange prices which fluctuate from day to day, making it very hard to write an article or make a youtube video about these items. That’s why we’ve decided to split it up in categories.

There are a couple of categories that always have profitable items available to flip. Here’s the list:

1. Popular potions

popular potions such as super restore, prayer and super combat potions are super easy and quick items that you can flip daily in osrs

popular potions such as super restore, prayer potion, super combat potion and more are probably one of the safest flipping bets in osrs. These items have a very high buy/sell ratio making them super easy and quick to flip.


  • Always check the potion tab on ge-tracker to see which potions are currently profitable.  
  • You can buy 2000 potions of every dose meaning you can buy 8000 potions of every variant (just make sure to check the profit rate first)
  • There are always a couple of profitable potion, making it a perfect daily flip

List of potential popular potions to flip:

  • Super restore
  • Energy potion
  • Stamina potion
  • Super combat potion
  • Prayer potion

Buy limit: 

Potions have a buy-limit of 2000 every 4 hours.

Graph example
example on ge-tracker

This is the potion tab on ge-tracker at the day this article was written. You can see that both the super combat potion (1) and the stamina potion (2) are showing huge profits. Buying 2000 of these two alone would profit 466K and 580K for a total profit of 1050K gp, on just two flips.

Of course, profits aren’t always this high but even just the 61gp profit from prayer potions (4) would bring in 122K in a single flip. 

On this day, there are 12 profitable potions with a buy limit of 2000 each and an average profit of 100gp. If you were to flip everything, you would have a total profit of 2.4m on potions alone. 

2. PKing items

Pking items are always good for flipping items in osrs. Pking items include dragon scimitar, granite maul and more

Pking items such as the granite maul, helm of neitiznot, berserker helm, and more have a nice buy/sell ratio because they are constantly being bought to pk with or sold as loot. 

These items are still relatively cheap to buy the max limit (70). However, don’t expect major profits for flipping pking items. Your profit per item-limit (e.g. 70 helms of neitiznot) should be anywhere between 50K and 90K.

List of potential pking items to flip:

  • Helm of neitiznot
  • Berserker helm
  • Granite Maul
  • DDS
  • Dragon Scimitar
  • Armadyl Godsword

Buy limit

Most pk items have a buy limit of 70 every 4 hours. 

3. High-Volume items

high volume items are some of the best items to flip in osrs. Items include planks, magic longbow/shortbow, bolts/darts and runes

High-volume items are items with a buy-limit of 10,000 and over. These items generally have a lower profit margin but since you can buy large amounts they are often still worth it.

You only need a small profit margin of 10gp+ to make decent money with high-volume flips.

List of potential high-volume items to flip:

  • Planks
  • Magic longbow
  • Magic shortbow
  • bolts/darts
  • runes
  • Zulrah’s Scales
Graph Example
magic longbows is a great high-volume item to flip in osrs
example on ge-tracker

The above graph shows a good example of a high-volume item that can be flipped for a quick profit. Ge-tracker shows an approximate profit of 10gp each. After testing the items yourself first, you can do a buy limit flip for 180K profit.


When dealing with high-volume items, make sure to check the buy/sell ratios before purchasing, just because an item has a good profit margin doesn’t mean it’s going to sell quickly.

4. Popular PVM items

pvm items such as the trident, whip and serpentime helm are popular pvm items that are some of the best items to flip in osrs

The fury, whip, uncharged trident, serpentine helm are what I consider PVM or medium-ticket items. These items range in price from 3-10M each and have a buy limit of 8. They are constantly bought and sold making them perfect for a quick daily profit. 

List of potential PVM items to flip:

  • Fury
  • Serpentine helm (uncharged)
  • Trident (uncharged)
  • Whip


– Always check the Ge-tracker for these items. They are almost always profitable but sometimes the small difference isn’t really worth it. 

Buy limit

Most PVM items have a buy limit of 70 every 4 hours. 

Graph example
toxic trident is one of the best pvm items to flip in osrs
example on ge-tracker

If you were to buy the limit of 8 uncharged toxic tridents today, you would profit 584K on that item alone. 

5. High-ticket items

high-ticket items such as the ghrazi rapier and dragon hunter lance/crossbow are some of the best items to flip in osrs

High-ticket items are of course the super expensive flips. Think about dragon hunter lance, crossbow, rapier and more. These items have a good buy/sell ratio and often can make you huge profits if you’re willing to take the risk.

List of potential high-volume items:

  • Dragon hunter lance
  • Dragon hunter crossbow
  • Ghrazi Rapier
  • Dragon Warhammer
  • Dragon Claws
Graph Example
flipping items in osrs: dragon hunter cross bow and dragon hunter lance example on ge-tracker
ge-tracker example

Currently, the dragon hunter crossbow has an approx profit of 130K each. This means a buy-limit flip (for which you would need 920M) would make you 1.04M GP. That’s a nice quick profit, but with quite a bit of risk. 

Buy limit

High-ticket items have a buy limit of 8 every 4 hours. 

Alternative items to flip in osrs: video by FlippingOldschool

The following video lists the top 100 items to flip in old school Runescape. It can be helpful in your search to find profitable items to flip in 2023. however, these videos get outdated quickly so always be sure to check the latest grand exchange prices before diving into a flip.

Hopefully, this quick sum-up of the best 5 items to flip in osrs has given you an idea of which items are easy to flip on a day-to-day basis.

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