Bossing is one of the most fun activities to do in old school Runescape. Many players grind out there accounts exactly because they want to start bossing at some point.

Bossing can be amazing for making money in OSRS, for hunting those glorious pets and for obtaining certain items on ironman accounts.

This osrs bossing guide is the ultimate easy-to-use resource to help you get started with bossing.

How To Use This Guide

We’ve tried to make this bossing guide as user-friendly as possible so it can become your go-to page whenever you want to try out a new boss!

How does it work? It’s easy.

You can use the quick navigation to navigate to your preferred type of osrs boss (solo, duo, etc).

Each section has been organized from EASY to HARD.

Each section has been split up into sections such as ‘BOSS INFO’ and ‘BOSS GUIDE’.

BOSS INFO and BOSS GUIDES are clickable sections.

The BOSS INFO Submenu will always lead to the OSRS Wiki page of that specific boss where you can gather more info if required.

The BOSS GUIDE submenu will always lead to an easy-to-follow Youtube video that will help you pick your gear, show you how to get to the boss and which strategies are best for killing the boss.

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OSRS Easy Bosses For Beginners
Best Bosses To DUO In OSRS​
Best Bosses To Solo in OSRS
Best Bosses To Make Money in OSRS
OSRS F2P Bosses
OSRS Wilderness Bosses
OSRS Skilling Bosses

OSRS Easy Bosses For Beginners

Want to get into bossing in osrs but don’t quite have high level stats yet? Here are 6 easy bosses for absolute beginners to bossing in old school Runescape.

Each of these bosses require medium-level stats and have absolutely no quest requirements.

They are also very easy to get to!

Keep in mind some of these bosses are in the wilderness such as KBD, Crazy Archaeologist and Chaos Fanatic and thus you should not carry more than 4 valuable items.

P.s. Want to unlock higher-level bosses? Follow our efficient combat leveling guide for the most efficient leveling in osrs.

Boss InfoBoss Guide
King Black DragonKBD Guide
Giant MoleGiant Mole guide
Crazy ArchaelogistCrazy Archeologist guide
Chaos FanaticChaos Fanatic Guide
Barrows BrothersBarrows Guide
Dagannoth RexDagannoth Rex Guide

Best Bosses To DUO In OSRS​

Looking for some fun bosses to DUO with a friend? Duo bossing is one of the best ways to get acquainted with bossing in OSRS and there are plenty of noob-friendly bosses such as the King Black Dragon.

Here’s a list of duo bosses in OSRS ranked from easy to hard.

Boss InfoBoss Guide
King Black DragonKBD DUO Guide
Bandos (General Graardor)Bandos DUO Guide
Armadyl (Kree’arra)Armadyl DUO Guide
Saradomin (Commander Zilyana)Zilyana DUO Guide
Zamorak (K’ril Tsutsaroth)Zamorak DUO Guide
Coporeal BeastCorp DUO Guide
The NightmareNightmare DUO Guide

Best Bosses To SOLO In OSRS​

Want to start solo bossing in old school Runescape? We got you! 

Here’s a list of SOLO bosses in OSRS ranked from easy to hard.

How far can you get…? P.S. The first two bosses are F2P!

Boss NameBoss Guide
Giant MoleGiant Mole SOLO Guide
King Black DragonKBD SOLO Guide
SarachnisSarachnis SOLO Guide
Daggonath RexDaggonath Rex SOLO Guide
Bandos (General Graardor)Bandos SOLO Guide
Armadyl (Kree’arra)Armadyl SOLO Guide
Saradomin (Commander Zilyana)Zilyana SOLO Guide
Zamorak (K’ril Tsutsaroth)Zamorak SOLO Guide
ZulrahZulrah SOLO Guide
VorkathVorkath SOLO Guide
Coporeal BeastCorp SOLO Guide

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Best Bosses To Make Money in OSRS

Want to make money with bossing in OSRS? Here’s a list of the best money-making bosses!

This list holds a mixture of end game, hard and medium-difficulty bosses that have a GP/hr rate of 2M and up.

Boss NameBoss GuideDifficultyMoney per hour
The Nightmare of AshihamaNightmare GuideEnd game3 – 5M
Theatre of Blood Theatre of Blood GuideEnd game2 – 5M
Alchemical HydraAlchemical Hydra GuideHard4M
Corrupted GauntletCorrupted Gauntlet GuideHard3M
Vorkath (with DHL)Vorkath GuideHard3M
CerberusCerberus GuideHard2.5 – 3M
Chambers of Xeric (raids)Chamber of Xeric GuideHard2 – 3M
Bandos BossBandos GuideMedium2M
Zamorak BossZamorak GuideMedium2M
GauntletGauntlet GuideMedium2M
Zulrah Zulrah GuideMedium2-3M

OSRS F2P Bosses

Sadly, OSRS currently only has 2 F2P bosses available.

These bosses are:

To access Obor, you’ll need to have a Giant Key is dropped by Hill Giants at a drop rate of 1/128. 

You can also obtain the giant key by killing Obor for a drop rate of 1/16.

To access Bryophyta, you’ll need to have a mossy key which you can obtain by farming regular moss giants. 

The mossy key drop rate is 1/150.

OSRS Wilderness Bosses

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Boss NameBoss GuideCombat level
Chaos FanaticChaos Fanatic Guide202
Crazy ArchaeologistCrazy Archaelogist Guide204
ScorpiaScorpia Guide225
Chaos ElementalChaos Elemental Guide305
Vet’ionVet’ion Guide454
VenenatisVenenatis Guide464
CallistoCallisto Guide470

OSRS Skilling Bosses

Skill bosses are awesome new additions to old school Runescape that make skilling more fun and can be good money makers as well.

For example, The Wintertotd boss allows you to still good firemaking experience all the while making some money.

On top of that it’s actually fun to do, which let’s face it, conventional firemaking is not!

Boss NameBoss GuideSkillCombat level
WintertodtWintertotd GuideFiremakingNA
HesporiHespori GuideFarming284
ZalcanoZalcano GuideMining, Smithing, Runecrafting336

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