ironman money making guide for osrs

This is a comprehensive guide on how to make money as an ironman in osrs.

This guide is effective for early-game, mid-game, and late-game ironman accounts.

This guide is also helpful for group ironman accounts as well.

What do Ironmen need money for?

Being that Ironman has to basically craft, smith, cook, fletch, and generally just do EVERYTHING themselves, they do not need nearly as much money as a regular player usually needs.

But ironman accounts do need money.

Aside from the obvious expenses such as early game weapons, armor, and runes, Ironman will want to spend money on their kingdom.

This is because the kingdom can save you a lot of time on gathering resources.

Aside from the kingdom, money is also required for training construction.

After all, planks are very expensive to make.

Ironman Money Makers

Ironman accounts can make money through a variety of methods. This guide is split up in 4 methods: collecting, skilling, mini-games and bossing.

You can navigate around this article by clicking on one of the methods.



Pick up 10k at Stronghold of Securitytwo-factor authorization
verified email
Barbarian Outpost Dungeon
TIP: Speak with Count Check in the Lumbridge graveyard for free teleport.
This can only be done once.
Steel platebodies in the Wildernessknife (or another weapon to slash webs)Lava Maze (Lvl 40 – 45 Wilderness)
[exact location]
steel platebody spawn osrs ironman money making method
Wait 10 minutes to de-aggro the lesser demon.
Hop worlds and pick up the steel platebodies.
Afterward, platebodies can be sold to Horvik in Varrock. Be sure to hop worlds to get the most money.
Alternatively, they can be alched for 1200gp as well.
Selling Cats for Death RunesGertrude’s cat Quest
Ardy Cloak 1 (recommended)
Sell cat in West Ardougne.Every 3 hours, sell your cat to civilians in West Ardougne for 200 Death Runes. ()

TIP: feed your kitten Karambwanji as it only takes up one inventory slot.



Thieving is one of the best early game money makers on an ironman accounts.

Leveling thieving is also quite fast and relaxing as it can be done while watching some Netflix.

Ardougne Knights will make you the most money (up to 300k per hour at late levels) when wearing the Rogues Outfit.

You will get the best experience by blackjacking but beware as this is super click-intensive and definitely not the way to go for everybody.

There is no shame on going to Ardougne Knights as soon as you hit 55 thieving but you will fail A LOT.

MethodLevel RequiredLocationHourly Profit
Thieving Silk Stalls20 ThievingArdougne Market36k GP
Thieving H.A.M Store Rooms23 ThievingH.A.M. hideout50k – 100k GP
Blackjacking45 Thieving (65+ recommended)Pollnivneachup to 200k GP
Pickpocketing Ardougne Knights55 Thieving (80+ recommended)Ardougneup to 100k GP (early levels)
up to 300k GP (at level 94 Thieving)

Check out our OSRS Thieving Guide for more info on how to level your thieving.

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MethodLevel RequiredHourly Profit
Agility Pyramid30 Agility (65+ recommended)up to 100k GP (early levels)
up to 250k GP (at level 65+)

You wouldn’t expect Agility to be a money-maker but it is actually one of the best early game money makers (if not the best) for ironmen.

The agility Pyramid is located south-west of Nardah (which can be easily reached through the magic carpet) and can be done starting from levels 30 agility.

how to get to the agility pyramid in osrs as an ironman account

However, it is recommended that you have a higher agility level.

You should come here when you have 50+ agility and preferably with some graceful gear as well.

Here’s how the pyramid works:

  • Get to the top
  • Pick up the ‘pyramid top’ once you reach the top
  • Sell it to Simon Templetion (NPC located at the foot of the pyramid)
  • Repeat

Doing this method, you can make up to 100k gp per hour in the early levels and up to 250k per hour at 65+ agility.

Check out our OSRS Agility Guide for more info on how to level your Agility.


Slayer is an incredible ironman moneymaker at higher levels because they drop LOTS of alchables.

Slayer is mid-to-late game content.

It is recommended that you start training Slayer on an ironman account as soon as possible.

You can use Turael to grind out the early levels.

You’ll start making money from alchables at around level 70 slayer when you get tasks such as Kurasks.

You will also need Slayer to obtain drops such as Abyssal Whips (84 slayer), black masks, and more.


MethodLevel RequiredInfoHourly Profit
Crafting Gold Bracelets7 CraftingThis method is only viable if you have leftover gold bars which you should have after training smithing using the Blast Furnace.
Gold Bracelets can be alched for 330 coins.
150k GP per hour (if buying nature runes)
396k GP per hour (if using your own nature runes)

Check out our OSRS Crafting Guide for more info on how to level your Crafting.


Runecrafting is one of the best money makers for ironman accounts because it allows them to make a lot more money from alching as they can craft their own nature runes for free.

MethodLevel RequiredHourly Profit
Nature Runes44 RunecraftNature Runes should never be sold and used to make money from alching instead.
Blood Runes77 Runecraft
73 Agility
300k per hour when selling the Blood Runes to Ali Morissane.

Check out our OSRS Runecraft Guide for more info on how to level your runecraft.


With Fletching, you can make money by selling your unstrung bows to a general store or you can alch them for money.

If you can be bothered, you can obtain about 3k+ bowstrings per hour through the Temple Trekking mini-game to increase the high alchemy profit of your individual bows.

TypeLevel RequiredAlchHourly Profit (if buying runes) Hourly Profit (using own nature runes)
Maple Longbow55 Fletching384196k GP460k GP
Yew Shortbow (u)65 Fletching480312K GP576K GP
Yew Shortbow65 Fletching 480312K GP576K GP
Yew longbow (u)70 Fletching384196K GP460k GP
Yew longbow 70 Fletching768657K GP921k GP
Magic shortbow (u)80 Fletching480312K GP576K GP
Magic shortbow80 Fletching 960888K GP1.152M GP
Magic longbow (u) 85 Fletching768657k GP921k GP
Magic longbow 85 Fletching 1,5361.34M GP1.8M GP

Check out our OSRS Fletching Guide for more info on how to level your Fletching.

Mini Games

Soul Wars

Soul Wars is an AMAZING mini-game for ironman accounts because of its reward called ‘spoils of war’.

Spoils of war contain random supplies that are super useful to ironman accounts.

Seriously, the rewards are so good, I fear it might get nerfed SOON.

According to the osrs wiki, the average spoils of war crate is worth 91k GP.

And as an efficient player, you can get up to 8 crates per hour. That’s 728k worth of value, every hour!

Almost every crate will contain pure essence (4000+).

You will also commonly receive rune drops such as Nature runes, Blood runes, Death runes, and Soul runes.

Thus, spoils of war can save you A TON of money on supplies.

You also get coins from almost every crate, the amount can go up to 60k GP.

Finally, you get a 1/160 chance of obtaining a dragon drop. (scimitar, longsword, etc)

Other useful drops are high-level seeds and ores.

Temple Trekking

Temple Trekking is a mini-game where you can receive bowstrings as a reward.

For regular players, Temple Trekking is kind of a shitty mini-game.

But for ironman, it can be insanely profitable when combined with fletching and alching.

Strung bows alch for almost 50% more than unstrung bows.

Efficient players can earn up to 3k bowstrings per hour doing this mini-game.

Example: Alching unstrung yew longbows vs strung yew longbows.
Playing Temple Trekking for just one hour will give you 3000 bowstrings.
3000 bows will alch for 2.3M gp. (1.6M after the cost of Nature Runes)
In comparison, 3000 unstrung bows will alch for just 1.15M gp (490k).
Thus, just one hour of temple trekking would profit you 1.11m in terms of alchables.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is another mini-game commonly played as an ironman for the rune arrow reward, which can be alched.

LMS can be played by any level of ironman but the reward outcome will be highly dependant on your skills as a PVPer.

This method is also more useful for those who obtain nature runes naturally through Soul Wars or runecrafting.

If you’re good at switching, LMS can be a very profitable (and fun) way to make money as an ironman.

For 3 LMS points, you can obtain 300 rune arrows which alch for 240 each.

Thus for every game (assuming you obtain at least 3 points), you would make 72k profit.

A good PVPer can obtain up to 30 points per hour or 720k profit using this method.



Wintertodt is a skilling boss that requires 50 firemaking to participate.

Wintertodt comes with reward crates that give random useful items such as seeds, logs, and more.

You also get a good amount of cash from this skillboss.


High Level Players that have Dragon Slayer 2 completed can start killing Vorkath which is an excellent moneymaker.

For every hour, you will get about 68k in gp alongside tons of valuable alchables, runes, seeds, dart tips, and a chance at high tier loot such as draconic visage, skeletal visage and more.

Rune Dragons

At Rune Dragons, high-level players can make almost 1M per hour in alchables alongside other useful drops such as runes and herbs.

Tips for Ironman Money Making

Start with Thieving

Thieving is one of the best money makers for ironman accounts and can be very profitable right off the bat.

You can start your thieving straight out of tutorial island by getting level 5 on men/women. From there, you travel to Ardougne where you can start off with cake stalls and in less than 20 minutes you’ll be making money by stealing silk and selling it back to the silk trader.

In the late game, you will be making a ton of money from blackjack and ardougne knights.

Get the rogues outfit as soon as you can

The rogue’s outfit is a reward from the Rogue’s den mini-game which becomes available to you at level 50 agility and thieving.

You should grind out this minigame as soon as it becomes available because the full rogues set will DOUBLE your loot while thieving, thus doubling your hourly profit potential.

Train slayer as soon as possible

Slayer is a great money maker but only at the later stages. You need at least 70 slayer before the skill will really start paying off.

You should start off your slayer grind early as you train your melee and ranged skills for optimal efficiency.

In the early stages, you can get easy slayer tasks from Turael.

You should also complete the Varrock museum quiz and the quest A Porcine of Interest to be taken directly from 1 to 13 Slayer.

Get 55 Magic ASAP

55 Magic unlocks the high alchemy spell which is what you’ll be using to turn your fletched bows and collected loot into money.

Ironmen should grind out magic through quests and by using the Arceuus Library at level 30+.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this osrs ironman money-making guide has taught you some new ways on how to make money as an ironman account.

As you can see, both thieving and agility are great skills to start off with.

One should also consider Wintertodt in the early game.

Remember to not neglect your slayer as this skill is absolutely essential and an amazing moneymaker for ironmen

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