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The map of Gielinor expanded as OSRS received a brand new area: Varlamore, the Shining Kingdom. The largest content update this game has seen so far. And it’s not even complete yet, there are still 2 extra parts on the horizon!

This article contains everything you need to know about Varlamore, how to get there, an overview of the many new skilling and PVMing opportunities, and of course information about future parts.

What is Varlamore

Varlamore is a map expansion for OSRS that was released on March 20th, 2024. You can find the Kingdom of Varlamore just South of the Kebos Lowlands.

map of varlamore osrs

This update came loaded with content from mid-level PVM to end-game PVM and a ton of new skilling opportunities which I’ll cover below.

It’s truly an update for all account builds (regulars and irons, lower lvls, and endgamers).

The expansion was first announced in August 2023 but the area has already been teased for years prior, just like it’s featured on this official map my girlfriend gifted me back in 2021.

varlamore on an a map I have from 2021
Varlamore teased on a map I have from 2021

A look inside varlamore…

Varlamore gave us 5 new quests, 4 new skilling opportunities, and 2 PVM updates.

map overview of the 4 new skilling methods and 2 pvm updates that came with varlamore

Let’s take a deep dive into this massive expansion!

This map may be a little overwhelming at first, but I’ll try to keep the info as bite-sized as possible.

thieving guide Stealing Valuables (Thieving)

At level 50 Thieving, players can participate in ‘Stealing Valuables‘ a two-part thieving activity that involves pickpocketing wealthy citizens for their house keys, followed by looting their homes.

The best part? It’s fairly AFK and the exp rates are good!

Check out my 2-minute video guide below or read my written guide here.

hunter guide Hunters Rumours (Hunter)

Ever wanted slayer-like contracts for the hunter skill? That’s exactly what you can expect from ‘Hunters Rumours‘ the brand new training method found in the new Hunters Guild.

Pick up a rumour from a guild master and then catch that creature until you find the ‘rare variant’ they want. This takes average 8-10 minutes per rumour.

This is a pretty chill upgrade to the hunter skill as you get to catch many different creatures instead of sticking to one spot!

It’s a pretty chill upgrade to the Hunter skill which can get pretty stale if you stick to one spot.

Check out my 1-minute video guide below or read my written guide here.

mining Calcified Rocks (Mining)

Calcified Rocks is a brand new AFK mining method that sits in between Shooting stars and Motherlode Mine in terms of effort.

Just like Motherlode mine you mine an ore vein but each click lasts up to 80 seconds (compared to 40 at MLM) and you don’t have to run to a hopper or bank, making it a superior AFK.

The loot you gain from this activity is blessed bone shards, which allows you to get prayer experience (as explained next).

One hour of mining Calcified Rocks will allow you to bank between 10-15k passive prayer experience!

Check out my 2-minute video guide below or read my written guide here.

prayer guide Ralos’ Rise Altar (Prayer)

At the top of Ralos’ Rise, you can find a libation pool where you can sacrifice the Blessed Boneshards you receive from Calcified Rocks and other skilling methods around Varlamore.

But additionally, you can also break down any bone into bone shards. Doing so grants more exp per bone than you would receive at the Gilded Altar or Ectofuntus, and the exp even comes close to the Chaos Altar, minus the risk of dying!

Absolutely an S tier update for Ironmen looking to get more out of their bones (and also get AFK exp from mining) as well as for regular accounts looking to save money without the need to run to the Chaos Altar.

Check out my 3-minute video guide below or read my written guide here.

combat statsMoons of Peril (Mid-lvl PVM)

Players who have completed the quest ‘Perilous Moons‘ (which introduces this dungeon) can access ‘Moons of Peril‘ a brand new PVM dungeon aimed at mid-level players (75+ combat).

This is a barrows-like dungeon that features 3 naguas that you need to subdue.

concept art of the three demibosses found in the new varlamore pvm dungeon
The Naguas concept art | source: osrs video

The twist from Barrows is that each boss has 1 basic attack and 2 special attacks. These special attacks are designed to teach you mechanics found in higher-level PVM (kinda similar to Scurrius).

Another twist is that you can gather your own supplies (fish/hunt for your own food and use herblore to make potions), and doing so is faster than hitting up the bank, allowing you to stay in the dungeon forever.

The main reward from the Neypotzli Dungeon (yes that’s the official name) are the three new armour sets.

rewards for the moons of peril

The video below is a 30-second explainer of the new armour sets.

If you’d like to know more about this dungeon, check out my written guide.

combat statsFortis Colosseum (High-lvl PVM)

concept art for the fortis colosseum inside varlamore

Higher-level players can test their PVM skills and take on the Fortis Colosseum.

This wave-based system closely resembles the Inferno but with a couple of twists:

  • Players can modify the waves by nerfing themselves or buffing the opponents
  • Each wave gives you a reward, which you can claim (and leave) or continue (and risk not getting anything)

Players who can make it to wave 12 and beat Sol Heredit, are rewarded Dizana’s Quiver, the best-in-slot ranged cape.

dizana's quiver concept art
Dizana’s Quiver concept | source: osrs video

Running waves 1-2 repeatedly is also a really good PVM moneymaker, even for those who can’t go all the way.

How to get to Varlamore

Before you can access Varlamore, you have to complete the quest quest requirements Children of the Sun first.

This quest only takes a couple of minutes, and you can follow my quick guide to help you through it.

After completing the quest, run to the East Varrock gate where you’ll find a Quetzal bird (Primio) that will take you to Varlamore for the first time.

a quetzal bird outside varrock east gate takes you to varlamore

Once you’ve made it to Varlamore, you can start the quest quest requirements Twilights’ Promise which unlocks a teleport to Varlamore in your spellbook (54 magic) and also allows you to use Civitas Illa Fortis teleport tabs.

Additionally, this quest opens up the Quetzal Transportation network.

Quetzal Transportation Method

Players can use the Quetzal birds to easily move around Varlamore. This mode of transport is unlocked fully after completing quest requirements Twilights’ Promise.

quetzal transportation network

These Quetzal birds allow you to quickly travel between Civitas Illa Fortis, The Teomat, and the Hunters Guild.

Other locations (e.g. Cam Torum) are ‘locked’ and require you to travel over there and build the landing spots yourself, requiring 10 Quetzal Feeds each.

Regular accounts can buy these Quetzal Feed from the Grand Exchange, Ironmen have to grind out Hunters’ Rumours which sometimes reward Quetzal Feed. Unlocking all landing spots requires 40 quetzal feed.

About the quests

Varlamore introduced 5 new quests, I’ve already covered them a little bit, but here’s a quick sum-up.

  • Children of the sun: which unlocks Varlamore
  • Twilights’ Promise: unlocks Quetzal network
  • Perilous Moons: unlocks city of Cam Torum + Calcified Rocks + Neypotzli PVM Dungeon
  • At first light: unlocks master tier hunter rumours
  • The ribitting tale of a lily pad labour dispute: fun little quests that rewards some woodcutting experience (2,000)

Varlamore is being released in 3 parts

If you thought this was all that Varlamore had to offer, you’d be wrong. We are only in part 1 of the expansion, with 2 additional parts coming out sometime in the future!

When the second or third part drops, is not yet revealed.

We do know that part 2 will bring in a new Herblore method and Group PVM content, as revealed by the April 9th newspost.

We even have a first-look at the new Herblore activity as of April 22th.

Here’s the TL;DR:

Read the newspost here.

No info yet on the Group PVM content, but we know it targets players with 90+ combat stats, who are at least capable of completing the fight caves (as a measure of difficulty).

The final part (part 3) will include a new agility course known as ‘The Colossal Wyrm’.

This course targets level 50 Agility and won’t reward marks of grace, instead, termites are roaming around it and these can be caught and exchanged for rewards. Or they can be ground up with a pestle and mortar into Amylase crystals!

Some rewards are:

  • Graceful Sewing Kit: recolor for graceful (as shown below)
  • Basic & Advanced Teleport Crystals: teleports you out of the agility dungeon
  • Blessed bone shards: stackable item for Varlamores prayer training
varlamore graceful recolor concept art

Wrap Up

And that’s about all you need to know about Varlamore!

Check out my articles below on additional Varlamore activities.

Or support OSRS Guide on YouTube and continue watching Varlamore content over there!


Dean started playing Runescape in 2006 when he was just 10 years old and has been playing ever on and off ever since (you never quit OSRS, right?) In 2013 he switched to OSRS Servers and never looked back. Dean has spent over 20,000 hours in the game now and frequently revisits his favourite portion of OSRS; the early-to-mid game through new account builds. You can also find bite-sized runescape guides on Deans' YouTube channel

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