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The mining skill has a brand new prayer training method that came with the arrival of Varlamore.

At the top of Teomat, players can offer ‘Blessed Boneshards’ to the libation pool, rewarding them with 5/6 Prayer experience per boneshard.

What you need

requirements for varlamore prayer

The only requirement for this method is 30 prayer and completion of the quests ‘Children of the sun’ (which unlocks Varlamore, and Twilights’ Promise (which unlocks the Quetzal Transportation network).

all you need is boneshards, jugs of wine, and optionally sunfire splinters

The items you need are Jugs of wine and Blessed Boneshards. (Optionally sunfire splinters can provide more experience, more on that later).

Tip for Irons: Ironmen can get an unlimited amount of Jugs of Wine from the pub inside the city of Cam Torum (requires you to start the quest Perilous Moons).

the pub in Cam Torum sells unlimited jugs of wine for ironmen

Getting there

This prayer altar is found on ‘Teomat’ a mountain in Varlamore. To get here, take the Quetzal Network, which is unlocked after the quest ‘Twilight’s Promise’.

how to get to the teomat

How it works

The gameplay of this prayer altar is very simple.

map of the Ralos Rise prayer altar

As you can see on the map above, there are three elements:

  • Exposed Altar: this is where you bless your jugs of wines
  • Libation Pool: this is where you offer your boneshards
  • Prayer Altar: to recharge your prayer

A walkthrough goes as follows:

First, run up to the Exposed Altar with 27 Jugs of wines and your blessed boneshards in your inventory. Bless your wines on the altar.

blessing jugs of wine at the exposed altar

Next, run Northeast to the Libation Pool and fill it. Then spam-click the altar until your prayer is drained to 0.

gain experience by offering blessed boneshards at the libation pool

Recharge your prayer by praying at the altar next door.

recharging prayer at the ralos rise prayer altar

Run back to the libation pool to get more prayer experience.

Repeat until you’ve used up all your blessed jugs of wine.

Teleport to a bank to get a new inventory of jugs of wine and repeat!

You can turn bones into boneshards

Boneshards are obtained through activities around Varlamore (e.g. mining Calcified Rocks) BUT you can also get them by crafting bones (e.g. Dragon Bones) into blessed boneshards to offer to the Libation Pool.

This gives more experience per bone than the Gilded Altar and Ectofuntus! The Chaos Altar still offers more exp/hr but that’s only if you never die.

varlamore prayer rewards more exp per bone than gilded altar

As illustrated above, you get 290 exp per dragon bone (w/ regular jugs of wine) and 340 exp per dragon bone (w/ sunfire jugs of wine).

Here’s how you do it:

Travel to Teomat with your cash stack, a chisel, and NOTED bones.

Use your bones on the NPC underneath the Exposed Altar to un-note them.

this npc un-notes your bones for you

Next, run up to the altar to bless your bones, then crush them into boneshards with your chisel.

crafting bones into blessed boneshards at the exposed altar

And repeat!

Sunfire Jugs of wine

The default method of this prayer activity requires you to bless jugs of wine and then offer boneshards at the Libation Pool. This rewards 5 experience per boneshard.

A secondary method exists, which involves the use of Sunfire Splinters. This requires an extra step, but rewards you with 6 experience per boneshard.

sunfire jugs of wine offer more exp than regular jugs of wine

It’s not really worth doing this for mains as you’ll pay too much to buy the sunfire splinters at the Grand Exchange but it is worth getting them to get more out of your boneshards as an ironman.

To get the increased experience, you’ll be blessing ‘Sunfire Jugs of Wine’ instead of regular jugs of wine.

You can make these at a bank by using sunfire splinters on jugs of wine with a pestle and mortar in your inventory.

making sunfire jugs of wine

The rest of the method is the same, simply bless your sunfire wines at the altar instead of regular jugs of wine.

You can obtain 600 Sunfire splinters per hour by hunting Sunfire Antelopes in varlamore, which requires 72 Hunter. Or better, you can gain up to 7,000 splinters per hour by continuously doing wave 1 of the Colloseum.

AFK Prayer experience at Calcified Rocks

The fastest place to get blessed boneshards is the Calcified Rocks mine inside Cam Torum. Here, players can mine between 10-15K worth of prayer experience per hour. The best part? It’s super AFK!

mine blessed boneshards at the calcified rocks mine

Check out my guide on the mining method next!

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