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This is a comprehensive guide to splashing in OSRS.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to splash in osrs. Whether you are a regular player or ironman account.

If you were looking for a complete magic training guide, check out our 1 – 99 training guide. (Updated for 2023)

What is Splashing?

Splashing is a magic training method where a player continuously hits zeroes on their opponent. By doing this, the opponent will never die and you stay in combat.

This is a great magic training method because you can do it while being AFK.

On top of that, it’s also relatively cheap compared to other magic training methods.

How to Splash in OSRS

In order to successfully splash in osrs, you need to have – 65 magic attack bonus.

you must have -65 magic attack in order to splash in osrs

Once you have that, you will ALWAYS hit zeroes.

You can achieve -65 magic by wearing full iron or bronze armour alongside green d’hide vambraces (requires 40 ranged).

Here’s an example of armour you can wear to splash:

  • Iron full helm
  • Iron platebody
  • Iron platelegs
  • Green d’hide vambraces

When splashing, make sure auto-retaliate is on and you have enough runes on you.

how to splash in osrs

Also, make sure to click somewhere on your screen once every 10 minutes to prevent yourself from logging out.

How to Splash in OSRS Without 40 Ranged

If you don’t have 40 Ranged for the green d’hide vambraces, you can still splash perfectly fine but you will need to purchase the Cursed Goblin Staff from Diango. (located in the market of Draynor Village)

if you don't have 40 ranged you can still splash in osrs using the cursed goblin staff which can be bought from diango in draynor village

How to Splash on Ironman in OSRS

As an ironman player, you don’t need to buy full iron, bronze, or other set.

All you need is your ironman armour which can be obtained from the iron tutors in Lumbridge.

You will need to swap out the vambraces with green d’hide though.

If you don’t have 40 ranged yet, you can use the Cursed Goblin Staff instead as mentioned above here.

Where to Splash in OSRS

You can splash just about anywhere in Gielinor except for Lumbridge.

Splashing in Lumbridge is impossible due to a new update preventing players from doing so.

Otherwise, you can splash all over Gielinor on low-level monsters.

You can basically splash anything you want, just make sure they won’t do any damage to you.

Some low-level monsters you can splash are:

  • level 1 chickens
  • level 1 rats
  • level 2 cows
  • level 1 seagulls

Here are some examples of common splashing spots in osrs:

  • Mage of Zamorak in the Varrock Castle (he’s locked in the jail under the staircase)
  • Seagulls in Port Sarim
  • Ducks in Fishing Guild
  • Chickens at Champion’s Guild (requires 32 quest points)
  • The list goes on

Best Splashing Spells to use

The magic spell you use to splash will directly define exactly how much experience per hour you’ll be getting.

Of course, most splashers stick to the inexpensive spells to save money.

Here are some common splash spells alongside their experience and cost per hour:

SpellExp rateExp rate with Nightmare staffCost
Fire Strike13.8k per hour17k per hour3.5k per hour
Fire Bolt27k per hour33.5k per hour61k per hour
Fire Blast41k per hour51k per hour235k per hour
Fire Wave51k per hour64k per hour450k per hour
Fire Surge60k per hour75k per hour450k per hour

Fire is the strongest variant of every spell so you should always splash using fire as it costs just as much to do any of the other spells.

As you can see, if you want to be cost-efficient, you should use fire strike but you will level very slowly at 13.8k experience per hour.

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Wrap Up

Hopefully, this OSRS Splashing Guide has been useful and will help your regular or ironman account get 99 magic while being AFK!

Remember, you can NOT splash in Lumbridge! It doesn’t work!

Be sure to check out our 1-99 magic training guide for more magic training methods.


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