osrs smithing guide - training 1-99 smithing in old school runescape

Whether you need the fastest P2P way or the fastest F2P way, or you would like to make some money — this is complete 1-99 osrs smithing guide is what you’re looking for. Use the navigation below to navigate to your preferred method and current level.

EXP Boosters

Goldsmith gauntlets

goldsmith gauntlets osrs give an extra 2.5 experience per gold bar smelted. The gauntlets are a reward from the family crest quest

Goldsmith gauntlets are a reward from the family crest quest. These are highly recommended for smelting gold bars as you they will multiply the experience rates by 2.5. This means that instead of 22.5 experience per bar, you will get 56.2 experience per bar. If you want to use the fastest way to 99 smithing, you need to have these gauntlets. 

Anvil locations

best smithing anvil locations, the best location for an anvil is in varrock as a free-to-play player and the best p2P anvil location is in priffdinas however it requires the completion of the master-level quest: song of the elves

For optimal efficiency, it’s important to know exactly where the best anvil location is. The best anvil location is the least tiles removed from a bank, we have two great options for this.

The most used anvil location is the Varrock West bank location. To the right of the bank. It’s only 11 tiles in total.

The iconic varrock location was recently bested by the Prifddinas anvil location which is available after completion of the song of the elves quest. This location is only 9 tiles from the bank to the anvil.

OSRS Smithing guide – fastest way to 99

Levels 1 – 29 The Knight’s Sword

the knights sword is the fastest way to get from levels  1 - 29 smithing. This quest gives an insane experience reward and should always be done to start your smithing as it yields no requirements except for 10 mining.

The Knight’s sword quest is the fastest way to skip the first 29 levels of smithing. It’s a relatively short quest with no requirements other than 10 mining. Other experience-rewarding quests that can be done to skip levels will be listed below. 

Use the varrock anvil to make iron two hand swords until level 30. You’ll need to make 18 two hand swords which will take 54 iron bars.

Levels 30 – 40 Steel bars at blast furnace

smelting steel bars at the blast furnace gives a nice profit of 650K+ per hour but also a good experience rate of 94K per hour

EXP Rate: 94K/hr

Profit: 650K/hr

Levels 40 – 99 Gold bars at blast furnace

the fastest way to 99 smithing is by smelting gold bars at the blast furnace. This method is only the fastest once gold smith gauntlets are worn, which are a reward from the family crest quest

As early as level 40 you unlock the fastest way to reach 99 smithing in the game. This is by using the blast furnace to smelt gold ores. Now there are some requirements to do this method.

A blast furnace guide will be at the bottom of this article.

Obtaining goldsmith gauntlets is 100% recommended if you want to get 99 smithing as fast as possible as this will increase your experience rate by 60%. Same goes for ice gloves, if you do not use these in combination with the goldsmith gloves you will need to use a bucket of water to cool down your bars before taking them, cutting into your experience rates. 

EXP Rate:

  • up to 350K/hr (goldsmith guantlets) 
  • up to 150K/hr without goldsmith gauntlets

OSRS Smithing Guide – Most profitable way to 99

To achieve the most profit from levels 1-99 smithing in osrs you should be doing bars at the blast furnace. Starting from levels as low as 15 you can make 115K/hr profit at the blast furnace.

Blast furnace with a coal bag, ice gloves and stamina potions

15iron bars115K/hr75K/hr
30steel bars1.1M/hr94K/hr
50mithril bars700K/hr108K/hr
70adamant bars1M/hr101K/hr
85rune bars1.1M/hr107K/hr

Not using a coal bag will decrease your profit and experience rates by about 50%.

Blast furnace Guide

in-depth guide on the blast furnace in osrs. Starting the giant dwarf dwarf is a requirement to gain access, you should also have 60 smithing else you'll have to pay the conductor a fee of 2500gp every 10 minutes you are inside.


  • The giant dwarf (start)
  • 60 smithing (highly recommended) if you don’t have 60 smithing you will have to pay a 2500gp fee every 10 minutes
  • 72K/hr fee (place money in coffer) in blast furnace worlds

How to get to the blast furnace

The easiest way to get here from anywhere is using the ‘blast furnace’ mini-game teleport in the miniggame group finder. Another option is to speak to the dwarf at the grand exchange who will take you there. 

Both these methods require you to have started the quest ‘the giant dwarf’. You can do this by speaking to the dwarves boatman who is located inside the dungeon east of Rellekka. You can walk to Rellekka from seers village or use an enchanted lyre to get there. 

Since you’ll be running from a conveyer bank to a bank with a full inventory of ores, you’ll be very heavy and your energy will be drained quickly. This is why a weight-reducing outfit such as graceful is highly recommended when doing the blast furnace minigame. 

You should also wear ice gloves so that you don’t have to use a bucket of water which reduces your profit and experience per hour by a lot. Ice gloves can be obtained by killing the ice queen. 

A coal bag (holds 27 pieces of coal) will reduce the number of runs you need to do for each inventory of bars. You can obtain a coal bag for 100 nuggets from the motherlode mine nugget shop. 

Again, having both the ice gloves and the coal bag is highly recommended when doing the blast furnace. Not utilizing these tools will decrease your experience rate drastically.

How it works

how the blast furnace works osrs

The mechanics of the blast furnace are very simple. All you have to do is place the required ores on the conveyor belt and afterward collect your bars from the bar dispenser (ice gloves equipped). 

For low-level accounts:

  • If you don’t have ice gloves equipped, you’ll need to douse them first with a bucket of water.
  • If you don’t have 60 mining, you’ll have to pay the foreman every 2500gp every 10 minutes. This money doesn’t come out of the coffer, you’ll need to take it from the bank and pay him directly by speaking with him.

Efficient blast furnace run methods

Here are the most efficient ways to run the different bars. Remember: for gold ore you’ll want to wear goldsmith gloves while placing the ores on the conveyor belt and then switch to ice gloves to collect them!

Have stamina potions (1) in your bank tab and drink one every 2 minutes.

BarFirst runSecond runThird runFourth run
Gold bar27 gold orerepeat 1..
Iron bar27 iron orerepeat 1..
Steel bar 27 iron (27 coal in coal bag) + collectrepeat..
Mithril bar27 coal (27 coal in coal bag) 27 mithril ore (27 coal in coal bag) Collect27 mithril ore (27 coal in coal bag) collectrepeat 1&2..
Adamantite bar27 coal (27 coal in coal bag)27 adamantite ore (27 coal in coal bag)repeat 1&2..
Rune bar27 rune (27 coal in coal bag)27 coal (27 coal in coal bag)27 coal (27 coal in coal bag) + collectrepeat 1&2 + collect then repeat 1,2,3

OSRS F2P Smithing Guide – Fastest way to 99

f2P osrs smithing guide

The fastest way to level 99 in f2P smithing is by making platebodies at the Varrock west bank anvil location. This method, while fast will result in a loss of money on your way to 99 smithing.

LevelsMethodAmountEXP/hrTotal Cost
1-29The Knight’s Sword questN/AN/A (15 minute quest)N/A
29 – 48Best iron items.70050K/hr500K
48 – 68Steel platebodies2,030160K/hr3M
68 – 88Mithril platebodies15,123150K/hr14M
88 – 99 Adamant platebodies27,676260K/hr18M

Total cost: 35.5Mgp

From levels 99 you can make 200Kgp per hour by making rune platelegs/plateskirt to make up for your money lost.

Quests that grant smithing experience

QuestExperience rewardSmithing level requiredOther level requirements
The Forsaken Tower500//
Pirate Pete subquest1,000/31 cooking
Heroes’ Quest2,257/55QP, 25 herblore, 50 mining, 53 fishing, 53 cooking
The Giant Dwarf2,500/12 crafting, 14 thieving, 16 firemaking, 33 magic
Between a Rock…5,00050 smithing30 defence, 40 mining
Elemental Workshop I5,00020 smithing20 mining & crafting
Devious Minds6,50065 smithing50 runecrafting & fletching
Cabin Fever7,00050 smithing40 ranged, 42 agility, 45 crafting
Elemental Workshop II7,50030 smithing20 magic
The Knight’s Sword12,725/10 mining
Song of the Elves20,00070 smithing70 agility, construction, farming, hunter, herbivore, mining and woodcutting
Dragon Slayer II25,00070 smithing200QP, 50 hitpoints, 50 construction, 60 thieving, 60 agility, 62 crafting, 68 mining and 75 magic

Summary: Old School Runescape Smithing

Hopefully, this osrs smithing guide was helpful and will aid you in getting 1-99 smithing as fast as possible. Smithing is a very chill skill in Old School Runescape that you can train semi-AFK while performing other tasks such as working or watching some Netflix (if you are using the anvil-method).

The blast furnace on the other hand, while less AFK, has a nice little community feel to it in a similar way we used to have chats at the magic trees back in the day! I’d highly recommend the blast furnace as your smithing training method for that nostalgic feeling.

Remember: always do ‘the knights sword’ quest on a fresh account to get you from level 1-29 smithing. There really is no better or faster way!

Let us know if something is missing in this smithing training guide. You can use the smithing calculator to make your own calculations.

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