This is a comprehensive Guide to Barrows in OSRS.

Barrows is a great PVM moneymaker that is fun to do as well.

This minigame is very easy to do and doesn’t require high skill levels!

How to get to Barrows in OSRS

There are many different ways to get to Barrows in OSRS.

The simplest way, is to use the Barrows Teleport spell or purchase a Barrows Teleport Tablet from the Grand Exchange.

The Barrows Teleport will take you directly there so you can quickly bank in between your runs!

PRO TIP: Add a Barrows Teleport Portal in your Player-Owned-House for effective runs. (combine with rejuvination pool)

You can also use the Fairy Ring code B*I*P to get to Barrows if you’re an ironman account. If not, just buy a Barrows Teleport Tab you cheap skate!

How Barrows Works in OSRS

Barrows may look intimidating at first, but in reality it’s very simple once you’ve been through it!

There are 2 steps to Barrows:

  1. Barrows Brothers
  2. Barrows Maze

Barrows contains out of 5 brothers: Dharok, Ahrim, Karil, Verac and Torag. Each has their own combat style and special ability.

The purpose of the Barrows Minigame is that you defeat the 5 brothers inside their crypt in any order.

To get inside a brothers crypt, you will have to dig above their crypt with a shovel.

One of the brothers’ crypts will be empty (this is random) and lead you inside the maze. This is the final step of the minigame so you should leave this crypt until you’ve defeated the other 4 brothers first.

Caution: During the minigame, you will lose 10 prayer points every 15 seconds you are inside a crypt. So keep an eye on your prayer at all times! Runelite can help you keep track of this.

Barrows Brothers


dharok is one of the brothers in barrows osrs
Attack Style:Melee
Max hit:64
Special:Hits higher the lower his HP gets
Prayer:Protect from Melee
Vulnerable against:Magic

Dharok is seen as the highest threat by most players, which is why he is often the first choice in the kill order. Dharok is weak against magic and hits higher the lower his hitpoints get. You should always use protect from melee against Dharok.


ahrim is one of the brothers in barrows osrs
Attack Style:Magic
Max hit:20
Special:20% chance to decrease strength level by 5
Prayer:Protect from Magic
Vulnerable against:Ranged/Melee

Ahrim’s special gives him a 20% chance to decrease your strength by 5 levels upon a successful hit. Ahrims can be killed with either ranged or melee. You should always use protect from mage against Ahrim.


karil is one of the brothers in barrows osrs
Attack Style:Ranged
Max hit:20
Special:25% chance to decrease agility level by 20%
Prayer:Protect from Ranged
Vulnerable against:Magic/Melee

Karil’s special attack allows him a 25% chance to decrease your agility level by 20% upon each successful hit. This will make running through the tunnel harder. Karil is weak against both magic and melee.

You should always pray from Ranged against Karil.


verac is one of the brothers in barrows osrs
Attack Style:Melee
Max hit:23
Special:Hits through prayer and defense
Vulnerable against:Magic

Verac’s special allows him to hit through prayer and defence so there is no need to pray against him. Verac is weak against magic.


thorag is one of the brothers in barrows osrs
Attack Style:Melee
Max hit:24
Special:25% chance per successful hit to lower your energy by 20%
Prayer:Protect from Melee (optional)
Vulnerable against:Magic

Torag has a 25% chance to lower your energy by 20% for each successful hit he lands. Torag isn’t really a threat because his attack is very inaccurate. Torag is weak to magic. You can use protect from melee but it’s not required.


guthan is one of the brothers in barrows osrs
Attack Style:Melee
Max hit:24
Special:Heals himself
Prayer:Protect from Melee (optional)
Vulnerable against:Magic

Guthan has a 25% chance to heal himself upon successful hits. When he does, will heal himself with whatever damage he dealt. Guthan is weak against magic and you can use protect from melee against him if necessary.

Barrows Tunnels

Once you’ve defeated four out of five Barrows Brothers, you’ll be able to get inside the maze.

The tunnels will be located underneath the only empty crypt, this can be any random brother.

Make sure you only enter the maze once you have finished defeating 4 out of 5 brothers!

To enter the tunnels, search the empty coffin.

A message will appear asking whether or not you’d like to enter.

a message will appear before you enter the barrows tunnels in osrs

Once inside, you will have to make your way towards the chest room.

As you can see, the tunnels are very easy to navigate.

how to navigate the tunnels underneath barrows in osrs

Not every door can be opened, right-click on each door to find the right one.

Some doors will spawn a puzzle. There are four different puzzle combinations. Here are the solutions:

barrows puzzle solutions

PRO TIP: Runelite users have the correct solution highlighted for them.

Make sure you don’t guess the solution, this will shuffle the tunnel and make it harder for you!

Somewhere inside the tunnel, the last remaining barrows brother will attack you. Make sure you defeat him before you open the reward chest.

To enhance your reward potential, you should also kill at least 3 monsters while you make your way through the tunnels.

Once you’ve made your way to the center, and you’ve completed all the required steps:

  • killed 5/5 barrows brothers
  • killed at least 3 monsters

You can open the rewards chest and claim your reward!

Afterwards just teleport to the bank and go for another run!

Bonus: You can use the Strange Old Lockpick to open any doors in the tunnels at Barrows. Keep in mind that these lockpicks have only 50 charges and thus are only good for 25 runs. Strange old lockpicks can be bought for 110k at the Grand Exchange or obtained through the Hallowed Sepulchre.

Barrows Requirements

In order to gain access to Barrows, you must first complete the Priest in Peril quest.

What makes Barrows so such a great bossing activity is that it’s available to medium-level players.

Here’s what skill levels you’ll need to get started:

  • 43 Prayer (so you can protect from melee, range and magic)
  • 60 Ranged (to beat Ahrim, you can also use melee on him)
  • 60 Attack, Strength and Defence
  • 50 Magic (higher is recommended)

Best Gear Setup for Barrows

Barrows is a PVM minigame that doesn’t have very high gear requirements.

Oftemtimes you will even spot higher level players here wearing fashionscape or Graceful instead of real armor!

Barrows Weapon Setup

Here’s what weapons are most effective against which barrows brother.

Dharok, Karil, Verac, Torag and GuthanFor these brothers, Magic is most effective.
– Nightmare staff
– Trident of the Swamp/Seas
– Slayer staff
– Iban’s staff
AhrimAhrim is weak against Ranged and Melee
– Blowpipe
– Rune crossbow/magic shortbow
– Abyssal Whip
– Dragon scimitar

PRO TIP: Having a spec weapon such as DDS and Dragon Claws are extremely handy and will speed up your runs.

Barrows Armour Setup

Barrows Low Level Setup

what a low level gear setup looks like for barrows in osrs

A great budget/beginner/low-level setup for barrows is black d’hide with an amulet of glory, neitiznot, ava’s accumulator, and an Iban’s staff (or trident/slayer staff). Bring a melee switch as well.

Barrows Medium Level Setup

what a medium gear setup looks like in old school runescape barrows

For medium-level gear, you’ll want to use a trident of the seas/swamp as your primary weapon and a blowpipe and whip switch. If you have the funds, an occult necklace will help you out a lot with the 10% magic damage increase.

Barrows Max gear setup

what a max gear setup looks like for barrows in osrs

For the highest-level gear, you’ll want to use full ancestral with a Harmonised Nightmare Staff and an occult bracelet. As a melee switch, you can use full bandos with dragon claws as a spec weapon.

Barrows Void Setup

what a barrows void gear setup looks like

Void or Elite void are also great options for barrows due to the bonuses and easy hood switches.

Inventory for Barrows

Your inventory for barrows should contain the following items:

  • Teleport tab to Barrows (to get there)
  • Teleport to bank (e.g. dueling ring)
  • Shovel (important!)
  • Ranged/Magic switch
  • 2 Prayer Potions
  • Some food (e.g. sharks)
  • Combat potion (optional)
  • Ranged potion (optional)
  • 1 Super energy (optional)
  • Strange Old Lockpick (optional: can be used to open ALL doors inside barrows crypts)

Barrows Rewards

At Barrows, you have a 1/17 percent chance to obtain an item from one of the barrows brothers.

Your reward potential at Barrows is calculated based on the monsters you have slain.

IMPORTANT: Keep your reward potential between 86% and 88% for maximum rewards. Getting more than 88% reward potential will give you the chance to earn shitty rewards such as bolt racks.

Players can increase their reward potential by slaying monsters inside the tunnels.

To achieve the perfect reward potential you should kill the following creatures:

  • ALL 6 Barrows Brothers + 2 skeletons + 1 bloodworm
  • ALL 6 Barrows Brothers + 2 skeletons + 1 crypt spider
  • ALL 6 Barrows Brothers + 4 bloodworms
  • ALL 6 Barrows Brothers + 1 giant spider + 1 crypt spider + 1 skeleton
  • ALL 6 Barrows Brothers + 1 giant spider + 1 skeleton + 1 bloodworm

Best Barrows Kill Order

Barrows can be done in any order you prefer.

Most people will take on Dharok first, then Ahrim, then Karils because those are the bosses you definitely need to pray against.

You can then take on Guthans, Veracs and Torags in that order.

But really, its up to you.

Mix it up from time to time so it doesn’t get too repetitive.

Is Barrows a good money maker in OSRS?

According to the OSRS Wiki Calculator, you can make 665k per hour in barrows if you complete 12 runs per hour.

In max gear, you can do 25 runs per hour which would bump these numbers up to 1.7M per hour.

Keep in mind that Barrows is based on luck. You have a 1/17 chance of obtaining an item but since the prices differ so much, you could wind up with a lot higher profits per hour.

Wrap up

This OSRS Barrows Guide should be enough to prepare you to take on the Barrows Brothers.

This is a beginner-friendly PVM minigame within OSRS, it’s fun and a good moneymaker as well!

If you don’t already have the Runelite plugin, we highly recommend using them to make your Barrows experience a lot easier.