osrs magic guide

This is a comprehensive 1-99 Magic Guide for OSRS.

In this guide, you will get a glance at every single method to get 99 Magic in Old School Runescape.

You’ll learn:

But first, let’s go over some helpful basics.

Useful Magic Gear

The following gear will help you achieve 99 magic faster and more affordably. Buying this gear may appear expensive at first but it’s worth it as you’ll be saving money and increasing your magic experience rates.

Occult Necklace

the occult necklace gives a 10% magic damage increase and should be used when training magic through combat in osrs

Once you reach level 70 Magic you can start wearing the Occult Necklace.

This powerful necklace (which is quite fairly priced at 250k gp) gives you a 10% magic damage increase.

The Occult Necklace is a MUST if you plan to train Magic through combat training as it will increase your experience rates.

Kodai Wand

the kodai wand gives a 15% magic damage increase and should be used when training magic through combat in osrs

Once level 75 Magic is reached, you can start using the Kodai Wand.

The Kodai Wand can be used to autocast spells from the Ancient Magicks Spellbooks and all other spellbooks.

It also provides UNLIMITED water runes.

The wand’s special effect has a 15% chance of negating the rune cost AND using it gives the wearer a 15% magic damage boost.

Meaning the Kodai Wand will make your magic training cheaper and increase exp rates.

Kodai Wand is an absolute must for burst/barrage training at Maniacal Monkeys.

Quests that give Magic Experience

The following Quests give out magic experience. If you want, you can complete Witch’s potion and Imp catcher to skip to level 10 magic but this is not necessary since those levels only take about 5 minutes.

Completing both Lunar Diplomacy and Desert Treasure are recommended as they will unlock high-exp rate magic training methods featured in this OSRS magic guide.

Horror from the deep unlocks a great magic off-hand: the book of darkness which gives +5 magic attack and +5 prayer bonus.

Quest NameQuest Experience
Witch’s potion325 magic exp
Imp Catcher875 magic exp
The Grand Tree2,150 magic exp
Horror From The Deep4,662 magic exp
Watchtower (requires 15 magic)15,250 magic exp
Lunar Diplomacy (requires 65 magic)5,000 magic exp
Dream Mentor (requires 65 magic)10,000 magic exp
Desert Treasure (requires 50 magic)20,000 magic exp

Choose your preferred path to 99 magic.

Fastest Way to 99 Magic

fastest way to 99 magic in osrs

Very fast, very expensive

TIME TO 99:Around 42 hours
Total cost:Around 335M
MAX EXP:350k exp/hr
AVG EXP:250k exp/hr

👉 Follow this method

Recommended Way to 99 Magic

best way to 99 magic in osrs

Good experience rates, not expensive.

TIME TO 99:62H/92H/157H
Total cost:162M (62 hours) or breakeven (92+ hours) or 14M profit (157 hours)
MAX EXP:250k exp/hr
AVG EXP:124k exp/hr

👉 Follow this method

AFK Way to 99 Magic

afk way to 99 magic in osrs

Relaxing, slow experience rates, not expensive.

TIME TO 99:Around 171 hours
Total cost:Around 10M profit
MAX EXP:90k exp/hr
AVG EXP:42K exp/hr

👉 Follow this method

F2P Way to 99 Magic

f2p way to 99 magic in osrs

99 OSRS Magic Guide for Free-to-play.

TIME TO 99:Around 320/520/1083 hours (AFK) or
164 hours (high alch)
Total cost:Around 16/40/83M or break even
MAX EXP:78k/hr
AVG EXP:38k/hr

👉 Follow this method

Bonus Method: Make money with Magic

Of course, you can mix and match these training methods and craft your own pathway to 99 magic.

Fastest Method to 99 Magic in OSRS (Expensive)

This training method is expensive. [Click here] to skip to the next method or [Click Here] to go back to the navigation.

Magic Levels 1 – 7 Air + Water strike

from levels 1 - 7 you should use water and air strike to train magic in osrs

Do some strikes on low-level NPCs for your first 7 magic levels. Start off with air strike and move on to water strike as soon as you can. This shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

Magic Levels 7 – 70 Enchanting Bolts

from magic levels 7 - 70 you can enchant bolts for the fastest exp in osrs

Once you reach magic level 7, you can start enchanting bolts.

Enchanting bolts is costly but it can give you insane amounts of experience!

Using this method will take you only 150 minutes to level 70 magic.

Enchanting bolts is very expensive. Especially Ruby Bolts (e). However, you can save a bunch of money by using ruby dragon bolts instead of regular ruby bolts.

sapphire, emerald and ruby bolts give the fastest magic exp in osrs
Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal TimeTotal Cost
7 – 27Enchant Sapphire Bolts90k/hr5 min570K
27 – 49Enchant Emerald Bolts200k/hr25 min2.8M
49 – 70Enchant Ruby Bolts300k/hr15 min (or 120 min if taken all the way to level 70)22.8M (ruby bolts e)
or 3.9 M (ruby dragon bolts e)

If you’re extremely wealthy, you can even take this method all the way to 88 or even 99. Keep in mind though that you can only purchase 11,000 bolts every 4 hours due to GE buy limits. So if you plan to take this method beyond level 70, you might have to ask friends and bystanders to help you out.

Magic Levels 70 – 99 bursting/barraging at Maniacal Monkeys

from levels 70 - 99 you should train magic at the maniacal monkeys in osrs

This method requires completion of Monkey Madness 1, partial completion of Monkey Madnes 2 and access to the Ancient Magicks spellbook (complete Desert Treasure)

The fastest magic exp in the game is gained at the Manicial Monkeys, located inside the Monkey Madness 2 tunnels.

This is because the Manical monkeys are aggressive and stack on top of each other, this makes them perfect for bursting or bragging which targets multiple opponents at the same time. The highest amount of magic experience that can be gained here is 350k per hour which is insane.

Here’s what spells you’ll be using at which level: (make sure you are on the Ancient Magicks spellbook!)

here's how long it takes to train magic from levels 70-99 at maniacal monkeys in osrs
Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal TimeTotal Cost
70 – 88Ice Burst250k/hr15 hours48M (with Kodai wand) or
56M (without Kodai wand)
88 – 94Shadow Barrage330k/hr11 hours137M (with Kodai wand) or
160M (without Kodai wand)
94 – 99Ice Barrage350k/hr15 hours142M (with Kodai wand) or
167M (without Kodai wand)
EXP Rates assume you are wearing the Occult Necklace

How to get to the Manicial Monkeys:

If you have not completed Monkey Madness 2 you will need to bring a Monkey GreeGree

Travel to Ape Atoll using the Gnome Glider and run South until you find the trapdoor. Go down.

Make your way through the tunnels using the map below.

The video below will take you through the tunnels and how to setup the perfect 3X3.


The fastest way can take you all the way to 99 magic in just 42 hours with a total investment of 335M. This is assuming you are using the Kodai Wand which increases your EXP rate at Maniacal Monkeys as well as reduces the overall cost.

Check out the recommended way below or the AFK method for less expensive options. [Click Here] for the Magic Money Making method.

This is the recommended training method to 99 Magic. [Click Here] for the fastest way to 99 Magic, [Click Here] for the AFK method or [Click Here] to go back to the navigation.

Magic Levels 1 – 7 Air + Water strike

osrs magic guide: levels 1 - 7 magic

Do some strikes on low-level NPCs for your first 7 magic levels. Start off with air strike and move on to water strike as soon as you can. This shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

Magic Levels 7 – 43 Enchant

osrs magic guide: levels 7 - 43 magic you should focus on level 1 and level 2 enchants

From levels 7 – 27 magic you’ll want to use Lvl-1 enchant which gives nice experience rates as well as makes you some money. Once you reach level 27, you can switch over to Lvl-2 Enchant.

To pull of an enchant, you will need 1 cosmic rune, 3 air runes and a an un-enchanted item (e.g. emerald ring).

Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal TimeTotal Profit
7 – 27Lvl-1 Enchant30k/hr20 min140K
27 – 43Lvl-2 Enchant60k/hr40 min300K

As prices are constantly changing, you should use the OSRS WIKI to check which enchants are currently profitable.

Magic Levels 43 – 55 Superheat Item

from magic levels 43 to 55 you should focus on the superheat item spell

From levels 43 – 55 you’ll want to use the superheat item spell to smelt ore into bars.

This spell requires 1 ore, 1 nature rune and 4 fire runes to pull off.

Superheat Item will cost you but that’s fine since you can just re-invest the money you made from enchants earlier.

Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal TimeTotal Cost
43 – 55Superheat item130k/hr50 min300K

Once you reach level 55, you can switch over to high alchemy which has lower experience rates but allows you to break even and even make money as well. If you prefer high experience rates you can continue to use superheat item which will cost you money.

Magic Levels 55 – 70/99 High Alch

from levels 55 to 77 you should train magic using high alchemy

From levels 55 to 70 magic you’ll want to focus on the High Alchemy spell.

High alchemy is the classic magic training method that is favored by many. While High Alching you can be anywhere in Gielinor because your inventory consists out of nature runes and noted items.

Some players alch at the Grand Exchange because these places are highly trafficked meaning you’ll likely make a friend or two doing so.

After all, you can always find high alchers at the Grand Exchange. Be social and join them!

Others will seek out their friends and join them wherever they are.

Some crazy folks even do it while they are training Agility at the same time.

Alching is fun because all you have to do is spam click and that’s it. Make sure your high-alchemy spell and your noted items are in the same spot for maximum efficiency.

Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal TimeTotal profit
55 – 70High Alchemy78k/hr7 hours630K (Magic Longbows)
55 – 99High Alchemy78k/hr164 hours14M (Magic Longbows)

You can make some money while alching as well.

By checking the High Alchemy calculator on Alchmate.

There, you can filter by GE restriction (you want this to be high so you can buy in bulk) and find which items are currently profitable.

For example at the time of writing, Magic Longbows will profit you 78 per alch. Considering 1200 alchs per hour, that’s 93k per hour.

It’s not amazing, but it’s better than nothing!

Some players will Alch all the way to 99. It may seem crazy, but at 78k exp per hour and 90k profit per hour, it really isn’t that bad compared to training other skills.

Alternative: Levels 55 – 99 Tele Alch

If you’re looking for something more click-intensive with higher experience rates, you can opt for tele-alching instead.

Tele-alching is the combination of using the Teleport to Camelot spell and a High Alchemy in just 5 game ticks (3 seconds).

To do a Tele-alch, first do a high alch and then instantly follow up with a teleport to Camelot (use your function keys to quickly navigate between your spellbook and inventory).

You’ll know you are doing it correctly when both spells are being cast simultanously.

To set up function keys (if you haven’t already) head into your settings > Joystick > Functions and set them up to your preference.

Tip: to reduce the cost of a tele-alch, use a smoke battlestaff which combines fire (for high alch) and air runes (for cammy teleport).

Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal Time
55 – 80Tele-Alch140k/hr13 hours
55 – 99Tele-Alch140k/hr92 hours

Alternative: Levels 80 – 99 Stun Alch

Once you reach level 80 you unlock an even better tick-perfect method which is called stun-alching. Just like tele-alching, stun alching combines both the stun spell and a high alchemy in 5 game ticks.

Stun alching is a little more click-intensive than tele-alching because the spells are further removed from each other. For this reason, many players continue tele-alching all the way to 99 instead of switching over to Stun alching.

Once you reach Magic level 80, you can decide for yourself which is best for you.

Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal Time
80 – 99Stun-Alch180k/hr61 hours

In order to perform a stun alch, you need -65 magic bonus. You can achieve this by wearing d’hide vambraces, full helm, platebody, platelegs and a kiteshield.

Or you can attempt to go full-god mode and combine tele alching with stun as well. This is possible in Ardougne where you teleport directly into the market, allowing you to throw a stun at one of the guards.

To use this method, which requires you to be tick-perfect, you have to start off with the stun spell use it on a guard and then instantly pop your high-alchemy use your F key to go back into the spellbook and hit teleport to Ardougne.

This method is super click-intensive so we are not responsible for the outcome. 😉

When done perfectly, this method can bring in up to 265k experience per hour!

stun tele alching in osrs for the best experience

Levels 70 – 99 Ice burst

from levels 70 to 99 you can train magic through ice burst at the maniacal monkeys

This method requires quests Desert Treasure completed (for Ice Burst) and Monkey Madness 2 partially completed (access to Maniacal Monkeys)

From levels 70 – 99, you’ll want to Ice Burst at the Maniacal Monkeys located in the Monkey Madness 2 dungeon. Doing so will get you exp rates of up to 250k per hour.

Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal TimeTotal Cost
70 – 99Ice Burst230 – 250k/hr (Kodai)53 hours162M (Kodai wand)
191M (without Kodai wand)


The recommended way can take you all the way to 99 magic in just 62 hours with a total investment of 162M. This is assuming you are using the Kodai Wand which increases your EXP rate at Maniacal Monkeys and reduces the cost.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to lose money or don’t have access to Maniacal Monkeys, you can alch all the way to 99.

Doing so, you will reach 99 in 157 hours and make about 14M profit.

You can also opt for the click-intensive tele-alching and stun-alching to reach 99 magic in 76 hours.

AFK Method to 99 Magic in OSRS (slow)

This is the AFK training method to 99 Magic. [Click Here] for the fastest way to 99 Magic, [Click Here] for the recommended method or [Click Here] to go back to the navigation.

Magic Levels 1 – 57 AFKing Crabs

from levels 1 to 57 you can train magic at the ammonite or sand crabs in osrs

If you prefer to level while AFKing (e.g. while watching a movie), you can get from magic levels 1-57 in just 6.5 hours.

For this magic leveling method, you want to be set up near the Ammonite or Sand Crabs and use your best possible spells on autocast.

Here’s a little rundown of what you’ll be doing:

Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal TimeTotal Cost
1 – 17Strike spells (air, water, earth, fire)average 10k exp/hr10 minutesaround 5 – 10k
17 – 41Bolt spells (air, water, earth, fire)average 21.5k exp/hr110 minutesaround 130k
41 – 57Blast spells (air, water, earth)average 35k exp/hr4.5 hoursaround 1.2M

Using this method, you’ll spend a total of 1.4M through AFKing. If you prefer to not waste so much money, you are better off following the recommended way for the initial levels, which will allow you to break even on magic levels 1 – 57.

Magic Levels 57 – 86/99 Enchanting Diamonds (auto-cast)

from levels 57 - 86 you can enchant diamonds using autocast

Next up, you’ll be enchanting diamonds using Lvl-4 Enchant. Enchanting diamonds is something you can do really quickly through tick-manipulation but for us lazy AFKers out there, there is an autocast feature.

Enchanting on autocast is really slow so it’s perfect for AFKing.

Most of the time, you will actually make some money with lvl-4 enchant if you are patient with your buy/sells and check the prices. To do so, you’ll want to use the OSRS Wiki to figure out which diamond is currently profitable.

If you aren’t patient with your buy/sells at the grand exchange you will at least break even or make a slight loss using this method.

Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal TimeTotal Profit
57 – 86Lvl-4 Enchant55k exp/hr61 hours1.5M / break even
57 -99Lvl-4 Enchant55k exp/hr233 hours5.7M / break even

If you don’t want to complete Lunar Diplomacy, you can take this method all the way to 99.

Magic Levels 86 – 99 Plank Make (Lunar Spellbook)

from levels 86 - 99 magic you can train magic through plank make if you have access to the lunar spellbook

A better method than enchanting diamonds (higher experience rate and profitable) is Plank Make which becomes available at level 86. However, you do need to complete Lunar Diplomacy to access this spell because its part of the Lunar Spellbook.

Plank make can be autocasted making it a very good AFK method that gives up to 90k exp per hour.

Using this method all the way to 99 takes about 104 hours and will net you at least 9M.

You’ll want to use OSRS Wiki to figure out which planks are currently profitable with plank make.

Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal TimeTotal Profit
86 – 99Plank make 90k exp/hr104 hours9M profit


The AFK way can take you all the way to 99 magic in a total of 171 hours with a profit of around 10M.

If you don’t have access to the Lunar Spellbook, it will take you 240 total hours to get to 99 magic.

F2P Method to 99 Magic in OSRS

This is the F2P Guide to 99 Magic. [Click Here] to go back to the P2P Guides or [Click Here] to skip to the next section (Make Money While Training Magic).

F2P Magic Training 1 – 99 with Splashing (AFK)

Splashing is a way of training magic through combat without doing any damage.

So basically you will autocast and aim to hit zeroes consistently so your opponent doesn’t die and you gain continuous basis.

This is a very AFK-way to train magic as you can autocast for 20 minutes straight.

You can splash on any level 1 NPC in Gielinor (chicken, man, woman, etc). Good locations are Port Sarim and Draynor Village. Don’t splash in Lumbridge! (It doesn’t work!)

In order to splash properly, you must wear the following armour to consistently hit zeroes:

  • Full helm (bronze/iron if low level)
  • Platebody (bronze/iron if low level)
  • Platelegs (bronze/iron if low level)
  • Kiteshield (bronze/iron if low level)
  • Green d’hide vambraces (40 ranged required) or Cursed Goblin Staff*
  • Staff (for autocasting)

The following three spells give the highest experience rates when splashing:

Magic Level requiredTypeEXP RateTime to 99Total Cost to 99
13 Fire Strike12k/hr1083 hours16M
35Fire Bolt25k/hr520 hours42M
59Fire Blast40k/hr330 hours80M

Keep in mind that Fire Blast and Fire Bolt are expensive which is why many F2P players splash Fire Strike all the way to 99.

*If you do not have the 40 ranged required for vambraces you can use a cursed goblin staff instead. You can buy this staff from Diango in Draynor village.

You can no longer splash inside lumbridge. Move away from Lumbridge to succesfully splash NPCs.

TIP: Splash on mobile! It’s great 😉

F2P Magic levels 55 – 99 High Alchemy

f2p players should train magic with high alchemy from levels 70 to 99 magic

As an alternative to splashing, from magic levels 55 to 99 you can perform the high alchemy spell just like p2p players can.

This is a great way to train magic for F2P players because it gives 78K exp per hour and it is relatively nice to do because all you need to do is spam-click in the same spot.

Magic LevelsTypeEXP RateTotal Time
55 – 99High Alchemy78k/hr157 hours

Make Money while training Magic

There are ways to make money while doing magic!

However, these methods are heavily dependent on Grand Exchange prices of items and thus these methods change ALL the time.

So we can’t exactly tell you what you should do to make money with Magic.

But we can guide you in the right direction.

Make Money Alching

You can make good money by alching certain items. The only caveat is that the profitable items change almost daily and they almost always have a grand exchange buy limit.

Luckily, Alchmate is here to save us.

Alchmate is a website that shows you exactly which items will make you a profit in real time!

you should use alchmate to find the most profitable items to alch in osrs so you can make money while training magic

The way it works is simple! Open up Alchmate while you’re at the GE and purchase the recommended items for the buy price as stated on Alchmate. Only buy if the buy price hasn’t increased of course.

Also take a look at the ‘GE restriction tab’ to ensure you don’t unnecessarily buy too many.

Do this every day, or a couple of times a day and you’ll be able to make a decent sum while gaining some magic experience.

Here’s an example of just 6 profitable items.

ItemProfitGE restrictionProfit
Karil’s crossbow 05,3111579,665
Rune shield (h4)3,43370240,310
Dwarven helmet2,49350124,650
Granite helm1,47170102,970
Rune helm (h3)1,44670101,220
Spined chaps1,1277078,890

Alching these items, which adds up to 345 total alchs (17 minutes), you would end up with a total profit of 727,705gp.

You can definitely make a nice profit by checking alchmate multiple times a day!

This is by no means going to give you very much experience but it is great to pair with other magic training methods as it will help cover the cost!

P.s. You should also use Alchmate to find regular alching items.

For example, if we filter by ‘GE restriction’ we notice that we can currently profit 222 per air battlestaff. Considering you can purchase 18,000 staves every 4 hours, that’s a pretty good item to alch. (though it would cost 160M in total).

Considering 1200 alchs per hour, you would be looking at 266k profit per hour.

Or if air battlestaffs are too expensive, doing Magic Longbows for 76 profit would still net you 91k per hour.

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