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Hi! I’m Dean, founder of OSRSGuide; a place designed to help you progress in Gielinor whether you are a new player, returning player, or seasoned veteran!

All guides on this site are written by me, using my 17 years of experience in the game (dating back to Runescape 2 in 2006). 


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1-99 Skilling guides

Need a 1-99 Training Guide to follow along while you grind away like it’s 2007?
We’ve covered training methods for every skill in OSRS!

Upcoming OSRS Updates

The Old School Runescape team is full of passionate people who love OSRS and are constantly pumping out new content to keep our game fresh.
Here are some upcoming releases you can look forward to!

Popular Guides

Here are some of our most-read OSRS Guides. Maybe theres’s something you’ve been looking for!

Guides for Newbies

New to OSRS? Our Beginners Guide covers everything you need to get started. Starting all the way from account creation, the guide covers the basics, account security, first skills & quests, tips and money making methods. 

We also have some Walk-Along Quest Guides to help you get through your first quests. 

OSRS Ironman Guides

Here are some of our Ironman guides for OSRS.

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How to train Prayer in F2P

Training Prayer in Free-to-Play is different from members, as you can’t use any altar to get more experience out of your bones. The only way you can get experience is

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