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Old School Runescape has a lot of clients that one can play the game on but not all of them are great and some can cause your account to be banned. It is therefore important that you are educated on the subject of which clients you are allowed to play OSRS on.

That’s what this guide will cover: everything you need to know about OSRS Clients and launchers!

Which is the safest client to play OSRS on?

Old School Runescape can be played using the Official OSRS Desktop Client, the OSRS Mobile App as well as the Steam Client. Additionally, three third-party clients are approved by Jagex. These clients are:

    Any OSRS clients not on this list, are not allowed. Using other third-party clients is forbidden and can result in an account ban.

    Best Old School Runescape Client: Runelite

    runelite is the best osrs client
    The Runelite client comes with a bunch of plugins which offer a better OSRS experience

    At OSRSGuide, we recommend using Runelite. While being a third-party client, Runelite is currently the most used OSRS client out there with over 50,000 active users at all times. It is chock-full of exceptional plugins that will improve your OSRS experience. For example, Runelite has the Runelite HD plugin which allows you to play OSRS In HD.

    Runelite is safe to use and 100% approved by Jagex. If you don’t believe us (after all we are just a website on the internet), you can read the 06/01/22 OSRS news post.

    That being said, Runelite should still be used with caution. While the base client is approved by Jagex, Runelite does allow developers to create their own plugins and offer them in the ‘Plugin Hub’.

    Runelite’s Plugin Hub comes with a warning message.

    This plugin hub should be used with extreme caution and we recommend you don’t download any of these plugins if you aren’t sure whether or not they break the game (or to be extra safe, refrain from using any of the plugins offered in the plugin hub).

    For a full list of Runelite Plugins read this article: The best Runelite Plugins in 2023

    Recommended OSRS Launcher: Jagex Launcher

    jagex launcher is the safest way to log into osrs

    Do you find it annoying to enter your account details over and over everytime you want to play OSRS? Do you wish there was an easier option that would just save your account info? Well, the Jagex Launcher offers those benefits.

    And you might think: a launcher made by Jagex? Sounds bad…

    But it’s not! It’s actually really good.

    And no, the Jagex Launcher does not require you to play on the Official OSRS Client. You can still use Runelite through the Jagex Launcher!

    So what does the Jagex Launcher do? It is essentially a hub for everything Jagex. This includes Runescape 3, OSRS and other games developed by Jagex. But even if you only play OSRS, the launcher is still useful. All the latest news posts show up directly in the Jagex Launcher, no longer do you need to navigate to the OSRS website to stay updated. Additionally, (and undoubtedly the best feature) the Launcher will allow you to save MULTIPLE accounts and log into them easily using 1-click-login.

    You can add up to 10 accounts to the Jagex launcher

    This means that you can save all your accounts into the Jagex Launcher and you won’t need to re-enter the password or username details over and over. Simply select your Client and Account name and the Jagex Launcher will log you in automatically.

    Since the launcher remembers your logins, you will also be able to easily switch between OSRS and RS3.

    We recommend that you download the Jagex Launcher right away as the launcher will become mandatory in the future. You can download the Jagex Launcher from the official website. The Launcher is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

    The Jagex Launcher is an absolute must for anyone with more than one OSRS account. In the future, this update will also help combat botting in the future as nobody will be able to log into OSRS using an unapproved client!

    OSRS Clients – Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Runelite cause a ban?

    Runelite with its built-in plugins are 100% safe to use and approved by Jagex. However, you should not install any plugins from the plugin hub as these are made by third-party developers and don’t have Jagex’s stamp of approval.

    Read further: Is Runelite Safe?

    How do I avoid a ban in OSRS?

    To avoid getting banned, ensure that you only use one of the approved clients to play OSRS. These clients are:

    • OSRS Official Client
    • OSRS Mobile App
    • Runelite
    • HDOS
    • OSBuddy

    How do I avoid getting hacked in OSRS?

    Using certain third-party OSRS clients can cause your account to be hacked. To avoid getting hacked and losing your account or bank, ensure that you only use official OSRS Clients. We recommend using either Runelite or the official client.

    What is the safest way to launch OSRS?

    By far the safest way to launch OSRS is to launch the game through the Jagex Launcher. This launcher saves all your account details meaning you don’t have to log in every time. The Jagex Launcher will keep your account details safe.

    Is OSRS Mobile safe?

    Yes the OSRS mobile app is safe to use. Just ensure that you download it through an official app store and not from a shady website.