osrs zulrah guide

Struggling with zulrah? Or you’re doing the research before you get in for your first attempt? This osrs zulrah guide will cover everything you need to know to start with zulrah or finally stop dying to his venom.

Why you should fight zulrah

Zulrah, while it has a learning curve, can be a super profitable boss once you get the hang of it. This boss can be easily reached by both the Zul’ Andra teleport scroll or the fairy ring teleport (BJS) which makes trips incredibly quickly. Especially if you have a rejuvenation pool in your house and a designated zulrah bank tab. 

Once you get the hang of the rotations and have the proper stats/gear you can expect 2-3 minute kills. Combined with quick banking and an efficient P-O-H, you can make up to 3M/h here. This makes zulrah even more profitable than Vorkath and the most profitable solo boss in old school Runescape. Convinced yet?

What you should know before attempting Zulrah

Zulrah has three forms

Zulrah rotates between three different forms. You’ll want to switch your overhead prayers and gear depending on these different versions of Zulrah. 

zulrah serpentineSerpentine form: This form will attack with ranged so you want to protect from missiles as soon as you see the green color and BEFORE switching gears. You’ll want to be using mage against this form. 
zulrah magmaMagma form: This form will attack with Melee. You can’t protect against this form. If you see the magma zulrah staring at you, move away quickly or he’ll hit you with a 30 and stun you. You’ll want to be using mage against this form. 
zulrah tanzaniteTanzanite form: This form attacks with both mage and range. You want to protect from mage against the tanzanite form as this is the most common attack. You’ll want to be using range against this form. 

Zulrah Special Attacks

Zulrah has two special attacks.

Venom Clouds

During different parts of the fights, zulrah will spit out venomous clouds. If you stand within a 2×2 radius from them, you will be dealt with rapid damage. To counter this, you should know where to stand at which point in the rotation, but we’ll get into that later. 


Another special attack of zulrah is the snakelings that zulrah spawns. These have a combat level of 90 but only 1 hp, which is why you should always wear either a ring of suffering or a ring of recoil. 

Snakelings can hit up to 15 and when multiple are surrounding you, with venomous clouds you can easily be comboed out. 

You don’t need to worry about killing them while you’re fighting zulrah as your ring will take care of that. It’s important you keep your DPS on zulrah so you can finish the kill faster. 

Zulrah Rotations

This is where zulrah gets a little complicated but don’t let that scare you away. It doesn’t take too long to get used to the rotations and the guys at zulrah helper have made an application that makes getting used to the rotations so much easier. 

Using the zulrah helper

You’ll want to have the zulrah helper on a secondary monitor if you have one or resize the window and place it next to your Runescape client if you don’t have a second monitor. Another option is to have it open on your phone.

Phase 1

Zulrah always starts as the serpentine form in the middle.

Phase 2 has 3 possible outcomes

zulrah rotations

Depending on the outcome of phase 2 there are 5 different possible patterns.

Only when phase 2 spawns the magma form, are there 2 different possible patterns. Phase 3 will always be Tanzanite in this pattern.

Magma form in phase 2Serpentine form in phase 2Tanzanite form in phase 2
phase 2 zulrahzulrah rotationszulrah rotations
zulrah rotations
zulrah rotations

Gear setup

Since zulrah has forms that are weak to both ranged and magic, you’ll want to gear up accordingly. The following setups will be in order from best to worst. 

Magic setup

Top/bottom/head slotAncestralAhrimElite VoidInfinity
Necklace slot:OccultFuryGlory
Cape slotImbued god capeGod capeSkill cape
Staff slotsanguinestiTrident of the swamp/seas
Shield slotArcaneMage’s bookMalediction ward
BlessingRada’s blessing 4God blessing
Gloves slotTormented braceletBarrows glovesVoid knight glovesCombat bracelet
Boots slotEternalInfinityWizardBrimstone
Ring slotRing of sufferingRing of recoil
zulrah magic gear setup
Elite void Magic example

Ranged setup

Top/bottom/head slotArmadylBlessed D’hideKarilBlack D’hide
Necklace slot:AnguishFuryGlory
Cape slotAva’s assemblerAva’s accumulatorRanged cape
weapon slotTwisted bowBlowpipe
Ammo slotDragon (if twisted bow)God blessing
Gloves slotBarrows glovesBlessed vambracesBlack D’hide vambraces
Boots slotPegasianRanger bootsBlessed bootsSnakeskin boots
Ring slotRing of sufferingRing of recoil
Zulrah ranged gear setup
Elite void ranged example

Inventory Setup

Optional items: Rune pouch (for vengeance), dramen staff (if you plan on using the fairy ring network), Zul’andra teleport scroll, ring of dueling (so you can use the clan wars FFA portal if you don’t have a rejuvenation pool)

Food: You’ll want to use sharks/manta rays in combination with 4 karambwans as combo food. 

Mandatory items: Anti-venom+, ranging potion (can be divine), magic potion (can be divine) or bastion potion instead of ranging if stats are above 90+, 1 prayer potion, house teleport

zulrah inventory
Example of Elite void zulrah inventory

Zulrah Tips & Tricks

Use the zulrah helper

Especially throughout your first couple fights and while getting to know the rotations you should have the zulrah helper next to your osrs client.

Use runelite to mark the tiles

If you’re on the runelite client, you can mark the tiles on the island by using shift right-click.

zulrah marked tiles in runelite

Accept that you will die at Zulrah

The first thing you need to know is that you will die at zulrah, a lot. So be ready for that. Zulrah is not an easy boss like General Graardor where you can manage to stay alive by simply eating and having your protections up. At zulrah, you need to gear switch, prayer switch, be at the correct position, etc. It’s not easy. Especially if you’re new to PVMing. 

P.S. Don’t worry about dying, it’s a safe place and you can get your stuff back by talking to the priestess in front of the boat. 

Hopefully, this osrs zulrah guide was helpful. Using the zulrah helper, you don’t have to worry about the rotations and before you know it you will have them memorized.

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