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This OSRS Forestry Guide covers everything you need to know about the Forestry Update: how to start, how to participate, how to complete the events, efficient strategies to get Anima-Infused Bark & which rewards to obtain first.

This Forestry Guide is part of our osrs woodcutting guide 1 – 99 Woodcutting Guide.

What is Forestry in OSRS?

what is forestry in osrs?

Forestry is a Woodcutting Rework that was first released in June 2023. The update changed the core mechanics of the Woodcutting Skills and introduced Events and new rewards to the game.

The main purpose of Forestry was to make Woodcutting a fun social activity again, similar to how it felt in the early 2000’s. And after playing it for a couple of days, I would say they have succeeded.

Thanks to the Forestry update, Woodcutting is much more social than before. Instead of people hopping worlds to find an empty spot, now everyone is chopping in all the classic locations on the Official Forestry Worlds. Furthermore, the events are a fun way to add variety to the skill.

Finally, the rewards introduced by Forestry (such as Log Basket, which carries 28 extra logs) offer a huge Quality of Life for the skill.

Furthermore, the skill feels much more social. People are talking again.

Overall, this is a phenomenal update and one that the Woodcutting skill really needed.

Forestry Core Mechanics

The Forestry Update changed the Core Mechanics of Woodcutting in OSRS.

Before June 2023, trees would deplete faster with more players chopping them. Now, trees deplete based on a timer and for each additional person chopping the tree, you get a +1 boost capping out at +10.

Thus if you chop a tree with 10 or more people, you get a much faster experience!

Tree timers depend on the type of tree. The higher the level of the tree, the longer it takes for them to deplete.

  • Oak: 27s
  • Willow: 30s
  • Teak: 30s
  • Maple: 1m
  • Mahogany: 1m
  • Arctic Pine: 1m 24s
  • Yew: 1m 54s
  • Magic: 3m 54s
  • Redwood: 4m 24s

This indirectly makes Woodcutting less intensive as you level up.

How to Start Forestry

To start Forestry, you can collect your free Foresters’ Kit from the Freaky Forester in Draynor Village or Seers’ Village.

how to start forestry in osrs and how to obtain foresters' kit

This Foresters’ Kit is a wearable backpack that will automatically pick up items dropped during Woodcutting and Forestry Events such as Tree Leaves and Anima Infused Bark (and many other things).

Next, make your way to an Official Forestry World:

  • 388 (AUS)
  • 398 (GER)
  • 434 (US – West Coast)
  • 444 (US – West Coast)
  • 487 (US – East Coast)
  • 510 (UK)

In these worlds, everyone is chopping trees meaning you always have the +10 invisible Woodcutting boost!

PROTIP: Enable Forestry Plugin for Runelite

Players who use Runelite (we recommend every OSRS player uses it) should make sure they have the Woodcutting plugin enabled. This plugin has recently been updated to include additional features for Forestry Events.

enable woodcutting plugin on runelite to make woodcutting via forestry easier

Whenever an event spawns, you get a Runelite notification so you never miss them even when AFKing.

Furthermore, the plugin is super helpful during events such as Struggling Sapling & Flower Bushes as it saves the right answers for you.

Forestry Events

Another change that came with the Forestry update is Forestry Events which can randomly occur while chopping trees. These events are available to everyone passing by, even those who aren’t currently chopping wood.

Forestry Events reward you Woodcutting Experience and Anima Infused Bark which can be spent at the Forestry Shop.

The Two basic events (Rising Roots & Struggling Sapling) are spawned naturally whereas the Flowering Bushes & Leprechuan events require items to spawn them.

These events are quite frequent in Official Forestry Worlds making it easy to farm Anima Infused Bark. Furthermore, they also spice up Woodcutting a little more than just being a skill where you chop down trees.

Here are the possible events and strategies to complete them:

Rising Roots

guide to tree roots event from forestry update

Tree Roots appear around your tree, and chopping these rewards you with Anima Infused Bark and Woodcutting Experience.

During the event, Anima-Infused Roots will spawn with green coloring, these should be prioritized as they grant more Woodcutting Experience and more Anima Infused Bark.

TIP: Runelite highlights the Anima-Infused Roots (as pictured) when the Woodcutting Plugin is enabled.

Struggling Sapling

guide to struggling sapling event forestry

This is a puzzle event in which a chopped tree turns into a ‘Struggling Sapling’ and players have to add mulch to revive the sapling.

Players can add mulch by collecting from the resource piles (droppings, green leaves, splintered bark, wild mushrooms & rotting leaves) that briefly spawn during this event.

The right combination of mulch is always random, which is what makes this a puzzle event.

Here’s the strategy:

  • Grab 1 random ingredient 3 times and add it to the sapling
  • Rinse and repeat until you know the three ingredients

Players will often call out what the right combination is so the event can speed up.

TIP: Use Runelite as it saves the right combination of mulch.

Successfully reviving the tree grants you Woodcutting Experience, Anima Infused Bark, and 20 random tree leaves.

Flowering Bush

This event can only be spawned when a player (you or another person in the world) has the Bee on a Stick inside their Forestry Kit.

This is another puzzle event. During the event, several Flowering Bushes as well as bee swarms appear in the area.

It’s your job to find Strange Pollen by clicking on the bushes and then use it on the matching bush to pollinate it.

TIP: Enable the Woodcutting Plugin in Runelite to automatically see the correct bushes to pollinate.

how to do flowering bush event forestry

Other people will always call out the correct combination so keep your public chat on!

Woodcutting Leprechaun

leprechaun event forestry guide

This event can only be spawned when a player (you or another person in the world) has the Leprechaun Charm inside their Forestry Kit.

This event spawns a Leprechaun which can act as a bank for players. It doesn’t give you any extra experience or anima-infused bark.

While this can be handy for depositing your logs, this event is generally considered annoying as it prevents other events from spawning.

Fastest Ways to Get Anima-Infused Bark

To get as much Anima Infused Bark as possible, you are best off running between spots where multiple tree locations are.

A good spot is Seers Village in any of the Official Worlds where players chop Yew, Oak, Willow, Magic, and Maple Trees in the areas shown below.

fastest way to get anima infused bark in osrs in seers village

Run in between the tree spots to most effectively notice all the events.

To avoid EXP Waste, you can fletch or alch while running in between spots.

It’s possible to gain up to 3K Anima-Infused Bark running between tree spots, meaning it would take you less than 2 hours to obtain the Log Basket.

There are also some Clanchats that call out events in different world locations using the calls seen on the map above.

Here is a list of Forestry clanchats:

  • B0aty
  • Roots CC
  • RisingRoots

Forestry Rewards

What’s the point of all the Anima-Infused Bark? You get to spend them at the Forestry Shop of course! Here are the rewards.

forestry reward shop osrs

Log Basket

This is the best reward from Forestry. The log basket allows you to carry up to 28 extra logs. It can also be equipped in the cape slot.

The Log Basket costs 5,000 Anima Infused Bark as well as 300 noted Oak and Willow Logs.

If you want to equip the Log Basket and Forestry Kit, you can by combining the two with a Sturdy Harness into a Forestry Basket.

The Sturdy Harness can be bought from the Grand Exchange or you can make it yourself.

Lumberjack Outfit & Forestry Outfit

The Lumberjack Outfit, which was already in the game through the Temple Trekking minigame, can now be bought from the Forestry Shop as well.

This outfit gives a 2.5% Woodcutting Experience boost when the full outfit is equipped.

Furthermore, players can purchase the Forestry Outfit pieces which offer the same benefits as the Lumberjack Outfit. You can mix and match these pieces and still obtain the set effect.

Two-Handed Axes

Players can purchase an Axe Handle for 10,000 Anima Infused Bark and combine it with any Woodcutting Axe to create a two-handed axe.

Two-handed axes can also be bought from the Grand Exchange.

two handed axes osrs forestry guide

Two-handed axes give a 20% boost upon each successful hit while simultaneously giving you a 20% chance of not obtaining a log.

A Foresters’ Ration is consumed for each successful hit.

Players can purchase Foresters’ Rations from the Grand Exchange or make them themselves by combining tree leaves with cooked fish or meat.

Other Rewards:

  • Log Brace – Used to make Sturdy Harness
  • Clothes pouch blueprint – Used to Clothes Pouches
  • Funky Shaped Log – remorg for beaver pet

Which Forestry Rewards to prioritize

Here is a list of rewards you should prioritize to maximize Woodcutting Efficiency:

  • Axe Handle (10,000 Anima-Infused Bark) OR purchase a two-handed axe from GE
  • Log Basket (5,000 Anima-Infused Bark)
  • Forestry’ Outfit (5,000 Anima-Infused Bark)

After that, you can get any reward you want next.

How to get Foresters’ Rations

Players can make Foresters’ Rations by combing Tree Leaves (dropped in your Foresters’ kit when cutting trees) with Cooked Meat or Fish.

The higher the level of fish and tree leaves you use, the more rations you receive based on the following calculation:

Tree Leaves:

  • Normal Leaves: 2 Rations
  • Oak Leaves: 4 Rations
  • Willow Leaves: 6 Rations
  • Maple Leaves: 8 Rations
  • Yew Leaves: 10 Rations
  • Magic Leaves: 12 Rations

Cooked Fishes:

  • Level 1 – 33 Fish: 1x Rations
  • Level 34 – 69 Fish or Cooked Meat: 2x Rations
  • Level 70 – 99 Fish: 3x Rations

So for example, if you were to combine a Cooked Shark (X3) with Magic Leaves (12) you would get 36 total Rations.

Alternatively, Foresters’ Rations can also be bought from the Grand Exchange.

Wrap Up

That’s it for our OSRS Forestry Guide. The Forestry Update provided us with some nice Quality of Life updates for the Woodcutting Skill. The Events are fun, have nice rewards and Forestry itself is so social now!

Hopefully, this has taught you everything you needed to know about the Forestry update.

Want to level up using Forestry? Check out our Woodcutting Training Guide here: osrs woodcutting guide 1 – 99 Woodcutting Guide.


Dean is the founder of OSRSGuide. He started playing Runescape in 2006 when he was just 10 years old and has been playing ever on and off ever since (you never quit OSRS, right?) In 2013 he switched to OSRS Servers and never looked back. Dean has spent over 20,000 hours in the game now and frequently revisits his favourite portion of OSRS; the early-to-mid game through new account builds.

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