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This OSRS Monkfish Fishing Guide teaches you everything you need to know to start Fishing Monkfish in OSRS.

This article is part of our osrs fishing guideOSRS Fishing Guide.

quest requirements Requirements for Fishing Monkfish

inventory setup Inventory setup

monkfish fishing inventory setup
  • Small Fishing Net (to catch Monkfish)
  • Optional: Spirit Flakes from Tempoross (gives a chance of getting double monkfish)
  • Optional: Fish Barrel from Tempoross

where to fish monkfish

Monkfish can only be fished inside the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, and it’s fishing spots require completion of the Swan Song quest.

Players can teleport to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony by using the Fairy ring A-K-Q or by purchasing a Piscatoris Fishing Teleport Scroll from the Grand Exchange.

monkfish can be fished in the piscatoris fishing colony

All you need to catch monkfish is a small fishing net.

The bank deposit box is located within walking distance from the monkfish spot so this is a super relaxed fishing location that is very AFK.

Sit back, relax, and watch some Netflix as your account catches monkfish and trains your fishing.

Catch rate

You can expect to catch between 200-400 Monkfish per hour depending on your fishing level.

Fishing Experience

You can expect between 20k-30k experience per hour fishing Monkfish depending on your fishing level.

Other fishing methods

Hopefully, this OSRS Monkfish Fishing Guide helped you get started with fishing Monkfish. This is a very AFK method for training fishing for all kinds of accounts: main accounts and ironman!

If you are looking for an AFK training method, Monkfish is much better than Karambwans as the bank doesn’t require you to teleport away.

While decent experience, fishing monkfish is not recommended as a money maker as they can only earn you about 50-80k GP per hour, for money-making, Karambwans is a better choice.

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