osrs woodcutting guide 1-99

Woodcutting is one of OSRS’s AFKable moneymaking skills. In this OSRS Woodcutting Guide, I’ll be covering how to get 99 Woodcutting as efficiently as possible through 2 distinct pathways: AFK & FAST EXP.

Woodcutting looks somewhat different in 2024 through Forestry, a ‘rework’ of this iconic gathering skill.

This guide is fully up-to-date with rework and includes new meta-methods discovered since Forestry came to be.

About the author
Hi! I’m Dean, the founder of OSRS Guide. I’ve been playing OSRS since 2006 and like many of us, I was never really able to ‘shake’ the game.

I enjoy experimenting and discovering new methods and bringing these to life in my guides.

p.s. I’m also on Youtube.

The Forestry Rework

Woodcutting saw a rework in June 2023 called ‘Forestry’ so it looks a little different now.

Here is a quick recap of the update:

  • Trees deplete based on a timer
  • +1 Woodcutting boost for every player chopping the same tree (capped at +10)
  • Forestry Events & Rewards

You can also follow along with this quick video recap, which covers core changes, events & rewards.

To participate in Forestry, make sure you are always chopping trees in of the official Forestry Worlds:

  • 388 (AUS)
  • 398 (GER)
  • 434 (US – West Coast)
  • 444 (US – West Coast)
  • 487 (US – East Coast)
  • 510 (UK)

Avoid using the Woodcutting Guild as the Forestry boost doesn’t work there and you get less EXP/hr.

Furthermore, don’t forget to pick up your Forestry Kit from the Freaky Forester in Draynor Village or Seer’s Village and catch up on the Forestry Events & rewards if you haven’t already.

get your free forestry kit from the freaky forester in draynor village

Need more info on Forestry events & rewards? Check out my osrs woodcutting guide Forestry Guide

Woodcutting Axes

To maximize logs/exp per hour, you want to make sure you’re always using the best possible axe for your woodcutting level.

Axes can be split up into two categories: regular axes & felling axes.

Regular axes

lineup of all regular woodcutting axes

Regular axes are one-handed and a lot cheaper than felling axes. They are great to start off with, but if you wish to level fast, I recommend you switch to the Felling Axe once you hit level 61 Woodcutting.

Felling Axes

felling axes offer 10% more experience making them better than regular axes

Felling axes are two-handed variants of conventional axes that come with a 10% experience boost.

For example: when chopping a yew tree, you get 193 exp with a felling axe instead of the 175 experience you would receive with a regular axe.

There are two drawbacks to Felling Axes, however:

  • They need to be fueled (1 Foresters Rations/cut log)
  • 20% chance of not receiving your log

You can obtain a Felling Axe either by purchasing one from the Grand Exchange, or you can grind out 10,000 Anima Infused Bark and buy a Felling Axe Handle from the Forestry Reward Shop to make your own.

Equipment & EXP Boosters

Lumberjack Outfit

osrs woodcutting guide - lumberjack outfit
EXP Boost:+2.5% exp

Wearing the full lumberjack outfit grants you a 2.5% experience boost so if you’re reading this wc guide to get 99 as fast as possible I 100% recommend you get this as soon as you can.

You can purchase pieces of the outfit from the Forestry reward shop in exchange for Anima Infused Bark. Alternatively, you can get it faster by doing the Temple Trekking, the full set should take no longer than 1 hour of gameplay there. (Unless you’re unlucky).

Woodcutting Guild

osrs woodcutting guild
Boost:+7 level boost

The Woodcutting Guild is accessible at level 60 Woodcutting and offers access to a large number of trees to chop as well as a nice +7 invisible level boost.

All trees are also located very closely to a bank, making the Woodcutting Guild a very nice place to chop at.

However, the +1 level boost from Forestry is not in effect at the Woodcutting Guild, and neither are Forestry events.

So for most people, chopping in Forestry worlds (+10 boost + exp from events) is beneficial over the Woodcutting Guild.

That being said, the Woodcutting Guild is still a great place to AFK if you don’t care about Forestry Events due to its close proximity to a bank. And it’s also the location to chop Redwood trees at 90 Woodcutting.

To reach the Woodcutting Guild, located in the southwestern corner of Hosidius, you can teleport via a Skills Necklace.

Forestry Worlds

forestry worlds
Boost:+10 (10 players on the same tree
Forestry events

Chopping with other players in Forestry worlds (e.g. World 444) is better than chopping by yourself, as a direct result of the Forestry update.

In these worlds, you get:

  • +1 level boost for each additional player on the same tree (capped at +10)
  • Forestry events for extra experience

You should exclusively chop in these worlds!

Felling Axes

felling axes side-by-side
Boost:+10% exp

Felling Axes provide a +10% experience boost so you should get these ASAP.

While you can turn any axe into a felling axe, I recommend waiting until you have 61 Woodcutting to get the Dragon Felling Axe.

Remember: you can get these from the Forestry reward shop for 10,000 bark OR purchase the ‘Dragon Felling Axe’ directly from the Grand Exchange.

AFK Woodcutting Training: Forestry Path

In this path, we’ll be training woodcutting in Forestry worlds. (I recommend world 444).

This will give us increased EXP/hr as we’ll focus on tree spots that have at least 10 players per tree (for the +10 level boost).

Furthermore, we’ll get BONUS experience by participating in the following events: Fox, Flowers, Ritual, Beehive, Sapling & Roots.

We also get Anima Infused Bark for participating in these events, which we can spend in the Forestry Reward Shop to unlock new equipment in the following order:

  • Felling Axe Handle
  • Log Basket
  • Lumberjack Outfit
order to get forestry rewards in: axe handle, log basket, lumberjack

Levels 1 – 15 Regular Trees

chop regular trees behind the lumbridge castle

Everyone starts their woodcutting journey chopping regular trees. These trees can be found anywhere in Gielinor but my favorite spot is in Lumbridge behind the castle.

You won’t be here long! Drop the logs, or sell them at the General Store.

Location:Lumbridge (behind the castle)
Total time:About 10 minutes

Levels 15 – 30 Oak Trees

chop oak trees behind lumbridge castle

After about 10 minutes of regular logs, you should reach level 15 Woodcutting at which point you can chop Oak logs. You can chop these behind the Lumbridge castle as well or if you want to bank the logs for a quick profit, go to Draynor village as they have an Oak tree next to the bank.

Location:Lumbridge (behind the castle)
Total time:About 30 minutes

Levels 30 – 60 Willow Trees

my character chopping willow trees in draynor village + exp rates

At level 30 Woodcutting we can chop Willow Trees! The best location for Willows is Draynor Village, which is always packed in World 444 (Forestry world).

You have the choice to chop Willows all the way to 99 Woodcutting, this will give you better EXP/hr than you would get at Yew trees or Magic trees. However, you’ll make less money, and Willows are not very AFK-friendly.

A willow tree only lasts 30 seconds, meaning you will have to click on your screen every 30 seconds, which is not what most of us are looking for.

Location:Draynor Village (World 444)

Optional: Maple Trees

my character chopping maple trees in Seers Village + exp rates
The Maple trees behind Seers Village bank are a solid alternative to Willow trees at level 45 Woodcutting.

You get lower experience rates than at Willow Trees, but each tree lasts 60 seconds, double that of a Willow tree, which allows for a little bit more AFK time.

The event spawns are also really good here.

If you’ve completed the Kandarin Medium Diary, you also get 10% more experience per chopped log!

Levels 60-90 Yew trees

my character chopping yew trees at seers village church + exp rates
Location:Seers Village Church

At level 60 Woodcutting, you unlock Yew trees, and I recommend you chop these until 90 Woodcutting.

These trees provide less xp/hr compared to Maple or Willows, but you do make some money.

PLUS it’s also more AFK! A Yew tree lasts 114 seconds (almost 2 minutes) meaning you only have to click about 30 times per hour.

The best place to chop Yew trees(for most players) is at the Seers Village Church.

Players who have completed Song of the Elves, have a better location in Priffdinas right next to a bank.

My character chopping yew trees in Prifddinas

Optional: Magic Trees

My character chopping magic trees at the Myths guild + exp rates
Once you reach level 75 Woodcutting, Magic trees are unlocked. Switching to these trees is beneficial if you are seeking a really good AFK.

Magic trees last for 3 minutes and 54 seconds meaning you only have to click about 15 times per hour, a nice increase over Yew trees.

However, Magic trees have bad exp rates compared to Yew trees. This is why most players (myself included) opt for Yew trees over Magics.

It’s worth noting that Magic trees offer slightly more money per hour as well.

The best spot for Magic trees is the Myths Guild but if you haven’t completed Dragon Slayer 2, you have a good Magic tree spot in Seers Village.

Players with completion of the Song of the Elves may choose Priffdinas due to its proximity to the bank (and you get passive crystal shards!)

Levels 90 – 99 Redwood Trees

My character chopping Redwood trees + redwood exp rates

Once you reach level 90 Woodcutting, the best AFK is Redwood trees. These are found in the back of the Woodcutting Guild (where you get a nice +7 level boost) and you get amazing exp here.

Very little players are going to do anything other than Redwood trees from levels 90-99, it’s just that good.

Once you start chopping a Redwood tree, you get a 4-minute and 24-second AFK. While this isn’t much more AFK than Magic trees, you get MUCH more exp/hr!

And if you choose to bank your logs, you can make around 100K GP per hour.

Before you come to Redwood trees make sure you have the following equipment from Forestry Rewards:

  • Dragon or Crystal Felling axe (+10% exp boost)
  • Log basket or Forestry basket (holds 28 extra logs)
  • Lumberjack or Forestry outfit (+2.5% exp boost)
order to collect forestry rewards in

This will guarantee that you get the best experience per hour. With the 12.5% bonus from the lumberjack set and felling axe you get an extra 12.5% exp per log. This means each Redwood log gives you 427 exp instead of 380 exp.

Bringing the log basket or Forestry basket ensures you can chop 56 or 55 logs per trip which impacts how often you have to bank per hour, increasing your exp rate!

Location:woodcutting Guild

Optional: 62-90 Blisterwood Trees

blisterwood trees offer the best afk woodcutting experience at level 62 woodcutting
At level 62, Blisterwood trees are unlocked which becomes one of the best AFK methods in the game at this point.
The reason is that the tree doesn’t ever deplete, instead you have a 1/10 chance that you stop cutting the tree, and thus have to click on your screen.

These trees will require you to access Darkmeyer, meaning you have to start the Sins of the Father quest.

You can AFK these trees for 60K woodcutting exp/hr.

For levels 62 – 90 woodcutting, 65,955 Blisterwood Logs are chopped. This should take around 83 hours.
blisterwood tree darkmeyer location osrs
The blisterwood tree is located in the center of Darkmeyer

The Fastest way to 99 Woodcutting

Not everyone wants to AFK, some of us just want to rush 99 Woodcutting ASAP. Here are the fastest training methods in the game right now (in order!)

35-99 Teak Trees (Priffdinas)

my character chopping teak trees in Prifddinas + exp rates
Requirements:Song of the Elves
EXP Rate:90 – 130K exp/hr (you have to be lucky with Forestry events)

Currently, the fastest way to train Woodcutting is to chop Teak Trees in Priffdinas in Forestry world 444.

Teak trees have always been good experience, but with the +10 level boost of being in a Forestry world, AND the additional experience you get from Forestry events, the Teak tree spot in Priffdinas overtakes Sulliusceps in exp/hr.

As the bank is quite far, you have to shift-drop your logs to make it worth it.

I’ve gotten as much as 130K exp/hr here at 99 Woodcutting. But I have to admit this isn’t the ‘usual experience rate’ you have to be lucky with the Forestry event spawns. At 90+ woodcutting you should be able to get a steady 100-110k exp per hour.

Having a full lumberjack outfit + Crystal Felling Axe also has a major impact on experience rates.

It’s also worth noting that Teak trees only last 30 seconds (just like willows), meaning you have to click 120 times per hour.

If you can’t access Prifddinas, you can still chop Teak trees (more info below) but you won’t be able to benefit from Forestry level boosts or events.

65-99 Sulliusceps

sulliusceps offer the fastest woodcutting experience in osrs

Sulliusceps continues to be one of the best woodcutting training methods in the game, offering exp rates of up to 100k exp/hr.

Sulliusceps is very different from regular tree-chopping.

There are no logs to bank (you are chopping mushrooms) and lvl 132 Tar monsters are constantly attacking you using ranged. So therefore you should bring a good shield and some food. Antipoisons are also necessary to cure yourself of poison (or e serp helm).

Also, bring a rake to clear some vines on your route.


  • 65 woodcutting
  • Bone Voyage quest (to gain access to Fossil Island)


Tar Swamp at Fossil Island

EXP Rates:

  • 65+ Woodcutting: 60K exp/hr
  • 90+ Woodcutting: 100k exp/hr


  • Rake
  • Antipoison
  • Some food
  • Bank Teleport


  • Full graceful/lumberjack
  • Dragonfire shield/Dinh’s bulwark/other ranged defense
  • Digsite pendant (for teleport)

How it works:

best strategy for sulliceps mushroom chopping which is the fastest woodcutting experience in the game

Take the Magic Mushtree to Tar Swamp and start at tree #1 as illustrated. Fill up the Rubber Cap Mushroom pit with 9 bittercap mushrooms. Then, make your way to tree #2,3,4,5,6 in the right order. Once you have finished #6, go to illustrated #7 to teleport back to the start.

Remember that you will run into TAR monsters who will attack and poison you as well as vines that will need to be raked down.

Keep in mind that if you didn’t fill the Rubber Cap Mushroom pit with 9 mushrooms, you will take up to 50 damage when you return.

If you forgot to fill up the pit, it’s best to just use your digsite pendant to teleport to the start instead, unless you are fine taking damage.

Confused? Follow the quick guide below.

35-99 Teak Trees (alternative)

Besides Priffdinas, there are two viable Teak tree spots:

  • Ape Atoll (requires Monkey Madness 1)
  • Or southwest of Castle Wars
teak tree ape atoll location osrs
teak tree castle wars location osrs

However, as mentioned before, at these spots you won’t be able to benefit from Forestry boosts or events, Simply because it’s not populated in Forestry worlds like the Priffdinas spot is.

For this reason, you can expect between 40 – 90K exp/hr, depending on your woodcutting level.

My character chopping teak trees in Ape Atoll + exp rates
exp rates provided by the osrs wiki

It’s also possible to use tick-manipulation at Teak Trees and achieve exp rates up to 220K exp/hr but that’s not something I like to cover in my guides because it’s too click-intensive.

Make money with woodcutting thanks to forestry

woodcutting is profitable again thanks to forestry

Woodcutting isn’t exactly the skill you train to make money, it hasn’t been a decent money maker in a long time.

Before Forestry, players made money by selling logs at the Grand Exchange:

  • Yew logs
  • Magic logs
  • Redwood logs
how much money you make woodcutting without forestry

Now that Forestry is here, players can make money by selling Felling Axes Handles at the Grand Exchange.

a felling axe handle sells for 2.6m on the Grand exchange making woodcutting very profitable

These Felling Axe handles go for 2.6M at the time of writing and require a payment of 10,000 Anima Infused Bark in the Forestry Reward shop.

felling axe handles can be bought for 10,000 anima infused bark

Since the most recent Forestry Nerf, I get around 1k Bark per hour, meaning it takes 10 hours of chopping to get a Felling Axe handle.

Thus you can make an additional 260k GP/hr from your excess bark. Not bad!

Multiple this by the original rates and you get 310K GP/hr for Yew logs and 390K GP/hr for Magics logs.

profit rates from chopping yew and magic logs with forestry

If for example, you train on Yew trees all the way to 99, this would take roughly 300 hours, the equivalent of 30 Felling Axes! Converted to cash, that’s 78 million GP. Add 17M in Yew logs to the equation, and you make a total 95M, not bad for a 99!

Applying the same math on Magic trees which is slower and earns more money, players stand to make approximately 150M on their way to 99 over around 400 hours of AFK gameplay.

Woodcutting Training Summary

Hopefully, this OSRS Woodcutting Guide has been helpful and brought you up the speed with the new Forestry training methods. A lot has changed, hasn’t it?

Post-Forestry, the woodcutting skill is faster to train, more social, more engaging thanks to events, and more profitable than ever!

All that without touching the core of the skill. You can still train Woodcutting like you did in 2007!

This is still a very relaxing skill in Old School Runescape that is very AFKable, combine it with playing on an ALT account, work, or a nice movie!

If anything’s missing from this OSRS Woodcutting Guide, feel free to let us know. Tip: You can use the Woodcutting calculator to calculate your experience left and possible profits.

Choppers, see you in World 444!

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The only OSRS Woodcutting Guide you need. This guide is updated with the Forestry re-work and includes exp rates and new methods.