osrs woodcutting guide 1-99

Woodcutting is one of OSRS’s AFKable moneymaking skills, just like fishing and cooking. In this OSRS Woodcutting Guide, we will be covering the fastest training methods for both P2P and F2P woodcutting and some AFK money making methods.

You can sell your logs for profit or use them to advance your firemaking or fletching. Woodcutting is also necessary for a couple of important quests, such as Animal Magnetism, Lost City, Legends Quest, Lunar Diplomacy, and more.

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OSRS Forestry Update

With the Forestry Update being released in June 2023, Woodcutting is now a little bit different.

Here is a quick recap of the update:

  • Trees deplete based on a timer
  • +1 Woodcutting boost for every player chopping the same tree (capped at +10)
  • Forestry Events & Rewards

So to train your Woodcutting as efficiently as possible, you should always be cutting trees in one of the Official Forestry Worlds:

  • 388 (AUS)
  • 398 (GER)
  • 434 (US – West Coast)
  • 444 (US – West Coast)
  • 487 (US – East Coast)
  • 510 (UK)

Avoid using the Woodcutting Guild as the Forestry boost doesn’t work there and you get less EXP/hr.

Furthermore, don’t forget to pick up your Forestry Kit from the Freaky Forester in Draynor Village or Seer’s Village and catch up on the Forestry Events & rewards if you haven’t already.

For more info, check out our osrs woodcutting guide Forestry Guide

Best axes for woodcutting in OSRS

OSRS every woodcuting axe

To maximize logs/exp per hour you want to make sure you’re always using the best possible axe you can for your current woodcutting level.

Similarly to fishing with the dragon harpoon, the Dragon axe has a special attack, when used you get a 3+ Woodcutting level boost, meaning you can use the special attack to cut trees you normally wouldn’t be able to yet.

Every axe up to the Infernal axe has no extra requirements. The Infernal Axe requires 61 Woodcutting and 85 Firemaking to use. With this axe, you have a 1/3 chance of a cut log to burn, giving you half the Firemaking exp that log would have given you had you used a tinderbox. It can burn 5000 logs before needing a smouldering stone to recharge. The infernal axe has the same special attack and effect as the Dragon Axe.

The Crystal Axe is the best axe in the game, it requires 71 Woodcutting and the Song of the Elves quest to use. The crystal axe has the same special attack as the dragon axe.

Fun Fact: did you know 2-handed axes are coming soon to OSRS?

Woodcutting EXP boosts

Just like every other skill in old school Runescape, woodcutting has some exp boosting equipment that can be beneficial on your quest to 99 woodcutting.

Lumberjack outfit OSRS

osrs woodcutting guide - lumberjack outfit

Wearing the full lumberjack outfit grants you a 2.5% experience boost so if you’re reading this wc guide to get 99 as fast as possible I 100% recommend you get this as soon as you can.

You can start wearing the outfit at level 44 woodcutting. The lumberjack outfit can be obtained through the Temple Trekking minigame, the full set should take you no longer than 1 hour of gameplay. 

Exp Boost: 2.5%

Woodcutting Guild in OSRS

osrs woodcutting guide

The woodcutting guild is the place to be once you reach level 60 woodcutting. You will have to obtain 75% hosidius favour to gain entry to the Woodcutting Guild.

Don’t worry though, hosidius favour is one of the fastest favours you can get in Old School Runescape.

Not only is the woodcutting guild the best location for chopping yew trees, magic trees, redwood trees, and so on, but it also comes with a nice invisible level boost of 7 which you should take full advantage of on your way to 99 woodcutting. 

Trees available in the OSRS Woodcutting Guild:

  • 11 Regular trees
  • 4 Oak Trees
  • 7 Willow Trees
  • 13 Maple Trees
  • 17 Yew Trees
  • 8 Magic Trees
  • 2 Redwood Trees

Woodcutting EXP Boost: +7 woodcutting levels for as long as you’re inside the guild (levels are invisible) 

Woodcutting Guild Location

The OSRS WC guild is located in the southwestern corner of Hosidius. You can teleport there using the skills necklace. 

1-99 OSRS Woodcutting Guide AFK Method

Here are the best AFK ways to get from levels 1 to 99 Woodcutting.

Woodcutting Levels 1 – 15 (Regular Trees) 

Regular Trees OSRS

I’ve done this part many, many times. There are a couple of locations where you can start such as underneath the Grand Exchange or Draynor (if you want to bank your logs) but my favorite is Lumbridge. I always make sure I’m equipping an iron axe to start and have steel, black, and mithril in my inventory to use as soon as I can. 

During this step, I simply chop the regular trees behind the castle until my inventory is full and then sell them at the general store. 

Time needed:

For levels 1 – 15 woodcutting, 97 regular logs are chopped which will take no longer than 10 minutes.


Lumbridge behind the castle

regular tree location osrs

Woodcutting Levels 15 – 30 (Oak Trees)

Oak Trees OSRS

For woodcutting Oak Trees, I stay put in Lumbridge and just continue to run to and from the general store. Again you can use other locations such as the grand exchange or draynor village but at this point, it really doesn’t matter where you are as the first levels of woodcutting don’t take long at all.

Time needed:

For levels 15 – 30 woodcutting, 293 Oak Logs are chopped. This should take you no longer than 30 minutes in total.


Lumbridge behind the castle or around Varrock castle

oak tree location osrs
best oak tree spot is between varrock grand exchange and varrock castle

Woodcutting Levels 30 – 45 (Willow Trees) 

Willow Tres OSRS

The best location for cutting willow trees, in my opinion, is still Draynor Village. Be sure to start using your adamant axe as soon as you hit level 31 woodcutting and your rune axe as soon as you hit 41. At level 44 Woodcutting, you’ll want to start the Temple Trekking minigame and aim for the full lumberjack outfit for that 2.5% exp boost! 

Time needed:

For levels 30 – 45 woodcutting, 714 Willow Logs are chopped. This should take around 2.5 hours.


Draynor Village, just underneath the market.

willow trees are located in draynor village

Woodcutting levels 45 – 62 (Teak Trees) – Shift-Drop Method

From levels 45 – 62, the best AFKable method is to chop Teak Trees in either Ape Atol or Castle Wars. Since no banking is nearby, this method will require you to shift-drop the logs to get the best experience.

Teak trees are unlocked at level 35 already but doing them at this level is not recommended as you get poor exp rates.

cuttng teak trees provides the best woodcutting experience from levels 45-62 and is relatively afk

Since you’ll be dropping your logs, you should toggle the shift-click drop options from your settings. To do this, go to the wrench icon in your > control settings > all settings > controls > shift click to drop items.

how to turn on shift-click to drop items in osrs

Exp rate:

AFKing teak trees will net you around 50k – 65k woodcutting exp/hr.

Time needed:

For levels 45 – 62 woodcutting, Teak 3,204 Logs are chopped. This should take around 6 hours.


3 trees are located Southeast of Ape Atoll (requires greegree, or completion of MM2).

Or one single teak tree located southwest of Castle Wars.

teak tree ape atoll location osrs
teak tree castle wars location osrs

Woodcutting levels 62- 90 Blisterwood Trees

blisterwood trees offer the best afk woodcutting experience at level 62 woodcutting

At level 62, Blisterwood trees are unlocked which becomes the best AFK method in the game at this point. These trees will require you to access Darkmeyer which means you have to start the Sins of the Father quest.

Those who don’t want to do the quest requirements can chop teak trees until level 90 instead which will provide you with the same experience rates while being slightly less AFK.

Exp rate:

Afking blisterwood trees gives you up to 60k woodcutting exp/hr.

Time needed:

For levels 62 – 90 woodcutting, 65,955 Blisterwood Logs are chopped. This should take around 83 hours.


In the center of Darkmeyer.

blisterwood tree darkmeyer location osrs

Woodcutting Levels 90 – 99 (Redwood Trees) – AFK

Redwood trees are the best afk woodcutting method in osrs

If you’re using the shift-drop teak method to 99 it might be worth switching over to Redwood Trees as soon as you hit 90. You’ll see a similar experience per hour but since the bank is close to the Woodcutting Guild, you’ll make some money as well. 

EXP Rate:

Afking redwood trees give you 65k woodcutting exp/hr.

Time to 99:

It will take you 117 hours to get to 99 Woodcutting at Redwood Trees.

Between levels 90 – 99, 20,232 Redwood Logs are chopped, which are valued at around 8M GP.


Redwood trees are only found in the Woodcutting Guild.

redwood tree location in the woodcutting guild

1-99 OSRS Woodcutting Guide Fastest Method

Not looking to AFK? Here are the fastest ways to get to 99 Woodcutting in OSRS.

Woodcutting levels 65 – 99 Sulliusceps

sulliusceps offer the fastest woodcutting experience in osrs

Currently, the fastest woodcutting experience in the game is achieved by chopping Sulliusceps on Fossil Island. This method is only beaten by tick-manipulation on Teak-trees which isn’t recommended because it’s so click-intensive.

Sulliusceps is very different from regular tree-chopping. There are no logs to bank (you are chopping mushrooms) and lvl 132 Tar monsters are constantly attacking you using ranged. So therefore you should have good ranged defense and bring some food (saradomin brews). Antipoisons are also necessary to cure yourself of poison. Finally, you will also need a rake to clear some vines on your route.


  • 65 woodcutting
  • Bone Voyage quest (to gain access to Fossil Island)


Tar Swamp at Fossil Island

EXP Rates:

  • 65+ Woodcutting: 60K exp/hr
  • 90+ Woodcutting: 100k exp/hr


You can expect to make 100 – 150k per hour at Sulliusceps.


  • Rake
  • Antipoison
  • Some food
  • Bank Teleport


  • Full graceful/lumberjack
  • Dragonfire shield/Dinh’s bulwark/other ranged defence
  • Digsite pendant (for teleport)

How it works:

best strategy for sulliceps mushroom chopping which is the fastest woodcutting experience in the game

Take the Magic Mushtree to Tar Swamp and start at tree #1 as illustrated. Fill up the Rubber Cap Mushroom pit with 9 bittercap mushrooms. Then, make your way to tree #2,3,4,5,6 in the right order. Once you have finished #6, go to illustrated #7 to teleport back to the start.

Remember that you will run into TAR monsters who will attack and poison you as well as vines that will need to be raked down.

Keep in mind that if you didn’t fill the Rubber Cap Mushroom pit with 9 mushrooms, you will take up to 50 damage when you return.

If you forgot to fill up the pit, it’s best to just use your digsite pendant to teleport to the start instead, unless you are fine taking damage.

Woodcutting levels 45 – 99: Teak Trees with tick manipulation

2-ticking teak trees is the best woodcutting experience in OSRS

The best woodcutting experience in old school Runescape includes cutting teak trees with game-tick manipulation. If you’re considering this training method, you should know that tick manipulation is not easy and takes a while to get it right. It’s also super click-intensive. Be sure to check out the video below if you’re interested in using this game mechanic to reach 99 woodcutting. 

Teak trees EXP Rates WITH tick-manipulation: 

  • 3-tick woodcutting: 110k/hr  / 118 hours to 99 woodcutting
  • 2-tick woodcutting: 170K/hr / 76 hours to 99 woodcutting

Time to 99:

You will chop 152,623 Teak Logs to get to level 99 Woodcutting while doing tick manipulation on teak trees. This will take a total of 76 hours while 2-ticking.

Check out this video, a no-bullshit 3-tick explained in under 1 minute:

Forestry Update: Coming in summer 2023

osrs forestry update

In the summer of 2023, a brand new woodcutting update is going to roll out. This update will rework the Woodcutting skill to make it more communal than it is right now. Forestry turns Woodcutting from a solo activity into a social activity through invisible experience boosts given to players who chop the same trees.

But that’s not all! The Forestry update will come with exciting events that can happen while you are chopping trees and brand new rewards such as 2-handed axes which will give you even more experience AND a log basket that will hold up to 28 logs effectively doubling your inventory during trips.

Read more about the exciting Forestry Update.

Woodcutting Money Makers in OSRS

Oak Trees: up to 50k GP/hr (F2P)

Oak Trees are unlocked at only level 15 woodcutting and they are actually pretty decent money, especially for low-level accounts looking to increase their cash stack as well as F2P players.

The best location for Oak Trees is on the west side of the Varrock castle (3 Oak Tres), using the Grand Exchange to bank.

Yew Trees: up to 40k GP/hr (F2P)

Yew trees are slightly worse money than Oak Trees (blame the bots) but they are more AFK.

Woodcutting LVL Required: 60

The best location to chop oak trees is in the Woodcutting Guild. F2P players can chop them behind the Varrock Castle.

Magic Trees: up to 130k GP/hr (P2P)

Magic logs are still a decent money maker for mid-level accounts looking to make some money in an AFK way.

Woodcutting LVL Required: 75

The best location to chop Magic Trees is in the Woodcutting Guild.

Redwood Trees: up to 70k GP/hr (P2P)

Redwood trees are a decent money maker at 70K GP/hr considering they are super AFK and they give you great exp rates.

Woodcutting LVL Required: 90

Quests that give woodcutting experience

  • Enlightened Journey: 1,500 EXP
  • Recipe for Disaster (Skrach) 1,500 EXP
  • Heroes Quest 1,575 EXP
  • Monk’s Friend 2,000 EXP
  • Animal Magnetism 2,500 EXP
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie 2,500 EXP
  • The Fremennik Trials 2,812 EXP
  • Ichtlarin’s Little Helper 4,000 EXP
  • The Fremnnik Isles 10,000 EXP
  • Grim Tales 14,000 EXP
  • Song of the Elves 20,000 EXP

Total Quest XP: 62,387 EXP

OSRS woodcutting guide 1-99 F2P

Fastest way to get 99 woodcutting in F2P

F2P players will start woodcutting the same way that P2P players do:

  • Normal logs until 15 woodcutting
  • Oak logs until 30 woodcutting
  • Then 30 – 99 woodcutting on willow trees

Sadly, Woodcutting in F2P is pretty boring and the fastest experience is unlocked at level 30 woodcutting when you can cut down willog trees. The best place to cut willow trees is Draynor village.

If you want to make some money with woodcutting, you can cut oak logs at the Varrock Castle and bank them at the grand exchange.

OSRS Woodcutting Cape

Once you reach 99 woodcutting (with help from this osrs woodcutting guide) you can get your woodcutting skillcape from Wilfred near the Lumbridge castle.

The benefits of the woodcutting skillcape are:

  • 10% extra chance of getting a birds nest when the woodcutting cape is worn

Sadly, the woodcutting cape doesn’t have any teleportation options such as other skill capes in old school Runescape.

Woodcutting Training Summary

Hopefully, this OSRS Woodcutting Guide has been helpful and taught you a couple of new woodcutting training methods as well as new locations.

Woodcutting is a very relaxing skill in old school Runescape that is very AFKable, you should always combine it with playing on an ALT account or watching a movie/working.

If you feel like really grinding, you can try tick-manipulation at teak trees for the fastest way to get to 99 woodcutting in osrs. Tick manipulation is only for the select few as it’s very click-intensive and draining. Also it’s not easy to master.

My last tips for you is to get the lumberjack outfit from the temple trekking mini-game ASAP. The 2.5% woodcutting exp boost will greatly benefit you and for just 1 hour of gameplay, it’s totally worth it. You should also always be chopping at the woodcutting guild (unless you’re an F2P player or you’re chopping teak trees) for the invisible level boost.

Wearing the lumberjack outfit while woodcutting at the wc guild will save you a couple of hours on your way to 99 woodcutting.

If anything’s missing from osrs woodcutting guide, feel free to let us know. Tip: You can use the Woodcutting calculator to calculate your experience left and possible profits.

Woodcutting FAQs

What is the best Woodcutting Exp per hour?

The best woodcutting experience per hour is 170k/hr by doing 2-tick teak trees. This is extremely click-intensive which is why most players opt for AFKing redwood trees instead.

What is the best AFK Woodcutting method?

The best AFK woodcutting method is AFKing redwood trees in the Woodcutting Guild. You can get up to 65k experience per hour with this method.

When is the Forestry Woodcutting update happening?

Forestry is due for release in summer of 2023. The first batch of the update will come out in June and the second batch in August. More info here.

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