group ironman, everything you need to know about the upcoming gamemode

On Runefest 2019, Jagex officially revealed that Group Ironman is coming to OSRS. The announcement was very well-received in the osrs community with many players announcing their return to osrs when the game mode inevitably drops.  

When is group ironman coming to osrs and what exactly does it entail? We’re here to tell you everything we know so far. 

Group Ironman Release: when is it coming to osrs?

It was rumored that group ironman would be released by late 2020 but according to the August Gielinor Gazette, group ironman has been delayed until next year. 

The mods also talked about group ironman in the recent OSRS Modcast on September 3rd which you can watch here:

The timestamp for group ironman is 20:20.

One of the questions was: is group ironman delayed to late next year (2021)? To which Mod Kieren replied: “Currently group ironman isn’t coming late 2021. We are hoping that it will be in the first half of next year. That’s what we are currently aiming for.” 

He also mentioned it all depends on how clans go. The tech team is currently working on clans and clan hiscores is a big area that they are focussing on. Once clans is out of the way, we can get a lot more clarity on when group ironman can come out.

So hopefully, we can expect another update from Jagex soon but as of right now it’s looking like group ironman will come in early 2021 the earliest. 

What is group ironman? 

Group ironman is a group-based game mode based on the regular ironman gamemode. 

Group ironman will be almost identical to regular ironman but instead you will be playing in groups ranging from 2 to 5 players. 

This means you will still only be able to obtain items through drops or by creating them yourself. So you will have to train skills to get ahead in the game. However, since you are playing in groups, you will be able to trade with your fellow members. 

This way, you can delegate certain tasks such as one person can train crafting, another trains runecrafting, herblore, and so on. This way you will be able to obtain high-level amulets, get access to runes, potions, and more through playing as a group. 

This means a lot of different strategies will be used by group ironman teams in order to get to end-game content such as chambers of xeric, theatre of blood, and the nightmare of ashihama. 

Just like regular ironman mode, group ironman will be played on regular osrs servers. So you will play amongst other group ironman, regular ironman and even regular osrs players but you will not be able to trade with anyone besides players from your own group. 

How group ironman will work

Group ironman will consist out of teams between two and five players. Every single player who wants to participate in the group ironman game mode will have to start a completely fresh account.

This means you will not be able to transfer a regular ironman into a group ironman. This gives everyone a fair chance once group ironman is finally released into osrs. 

Every group will consist out of 1 leader who will be in charge of adding or removing new group members. The removal of a group member will be done through vote, which only the leader can intiate. 

If you get kicked out of a group ironman, you will not be able to join another. Instead, if you want to continue playing, you will have to start your own team and invite new members. 

Group ironman hiscores

Every group ironman team-size will participate in a different hiscores bracket. This means that upon the release of group ironman, we will have 4 extra hiscores added to the game. 

One for 2 players, one for 3 players and so on, up until 5 players. 

While you can go up in brackets, you will never be able to go down in a bracket. So if you kick someone out of a 3-man team you will still remain in that specific bracket. 

However if instead you add another person in your 3-man team, you will now be participating in the 4-man hiscore brackets. 

Group ironman chat system

Like I mentioned previously, the release of group iron man has been delayed due to the group chat system. 

Jagex wants to incorporate a group chat system for group ironman. So they don’t have to talk through regular private chats or the regular private chat system. 

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Why play group ironman?

The ironman game modes have always been pretty lonely. While you do still play on the original osrs servers, you are unable to really play with these other players. (with the exception of chambers of xeric and theatre of blood) 

Everyone loves a good group-game and group ironman will be exactly that. You will be able to delegate the work so while you still play a harder game mode than a regular account, you will be able to advance more quickly through trading within your team. 

I expect many, many youtubers and twitch streamers to participate in the group ironman mode so I’m excited for the lots of content it will produce. I also firmly believe (and have been proven right on reddit and twitter) that many, many players will return to osrs for the arrival of group ironman.

The combination of nostalgia and team-play will do wonders to the osrs player count, mark my words! 


That’s everything we know so far about group ironman. Hopefully Jagex will reveal more updates on the project soon but as of right now we can expect it to release (hopefully) in early 2021. 

Either way, I’m psyched for the game mode to come out and can’t wait to participate in group ironman.