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Looking to get to East Ardougne? Maybe you want to start training Thieving at the infamous Ardougne Market or start the plague city quest line, regardless of your plans–we’ve got you covered. Here are the best ways to travel to East Ardougne in OSRS.

This article is part of our osrs world map Travel for Beginners Guide.

As always, the first method is noob-friendly and doesn’t hold any quest or skill requirements. Further down the list, better travel options are revealed but these are often locked behind quests, diaries, and skills.

9 ways to travel to East Ardougne

Use the navigation below to skip forward to a travel method for which you meet the requirements.

Travel methodRequirements
1. Captain Barnaby30GP
2. Fishing Trawler Grouping Teleport15 Fishing
3. Ardougne TeleportPlague City Quest
51 Magic (if using spellbook)
4. Ardougne Cloak 1Easy Achievement Diary
5. Spirit Tree TeleportTree Gnome Village
6. Fairy Ring TeleportFairy Tale Part 2 started
7. Skills Necklace Teleport12,000GP
Access to Grand Exchange
8. Wilderness Lever teleportNone, but is dangerous
9. Chartering a ship to Port Khazard1,280 or 1,600GP

1. Captain Barnaby

The easiest way to get to East Ardougne with zero quest or skill requirements is to travel via Captain Barnaby in Rimmington.

captain barnaby will take you to east ardougne for 30gp

He will charge you 30gp for this trip. What a steal!

Captain Barnaby’s boat is located on the docks west of Rimmington. You can get here by using a house teleport if your house is set in Lumbridge, and otherwise you can just run North from Falador toward Rimmington.

captain barnaby location osrs
Location of Captain Barnaby’s boat in Rimmington

2. Fishing Trawler Minigame teleport

The second method requires you to have 15 fishing. If you have this, you can easily travel to East Ardougne by using the ‘Fishing Trawler’ teleport in your grouping menu.

Requirements:15 Fishing
you can teleport to ardougne using the fishing trawler grouping teleport which will take you to port khazard southeast from east ardougne

This will take you to Port Khazard which is within walking distance of East Ardougne.

port khazard is southeast from east ardougne and within walking distance

3. Ardougne Teleport

Players who have completed the Plague City quest have unlocked the Ardougne teleport option. This allows you to teleport to East Ardougne using the normal spellbook which requires 51 Magic.

Requirements:– Completion of Plague City
51 Magic (only if using spells)
at level 51 magic, players can teleport to ardougne on the normal spellbook

Alternatively, you can purchase Ardougne Teleport Tablets from the Grand Exchange which don’t require 51 Magic to use. However, they won’t work if you haven’t completed the Plague City quest yet.

4. Ardougne Cloak I

Those who have completed the Ardougne Easy Diary get the Ardougne Cloak I as a reward which has unlimited teleports to the Ardougne Monastery located just south of East Ardounge.

Requirements:Completion of Ardougne Easy Diary
the monastery is within walking distance from ardougne. you can teleport here using the ardougne cloak from the easy ardougne achievement diary

The Ardougne Easy Diary is very easy to complete and only requires two beginner quests: Biohazard and Rune Mysteries. Many ironmen unlock this in the early phase of the game to have access to unlimited teleports to Ardougne for early-game Questing and Thieving training.

Higher tiers of the Ardougne Cloak unlock daily teleports to the farm patch northeast of Ardougne which is slightly closer but these teleports are best reserved for herb farm runs.

5. Spirit Tree Teleport

If you have access to the Spirit Tree network, you can travel from any spirit tree (e.g. the one at Grand Exchange) to the Battlefield of Khazard.

Location:Grand Exchange Spirit Tree (or any other)
Requirements:Tree Gnome Village quest
take the spirit tree teleport 'battlefield of khazard' to travel to ardougne

This spirit tree will teleport you just outside of East Ardougne.

the spirit tree in battlefield of khazard is located just outside of ardougne

6. Fairy Ring teleport to Ardougne

If you have access to Fairy Rings, you can use a Fairy Ring to teleport to D-J-P.

Location:Any Fairy Ring
Requirements:Start quest Fairy Tale Part 2 (and finish Fairy Ring Part 1)
the fairy ring code to ardougne is D-J-P

This will take you to the Tower of Life, which is located within walking distance from Ardougne.

the fairy ring DJP is within walking distance from ardougne

7. Skills Necklace Teleport

Requirements:12,000gp to purchase it from the Grand Exchange

Non-ironman accounts can teleport to Ardougne using a Skills Necklace.

Skills necklaces can be bought from the Grand Exchange. They have a teleport option to the Fishing Guild which is located just northwest of Ardougne and thus within walking distance. This is the closest-available teleport to beginner players who haven’t yet completed Plague City or unlocked the Ardougne Cloak from the Ardougne Easy Diary.

you can use the skills necklace to teleport to the fishing guild which is just north of ardougne
the fishing guild is located just south of east ardougne

8. Wilderness Lever


One last method is to use the lever in Edgeville to take you to the deep wilderness and then pull the lever again to take you to Ardougne.

This method is highly dangerous as it takes you to the deep wilderness where you might get PKed and lose all your items if you bring them.

So if you plan on using the wilderness lever, you should make sure your inventory is empty and you aren’t wearing anything to prevent yourself from losing your valuable items.

the wilderness lever in edgeville can take you to ardougne

The lever is located in the southern building in Edgeville.

location of the wilderness lever in edgeville

Once you pull the lever, you are taken to the deep wilderness. Here you have to pull the lever again to be taken to Ardougne.

As you can see, PKers are always waiting for players to use this lever and kill them. This is why this method to travel to Ardougne is not recommended.

the deep wilderness lever is dangerous but it can get you to ardougne

If you do happen to make it alive, you will be teleported inside a tiny building in East Ardougne.

where you spawn after you pull the deep wilderness lever

9. Charter a Ship to Port Khazard

Location:Port Sarim, Catherby, and other docks around Gielinor
Payment:From Port Sarim: 1,280GP
From Catherby: 1,600GP

Another easy way to travel to Ardougne without requirements is to charter a ship from ‘trader crewmembers’ to Port Khazard. This is an alternative to the Fishing Trawler teleport if you don’t yet have 15 fishing.

Charter ships are found in most docks around Gielinor but the easiest locations for new players are Port Sarim and Catherby.

you can take a charter ship to port khazard which is within walking distance from ardougne

Once you find the charter, you can right-click on one of the crewmembers to take you to Port Khazard.

map of the charter ships that can take you to port khazard

Chartering the ship from Port Sarim will cost 1,280GP and chartering from Catherby will cost you 1,600GP.

location of the charter ships in port sarm and catherby

Once you arrive in Port Khazard you will still have to run to East Ardougne.

how to walk from port khazard to ardougne

Why can’t I teleport to Ardougne?

To teleport to Ardougne, you must have completed the Plague City quest first AND read the teleport scroll that you receive at the end of the quest to unlock the spell.


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