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Runecrafting is one of the least liked skills in osrs. However, runecrafting can be extremely profitable with methods that earn up to 1m GP per hour. In this osrs runecrafting guide we’ll look at every possible method in the game to get to 99. As always, you can use the navigation below to navigate to your current level and preferred method. 

Before we get into the osrs runecrafting guide, let’s first look at the recommended items and quests.

Recommended Gear Setup

  • Graceful outfit (or other weight-reducing pieces)
  • Lunar Spellbook (magic Imbue & NPC Contact)
  • Stamina/ energy potions
  • Rings of dueling (banking & lava runes)
  • Binding necklace (increases your chance to make runes from 50% to 100%) 

Quest Requirements

Before you can start with runecrafting you need to complete the rune mysteries quest. This beginner quest is easily done and has no requirements. On top of rune mysteries, you’ll want to do the abyss mini-quest for its rune pouches and access to abyss runecrafting. The quest experience reward (1,000 exp) will also instantly put you at level 9 runecrafting. 

Runecrafting pouches

runecrafting pouches osrs

Runecrafting pouches can be used to store pure essence in them. This way you can bring way more than a full inventory to the altar. 

You can acquire the pouches by killing abyssal creatures. You don’t need to have the required runecrafting level to get the larger pouches as a drop but you won’t be able to use them until you meet the requirements.

Pouch TypeLevel RequiredCapacityAmount of uses
Small Pouch03Doesn’t decay
Medium Pouch25645 uses
Large Pouch50929 uses
Giant Pouch751210 uses

To repair your pouches, you need to speak to the dark mage located in the inner ring of the Abyss. You can use NPC Contact in the lunar spellbook to do this from anywhere. Once you reach level 99 your pouches will no longer decay while you’re wearing the skillcape. 

OSRS Runecrafting Guide — Fastest way to 99 runecrafting

Levels 1 – 23 Questing

The abyss Mini-quest 1 – 9

For the fastest way to reach 99 runecrafting, you’ll want to start off with doing the abyss mini-quest. This quest takes about 3 minutes with teleports and unlocks the ability to use runecrafting pouches. It also grants you 1,000 exp which will instantly put you at level 9 runecrafting.

The eyes of Glouphrie 9 – 23

If you have the requirements for the Eyes of glouphrie quest, the experience reward (6,000) will put you at 23 runecrafting without having done any runs yet. 


  • 5 construction
  • 46 magic
  • 45 woodcutting or 50 firemaking
  • Completed the grand tree quest

Alternative: If you don’t have the requirements for eyes of glouphrie you can do air runes until level 14 (Falador)  and then switch over to fire runes (duel arena altar). 

Levels 23 – 99 lava runes

lava rune altar osrs runecrafting guide
lava rune altar location osrs

Because of how close the fire altar is to the dueling arena, crafting lava runes is the fastest way to train rune crafting in old school Runescape. Simply use your dueling ring to teleport to the altar and then use it again to bank in castle wars. Repeat.

The downside to lava runes is that you won’t make any money doing this method. 

EXP Rate: 50 – 70K/hr 

Location: Fire Altar (next to the duel arena) 

Alternative: 23 – 99 Ourania Altar

ourania altar osrs runecrafting guide

Unlike other runecrafting altars, the Ourania altar turns your pure essence into random runes instead of one designated rune. There’s also a chance of obtaining bonus runes to those who have the Ardougne Medium Diary completed. 

There are no runecrafting level requirements for the Ourania, also called the ZMI altar. However, with a higher runecrafting level, your chance of obtaining more valuable runes increases, and thus your hourly profits increase with your runecrafting level. 

Another thing unique about the Ourania altar is that it doesn’t require a talisman, tiara, or staff to enter.


  • 100% RECOMMENDED: 71 magic + lunar diplomacy for Ourania altar teleport spell, this is not a requirement to access the altar but you’ll be destroying your experience rates if you have to constantly run back and forth so you should NOT consider this method if you do not meet these requirements.
  • You can access the altar from level 1 runecrafting but a higher level (40+) is highly recommended.

EXP Rate: 20-50K/hr (highly dependent on your runecrafting level)

How to get to the Ourania altar

  • Ourania teleport on the lunar spellbook (requires 71 magic)
  • Battlefield teleport through the spirit tree network
  • Ardougne teleport and walk there

Running the altar

There are two ways to run the Ourania altar, a short and a longer pathway. The short way is guarded by aggressive warriors, mages, rangers, and more. The longer way is completely monster-free but takes almost double as long.

TIP: if you’re running the altar in the official world: 327, you will rarely take damage from the monsters.

Alternative: AFK runecrafting method at Zeah

zeah runecrafting osrs

For those who hate the old school way of runecrafting, the skill now has a semi-AFK method to gain runecrafting experience. This method can only be done in Zeah and requires 100% Arceuus favour to access. Other requirements will be listed below. This method is considered semi-AFK because the mining part of the method is pretty slow.


  • 100% Arceuus Favour
  • 77 Runecrafting (blood runes) and 90 runecrafting (soul runes)
  • 73 Agility (Not required but 100% recommended)
  • 38 Crafting
  • 38 Mining

Gear/inventory setup

  • Graceful outfit (must)
  • pickaxe (doesn’t matter which)
  • chisel

How to get there

  • Arceeus home teleport on the Arceuus spellbook
  • Fairy ring code AIS (if this is your first time you will have to pay Trossa 80K first to unlock it, she is located next to the fairy ring)

How Zeah runecrafting works

osrs zeah runecrafting guide
  1. Mine 27 dense essence blocks
  2. Run to the dark altar to turn them into dark essence blocks
  3. Chisel them into fragments as you run back to the mine
  4. Once you have a second full inventory, head back to the dark altar to once again turn them into dark essence blocks, this time you won’t be able to chisel them as you can only carry 27 fragments at a time
  5. Run towards the blood/soul altar and use the fragments on the altar to turn them into runes
  6. Chisel the remainder of your inventory and use the fragments on the altar again
  7. Repeat 1 through 6
LevelsAltarExp RateProfit
77 – 90Blood rune40K/hr600K/hr
90 – 99Soul Rune50K/hr250K/hr

OSRS Runecrafting Guide — Money making method

Prices of runes, just like everything in old school Runescape, change every day. So you might want to check out a runecrafting calculator to calculate your profits. You can click on any of the methods below to be taken to an appropriate running guide.

LevelsRunes (click for guide)Profit/hrExp/hr
44 – 59Nature Runes500K/hr20K/hr
59 – 82Double Cosmic Runes700K/hr20-25K/hr
82 – 91Double Astral Runes850K/hr25K/hr
91 – 95Double Nature Runes1M/hr25K/hr
95 – 99Wrath Runes1m – 1.5m/hr30K/hr

Check out our runecrafting moneymaking guide for more info on the moneymaking methods.

Using the moneymaking method all the way to 99, you will end up with 1.06B profit. This will take you around 508 hours to do from levels 44 to 99. 

Runecrafting Tips

Don’t grind out runecrafting at once

Runecrafting is one of the least liked skills in osrs. If you want to reach 99, don’t try to do it all at once as the experience rates are slow so you will likely get discouraged. Instead, train your runecrafting once or twice a week for a couple of hours and gradually level up.

Switch out your altars

Constantly running the same altar can be very boring, especially when you’re barely making money like with the lava rune altar. Instead, switch it up with some ZMI altar runs in between, they are more fun and will make you some profit.

Efficient leveling

If you’re going for the max cape, it’s important that you level your account efficiently. Runecrafting requires you to do A LOT of running, therefore it’s essential you have the graceful outfit. This means you should train your agility before you train your runecrafting. A higher agility level also means your run restores faster.

Hopefully, this osrs runecrafting guide was helpful to you. If you’re interested in more guides, we have skilling guides for every skill in osrs.

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