osrs ironman construction guide

This is the comprehensive guide on Construction for Ironman and Group Ironman accounts in OSRS.

This guide is aimed towards Ironman accounts. For regular training, check out our 1 – 99 Construction Guide.

In this Ironman Construction Guide you will learn:

Before Starting: Daddy’s Home Mini Quest

Iron man players should do the Daddy’s home mini quest before starting their construction training.

You can start Daddy’s home in Varrock by speaking with the guy next to the estate agent.

This quest will set you up with a free player-owned-home afterwards, give you 944 experience (which brings you to level 8 Construction)as well as give you some supplies for construction.

To complete the quest you will need:

  • 5 bolt of cloths (can be purchased from the sawmill operator in the Varrock Lumberyard)om the sawmill operator)
  • 16 nails (can be purchased from the sawmill operator in the Varrock Lumberyard)
  • 10 planks (can be picked up at Barbarian Assault or Port Khazard)

How to Get planks as an Iron man in OSRS

Early Construction Levels: Barbarian Assault Spawns

In the early levels (from levels 1 – 20+) you should be collecting your planks from barbarian assault.

Barbarian Assault has 4 different plank spawns just east of the Agility Training Course.

You can hop around worlds so you don’t have to wait for them to spawn to pick them up.

Afterwards just run to the bank and repeat!

There is also an alternative plank spawn (2 planks) in Port Khazard which is right next to the bank chest.

You can use this method for as long as you please but at a certain points regular planks will be very slow for levelling.

Using your Butler

Once you reach level 40 construction, you can ask your butler to turn your logs into planks for you.

When using a butler, you will have to pay them 5k every 8 trips.

Woodcutting Guild

Players with 60 Woodcutting and access to the Woodcutting Guild (requires 75% Hosidius Favour) can get chop Oak Logs and turn them into planks at the sawmill and bank them right away as everything is close together.

This is method slightly worse than using a butler but more cost-efficient as you will save about 5k per 160 planks.

Plank Make (Requires Lunar Diplomacy)

Players who have completed Lunar Diplomacy and have 86 Magic can use the Plank Make spell to turn their logs into planks.

This will save you money as the runes for plank make are cheaper than going to the Sawmill.

Here’s how much you will save:

Plank TypeCoins saved with Plank Make
Regular30 gp
Oak75 gp
Teak150 gp
Mahogany450 gp

How to Get Hardwood Logs as an Iron man in OSRS

Hardwood logs are hard to come by as an ironman player.

Here are some ways you can get them.


Teak and Mahogany logs are part of the random reward in supply crates for Wintertodt.

Teak Tree in Castle Wars

A Teak Tree is located just North of the Castle Wars lobby.

Using Dueling Rings, you can make quick trips to and from this tree and bank your logs.

Alternatively, you can also run to and from as well but this will be quite a bit slower.

Chambers of Xeric

Teak and Mahogany Logs are part of the reward at Chambers of Xeric.

Killing Wyverns at Fossil Island

The Spitting Wyverns located at Fossil Island drop 35 noted Teak Logs.

You have a 1/20.5 chance of obtaining this drop.


  • 66 Slayer
  • Bone Voyage quest (for access to Fossil Island)

Plant Mahogany/Teak Trees in Fossil Island

Players with access to Fossil Island can plant 3 Teak or Mahogany trees in the tree farm spot and bank using the cave next door.

In order to do this you will need to have completed the Bone Voyage quest as well have at least 35 farming (for Teak Trees) or 55 farming (for Mahogany Trees).

Use your Kingdom

Players who have the Kingdom of Miscellania unlocked can have their yield set to maximum hardwood logs.

This step requires you to complete both:

  • Thrones of Miscellania (for access to the Kingdom)
  • Royal Trouble (for hardwood trees)

Don’t forget to visit every day so you have 100% approval.

At maximum with 100% Approval you will get 301 Teak Logs or 204 Mahogany Logs.

OSRS Ironman Construction Guide

Levels 1 – 8 Daddy’s Home

Complete the Daddy’s home mini quest in Varrock to skip levels 1 – 8 construction. More info above.

Levels 8 – 20 Make Bookcases

You will need a total of 124 planks to get to level 20 construction.

This will take you no longer than 10 minutes in total on medium activity.

Here’s what your inventory should look like:

  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Around 600 Coins
  • Noted Planks
  • The rest should be filled with planks

You can use the NPC Phials outside of the Rimmington portal to un-note your planks for you for 5 coins per plank.

Levels 20 – 30 Passive Construction Experience at Wintertodt

At level 20 Construction, you will get pretty good passive Construction experience at Wintertodt. You can easily level to 30 on your way to 80 firemaking. If you go all the way to 99 firemaking, you can even get up to 40 construction at Wintertodt!

The reason I mention Wintertodt is because most ironman players will do Wintertodt as part of their early-game anyway because it gives you lots of quest supplies, skilling supplies as well as gives you money.

If you don’t plank on doing Wintertodt, just use regular planks all the way to 30 Construction. You will need 429 total planks (around 15 inventories).

Levels 30 – 40 Oak Tables/Larders

From levels 30 – 40 construction (if you didn’t get this from Wintertodt) you can focus on using Oak Planks to make tables until 33 and then switch over to Larders.

You will need about 398 Oak Planks to get to level 40 Construction.

It will cost you 99.5k to convert your Oak Logs into Oak Planks.

Levels 40 – 99 Mahogany Homes

From levels 40 and up, you should be doing Mahogany Homes instead of conventional construction training as an iron man.

This is because you get A LOT more experience out of planks at Mahogany Homes than you would during regular training.

Here’s how big the difference is:

  • 1 Oak plank at Mahogany Homes is equal to 2.9 Oak Planks at regular training
  • 1 Teak plank at Mahogany Homes is equal to 3 Teak planks at regular training
  • 1 Mahogany plank at Mahogany Homes is equal to 2.4 Mahogany planks at regular training

So you will save A LOT of money when training using Mahogany Homes.

As well, you will be able to unlock the Plank Sack, which holds 28 planks for you.

After the plank sack is unlocked, you can use all your reward points on Supply Crates to get some of the resources you put in back.

Mahogany Homes will require you to have Teleportation Methods to:

  • Falador (tab or runes)
  • Varrock (tab or runes)
  • Ardougne (Ardougne Cloak 1 or tab)
  • Hosidius (Played Owned House should be located here)

Read our Mahogany Homes Guide for more info.

Ironman Construction Tips n Tricks

1. Get the Ardougne Cloak 1 for Mahogany Homes

Getting the Ardougne Cloak 1 gives you a teleportation method to Ardougne which is necessary to effectively to Mahogany Homes. (Of course you can also unlock the Ardougne Teleport but Ardy Cloak 1 is generally easier and faster to unlock)

2. Unlock Fossil Island + 35 Farming as soon as possible

Fossil Island is a great place to get your hardwood logs and only requires 35 farming (for teaks) which is relatively quick to achieve on an ironman account.

You can also find Wyverns here which drop teak logs (but you need 66 slayer).

Fossil Island is also helpful for other skills such as hunter.

3. Unlock Lunars Spellbook

If you plan to seriously train Construction, you should complete Lunar Diplomacy for the NPC Contact and Plank Make spells. This will save you money on plank costs as well as speed up experience rates at Mahogany Homes.

4. Unlock Kingdom of Miscellania ASAP (for planks)

Kingdom of Miscellania is a great passive source of hardwood logs.

On max settings with 100% approval, you will be looking at 301 teak logs or 204 mahogany logs per day!

Ironman Construction Goals

Here are some of the goals most ironman accounts will want to achieve:


Lecterns are found in the Study room of a Player-Owned-House.

These can be used to make Teleportation Tablets by using Soft Clay and the appropriate runes. (You will also need the appropriate Magic Level)

Group Ironman accounts can have their group members create tablets in their lectern as well.

Here are some of the lectern goals:

Construction LvlTypeTeleports to
40Oak LecternVarrock, Lumbridge, Falador
50 Teak Lectern+ Camelot & Ardougne
67Mahogany Lectern+ House Teleport
77Marble+ bones to peaches and other useful tablets

Portal Chamber

The Portal Chamber becomes available at 50 construction and can be used to create permanent teleports to Locations in Gielinor.

Each portal chamber has room for 3 teleport portals.

In order to make a teleport portal, you will need the required magic level, the correct spellbook and runes for 100 casts of that specific teleport location.

Portal nexus

At 72 Construction, the Portal Nexus becomes available.

The Portal Nexus works in the same way as a portal chamber but all of the teleportation methods are combined in one place.

In order to add teleports to the Portal Nexus, you need 1000 of each cast.

Ancient, Lunar, Dark and Occult Altar

Switching spellbooks takes a while because you have to travel to the appropriate location.

Inside your P-O-H you can add an Ancient (75 construction), Lunar (80 construction) or Dark Altar (75 construction) which allows you to switch spellbooks at home.

Players with 90 Construction can add the Occult Altar which holds every single spellbook.


Pools are used to speed up bossing trips.

The first pool is unlockable at 65 and is useful for Corporal Beast (lowering his defence with unlimited special attacks).

The second pool, which is unlockabale at 70 construction, is all you really need to effectively boss as an ironman. It will give you special attack and run energy restoration. This pool is also handy for questing.

Construction LvlTypeTeleports to
65Restoration PoolRestores special attack
70Revitalisation PoolRestores special attack and run energy
80Rejuvenation PoolSpecial Attack, Run Energy and Prayer
85Fancy rejuvenation PoolEverything + Any reduced stats
90Ornate rejuvenation PoolEverything + Reduced stats, Disease, Venom and poison

Jewellery boxes

Jewellery are useful because they hold unlimited teleports.

This way, you only need a home teleport to get to other places in Gielinor.

Jewellery boxes are handy for bossing and great in combination with a Revitalisation or Rejuvenation pool.

Construction LvlTypeTeleports
81BasicGames Necklace, Dueling Ring
86Fancy+ Skills Necklace, Combat Bracelet
91Ornate+ Amulet of Glory, Ring of Wealth

Group Ironman Construction

Construction is a skill that is very handy for bossing in OSRS.

As an ironman group, you only need 1 person to have 70 construction to unlock all the main benefits such as lectern, Revitalisation Pool and so on.

This one member should rush construction as quickly as possible and the other members should be feeding them hardwood logs from Wintertodt, Miscellania, Raids and so on.

Group members can also with making the planks and pay for Construction costs.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this OSRS Ironman Construction Guide has been helpful and will help you reach your Construction goal as quickly as possible.

The methods in this guide are the best ways to train construction as an ironman or group ironman player.

If you’re not an ironman, read our Regular Construction Guide instead.

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