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Mahogany Homes arrived at OSRS on August 26th, 2020 and has since been considered one of the best training methods for construction. While it doesn’t compare to conventional training methods in terms of XP/hr, it is a cheaper alternative, and much more plank-efficient.

For this reason, it’s a great way to train the Construction skill for both main accounts AND ironmen.

Here’s my comprehensive guide to Mahogany Homes in Old School Runescape.

Check out this video guide in which I explain Mahogany Homes in 60 seconds

What is Mahogany Homes?

Mahogany Homes is a way to train construction by fixing up the houses of NPCs in Hosidius, Varrock, Ardougne, and Falador. You essentially take on the role of ‘contractor’ teleporting between these locations and receiving experience for each contract.

This is a stark contrast to conventional construction training, which is known for being repetitive, and wrist-unfriendly.

The way it works is you start by taking on a contract from one of the Mahogany Homes contractors, located in one of the aforementioned towns. (The first time, you have to speak with Amy in Falador).

speaking with Amy, the first contact for mahogany homes
Screenshot from my video guide

You can choose between different levels: Beginner, Novice, Adept & Expert. These are unlocked at different construction levels and specific planks.

The contractors will assign an NPC to you, and tell you which town you can find them in.

You’ll then teleport to that town and find the NPC’s home. Once you arrive at their place, get ready to repair and renovate all the furniture they request.

fixing a house in mahogany homes
Screenshot from my video guide

Once you are done, speak with them to receive an experience reward, carpenter reward points, as well as a cup of tea that restores your run energy.

my character finishing a mahogany homes contract
Screenshot from my video guide

Afterward, just make your way to another Mahogany Homes (always located next to the Estate Agents) branch to collect your next assignment!

Don’t be scared away by the ‘searching’ aspect of this minigame, there are only a couple of options and I’ll show you a handy plugin that will even guide you directly to the right house!

How to start Mahogany Homes

As I mentioned before, your very first assignment has to be received from Amy, who is located in the Mahogany Homes branch in Falador, just next door to the Estate Agent.

The only requirement for this minigame is that you own a house. If you don’t already have one, you can buy one for 1,000 GP from the Estate Agent or complete the Daddy’s Home miniquest first.

After selecting a level, Amy will assign your first contract.

Contract Levels

Contract LevelsLevel RequirementPlanks Required

This contract has the possibility of being located in one of the 4 towns: Hosidius, Varrock, Ardougne and Falador.

Item Requirements

Here’s the equipment you’ll need to take on Mahogany Homes contracts:

mahogany homes inventory setup example
  • a hammer
  • a saw
  • Planks (dependent on contract level)
  • 2 Steel bars

Your inventory will also contain runes or tablets to teleport to the correct locations. (Move your house to Hosidius for easy access there, or use a Xeric’s Talisman).

Those with Lunar Diplomacy unlocked and 67 Magic can bring runes for the NPC Contact spell to contact the branches quickly and speed up experience rates.

EXP Rates at mahogany homes

You can expect the following experience rates while training construction via Mahogany Homes.

Contract levelReward PointsPlanksxp/hrxp/hr (Plank Sack)
Beginner2Normal Planks30k40k
Novice3Oak Planks65k80k
Adept4Teak Planks120k140k
Expert5Mahogany Planks200k220k

Mahogany Homes Strategy

Here’s the best strategy for Mahogany Homes, for a visual example, check out the video guide at the top of this article.

The most important thing is that you have the ‘Mahogany Homes’ Plugin installed. This plugin has to be downloaded from the Runelite Plugin hub and is essential to get the best exp/hr.

mahogany homes plugin in the runelite plugin hub

This plugin will help you find the contract homes via a handy overlay and an arrow pointing in the right direction AND also highlight all furniture you need to repair and renovate.

Honestly, I would NOT even consider doing Mahogany Homes without this plugin. It’s a MUST-HAVE.

Next, you’ll need the inventory setup as mentioned above. If using runes, consider using a tome of fire and elemental staff to save inventory space.

Now for the strategy:

  • Start your run by speaking with any contractor (remember: Amy if its your first time)
  • Teleport to the location as shown in the overlay
  • Use the arrow on the map to run to the correct house
  • Repair all the highlighted furniture
  • Speak with the homeowner to receive your rewards (say YES to the cup of tea)
  • Restock your inventory
  • Use NPC contact to grab your next assignment or run to the nearest mahogany homes branch (if it’s far, use a Falador teleport for easy access to Amy)
  • Rinse and repeat!

Important Note: Save your reward points until you have 350 at which point you have to buy the plank sack, this will allow you to bring an extra 28 planks per inventory and slice your banking trips in half!

Mahogany Homes vs Regular Construction Training

Mahogany Homes is undeniably a cheaper and more fun way to train the construction skill. But the experience rates are wildly different.

You can expect to reach 220K xp/hr at max efficiency training via Mahogany Homes, whereas old-school methods can offer up to 1M xp/hr to tick-perfect players and 750K xp/hr to those who don’t like to get too sweaty.

So if you have the funds, and 99 Construction is something you want to achieve, you might still want to consider those conventional methods as they will get you there in a matter of hours.

However, for those of us just looking to get 84 construction (max house) on a main or ironman account, I recommend you train via Mahogany Homes.

You’ll save a ton of money and it still won’t take very long to achieve a max house. With the money you save, you can buy all the expensive max-house decorations!

I recommend Ironmen only do Mahogany Homes for construction training. This is much more plank-efficient and will save you a ton of money and time grinding out planks.

Mahogany Homes Rewards

This wouldn’t be a guide if I didn’t glance over the rewards, now would it?

For each contract you complete, you get a certain amount of reward points (depending on the level), which can be spent in the reward shop by speaking with any Contractor.

The best reward from the reward shop is the Plank Sack, which stores 28 planks while only taking up one inventory slot. This costs 350 reward points and should be your first purchase for maximum efficiency.

Afterward, you can grind out the Carpenters’ Outfit, which grants a 2.5% experience boost when the full set is worn.

There’s also a wieldable saw available for 500 points, this saves an inventory slot.

Ironmen can buy crates at 25 points each (AFTER PLANK SACK!!). These contain construction resources, including planks, which save some resources.

The last reward is the Hosidius Blueprint which is a make-over for your home.

Wrap Up

So that’s it, that’s it for our guide on Mahogany Homes in OSRS.

This sweet little update makes construction a lot cheaper and more fun. You no longer have to bother your butler and spend lots of money by ripping out your furniture and putting it back like with conventional construction training methods. 

I’d say anyone who’s training construction should give mahogany homes a shot, it’s genuinely fun and recommended unless you are going for 99.

Ironman Players should solely use Mahogany Homes to train construction.

For more info on Construction Methods, check out my 1-99 Construction Guide.