osrs mahogany homes

On August 26th Jagex released Mahogany Homes, a new way of training construction. In this quick guide we’re laying out the first details we have of this new method. 

What is Mahogany Homes in OSRS?

Mahogany homes is a new way of training construction. While doing Mahogany Homes you are basically a contractor. 

The way it works is that you head over to a Mahogany Homes branch and speak to the owner who will give you a job. Then you’ll be told to head over to the house of an NPC within the area and fix their furniture for them. 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll get an experience reward and carpenter points which you can spend in the mahogany homes reward shop. 

How to start Mahogany Homes

To sign up for Mahogany homes you’re going to need to have a player-owned-home, you need this for any construction method in osrs. To get a player-owned-house, you have to buy one form a realtor, which are located in every major city in Gielinor.

If you already have a player-owned-house, you can sign up to mahogany homes by speaking with Amy in Falador. Her branch is located next to the Falador realtor.

Once you’re signed up, you can get jobs from any of the locations in osrs. The current branch locations are: Falador (Amy), Ardougne (Ellie), Hosidius (Angelo) and Varrock (Marlo).

Different levels op Mahogany Homes Contracts

Mahogany homes can be done from any construction level. Once you arrive at the mahogany homes branch you will be able to pick a level from Beginner to expert, depending on your construction level. 

This level will decide which materials you use, what your experience drops will be and how many carpenter points you receive upon completion of the job. So of course the higher the level, the better.

Tier levelPlanksCarpenter Points
BeginnerRegular Planks1
NoviceOak Planks2
AdeptTeak Planks3
ExpertMahogany Planks4

The levels and they way mahogany homes works and functions can be compared to farming contracts. 

Equipment needed for Mahogany Homes

While doing mahogany homes, you’ll of course need the equipment to replace the furniture in the NPC’s homes. Your equipment will consist out of a hammer, saw, planks (regular up to mahogany depending on your level), and steel bars. 

That’s it! 

EXP Rates at mahogany homes

According to Mod Jagex Acorn on Reddit, experience rates for Mahogany Homes will be between 100 and 200k per hour. Which is less than other methods of training construction but still pretty good and way cheaper.

Tier levelExp RateCarpenter Points
Expert150 – 200K/hr4

Training construction with mahogany homes can save you millions. 

Rewards from Mahogany Homes

While doing the jobs for mahogany homes, you get carpenter reward points depending on the tier jobs you end up doing. For beginner jobs you get 1 point and for expert jobs you get 4. Novice and Adept gives you 2 and 3 points per job. 

These reward points can be used in the mahogany homes reward shop. 

Probably the most exciting reward in the shop is the carpenters’ outfit. Which, just like any other skilling outfit gives a 2.5% EXP boost when the full set is worn, neat! The full set will cost you exactly 2000 carpenter reward points.

So expert tiers would need to finish 500 jobs to get the full carpenters outfit, beginners would need 2000. 

Another exciting item on the reward shop is Amy’s Saw which is an equitable saw, saving you an inventory slot while doing Mahogany Homes. This item costs 500 reward points. 


So that’s it, that’s everything you need to know about Mahogany homes in osrs. This sweet little update will make construction a lot cheaper and more fun. You no longer have to bother your butler and spend lots of money by ripping out your furniture and putting it back like with conventional construction training methods. 

I’d say anyone who’s training construction should give mahogany homes a shot, it might even become the meta for training construction as it does have pretty high experience rates and is far cheaper than other methods. 

Check out FlippingOldschools video on the update.