osrs slayer guide

This is a comprehensive Slayer Guide for OSRS.

In this guide, you will learn everything there is to know about the slayer skill.

This guide is helpful for both complete beginners, returning players, and even those with slayer experience.

Depending on your level of knowledge, you may way to use the navigation below to navigate this Slayer Guide.

How does Slayer Work?

Already know how slayer works? [SKIP HERE]

You train slayer by speaking to a slayer master and obtaining a slayer task. You then have to complete the task in order to get the next one and so forth.

While you are on the task, you will receive slayer experience (alongside other combat experience) for every single kill until the task is finished.

Some monsters will require you to wear certain equipment to defeat them. This equipment can be bought from the slayer masters.

Different slayer masters are available based on your combat level. Each slayer master will have unique monsters in their task list and will have their own reward system.

We’ll go over the slayer masters later in this guide.

tip osrsguideA great introduction to the slayer skill is the introduction quest called ‘A Porcine of Interest‘.
this article was originally posted on osrsguide if you see it anywhere else it was stolen.

Slayer Points

Every slayer master has a dedicated amount of points to give for each completed slayer task.

turael slayer masterTurael0
mazchna slayer masterMazchna2
vannaka slayer masterVannaka4
chaeldar slayer masterChaeldor10
nieve slayer masterNieve/Steve12 (15 with Elite Western Provinces Diary)
duradel slayer masterDuradel15
konar slayer masterKonar18 (20 with Elite Kourend Diary)
krystillia slayer masterKrystillia25

For every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, and 1000th task you will get a multiplier. (assuming you didn’t break the slayer streak)

Slayer Points Multiplier

10th task5x points
50th task15x points
100th task25x points
250th task35x points
1000th task50x points

Slayer Requirements

Unlike other skills, slayer is based on combat and this means that the higher your combat level, the better tasks you will have and the more experience you will gain.

Because slayer requires combat and higher-level monsters give better experience, it is recommended to wait to train slayer until you are at least level 70 combat or higher.

Training slayer before that will really just be a waste of time.

In the mean time, you can of course knock out some of the slayer quests to gain experience.

tip osrsguideIf you want to know how to train your combat efficiently, check out our efficient combat training guide.

Quests that give Slayer Experience

Quest NameSlayer ExpRequirements
Varrock Museum Mini Quest1,000 expNothing
Recipe for Disaster (Mountain Dwarf)1,000 exp– Fishing Contest
– Recipe for Disaster started
A Porcine of Interest1,000 expNothing
Wanted!5,000 exp– 32 Quest Points
– Recruitment Drive
– The Lost Tribe
– Priest in Peril
– Enter the Abyss
Animal Magnetism1,000 exp– 18 slayer, 19 crafting, 30 ranged, 35 woodcutting
– The Restless Ghost
– Priest in Peril
– Ernest the Chicken
The General’s Shadow2,000 exp– 10 slayer, 50 firemaking, 10 thieving, 10 herblore, 50 magic, 40 ranged, 20 smithing, 53 thieving
– Fight Arena
– Started Desert Treasure (ghostly robes & ring of visibility)
Royal Trouble5,000 exp– 40 slayer, 40 agility, 10 farming, 35 fishing, 30 mining, 45 woodcutting
Lair of Razorlor5,000 exp– 40 slayer, 15 agility, 35 crafting
The Fremennik Exiles15,000 exp– 60 slayer, 65 crafting, 60 smithing, 60 fishing, 55 runecrafting
Monkey Madness 225,000 exp– 69 slayer, 55 agility, 70 cooking, 5 construction, 60 firemaking, 60 hunter, 46 magic, 55 thieving
– Enlightened Journey
– Monkey Madness 1
– Recipe for Disaster (Awowogei)
– Troll Stronghold
– Watchtower
tip osrsguideBefore you get started with Slayer, you should complete the Varrock Museum Quiz and the quest ‘A porcine of Interest’ this will boost you all the way to level 13 slayer. If you have the requirements, you should also knock out other quests to quickly make your way through the initial levels of slayer (which can be quite boring).

Osrs Slayer Guide

Now that you know how slayer works, it’s time to get some slayer levels.

This guide will be a little bit different from our other guides as slayer training is different from the other skills in osrs.

These upcoming sections will help you further in this guide:

  • Slayer Masters
  • Slayer Strategies
  • Slayer Armour
  • Slayer Locations

We recommend that you thoroughly read through the slayer master section as choosing the correct slayer master is very important.

Next up is Slayer Strategies which will give you an idea of ways to earn more slayer reward points, get faster experience, or even train the skill while AFKing through the use of prayer enhancing gear.

Our Slayer Gear Guide will help you pick the most suitable gear for the slaying.

And finally, we show off the best Slayer Locations in Gielinor.

Slayer Masters

These are all the slayer masters that are available in Gielinor.

This part is color-coded for your convenience.

Slayer Masters in Red should never be used to train slayer with.
Slayer Masters in Yellow should only be used under special circumstances. (e.g. Turael Boost)
Slayer Masters in Green should always be used. Use the highest possible slayer master for your combat level.



Combat:3 – 20
Base Points Per Task:0

Spria assigns the same tasks as Turael but doesn’t have his task canceling abilities. She is pretty much only used during the quest ‘A Porcine of Interest’ and should never be used to train slayer as you should never train slayer at such low combat level.



Base Points Per Task:2

Mazchna is your best bet if you’re trying to train a slayer at a low combat level. (less than 70)

Again, this is not recommended, but you do you.



Special:Wilderness Only Tasks
Base Points Per Task:25

Krystilia can be used at any combat level and offers the highest points per task of any other Slayer master.

She also has a separate task count from all the other slayer masters.

She can be used to boost your slayer points but it does require you to go slaying in deep wilderness and thus you have a lot to risk.



Special:– Cancel any task
(Destroys your point streak)
– VERY short tasks
– Great for point boosting
Base Points Per Task:0

Turael is a slayer master that assigns small tasks of very low level monsters.

This slayer master is frequently used to boost points.

For example, use Turael for super 9 quick tasks and then finish the 10th task (for the boost) with a high-level Slayer Master.

He can also be used to overwrite ANY task you have from another Slayer master.

Keep in mind that when using Turael, he will ruin your point streak.



Base Points Per Task:4

Vannaka has long tasks and doesn’t give a lot of points so it is generally not recommended to use him at all.
The only good scenario to use him is for every 10th task when you’re doing Turael Boost at less than 70 combat.



Base Points Per Task:10

Chaeldar is your best bet between 70 and 75/85 combat.

Once you reach 75 combat you should stop using her and move over to Konar or wait until 85 for Nieve/Steve.



Special:– Area Specific Tasks
– Alchemical Hydra
Base Points Per Task:18 (20 with elite diary)

Konar is a slayer master that you will either love or hate.

Her tasks are area-specific and thus not very cannon/barrage friendly.

She has the highest base points per task out of any slayer master except for Krystilia.



Base Points Per Task:12 (15 with elite)
Cannon/burst/barrage? Yes

Nieve/Steve is your best bet until you reach 100 combat for Duradel.

If you plan on bursting/cannoning you should continue to use Nieve/Steve as Duradel does not give you a lot of good multi combat tasks.



Base Points Per Task:15
Cannon/burst/barrage? Yes

Duradel is the best slayer master to use once you reach level 100 combat.

He will assign the highest-level monsters and give you an amazing 15 base points for every task.

Slayer Strategies

Fastest Slayer Experience: Using a Cannon to Speed up Tasks

Slayer is a very slow skill.

Your experience rates depend on how many monsters you can kill per hour.

So in order to get the fastest slayer experience, you’ll need a dwarf cannon to help you slay the monsters faster.

A Dwarf Cannon can be bought for 750K GP after completing of the similarly named quest.

Keep in mind, using a dwarf cannon is VERY expensive.

The cannonballs will set you back about 400K GP PER HOUR.

For this reason, cannoning slayer tasks, is only recommended to those with money to blow.

You also won’t be able to use a cannon on every single task. Some monsters aren’t cannon-able, and some slayer caves do not allow the use of cannons.

Slayer Caves where you can use a cannon:

  • Chasm of Fire
  • Stronghold Slayer Cave
  • Kalphite Slayer Cave

Slayer Caves where you cannot use a cannon:

  • Fremmenik Slayer Cave
  • Catacombs of Kourend

Great Cannon Tasks:

  • Dagannoths
  • Kalphites

Fastest Slayer Experience: Bursting Tasks

Those with Ancient Magicks unlocked (requires the Desert Treasure quest) and over 70+ Magic as well as 65+ Slayer, unlock the ability to start bursting on task.

Bursting/barraging allows you to target multiple opponents at the same time and thus you will increase your experience rates by A LOT.

Great Bursting Tasks:

  • Nechryaels
  • Dust Devils
  • Smoke Devils

Below is a great bursting slayer guide.

Turael Boost: Farm Slayer Reward Points

Turael is a low-requirement slayer master that assigns VERY quick tasks.

For this reason, he is often used to farm Slayer Reward Points.

This Slayer Training Method is referred to as Turael Boosting.

Here’s how it works:

  • You use Turael for task 1 – 9
  • You use a high-level slayer master (Nieve/Konar/Duradel) for task 10

This way, you can quickly skip to the 10th task to get the massive slayer reward bonus.

You can even go to the 50th, 100th task, and so forth.

Krystilia Boost: Farm Reward Points

Another way to farm points is to use the Wilderness Slayer Master Krystilia.

Krystilia gives a whopping 25 points for every completed task.

Every 10th task gets you 125 reward points and the 50th task gets you 375 reward points.

What’s cool about Krystilia is that you can do it alongside your other slayer streak because her streak is completely different from your regular slayer streak.

Of course, this slayer master gives tasks in the deep wilderness which aren’t ideal because you will get pked A LOT.

AFK Slayer Training

Slayer can be a pretty AFK task when done right.

In order to achieve this, you’ll need to have a massive prayer bonus so that you don’t have to continuously sip your prayer potion.

The higher your prayer bonus and the higher your prayer, the longer you will be able to AFK.

The best way to get a high prayer bonus is by wearing Proselyte Armour in combination with a blessing (Rada’s Blessing 4 is recommended) and a stole/holy symbol.

A bone crusher from the Morytania Hard Diary will also help you stay AFK for longer.

Use our Slayer Gear Guide below to find out how to properly gear up for AFKing.

Slayer Armour

When slaying, you want to optimize for DPS.

More DPS = more experience, simple as that.

Keep in mind that some tasks will require certain protection equipment.

tip osrsguideYou can also use the Slayer Gear Helper developed by JosephsPlace.
1. The Slayer Gear Helper works as follows:
2. Enter your combat stats
3. Choose your current Slayer Task
4. Select a combat style
5. Get your gear recommendations


Melee Gear

Helmet SlotCape SlotNeck SlotAmmo SlotWeapon Slot
Slayer Helmet/Black MaskInfernal CapeAmulet of TortureRada’s Blessing
Neitiznot FaceguardFire CapeAmulet of FuryUnholy Blessing
Neitiznot HelmetArdougne CloakAmulet of Glory
Berserker HelmAmulet of Strength
Chest SlotShield SlotLegs SlotGloves SlotBoots SlotRing Slot
Bandos ChestplateAvernic DefenderBandos TassetsBarrows GlovesPrimordial BootsBerserker ring (i)
Fighter TorsoDragon DefenderDragon BootsBrimstone ring
Explorers ring


Prayer Gear

Helmet SlotCape SlotNeck SlotAmmo SlotWeapon Slot
Slayer Helmet/Black MaskInfernal CapeGod stoleRada’s BlessingAbyssal Tentacle
Neitiznot FaceguardFire CapeHoly blessingUnholy BlessingAbyssal Whip
Neitiznot HelmetSoul CapeAmulet of FuryDragon Scimitar
Berserker HelmArdougne CloakAmulet of Glory
Chest SlotShield SlotLegs SlotGloves SlotBoots SlotRing Slot
Proselyte HauberkAvernic DefenderProselyte TassetsBarrows GlovesPrimordial BootsBerserker ring (i)
Initiate PlatebodyDragon DefenderInitiate PlatelegsTormented BraceletGuardian BootsBrimstone ring
God BookHoly WrapsDevout BootsRing of the Gods
Dragon BootsExplorers ring


Magic Gear

Helmet SlotCape SlotNeck SlotWeapon SlotChest Slot
Armadyl HelmetImbued God CapeOccult NecklaceArmadyl Chestplate
Ahrim HoodGod CapeAmulet of FuryAhrim top
Mystic HatAmulet of Glory
Shield SlotLegs SlotGloves SlotBoots SlotRing Slot
Twisted BucklerAncestral BottomsBarrows GlovesEternal BootsSeers ring (i)
Mage’s bookAhrim bottomsTormented BraceletInfinity Boots
Tome of Water


Ranged Gear

Helmet SlotCape SlotNeck SlotWeapon SlotChest Slot
Armadyl HelmetAva’s AssemblerAmulet of AnguishBow of FaerdhinenArmadyl Chestplate
Robin Hood HatAva’s AccumulatorAmulet of FuryArmadyl CrossbowBlessed D’hide
Ava’s AttractorAmulet of GloryDragon Crossbow
Rune Crossbow
Shield SlotLegs SlotGloves SlotBoots SlotRing Slot
Twisted BucklerArmadyl ChainskirtBarrows GlovesPegasian BootsArchers ring (i)
Dragonfire WardBlessed D’hideRanger boots
God BookBlessed D’hide

Slayer Locations

Stronghold Slayer Cave

stronghold slayer cave locationGetting There:
– Use Slayer Ring
– Use the Spirit Tree to Gnome Stronghold and run southwest


Aberrant Spectres
Fire Giants

Slayer Tower

slayer tower location osrsGetting There:
– Use Slayer Ring
– Use the Spirit Tree to Gnome Stronghold and run southwest


King Sand Crabs
Abyssal Demons
Infernal Mages
Aberrant Spectres

Catacombs of Kourend

Getting There:
– Xeric’s Talisman (Xeric’s Heart)
– Kourend Castle Teleport (66 Magic)

Main Entrance Monsters

hill giant osrsHill Giants
ghosts osrs slayer taskGhosts
skeletons osrs slayer taskSkeletons
hellhounds osrs slayer taskHellhounds
cyclops osrs slayer taskCyclopses
moss giant osrs slayer taskMoss Giants

Dragons Den (NW)

brutal black dragon slayer task osrsBrutal Black Dragons
brutal blue dragon slayer taskBrutal Blue Dragons
brutal red dragon slayer task osrsBrutal Red Dragons
hellhounds osrs slayer taskFire Giants
cyclops osrs slayer taskIron Dragons
moss giant osrs slayer taskBronze Dragons
Steel Dragons

Demons Run (NE)

Greater Demons
Abyssal Demons
Black Demons
Lesser Demons
Greater Nechryaels
Mutated Bloodvelds

The Shallows (SE)

King Sand Crabs
Warped Jellies
Dust Devils

Reeking Cove (SW)

Deviant Spectres

Chasm of Fire

Getting There: Fairy ring DJR


Lesser Demons
Greater Demons
Black Demons

Player Owned House Setup for Slayer

Having a decent house setup is HUGELY beneficial to your slayer grind.

The idea is to have as many teleports available to slayer caves and slayer masters to speed up trips.

Low-Level Setup (50+ Construction)

The low-level setup requires you to only have 50 construction which allows for 2 things: a chapel and a portal chamber.

Inside your portal chamber, you should create the following two teleports:

  • Kourend Castle Teleport (requires 66 Magic) and gives access easy to the Catacombs of Kourend
  • Salve Graveyard Teleport (requires 70& Arceuus Favour) gives access to Canifis Slayer Tower + next to Fairy Ring

Mid-Level Setup (70+ Construction)

Revitalisation pool (70 Construction)

Portal Nexus (72 Construction)

Add teleports to Kourend Castle, Salve graveyard

Spirit Tree (requires 83 farming)

High-Level Setup (90+ Construction)

Fairy Ring (85 Construction)

Spirit Tree (75 construction, 83 farming)

Occult Altar (90 Construction)

Jewellery Box (81 Construction)

Ornate Pool (90 Construction)

Portal Nexus (72 Construction)

Slayer Money making

The following portion of this slayer guide will teach you how you can make money using this skill.

Please be aware that a decent slayer level (70+) is required before you will start seeing decent drops.

Best Slayer Masters for Making Money

duradel is the best slayer master to make money

Duradel is hands down the best slayer master to use when looking to make money from Slayer.

konar is the second best slayer master to make money with

Konar can be a bit annoying as her tasks are location-based but the monster do drop brimstone keys which do increase your hourly loot by a lot.

nieve is the third best slayer master to make money with

Nieve is your best option if you don’t have the combat requirements for Duradel and you can’t stand Konar’s location-based tasks.

Profitable Slayer Tasks

Slayer TaskSlayer RequirementMoney per hour
Blue Dragons0365k GP per hour (osrs wiki)
Kurasks70400k – 600K GP per hour
Wyverns72780k GP per hour (osrs wiki)
Gargoyles75300k – 600k GP per hour (osrs wiki)
Brutal Black Dragons771M GP per hour (osrs wiki)
Greater Nechryaels80600k GP per hour
Abyssal Sire (BOSS)851.3M GP per hour (osrs wiki)
Kraken (BOSS)871M GP per hour (osrs wiki)
Thermonuclear Smoke Devils931M GP per hour (osrs wiki)

Tasks You Should Block (Low Value Drops)

The following tasks should be on your block list as they will make you VERY little profit.

Greater Demons
Lesser Demons

Slayer Reward to Unlock

You basically want to unlock as many task increases as possible for profitable monsters such as Gargoyles, Wyverns, Kurasks, and so forth.

Slayer Rewards to Unlock

Every slayer master has a slayer reward store where you can spend your Slayer Reward Points.

Here are some of the most useful unlocks.

Bigger and Badder150 pts(first unlock)
Gives a chance at getting bigger monsters on a slayer task. These will give LOTS of experience as well as have their own drop table. Many players make this their first unlock as it will speed up experience slayer rates.
Broader Fletcher300 ptsAllows you to fletch broad bolts. This unlock is very useful for ironmen accounts.
Slayer Helmet400 ptsAllows you to make the Slayer Helmet from a Black Mask. Wearing it counts as wearing a nose peg, earmuffs, facemas, and so on. You also get a 16.6% melee damage boost. When imbued at the Nightmare zone or Soul Wars, this helmet gives a 15% damage boost in magic and ranged as well.
Ring Bling300 ptsAllows you to craft slayer rings that can teleport you to different slayer caves. Crafting the ring requires 75 crafting.
Gargoyle Smasher120 ptsThis unlock will make slaying Gargoyles a lot more enjoyable as you will no longer need to use a rock hammer to finish them off.
Get Smashed100 ptsThe number of Gargoyles assigned is increased to 200 – 250 every time you get the task. This is great for money making as Gargoyles are very profitable.

Slayer Monster Guides

Want more in-depth slayer guides for individual monsters? Check out our monster slayer guides below.

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Wrap Up

Hopefully, this OSRS Slayer Guide has been helpful to you.

If you’ve made it this far in the guide, you should have a pretty good idea of how to train Slayer as efficiently as possible.

Remember, slayer is best started beyond combat level 70 when you can unlock higher-level monsters and better slayer masters.

You should also complete the Varrock Museum Quiz and the Quest ‘A Porcine of Interest’ before training slayer as this will boost you all the way to level 13 slayer before you even get started.

Remember to take things slow, slayer is a very slow skill and you will burn very quickly if you try to go too hard.

Best of luck in your slayer training!

Check out some of our other skilling guides as well.

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