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This OSRS Cave Horror Guide will cover everything you need to know to slay Cave Horrors in osrs.

Cave Horrors are unlocked at level 58 slayer and are known for being the only monster that drops the Black Mask which gives a massive 16.67% melee damage increase (or 15% mage/range increase when imbued).

The black mask is also required to make a slayer helmet, a must-have for anyone who is training their slayer.

Alongside black masks which are worth good money in the grand exchange, cave horrors also drop a large number of high-level seeds, herbs, and nature runes so it is definitely a task you should not skip.

osrs slayer guideThis article is part of our OSRS Slayer Guide. osrs slayer guide

πŸ›‘ Cave Horror Requirements

osrs slayer guideSlayer Level: 58
quest requirements for slayer task Quest Requirements: Cabin Fever
slayer gear requirement osrsSpecial Gear: Witchwood Icon (to avoid its special attack)

Cave Horrors are not unlocked by default. The cave where they reside is located on Mos Le’harmless which is an island that you unlock after completion of the Cabin Fever quest.

You will also need to wear a Witchwood Icon (which you can buy from any slayer master) to protect you from the Cave Horrors special attack.

You will also need a light source to enter the cave.

combat stats Cave Horror Stats

  • Combat level: 80
  • Max hit: 9
  • XP/kill: 58
  • Weak to: everything
  • Slayer level Requirement: 58
cannon slayer taskCannon: no
burst slayer taskBurst: no
osrs cave horror guide for slayer

πŸ—ΊοΈ Cave Horror Location

Cave Horrors are located in the cave on Mos Le’Harmless, an island that is unlocked during the Cabin Fever quest.

This cave is the ONLY place where you can fight cave horrors in Gielinor.

To enter the cave, you will need to have a light source.

You can easily get to Mos Le’harmless by using the ‘Trouble Brewing’ grouping teleport.

Alternatively, you can use a charter ship as well.

osrs cave horror location
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slayer gear iconCave Horror Gear Setup

gear setup for cave horror slayer task osrs

Since Cave Horrors attack with a magical-based melee attack, you should always be wearing armour with high magic defense such as d’hide, Karils, and so forth.

Alternatively, you can also opt for prayer-boosting armor such as proselyte. When using this strategy, you do not need to use a Witchwood icon as your protect from melee will also negate their special attack.

Ranged Gear Setup

ranged gear setup for cave horror slayer task

exp waste osrs Are Cave Horror Tasks Worth It?

Cave Horrors tasks are very much worth it!

Regular accounts will make good money on this task from seeds, natures, and the black mask drops.

Ironmen accounts will need to have at least one black mask to create their slayer helm and afterward, they should continue to do this task simply for the seed, herb, and nature rune drops.

Cave Horrors only have 55 HP making them a very quick kill and the task is also very quick and offers good experience rates.

You can also use a cannon on this task, who would ever skip it?

osrs exp rateCave Horror EXP Rates

With just Melee, you can expect to see up to 25k EXP per hour at Cave Horrors, depending on your gear and stats.

When using Piety as well, these numbers can go up to 30k exp per hour.

When using a Cannon, the exp rate goes up to 60k per hour.

osrs drop table Cave Horror Drop Table

πŸ’° According to OSRS WIKI, the average drop of a cave horror is worth 2,598.44 GP.
πŸ’° The hourly profit at Cave Horrors is 247k GP/hr. (source: OSRS WIKI)

Special Drops:

  • Black Mask

Common Drops:

  • Herbs
  • Seeds (Snapdragon, Avantoe, Kwuarm, Irit,…)
  • Nature Runes (3-6)
clue scroll chanceClue Scroll Chance: 1/128 (hard clue)
osrs slayer guideReturn to OSRS Slayer Guide. osrs slayer guide

πŸ“Ό OSRS Cave Horror Guide Video

Hopefully, this osrs Cave Horror guide gave you all the information you needed to fight Cave Horrors located in the Mos Le’Harmless Cave. If anything is missing, be sure to let us know.

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