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This OSRS Kurask Guide will cover everything you need to know to kill Kurasks in osrs, whether you want to do so for a slayer task or grind them off task as a money making method.

Kurasks are assigned once you reach level 70 slayer and they are the only monster to drop the leaf-bladed battleaxe.

osrs slayer guideThis article is part of our OSRS Slayer Guide. osrs slayer guide

πŸ›‘ Kurask Requirements

osrs slayer guideSlayer Level: 70
quest requirements for slayer task Quest Requirements: none
slayer gear requirement osrsSpecial Gear: Leaf Bladed Weaponry (or broad bolts/arrows)

πŸ“Š Kurask Stats

  • Combat level: 106
  • Max hit: 11
  • XP/kill: 97
  • Weak to: Leaf Bladed Weaponry
  • Slayer level Requirement: 70
cannon slayer taskCannon: no
burst slayer taskBurst: no
osrs kurask slayer guide

πŸ—ΊοΈ Kurask Location

Kurasks are located in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.

Or, players who have completed Song of the Elves, can also kill them in the Iorwerth Dungeon as well.

Players can easily access the Fremennik slayer Dungeon using the Fairy ring code A J R.

Alternatively, you can teleport there directly using the slayer ring.

kurask location osrs
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kurask location osrs

If you have the Iorwerth Dungeon unlocked (Song of The Elves), this is the best place to kill Kurasks for the added 1/24 drop rate of crystal shards.

πŸ’­ How to fight Kurasks (Strategy)

Kurasks are very easy to kill.

They have no special mechanics.

You will need a leaf-bladed weapon such as the leaf-bladed battleaxe, sword or spear.

If you aren’t using prayer, bring plenty of high healing food as you will take damage. Expect to make a couple of trips during your task depending on your gear and stats.

Rangers have to use either broad bolts or broad arrows.

Rangers can use the safespot behind the rocks in the slayer-only part of the cave as illustrated below.

πŸ—‘οΈ Kurask Gear Setup

Melee Gear Setup

For the melee gear setup, you’ll want to wear prayer boosting armour (if using prayer) or tanky armour if using food.

Remember: Leaf-Bladed Weaponry is the only type of melee weapon that can damage kurasks.

The Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe is best-in-slot so this should be your weapon of choice.

Ironmen can use the Leaf-Bladed Spear which can be bought from any slayer master. Or the Leaf-Bladed Sword should they have already obtained it from Turoths on earlier slayer tasks.

Other than that, aim for max DPS.

Ranged Gear Setup

For the ranged setup, you don’t have to worry about tank gear as you can safespot kurasks.

Just opt for maximum DPS.

Keep in mind that only Broad Bolts and Broad Arrows will work!

kurask ranged gear setup

πŸ€” Are Kurask Tasks Worth It?

Kurask tasks are a MUST-DO for ironmen as they provide a nice amount of supply, alchables and cash.

This is also the only monster that drops the leaf-bladed battleaxe which is best-in-slot against monsters such as Turoths and Kurasks.

Main accounts will find this task highly profitable (especially when done in the Iorwerth Dungeon) and thus shouldn’t skip it either.

You’ll hit extremely high on these with a leaf-bladed battleaxe so you really shouldn’t be skipping this task.

πŸ’° Kurask Drop Table

πŸ’° According to OSRS WIKI, the average drop of a Kurask is worth 4,018 GP.
πŸ’° The hourly profit at Kurasks is 21k GP/hr.

Kurasks have three special drops:

  • Leaf-bladed sword (1/384)
  • Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe (1/1,026)
  • Light Mystic Robe top (1/512)

Kurasks also drop cash:

  • 2k – 3k gp (1/8)
  • 10k gp (1/25)

Having a ring of wealth which automatically picks up coins can be very rewarding on this task.

Aside from that they drop some Alchables:

  • Rune longsword (1/41)
  • Rune axe (1/41)
  • Mithril Kiteshield (1/41)

Kurasks also drop a large number of herbs and seeds. Bringing a herb sack and seed box is highly recommended.

Kurasks drop supplies as well:

  • 10 papaya fruit (1/31)
  • 10 coconut (1/31)
  • 12 white berries (1/21)
  • 100 flax (1/20)
  • 20 big bones (1/24)

This makes the Kurask task PERFECT for ironman as they will give you LOTS of supplies for farming, herblore, prayer and crafting.

Kurasks also drop the Kurask head which can be mounted in a P-O-H. The drop rate for the Kurask head is 1/3000.

brimstone key osrsBrimstone Key chance: 1/78 (Konar Task Only)
clue scroll chanceClue Scroll chance: 1/128 (hard clue)
crystal shard chanceCrystal Shard chance: 1/24 (Iorwerth Dungeon Only)

πŸ“Ό OSRS Kurask Guide Video

osrs slayer guideContinue reading our OSRS Slayer Guide. osrs slayer guide

Hopefully, this osrs kurask guide gave you all the information you needed to fight kurasks inside the Fremennik Slayer Cave or Iorwerth Dungeon in case you’ve completed Song of the Elves. If anything is missing, be sure to let us know.

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