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Hellhounds are a common slayer task in osrs. They are relatively easy to kill and don’t hit very high. Players can use overhead prayers to completely negate hellhounds attack. This osrs hellhounds guide will cover gear/inventory setup for hellhounds, where they are located, how to fight them, and cover their droptable.

Hellhounds can be assigned by Krystilia, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Konar, Nieve/Steve, and Duradel. Alternatively, higher combat players can face the Cerberus boss on a hellhound slayer task.

osrs slayer guideThis article is part of our OSRS Slayer Guide. osrs slayer guide

Hellhounds Stats

hellhound osrs guide. Complete slayer guide for hellhounds in osrs. Where to find them, how to fight them, what gear to wear and their droptable.
  • Combat level: 122/127/136
  • Max hit: 11-13
  • XP/kill: 116-150
  • slayer level required: 75 

Hellhounds location osrs

Hellhounds can be found in various locations throughout Gielinor. Depending on the location you might see different drops (see our drop table for more info).

List of hellhound locations: 

  • Stronghold slayer cave (where Nieve/Steve slayer master is)
  • Taverley Dungeon
  • Witchaven Dungeon
  • God Wars Dungeon
  • Catacombs of Kourend
  • Karuulm Slayer Dungeon*

If you haven’t completed the Elite Kourend & Kebos Diaries, you should wear granite, brimstone, or boots of stone in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. Otherwise, you will take rapid damage from the hot floor.

Tip: If you’re looking for the fastest location to fight hellhounds this is easily the Stronghold slayer cave in Tree gnome stronghold where Nieve/Steve is located.

How to fight hellhounds

Hellhounds only attack with melee, by using the protect from melee overhead prayer you can completely absolve yourself from taken any damage when fighting hellhounds. There are also safe spots available in most locations such as stronghold slayer cave, tavern dungeon, and karuulm slayer dungeon. 

If you’re on a slayer task, bringing a dwarf cannon will speed up your kills and hourly experience rates dramatically. The best location for setting up a dwarf cannon on the hellhound task is the stronghold slayer cave located in the tree gnome stronghold.

Tip: Players who don’t like the hellhound task can use an Expeditious bracelet on top of the dwarf cannon to speed up kills even more. The Expeditious bracelet has a 25% chance of counting 1 kill as two kills towards your slayer task. Note that this does give you extra experience. Every bracelet has 30 charges and can be bought for less than 1K from the grand exchange.

Fighting hellhounds with prayer

If you plan to fight hellhounds using overhead prayers you would benefit from armour with high prayer bonus such as proselyte and the use of a bonecrusher or even bone crusher necklace. 

Player who don’t like AFKing can prayer-flick hellhound slayer tasks to reduce the amount of money spend. 

Hellhound Gear setup

Hellhounds can be fought with every combat style. Melee is preferred unless you’re a lower level who wants to use safespots. You can use either ranged or magic for safespotting. While hellhounds are weak to magic, a good ranged setup tends to be more efficient.


Example of a Melee gear setup for fighting hellhounds on a slayer task.
  • slayer helm/black mask
  • amulet of torture/fury/glory
  • bandos chestplate/torso/obsidian
  • Bandos tassets/obsidian
  • Primordials/dragon boots/granite boots (if using Karuulm slayer dungeon)
  • ferocious gloves/barrows gloves/combat bracelet
  • avernic/dragon/rune defender
  • ghrazi rapier/abyssal tentacle
  • fire cape/mythical cape/obby cape
  • berserker ring (i)/brimstone ring/warrior ring(i)
  • rada’s blessing (4)/god blessing

TIP: You can also use high prayer-bonus armour such as proselyte to save on prayer potions.


Example of a Ranged gear setup for fighting hellhounds on a slayer task.
  • slayer helm/black mask
  • necklace of anguish/fury/glory
  • armadyl chestplate/blessed d’hide
  • Armadyl chainskirt/blessed d’hide
  • pegasian boots/d’hide boots
  • barrows gloves/blessed bracers
  • twisted buckler/odium ward/book of law
  • toxic blowpipe/any crossbow
  • ava’s assembler/accumulator
  • archers ring (i)/brimstone ring
  • amethyst broad bolts/runite bolts/broad bolts


Example of a Magic gear setup for fighting hellhounds on a slayer task.
  • slayer helm/black mask
  • occult necklace/fury
  • ancestral/ahrims/infinity top
  • ancestral/ahrims/infinity bottoms
  • eternal boots/infinity boots
  • tormented bracelet/barrows gloves
  • arcane/mage’s book
  • toxic trident/trident of the seas/staff of the dead
  • imbued god cape/god cape
  • seers ring (i)/brimstone ring
  • rada’s blessing 4/god blessing

Inventory setup

Example melee inventory setup for a hellhound task with a dwarf cannon, bonecrusher and holy wrench

Your inventory setup should look pretty similar no matter what attack style you end up choosing. 

Example inventory:

  • 2 super combats/ranging potions
  • 6-14 prayer potions
  • teleportation method
  • dwarf cannon
  • cannonballs
  • holy wrench (optional)
  • bonecrusher (optional)
  • 4-10 pieces of food

Hell hounds drop table

Hellhounds drop regular bones upon death. Other than bones and a high chance of obtaining hard clue scrolls, hell hounds don’t have a very extensive drop table. There are some slayer master exclusive and location-based drops.

Valuable hell hound drops:

  • Smouldering Stone (drop rate of 1/32,768, 1/16,384 in revenant caves)
  • Hard clue scroll (1/64)

Slayer master exclusive drops

  • Brimstone key (1/95, only if on task by Konar)
  • Larran’s key (1/90, only if on task by Kristillia)
  • Slayer’s enhancement (1/228/1/200, only if on task by Kristillia)

Catacombs of Kourend exclusive drops:

  • Ancient Shard (1/256)
  • Dark Totem base (1/384)
  • Dark Totem middle (1/384)
  • Dark Totem top (1/384)

Hell hounds are also a great source for collecting hard clue scrolls with a drop rate of 1/64. Wearing an imbued ring of wealth doubles the clue scroll drop rate to 1/32. 

Osrs hellhounds slayer guide video

For those who prefer video guides, NoBS OSRS’s hellhound guide contains every single hellhound location, where to find the safe spots, where to set up your dwarf cannon as well as gear and inventory setup information. 

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Hopefully, this osrs hellhounds guide covers everything you need to know to finish your slayer task. If anything is missing, feel free to contact us.

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