osrs efficient ironman guide

This is the efficient OSRS Ironman Guide. This checklist follows the quests in the correct and most optimal order so that you don’t have to waste any time or experience.

If you were looking for the fastest way to get barrows gloves in OSRS as an ironman, this is it.

Using this guide, you will never have to skill any more than you should. The efficient questing will make sure of that.

This optimal guide is good for regular as well as ultimate ironman and group ironman accounts.

For this Ironman Efficiency Guide, we’ll be following Oziris‘ blueprint. Oziris is an OSRS veteran who is known for his efficient ironman pastebin. We went through his effiency guide step-by-step and added some extra info as well as our own insights to make the guide a little more noob-friendly. We’ve also added OSRS Wiki links to help you out as well as direct links to SlayerMusiq1 Quick Guides for the individual quests.

You can find Oziris’s Pastebin here: https://pastebin.com/KAm2GfGN

How to use this Optimal Ironman Guide

This Ironman efficiency guide works best if you follow along step by step.

Quests will be colorcoded to make it easier to keep track.

A lot of the quests will be done while you move around Gielinor and gather resources. As long as you follow this efficiency guide, you will not miss out on steps. Some quests will say ‘start and finish‘ these are the only quests that you should complete right away. Such quests will be color coded in Orange and will always have a link to a YouTube Quick Guide (Slayermusiq1) as well.

To navigate this guide use CTRL + F to search. (CMD +F on mac).

This Guide includes checkpoints which you can use to take a break. Checkpoints are highlighted with [CHECKPOINT]. If you follow this guide by the checkpoints, you will have barrows gloves in just 47 days.

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Part 1: Wintertodt, Ardougne Cloak
Part 2: Skilling Grind
Part 3: Quests, Fairy Rings and 43 Prayer
Part 4: Skilling and Graceful
Part 5: Getting B Gloves

Efficient Ironman Guide: Part 1

In the early stages, we’ll focus on getting the requirements for Wintertodt. This will give us a great starting point as the loot will be useful for quests and the cash stack will go a long way. We’ll also focus on knocking out some early game quests and obtaining the Ardougne Cloak 1.

Start as a female character (you’ll need it for Recruitment Drive).
!! Speak to the Ironman Tutor to become an Ironman BEFORE leaving tutorial island.
Drop runes and speak to the Mage Tutor to get more. (obviously you pick the dropped ones back up) You’ll be doing this every time you pass by him. (only works every 30 minutes)
Start the Restless Ghost Quest by speaking with Father Aereck
Start X Marks the Spot by speaking with Veos in the Sheared Ram Pub
Run to the Castle and pick up every single item spawn in the kitchen (knife, bowl, pot, jug) and the cellar (boots, cabbage). Fill up the jug with water as well.
Talk to Duke Horatio on the first floor to start Rune Mysteries
Head over to the bank on the second floor of the castle and bank your items except for a tinder box.
Start lighting logs found behind the bank until 15 firemaking (61 total logs). Hop between worlds to get new log spawns. Pick up 4 ashes and 7 logs and bank them (quest req).
Grab a knife and pick up logs to fletch into arrow shafts until you have 1000. (67 total logs)
Grab your GP, Air Talisman and runes from the bank and head downstairs to pickpocket men/women downstairs until you reach level 5 thieving. (HCIM can use cabbage spawn as a food source)
Buy a spade from the general store (or grab one for free from the shed in the Lumbridge swamp)
Buy a steel axe (200gp) from Bob’s Axe shop. Dig up the clue next to the store (as illustrated)
Dig up the clue behind Lumbride castle
Go behind the Lumbridge castle and kill a Giant Rat (safespot possible) and pick up the meat.
Speak with Father Urhney in the Lumbridge swamp. He’ll give you the Ghostspeak amulet (equip it). Pick up 5 swamp tar on the way (spawn points are east from Father Urhneys house)
Go to the Wizards tower and give your Air Talisman to Sedridor in the basement. he’ll give you a research package.
Run towards Draynor Village. Dig up the next clue (4 tiles removed from the plant before the wheat field)
Grab 2 cheese from Aggie’s house (the witch). Hop worlds for fast spawns.
Go to the pig pen in the draynor market and dig up the Ancient Casket (2 tiles north of the fence)
Run to West to Port Sarim and speak with Veos on the docks to complete X Marks the Spot quest. Keep the XP lamp!
Go West towards Hobgoblin Peninsula and grab a Snape Grass.
Run over to the Falador castle to start The Knight’s Sword quest by speaking with the Squire.
[CHECKPOINT 1] Teleport to Clan Wars (using mini-game teleport). Use the FFA portal to regenerate your run.
Go west through the barrier and run North-West to pick up 2 iron bars in Lvl 18 Wilderness (world hop).
Teleport to Castle Wars by going through the green barrier in the Ferox Enclave.
Use the Castle Wars bank to grab the following items: coins, steel axe, tinderbox, 1 log and jug of water
Run towards Yanille. Pass by the hunter shop and trade with one of the salesman as part of the Ardougne Diary.
Go to the cooking shop and buy a pie dish.
Run to Port Khazard and buy 1 swamp paste from the general store
Walk towards the Monastery (conserve your run energy) and do the Monk’s Friend Quest (Quick Guide)
After the quest you’ll have 13 Woodcutting. Chop some trees to get that up to 15.
Chop down Oak Trees (South of Ardougne Zoo) until you reach 35 Woodcutting. Burn all the logs with your tinderbox to level up your Firemaking as well.
Go to the Ardougne marketplace and steal cake from the cake stall until level 20 thieving. (bank cakes for food and 15 bread for quests)
Next, steal silk until level 25 thieving. Bank the silk! (you’ll sell it later and keep some for quests)
Grab 100gp from bank and start and finish the Sheeps Herder Quest. (Quick Guide) After completion, pray at the altar as part of the Ardougne Diary.
Run to the bank and take out: small fishing net and GP. Start and finish the Sea Slug Quest. (Quick Guide) Fish Shrimp during the quest for Ardougne Diary. Buy full inventory of Sardine from the fishing shop after quest (for Gertrude’s Cat). You now have 24 fishing.
Go back to Ardougne and start selling full inventories of Silk to the silk trader. (negotiate 120 than 60) Keep 10 silk for quests.
Go to the Estate Agent and purchase a house with your silk money you filthy thief.
Once you have a house, use the XP lamp from X Marks the Spot on Construction.
From the Ardougne general store buy: 30 balls of wools, 7 papyrus, 2 ropes and 1 vial pack.
Bank everything and withdraw: coins, rope, spade and some food.
Head North. Dig up Cluehunter gear on your way. (two tiles South-West of the Oak tree)
Buy Greenman’s ale from Rasolo. (Wandering Merchant located West of the Fishing Guild)
Start the Dwarf Cannon Quest and do it all the way until you have to head over to the Ice Mountain.
Travel to Barbarian Assault. Pick up 130 planks (nearly 5 inventories) just North of the Agility Course (bank using deposit box)
Start Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl by speaking with the Guard.
While you are at Barbarian Assault, follow the tutorial to unlock the Barbarian Assault Mini Game Teleport.
Start Waterfall Quest and continue until the part that forces you to go to the Gnome Maze. (read the book!)
Travel to the Gnome Stronghold and buy a drink from Blurberry for the Barcrawl. (1st floor of the Grand Tree)
Next, buy the following items from Heckel Funch: 1 cocktail shaker, 1 cocktail glass, 1 dwellberry, 1 pineapple, 1 orange, 1 bucket of milk, 2 lemons and 1 chocolate dust
Go up to the third floor and purchase 1000 bronze arrowtips from Gulluck and Sons. (world hop and only purchase 100 per world)
[CHECKPOINT 3] Bank everything. Withdraw 1 rope, dwelberries, bucket of milk and chocolate dust and 1 snape grass (for Hangover Cure Plague City) and Travel to Ardougne.
Start and finish the Plague City quest. You now have 15 mining.
Equip your Ghostspeak Amulet, get coins and travel to Varrock.
Start and finish the Daddy’s home miniquest. While you are at the Sawmill operator for the quest, buy 500 bronze nails (Quick Guide)
Teleport to Clan Wars (Mini Game Teleport). Restore your energy using FFA portal and go through the green portal to teleport to castle wars.
Grab a tinderbox and your steel axe from the bank and run towards the Teak Tree located South-West of Castle Wars.
Chop down the tree and burn the logs until you reach level 50 firemaking for Wintertodt.
Teleport to Lumbridge and talk to the ghost in the Lumbridge Cemetery. (Restless Ghost)
Go to Draynor village. Get some cash and buy the Chronicle and some pages from Diango in the marketplace (this will let you teleport to Varrock).
From the bank grab: GP, bronze nails, saw, hammer, 1000 arrowheads, 1000 arrowshafts, 1 empty inventory space, full inventory of planks and the remainder of your planks in noted form. (leave 10 banks for questing)
Run towards Remmington and on your way buy 1000 feathers in Port Sarim from the Fishing shop.
In Remmington, go into your house and train construction to level 20. Use the NPC Phials located in the General Shop next door to un-note your planks for you.
Go back to Port Sarim and speak with Veos to travel to Great Kourend (for Wintertodt)
Walk all the way to Wintertodt and fletch your arrowshafts and arrowtips into bronze arrows as you walk. This will get you to level 15 fletching.
[CHECKPOINT 4] Play the Wintertodt Minigame until you have made at least 200k cash from loot boxes. (remember to wear your cluehunter gear to stay warm) Make sure you also train your fletching to 22 while you are there. You will also need 12 magic logs for Desert Treasure. In case you stay at Wintertoft beyond 200k, do not open any more lootboxes because the loot potential goes up as your skills go up so you’ll want to keep them for later.
Once you have your cashstack from Wintertodt, get the following items from the bank: mind/air runes, chronicle, food, and coins.
Teleport to Lumbridge. Drop your runes in front of the mage tutor to get more.
Buy 1 bucket pack and three more buckets from the general store.
Walk North to Fred’s Farm
Killl a chicken using Wind Strike. Pick up the raw chicken. Pick up the egg as well.
Then, kill a cow calf, pick up the meat.
Go North to the diary farm and get 3 buckets of milk
Walk North-West in the direction of Barbarian Village (pass Draynor Village through the East) and make your way to the Dwarven Mines. Speak with Nulodion. He’ll give you a cannonball mount and notes for the Dwarf Cannon quest.
Teleport with your Chronicle to Varrock. Run North-West to Gertrude’s house.
Grab Doogle Leaves behind her house and then speak with her to start Gertrude’s cat quest.
Go to the bank. Grab a sardine and use it on your Doogle Leave.
Bank everything except for cashstack, the Doogle Leaved Sardine, a bucket of milk, a regular bucket, barcrawl card and the research package for Rune Mysteries.
Speak with the kids in Varrock Square. Then, speak with Romeo to start Romeo and Julliet.
Talk to the Gypsy to start Demon Slayer.
Then walk over to the castle and speak with Sir Prysin.
Then go over to the library inside the castle and speak with Reldo for the Knight’s Sword.
Then, go up to the Western tower and speak with Captain Rovin to get your first key for Demon Slayer.
Next, go to the kitchen to obtain the second key by pouring a bucket of water (fill at the sink) in the drain outside. This will flush out the sewers underneath Varrock. Go into the sewers (western side) to collect the rusty key.
Go back to the Varrock Square and buy a newspaper from Benny. Then buy a fire staff from Zaff and finally head over to the clothes shop to buy gloves and a pink skirt.
East on the Achievement Diary logo on the map (near the three prison cages) buy a rotten tomato from the crate.
Go into the Varrock Pub and get a drink for the Barcrawl. Buy four beers afterwards.
Head over to the Rune Shop and give the research package from Aubury. Then, trade him and purchase: 100 fire runes (1 pack), 300 earth runes (3 packs), 300 water runes (3 packs) and 8000 air runes (80 packs) and 4000 mind runes (40 packs). Hop worlds to get the cheapest price.
Once you have all the runes, speak with him again and he’ll give you the notes.
[CHECKPOINT 5] Bank everything and grab: cashstack, barcrawl card, bucket of milk, seasoned sardine and steel axe
Go the bar located North-East of Varrock and get a drink for the Barcrawl.
Cut a dying tree near the sawmill and make a regular plank as part of the Varrock diary
Go to the Lumberyard for Gertrude’s cat. Try to pick up the cat, when the message appears ‘maybe the cat is thirsty’ to feed her milk. Try to pick the cat up again, when the message appears ‘hungry?’ give her the seasoned sardine. Try to pick up the cat again and once again she will refuse. Climb down the ladder. Now you need to locate the cat’s kitten. You’ll find the kitten in one of the crates with a ‘MEW!’ text. (this is random) Once you’ve retrieved the kitten, use it on the cat and they will go home by themselves (Follow the Quick Guide in case the steps are unclear).
Run towards the Varrock Museum and speak with Orlando Smith to start the Natural History quiz. (answer here) If you have Runelite, Runelite will tell you the answer for you. Once finished, you will have 9 slayer and 9 hunter.
Go to the bank and get a full inventory of buckets and fill them up with water in the fountain just North-West of the bank. Bank them.
Grab a pickaxe from the bank and equip it. Run towards the mine. Mine 4 copper and 1 iron ore.
Pick 1 cadava berry and 16 redberries from the bush just west of the mine. (hop worlds)
Use chronicle teleport to get back to Gertrude quickly and finish the quest.
Talk to Juliet in her house North-East of Gertrude’s house for Romeo & Juliet.
[CHECKPOINT 6] Bank everything and take out: cashstack, fire staff, runes, barcrawl card, food
Go to Edgeville. Start the Abyss miniquest by speaking with the zammy mage in the wildy. (located at the end of the small river)
Go to the Barbarian Village and safespot some barbarians to get 13 magic.
Buy a bronze med helm from the helmet shop while you are in the village.
Pick up 1 cooked meat from the table in the bar and burn it on the fire.
Kill a bear just north-west of barbarian village in the woods for its meat. (safespot with trees)
Run to Falador and get a drink from the pub for the barcrawl. Buy 5 wizard mind bombs while you are there.
Then go to the Falador park and buy 8 Woad Leaves from Wyson the gardener. Offer 20gp to get 2 leaves at a time.
Bank everything except: gloves(equip), cheese (for Witch’s House Quest), runes, 4 meats for druidic ritual (rat meat, bear meat, chicken and beef) and 18 cakes.
Walk over to taverly and start the Witch’s House quest by speaking with the boy. Head over to the house and search the pot next to the door for the key. Pick up the diary from the table and read it. Go into the basement (make sure gloves are equipped) grab the magnet from the cupboard. Go back up and make your way to the garden. USE your cheese (DON’T EAT IT) on the mouse hole. Attach the magnet to the mouse to unlock the door to the garden. Run past the witch (if she sees you, you’re doomed, you’ve done this before, come on.) Grab the key under the fountain and make your way to the shed in the back. Try to take the ball. Kill the shapeshifter with fire strike (you can safespot after the first two phases). Take the ball and give it back to the boy outside to finish the quest. On your way out, don’t get caught by the witch. (Here’s a Quick Guide in case instructions are unclear)
Go up to the druidic circle and Start and Finish Druidic Ritual (Quick Guide)
Purchase a pack of eyes of newt and a pestle and mortar while you are in Taverly.
Walk back to Falador and bank. [CHECKPOINT 7] Withdraw: 2 iron bars, pie dish, bucket of water, 3 redberries, one eye of newt, burnt meat, pickaxe, cash stack and 10 cakes for food.
Run to Port Sarim and buy 3 pots of flour from Wydin’s food store. (buy a raw beef here in case you forgot your burnt meat)
Go towards the range in Port Sarim and make a Pastry Dough by using a bucket of water on a pot of flour. Put it in your pie dish and add a redberry. Cook it at the range. Do it again if it burns.
While you are in Port sarim, go to the jail and pick up a security book form the security guard upstairs as part of the Falador diary.
Walk towards Remmington. On your way, stop by the farm patch to pick up an onion. Start Witch’s potion by speaking to the Witch. Then go into the shed next door to kill a rat for its tail. Go back to the Witch and finish the quest.
Now go to Thurgo and give him the redberry pie to for the Knight’s sword quest.
Go down the dungeon next to Thurgo’s shed and mine 2 blurito ore. 1 is required for Falador Diary.
Now make your way to Falador castle and speak with the squire again. Go up the stais to Sir Vyvins’s room and steal the portrait from his room (make sure he isn’t watching you).
Take everything back to Thurgo and then go back to the Squire to finish the Knight’s sword quest. You now have 29 smithing.
Go to Lumbridge using the home teleport and head over to Al Kharid. Pass by Dommik’s crafting store and purchase 50 thread, 3 needles and one of each mould.
Speak with Hassan in the palace to start Prince Ali Rescue. On your way out, speak with Osman.
[CHECKPOINT 8] Bank everything (except coins) and go up to the Shantay Pass.
Buy a full inventory of bronze bars for future quests and bank them.
Then buy a desert outfit and equip it. Buy some waterskins and a shantay pass as well.
Then get the following inventory for the Tourist Trap quest: hammer, 3 bronze bars, 30 feathers, cash stack, runes and some food.
Go through the Shantay pass and speak with Irena to start the Tourist Trap. Head South-west to the mine camp and speak with the mercenary captain. Afterwards, he will attack you. You can safespot him by speaking with one of the mercenaries and standing North of them. Kill the captain for the key drop. Unequip weapon and enter the mining camp. Go East and speak with the male slave to swap outfits with him. Go through the Mine Door Entrance North. Run through the mine and speak with the guards. Exit the mining camp and run West towards Bedabin camp. Speak with Al Shabim in the red striped tent. He’ll give you a key. Return to the mining camp. Enter the building and go upstairs. Search the bookcase in the South-Western corner. Then talk to Captain Siad. Open the chest and grab the plans. Return to Al Shabim. Go to the Northern tent in Bedabin and use your plans on the anvil. Use the prototype dart tip on your feathers. Talk to Al Shabim. He’ll give you 6 bronze darts and a pinneaple. Go back to the mine to speak with the guards again. They will let you through. Search the barrels to pick one up in front of the cart. Search the minecart. Run North-West after the minecart travel and use your barrel on Ana. Go back to the mine cart and use the barrel with Ana inside on the cart. After the cutscene, search the minecart to travel back. Seach the barrels again to find Ana. Use Ana on the Winch Bucket. Go back to the camp and operate the Winch Operator in the South-Western corner. Search the barrel behind to collect Ana. Then use Ana’s barrel on the wooden cart. Speak with the driver. Then search the cart to get on. Speak with Irena to complete the Tourist Trap quest. (Here’s a Quick Guide)
Use the Mini Game Teleport to travel to Fishing Trawler
Bank everything and grab your cash stack. Buy 10 pots of flour from the general store and 10 buckets of slime. Bank again.
Then buy 600 buckets of sand and 600 soda ash from the charters which you’ll need later for crafting.
Withdraw a pickaxe and mine 15 clay from the mine South-West of Port Khazard.
[CHECKPOINT 9] Bank everything and grab: barcrawl card, runes for fire strike, food, steel axe
Kill imps around the Monastery until you have the beads required for imp catcher quest. (Black, Yellow, White and Red)
Start and finish Fight Arena. (Quick Guide)
Start and finish Tree Gnome Village. (Quick Guide) Collect Glarial’s Pebble needed for Waterfall Quest while doing Tree Gnome Village. Here’s how: at the end of the maze go down the dungeon ladder and then head East. Search the crates for a key. Then run West, open the door with your key and save Golrie to obtain Glarials’ Pebble.
Spirit Tree Teleport to Battlefield of Khazard after quest completion and walk West towards the ZMI (Ourania) Altar.
Safespot a Zamorak Warrior until you get a Rune Scimitar drop.
Go to the Ardougne Pub and get a drink for the Barcrawl.
Go to the Richards’ Farming Shop in Ardougne and purchase 4 compost packs.
[CHECKPOINT 10] Bank everything except runes and some food and go to the Moss Giants located just West of the Fishing Guild. Safe spot them until 42 magic. Bury the Big Bones for that prayer experience.
Start and finish Hazeel Cult. (Quick Guide)
Go to the Bank and clear up your inventory. Keep your Barcrawl card and coins.
Go to the Ardougne docks and take boat to Brimhaven.
Start and finish Tribal Totem Quest. (Quick Guide) Grab a drink from the bar for the Barcrawl. Buy some food from Alfonse the Waiter for upcoming quests.
[CHECKPOINT 11] Bank everything. Take out: Glarial’s Pebble, Dwarf cannon notes and cannoball mould, rope, 6 air, 6 water and 6 earth runes (DON’T BRING MORE) and food
Finish Dwarf Cannon.
Drop your runes in front of the Glarial’s Tombstone. Then use your Glarial’s Pebble on the Tombstone. Go inside. Run west and search the chest to collect the amulet Equip it. Then run South and search the tomb to get Glarials’ Urn. Go back upstairs and pick up the runes. Next, go North and board the Log Raft at the quest start. Use rope on the rock. Then use rope on death tree. Open the Ledge. Enter the Eastern room. Search the most Northern crate in the room to obtain the next key. Then, go to the Western room use key on the 2 doors past the Fire Giants. Inside this room, use one of six runes on each of the 6 pillars. Unequip the amulet and use it on the statue. Use Glarials’ Urn on the Chalace to complete the Waterfall quest. (DON’T DRINK FROM IT) (Quick Guide)
Mini game teleport to Fishing Trawler.
[CHECKPOINT 12] Bank everything can grab: cash stack + hammer and charter a boat to Port Sarim.
Go to Veos and travel to Port Piscarilius.
Get 5% Hosidius favour by pushing a plough.
Bank everything and take out 14 Compost and 14 Saltpetre (from Wintertodt). Use them on each other to create Sulpherous Fertiliser. Do this until you have 100. Then go
Donate them to the Clerk in Hosidius. You don’t need them in your inventory, she can get them from your bank somehow.
Train thieving to 42 by stealing fruits from the fruit stalls. (use the stall in the Eastern house, not the one from the marketplace)
Teleport to Lumbridge and go to the bank. Grab a bucket of milk, egg and pot of flour (for Cook’s Assistant) and Eye of Newt, Rotten Tomato, 2 lemons, orange, Cocktail Glass, Pineapple, Cocktail shaker, knife, ash and Greenman’s ale as obtained earlier. Mix your cocktail to create a Fruit Blast. Slice your lemon. Pour the cocktail and add ashes to create the dirty blast for RFD. Start and finish Cook’s Assistant. (Quick Guide)
Right after, start Recipe for Disaster by giving the Dirty Blast to the cook. Watch the cut scene.
Then, go to the basement and buy 7 buckets of milk.
Grab 20 balls of wool from the bank and 8 cakes. Go to Fred the Farmer and start and start and finish Sheep Shearer by giving him the balls of wool.
Go to the H.A.M. hide-out and pickpocket members until you have a rusty sword. Keep the robes if you get them, you’ll need it later.
Afterwards, get 12 onions from the farm patch behind Fred’s house.
Go to Draynor Village and speak with Leela (Prince Ali Rescue). [CHECKPOINT 13]
Start Vampire Slayer by speaking with Morgan. Go upstairs and the cupboard and grab 3 cloves of garlic.
Bank everything and withdraw: 3 balls of wool, pot of flour, redberries, 2 buckets of water, clay, ashes.
Use one bucket of water on clay to make Soft Clay.
Speak with Ned to get the wig for Prince Ali Rescue.
Talk to Aggie the Witch to get paste. (give her pot of flour, ashes, redberries and bucket of water)
Go to the Draynor Jail and talk to Lady Keli to get the Key Imprint for Prince Ali Rescue.
Go to the bank and withdraw: 12 redberries (red dye), 10 onion (yellow dye), 8 woad leaves (blue dye) + cash stack
Use the ingredients on Aggie to make the dyes. You’ll want 4 red dyes, 4 blue dyes and 5 yellow dyes.
Use one of the yellow dyes on the wig from Prince Ali Rescue.
Purchase more chronicle teleports from Diango if you’re running low.
Purchase birdhouse seeds from Olivia (as many as possible).
Bank everything and withdraw: fire staff, chronicle, runes, beads for imp catcher (Black, Yellow, White, Red), Rune Mysteries notes.
Kill goblins east of the Draynor Jail until you have 20 bones.
Go to the Wizards Tower and talk to Wizard Mizgog to start and finish Imp Catcher.
Go to the basement and speak with Sedridor to finish Rune Mysteries.
Grab the skull in the other room from the altar (for The Restless Ghost)
Go upstairs and speak with Traiborn and give him the 25 bones for Demon Slayer. Kill chickens/Wizards to obtain the other 5 bones.
Teleport with your Chronicle to Varrock. [CHECKPOINT 14] Go to the bank and withdraw: coins, cadava berries, and the 3 demon slayer (silverlight) keys and Juliet’s letter (message).
Give Juliet’s Letter (message) to Romeo.
Buy Iron Chainbody from Horviks’ shop.
Speak with the Mage of Zamora (Abyss Mini quest) he’ll give you a scrying orb.
Teleport to the essence mine (Varrock Rune Shop) and back.
Go to Sir Prysin in the Varrock Castle to obtain Silverlight from him.
Speak with the Gypsy in Varrock Square if you forgot the Incantations (random for everyone).
Kill Delrith to Finish Demon Slayer. (bring food)
Go to the Blue Moon Inn Pub and speak with Dr Harlow to ge the stake for Vampire Slayer.
Head over to the church and speak with Father Lawrence for Romeo & Juliet. Then go to the Apothecary and obtain the cadava potion. Next, give it to Juliet. Speak with Romeo to finish Romeo & Juliet.
Go to the Grand Exchange and use the Spirit Tree to travel to the Gnome Stronghold
Go to Brimstail to go to the Essence mines (make sure the Scrying Orb is on you) (South West Gnome Stronghold, by the lake)
Start the Grand Tree Quest.
[CHECKPOINT 15] Go to the bank (second floor). Bank everything and withdraw: cashstack, chronicle, translation book, bark sample, Barcrawl card, Small fishing net and runes for fire strike.
Teleport to Clan Wars and use FFA portal to recharge run energy. Then, go to Castle Wars (green portal).
Run to Yanille and get a barcrawl drink from the pub.
Go to the hunter shop (Aleck’s Hunter Emporium) and purchase: 2 bird snares, 2 butterfly jars and a butterfly net.
Run East towards Hazelmere and speak with him. (He’s located on the island East from Yanille accessible through two bridges)
Go back to King Narnode and speak with him again. Then talk to Glough. (ladder just underneath the Grand Tree entrance)
Talk to the king again and then go to the top of the Grand Tree to talk to Charlie (imprisoned).
Go back to Glough’s house and search the cupboard to get his journal. Talk to Glough again and you’ll get arrested.
After jail, talk to Charlie. Then, take the glider to the shipyard. Try to go through the eastern gate with password: Ka-lu-min.
Safespot a foreman on the docks with fire strike. Pick up the lumber order and charter a ship to Karamja.
Get a drink on Karamja for the Barcrawl. (buy some Karamjam rum as well)
Go to Port Sarim and start Pirate’s Treasure by speaking with Redbeard Frank.
Also, pass by the bar and get a drink for the Barcrawl.
Go back to Karamja and pick 10 bananas. Then, talk to Luthas and ask for a job. Put the rum in the crate alongside the bananas. Speak with Luthas again.
Go to Port Sarim and grab a white apron from the fishing shop. Then ask Wydin for a job. (He’s located in the Port Sarim food store). Access the back room and search the crate with the banana on it to retrieve your rum. Take the rum to Red Beard Frank. He’ll give you a key.
Then, use your chronicle to teleport to Varrock and go to the pub. Head upstairs and use your key on the chest to get a note. Read the pirate message. (we are not finishing Pirates Treasure right away)
Then go to the Grand Exchange. [CHECKPOINT 16] Grab food from the bank and then use the spirit tree to teleport to the Gnome Stronghold to finish off the Grand Tree quest.
Talk to King Narnode. Then go upstairs and talk to Charlie. Then head West to Anita’s house. Speak with Anita to get the key and then go to Glough’s house. Use the key on the chest and take the scroll to King Narnode. He’ll give you twigs. Go back to Gloughs and go upstairs through the tree. Put the Twigs on the stands and spell ‘TUZO’ and then go down the trapdoor. Run to the West to safe spot the Demon. Once the Demon’s killed, run West than North until you see King Narnode. Speak with him. Finally, search the roots to find the Draconia Rock (random). Give the rock to the king to complete The Grand Tree. (you should have 43 magic now)
Go back upstairs to the Blurberry Bar and buy a Premade Blurb’ sp. Then go to Funch’s fine groceries and buy 4 vodka and a pineapple. Dice the pineapple into chunks with a knife.
Bank everything except cash and runes (fire strike) and withdraw the gas mask, equip it. Also withdraw: scrying orb, Wizard’s Mind Bomb, pickaxe, 1 law rune, and food.
Use the Spirit Tree to teleport to Ardougne (Battlefield of Khazard)
In Ardougne, Speak with Elena to start the Biohazard quest.
Go east to the house with the pigeon cages and speak with Jerico. Search his cupboard to find bird feed. Then go behind his house and pick up one of the pigeon cages.
Head back in the direction of the spirit tree and speak with Omart located at the wall between West and East Ardougne. [location image]
Then go to the tower. Throw bird feed on the corner and release the pigeons. Then, head back to Omart and he’ll help you cross the wall. Go North-East to the Mourners’ headquarters and try to enter. Doesn’t work. Go around the back and squeeze through the fence. Pick up the rotten apple and use it on the cauldron. Attempt to go inside again, once again you will fail.
Head over to Nurse Sarah’s house and search the cupboard to get the doctor’s gown. Equip it and go back to the Mourners Headquarters. Go up the Western staircase. Kill the mourners. Use the dropped key to open the gate. Search the creates for Elena’s distillator.
Go back to Elena and return her distillator to her. She will give you Liquid honey, ethenea, and sulphuric broline. Don’t teleport with these items!!!
Go to Captain Barnaby in Ardougne and take the boat to Rimmington. Speak with the Chemist in his house. Then go outside and give your sulphuric broline to Hops, Liquid Honey to Chancy, and Ethenea to Da Vinci. Don’t mess up!!! Take the same boat back to Ardougne.
While in Ardougne, bank your plague sample and touch paper. [CHECKPOINT 17]
Go to the Wizards’ house and teleport to the essence mine (Abyss miniquest) Make sure you have the scrying orb on you.
Go back to the bank and check whether you have: 15 breads and 2 iron ore. If you don’t have bread, buy some from the Ardougne marketplace. If you don’t have iron ore, mine some east of Ardougne.
Drink a Wizard Mind Bomb (boosts your magic level) and teleport to Camelot. Go to the castle and speak with King Arthur to start Merlin’s Crystal. After speaking with the king, speak with sir Gawain and Lancelot.
Go to Catherby and buy a candle from the candle shop. Next, go to the fishing shop and buy 2 fishing rods and a lobster pot. Finally, go South and buy 15 pineapples from the charter ship. (Trader Stans’ Trading Post)
Put the 15 pineapples in the compost bin near the farming patch. Next, purchase 1 compost pack and the farming tools and deposit everything in the leprechaun.
Then go North and speak with Vestri to start the Fishing Contest quest.
Talk to Arhnheim at the docks, then hide in the crate behind the candle shop. Once you’re at the keep, go upstairs and kill sir Mordrid. Morgan Le Faye will tell you how to save Merlin. Go out through the Westside and kill a giant bat for the bones.
Go back to Catherby and grab the insect repellant from the table in the tiny house just south of the farming patch. Then go to the candle maker and ask for a black candle. Next, go towards the beehives (next to the flax field) and pick up the bucket. Use your insect repellant on the bucket and put it in one of the beehives. Go back to the candle maker for your black candle.
Go to Seers’ Village and bank everything. Withdraw: cashstack, barcrawl card, pot, spade, garlic, and fishing rod.
Get your drink for the Barcrawl from the Seers’ Village bar.
Go Northeast and start and finish Murder Mystery. (Quick Guide)
[CHECKPOINT 18] Go to the bank and withdraw 6 clay, 4 copper ore, 2 iron ore, a spade, 5 buckets of sand, 5 soda ash, and runes for fire strike.
Finish the Fishing Contest quest. (Quick Guide)
After completion, go down the stairs and cross over to the other side of the mountain. Go to the peninsula and speak with the lady of the lake.
Next, start and finish Dorics’ quest. (Quick Guide)
Bank in Falador and withdraw spade, pickaxe, cash stack, and the pirate’s message.
Finish Pirate’s Treasure by digging in the Falador park and killing the gardener. (Here’s a quick guide of the final part)
After completion, make 5 molten glass using your buckets of sand and soda ash.
Start and finish Black Knight’s Fortress. (Quick Guide)
Start and finish Recruitment Drive. (Quick Guide)
[CHECKPOINT 19] Bank everything and withdraw some cash and 1 bread. Run to Port Sarim. (pass by Sarah’s Farming Shop and trade with her for Falador Diary) Buy a black Wizard hat in Port Sarim. Open the door to the jewelry shop. Give your bread to the beggar. You’ll get Excalibur.
Teleport to clan wars. Recharge energy (FFA portal) and go to the green portal to Castle Wars.
Bank: cash stack, 3 planks, 1 bronze bar, 1 molten glass, fire strike runes, and some food. Leave 10 inv spaces.
Pick up anti poisons (1) from the spawn point North of Castle Wars. Hop worlds until you have at least 6. (Observatory Dungeon Entrance)
Start and finish the Observatory Quest. (Quick Guide)
Teleport to Lumbridge. Grab your Ghosts’ skull from the bank and finish The Restless Ghost by placing the skull in the coffin.
Start the Lost Tribe Quest. Finish the Lumbridge area of the quest until you need to go to Varrock. (Quick Guide)
Get your Scrying Orb, Brooch, cash stack, and chronicle and teleport to Varrock.
Finish the Varrock steps of the Lost Tribe Quest.
Buy Priest gowns and boots and gloves while you are in Varrock square and finish the Abyss Miniquest by speaking with the Zamorak Mage. Also, search the Chaos Altar for the magic words required for Merlin’s Crystal.
Grab the Plague Sample and touch papers from the bank and continue Biohazard by picking up the vials from the southeastern bar. Next, talk to Julie in the Eastern house and then Guidor.
[CHECKPOINT 20] Grab from bank: pestle and mortar, opal, 2 ropes, vial, chronicle, and tinder box. Also, steal a cup of tea from the Varrock tea stand. Next, Start and finish the Digsite Quest. (Quest Guide)
Teleport to Varrock and start Dragon Slayer at Champion’s Guild.
Head North towards the Grand Exchange and Spirit Tree teleport to Battlefield of Khazard.
Go to Elena’s house and speak with her. Finally, go to King Lathas to complete Biohazard.
Finish off the remaining Ardougne Easy Diary steps. (Wiki Guide) Get the Ardy cloak from two-pints in Ardougne’s flying horse inn. Use Experience lamp on Agility.
Start and finish Jungle Potion. (Quick Guide)
Start and finish Shilo Village. (Quick Guide)
[CHECKPOINT 21] Bank and grab: pickaxe, hammer, lit candle, tinderbox, bat bones, black candle, excalibur, knife, thread, needle, wizards mind bomb, runes, and 4 coal.
Drink your mindbomb (if you need the boost) and teleport to Camelot.
Complete Merlin’s Crystal. Afterward, start Holy Grail by speaking with King Arthur. Then, speak with Merlin again.
Next, go to the temple of ikov (don’t forget knife) and get the boots of lightness.
Head over to Seers’ Village. Play the church organ for diary task.
Start and finish Elemental Workshop 1. (Quick Guide)
After the quest, deposit everything except cash and buy a full inventory of stews from the Seers’ village bar. (one by one)
Bank everything and withdraw: brooch and Goblin Symbol book (for Lost Tribe), blue and orange dyes, and Falador teleport runes. (orange dye = red + yellow dye)
Teleport to Falador.
Start and finish Goblin Diplomacy. (Quick Guide) (Goblin mails are found in the towers)
Teleport to Lumbridge and complete the Lost Tribe.

Ironman Efficiency Guide: Part 2

In this part, you will be doing a lot of skilling. Namely thieving, fishing, cooking, mining and agility. You’ll also knock out a bunch of the desert quests.

Grab cash, 5 silver ores, sickle mould, holy mould, bronze bar, and key imprint from bank. Go to Al Kharid.
DesertSpeak with Ali Morisanne to start the Feud Quest. While you are here, buy the pieces for the fake desert disguise.
Smelt the silver bars. Make 1 holy symbol and 1 sickle. After that, talk to Osman to give him the key imprint and the bronze bar. (Prince Ali Rescue)
Bank everything and grab: coins, bucket, leather gloves, fire strike runes, water skins, food, and desert outfit.
Finish the Feud. (Quick Guide) You will now have 45 thieving. While you are there, complete the Rogue Trader minigame to unlock Ali’s Rune Shop.
Blackjack until 50 thieving in Pollnivneach.
Use your Ardougne cloak to teleport to the Monastery. Then take the boat to Brimhaven and take the cart to Shilo Village.
[CHECKPOINT 22] Use the furnace to make molten Glass until 32 crafting.
Buy 25k feathers from the fishing shop.
Get 58 fishing with Trout and Salmon. Bank the fish to cook them later. P.s. While fishing is a good time to raise cats which you can exchange for 200 death runes each. Make sure you have keep one cat once you’re done for Evil Dave.
Teleport to Burthorpe’s games room using the Minigame Teleport Menu.
Cook all your trout, keep the salmon for later.
Teleport to Barbarian Assault (Minigame Teleport Menu)
Get 50 agility from barbarian fishing. You should have 74 fishing by then.
Teleport back to Burthorpe’s games room to get the full rogue’s outfit from Rogue’s Den. In between runs, cook an inventory of 2 of salmon to regain your run energy. Also, buy 50 lockpicks while you are there.
Go back to Pollnivneach and Blackjack until you have 2.4 million GP. You will also get to 83 thieving while doing that.
You could potentially use alternative money-making methods but thieving is recommended as you need 75 thieving for hard diaries anyway.
[CHECKPOINT 23] Withdraw from the bank: Teleportation runes(Varrock), axe, pickaxe, bird snare, pestle, and mortar, 4 soft clay (clay + bucket of water), Papyrus, and a vial.
Optional: bring dueling rings to speed up the quest. (craft emerald ring + lvl-2 enchant with cosmic runes from Ali’s Rune Shop)
Go to Uzer and start and finish the Golem quest.
During Quest:
– Start Elemental Workshop 2 by searching the bookcases in the exam centre. (read the beaten book, store the 2 items in the bank)
– Cut the Uzer teak Tree, mine 5 clay, and catch a Golden Warbler bird (desert phoenix) for desert diaries.
Grab your priest gown and black wizard hat and start and finish Shadow of the Storm.
Quest Tips:
– Make attack potion to speed up fight
– Kill the demon with rune scimitar and finish with darklight (last hit).
– You can safe spot using the western torch
– Use the 10k reward on Ranged
Travel to Edgeville and talk to Oziach for Dragon Slayer.
Use the lever to travel the Mage Arena Bank (Wilderness).
– 6,000 Nature Runes
– 300 law runes (hop worlds 10 per world)
– As many comic runes as possible
Hardcore Ironman accounts can purchase from Ali Morrisane instead but it will be more expensive.
Teleport to Falador [CHECKPOINT 24]
Grab 2 buckets, a knife, and your cash stack from the eastern bank and get 2 buckets of sap from the tree just West of the bank.
Go to the dwarven mines using the Falador entrance and buy adamant and rune pickaxes.
Complete the Varrock easy diary and get the chest piece.
– Talk to Historian Minas on the second floor (1st floor for the Brits out there) for kudos requirement
– Use museum lamps on Herblore
– Use diary lamp on agility
Withdraw from bank: runes for superheat item, pickaxe, and ardy cloak
Teleport to Ardougne Monastery and mine 2300 iron ore. Superheat them while running towards the bank.
3-tick mining will help a lot.

Efficient Ironman Guide: Part 3

In this part, we’ll finish a bunch of quests as well as unlock fairy rings, get 43 prayer for overheads, gain access to the Kingdom of Miscellania and make money with thieving

VarrockBuy a bronze sword from the Varrock swordshop. (a requirement for Horror from the Deep)
Buy an Oak Longbow and regular shortbow from Lowe’s Archery Emporium.
Smith 3 bronze wire using the Varrock Anvils.
Start priest in Peril by speaking with King Roald in the castle.
Run to the Sawmill Operator and buy 400 steel nails.
While at the Sawmill, run east and start Rag and Bone man by speaking with the Odd Old Man.
Finish Priest in peril. (Quick Guide)
Start and Finish Nature Spirit. (Quick Guide)
After Quest: restore prayer at the Nature Grotto as part of achievement diary
Run to Canifis and buy 1 raw shark from Rufus’s Meat Emporium.
Start and finish Creature of Fenkenstrein. (Quick Guide)
[CHECKPOINT 25] Bank everything and withdraw teleportation runes (Camelot), chronicle, cash stack, and rune scim.
Teleport to Champion’s Guild for Dragon Slayer. Talk to the Guildmaster once again and ask every single question. While you are there, buy a coif, green d’hide chaps, and vambraces.
Kill the ram, bear, and unicorn that spawn around the Champion’s Guild for their bones. You’ll need this for Rag and Boneman.
Teleport to Camelot.
CamelotKill a Giant Bat for the bones South-West of Catherby. (Rag and Boneman)
Finish Elemental Workshop 2 (Quick Guide)
While you are there, kill one of each elemental as a diary task.
Home teleport to Lumbridge
Lumbridge[CHECKPOINT 26] Bank and withdraw: rope, axe, candle, tinderbox, hammer, stake (for vampire slayer), and a spade
Go to the 1st floor and get the anti-dragon shield from Duke Horacio for Dragon Slayer.
SwampKill a goblin in for its bones. (Rag and Boneman)
Go to the Lumbridge Swamp caves and kill a big frog to obtain the big frog leg. Then, kill a giant rat to get the giant rat bone. (Rag and Boneman)
Start Lost City while you are in the Lumbridge Swamp.
Run to Draynor Manor
DraynorStart and Finish Ernest the Chicken. (Quick Guide)
Finish Vampire Slayer while you are there.
Dig by the grave in Draynor Manor to pick up the Draynor Skull for Fairy Tale part 1 while you are there.
Bank and withdraw: fire strike runes, food (make sure you have no weapons on you outside of runes)
EntranaGo to Entrana
talk to the High Priest in the church to continue Holy Grail.
Finish Lost City. Obtain at least 5 dramen branches and make 2 staffs. (Quick Guide)
Run to Draynor Village Market
DraynorStart and finish Fairytale Part 1.
You will need 3 items (random for everyone) [HERE] is a list of potential items.
You can safespot Tanglefood.
Afterward, speak with Martin the master gardener again to start Fairytale part 2. He’ll scold you and tell you to wait for the crops to grow.
While you are there, buy 35 jugs of vinegar from Fortunado in the Draynor Market. (for Rag and Bone Man one and two)
Buy 1 marigold seed, 3 cabbage seed and 3 onion seed from the Draynor Seed market.
[CHECKPOINT 27] Bank and withdraw: 3 beers, 1 rope, disguise (prince ali rescue).
Talk to Leela to pick up your key. Go inside the prison. Talk to Joe, give him the 3 beers. Then use your rope on Lady Keli. Finally, use the bronze key on the jail. Speak with Prince Ali.

(Here’s how to save prince ali)
Teleport to Lumbridge.
LumbridgeStart Evil Dave subquest. (Raise a cat if you don’t already have one.)
Kill 2 cows and use the hides to make 1 soft and 1 hard leather.
Smelt 1 inventory of gold which you should have received from Wintertotd. If no gold, mine some in the Al Kharid mine.
Make 1 recoil ring: gold bar + sapphire + Lvl-1 enchant with cosmic and water rune
Make 10 games necklaces: gold bar + sapphire + Lvl-1 enchant with cosmic and water rune
And make 17 dueling rings: gold bar + emerald + Lvl-2 enchant with cosmic and air rune
DraynorSpeak with Martin for Fairytale part 2 (the crops should have grown by now)
Unlock the fairy rings (Quick Guide) or follow the steps:
– Grab your dramen staff and head to the shed in Lumbridge Swamp to travel to Zanaris.
– Run west (towards the bank)
– Head to fairy Nuff’s grotto (just North from the bank)
– Grab the healing certificate from the shelf (study it)
– Talk to the fairy chef. (just South of the bank)
– Run East towards the cosmic rune altar read the rune temple sign on the wall
– Speak with the Fairy Godfather (1,2,1)
– Speak with Fairy Fixit just southwest from the wheat field.
optional: travel to BIS, AIR, ALS, CIR, and DIS for diary tasks
[CHECKPOINT 28] Bank and withdraw: Maze key (dragon slayer), coins, 90 steel nails, 3 planks, hammer, food, fire strike + telegrab runes
Teleport to house and do the Melzar’s maze part of Dragon Slayer. (Quick Guide) or follow the steps:
– kill rat with LONG TAIL (drops red key) and go through the door with the dragon portrait
– kill the ghost with a HOOD but NO cape (drops yellow key) and go through the second door northeast climb up
– kill the skeleton with ROUND shield (yellow key) and go through the door in the southwestern corner and climb down three ladders
– kill any zombie
– open the blue door (east)
– kill Melzar’s Mage (drops purple key) and go through the purple door
– kill the demon (use the southeastern corner of the purple door as a safespot)
– go through the green door and open the chest to obtain the map piece
Walk to Port Sarim Jail and kill Wormbrain. He’ll drop the second map piece. Use telegram to obtain it.
Next, go to Klarense on the docks and talk to him (4,1). Go on the ship, go down and repair the hole.
Teleport to Falador
Bank and withdraw: lobster pot, silk, soft clay, and wizard mind bomb, coins, teleport + fire strike runes, anti-dragon shield, ring of recoil (equip both)
Travel to the Barbarian Village and turn your soft clay into an unfired bowl using the Potters’ wheel.
Run to Ice Mountain next to Edgeville and speak with the Oracle. Next, follow the steps to obtain the final map piece. (Quick Guide stop watching at )
– Go to the dwarven mine entrance
– Run southeast towards the hidden room.
– Use Wizard’s mind bomb, unfired bowl, silk, and lobster pot on door
– Open the chest to collect map piece 3
Put the three map pieces together
Teleport to Lumbridge and go to Draynor Village to ask Ned to be your captain. Give him the 3 pieces.
Bank and get ready for Elvarg. (DON’T FORGET YOUR ANTIFIRE SHIELD YOU NOOB)
Bring food and runes.
(Quick Guide to defeating Elvarg)
– Go to Port Sarim to the boat where Klarense is, cross the gangplank and speak with Ned
– Run to the dungeon on Crandor and go down (center of the island)
– Run South (do not enter Elvarg’s room just yet)
– Run down south all the way and open/close the southern door for a diary task
– Go into Elvarg’s room and kill him.
– Bring his head to Oziach in Edgeville to complete the dragon slayer.
(while you are there, buy a green d’hide top)
[CHECKPOINT 29] Grab gloves from the bank, equip them and run to the Edgeville Yew Trees. Pick up 5 nettles.
Bank again and get your 9 stews and pet cat for RFD:Evil Dave. (only do this if you have the time!)
Here’s a Quick Guide.
– Go in the small house in the middle of Edgeville and speak wth Doris (1,1)
– Go downstairs and speak with Evil Dave (3,4)
– Speak with Doris agai
– Drop down your pet cat and select ‘chase’
– Your cat will now chase hell rats
– Do this until you have 2-6 doses of yellow, brown, red, and orange spices
Next, you’ll sample them to Evil Dave.
– Try one spice color first, add it to a stew and feed it to Evil Dave
– If he says (all the spices are wrong) it means he needs more of that color
– if he says (one of the spices are correct, the rest is incorrect) you’ll know that that is the right amount of spice for that color. Write that down.
– Do this until you have the right stew and feed it to Evil Dave.
Teleport to Lumbridge
Give the stew to Evil Dave in Lumbridge. (don’t drink it)
Grab a bowl from the bank under the kitchen and fill it with water. Add your nettles in it and use it on the range to create Nettle Tea. (you’ll need this for Ghosts’ Ahoy)
Start and finish Death to the Dorgeshuun. (keep buttons if you get it as loot in the H.A.M hideout)
After completion:
– Buy Dorgeshuun Cbow and 4000 bolts from Nardok’s bone Weapons
– Buy bullseye lantern (empty) from Miltog
– Use Swamp tar on the lamp still behind Miltog and use your empty lantern on the still.
Finish Holy Grail (Quick Guide) Do some diary steps during the quest:
– Get a cup of tea from Galahad
– Cross the log
– Mine coal at the coal trucks
– In Karamja rope swing to moss giants
– Mine gold in the North Brimhaven Mine
Start and Finish Horror From the Deep (Quick Guide) Do some Diary steps during:
– Complete a lap of the Barbarian agility course
Go to Turael and get slayer tasks from him until you have 37 ranged and 18 slayer. Use your dorgeshuun crossbow.
(get every 10th task from Vanaka)
Kill Tree Spirits (fairy ring BKQ) until you get 1 mithril. You need a mithril axe for Animal Magnetism. Camp longer for another mithril or higher axe to train your woodcutting later.
Start and Finish Animal Magnetism. (Quick Guide)
Buy Mithril Platelegs (Al Kharid) and Mithril Platebody (Varrock) as a Requirement for Underground Pass
Start and Finish Spirits of the Elid. (Quick Guide)
Start and Finish Underground Pass. (Quick Guide) After completion, upgrade your Iban Staff to an Iban Staff (u) by giving 200k to the Dark Mage.
Train attack to 50 while training slayer with tasks from Turael.
Make an amulet of Magic (gold bar + sapphire + ball of wool + lvl-1 enchant with cosmic/water rune)
Kill Blue Dragons with Iban’s blast to collect dragon bones for 43 prayer.
(considering you should have 36 prayer after Ghosts’ Ahoy, you would need 89 bones if using Ectofunctus or 72 with chaos altar)
Make your own calculation with the prayer calculator.
Remember to keep 1 dragon bone because you’ll need it for Watchtower quest.
Teleport to fishing trawler using the minigame teleport to get to Port Khazard.
Purchase buckets of slime from Trader Stan’s Trading Post (needed for ectofuntus).
Also, buy 9 pots if you don’t have at least 9.
Use the prayer calculator to figure out how many you need.
Wild Mudkip has an amazing ironman guide on the Ectofuntus that will help you buy slime, set up your bank and do the runs.
[CHECKPOINT 32] Bank and withdraw: cash stack, 9 dragon bones, 9 pots, 9 buckets of slime, ghostspeak amulet (equip it)
Charter to Port Phasmatys
Start Ghosts Ahoy by speaking with Velorina.
Grind 9 dragon bones and offer them to get the ecto tokens (needed for the quest). If this is your first time doing this, check out Mudkips Guide.
Complete Ghosts Ahoy. (Quick Guide)
Once the quest is completed, do the ectofuntus with the remainder of your dragon bones until you have 43 prayer.
Start and finish Monkey Madness (Quick Guide)
Use the reward on attack and defence
Start and finish Wanted! quest (Quick Guide)
Go back to Turael slayer master and grind to 40 slayer. Remember to switch to Vannaka for every 10th task
Start and finish Shades of Mort’ton (Quick Guide)
[CHECKPOINT 34] Get 25 herblore.
Start and finish Fremennik Trials Quest (Quick Guide)
Start and finish Throne of Miscellania (Quick Guide)
Start and finish Royal Trouble (Quick Guide)
[CHECKPOINT 35] Put 750k gp into your kingdom. Set it to 10 maples and 5 herbs.
If this is your first time using the Kingdom of Miscellania I recommend that you check out this Guide by CacPlaysRs. You can also read the wiki page as well.
Make sure to visit every day to get 100% approval rating.
Go blackjack thieving (or another money-making method) and put 525k GP into your kingdom.
Clean finds at the Varrock museum until you have the clean necklace (so you can make a digsite pendant).
Don’t forget to give the clean necklace to one of the Archaeologists.
Here’s a guide in case you haven’t done this before
Also collect:
– Old Coin (display case 45)
– Ancient Coin (display case 44)
– Ancient Symbol (display case 37)
– Old Symbol (display case 36)
– Pottery (display case 22)
Put them in the listed display cases to get 10 kudos each.
Start and finish Bone Voyage. (Quick Guide)
After the quest, set up bird houses. (Here’s a guide)
Do birdhouse runs every 50 minutes for passive hunter experience. (we’ll get digsite pendants a bit later)
Start and finish Tears of Guthix. (Quick Guide)
Do the Tears of Guthix mini game weekly to get Runecrafting experience. (should be your lowest skill after a couple of birdhouse runs)
Teleport to Camelot and run towards Relekka. Then head East towards the dungeon and quest sign on the map. Enter the tunnel and speak to the Dwarven boatman to start the Giant Dwarf quest and gain access to Keldagrim.
In Keldagrim, buy 2 inventories full of gold ore from the Blast Furnace Ore Seller.
Travel to Edgeville to make multiple ruby necklaces using the furnace. (gold bar + ruby + necklace mould)
Enchant them into Digsite Pendants using Lvl-3 Enchant.
Get 45 crafting with molten glass.
Move your house to Pollnivneach. (makes blackjacking easier to reach)
Blackjack until you have 1.4M gp. (or another money-making method) Remember to do your bird house runs every 50 minutes.
Take out GP from Kingdom after 7th day.

Efficient Ironman Guide: Part 4

Part four focusses on more skilling. Agility, Fletching, Construction. We’ll also get full graceful.

Spend some hours thieving Master Farmers in Draynor to get seeds for farming. (wear Rogue Outfit)
Get 45% hosidius favour by creating 400 buckets of sulphurous fertiliser. Then cook in the Mess Hall until % favour.
Buy pineapples from charter ships and put them in the compost bins of all allotment patches (close the bin).
Buy 200 chocolate dust from the Grand Tree Groceries. (use spirit tree)
Make energy potions. (harralander potions + chocolate dust)
Teleport to Camelot and plant barley seeds at the hops patch Northwest of Seers’ Village. Pay the farmer to take care of them. (3 composts)
Teleport to the blast furnace (mini game teleport) and complete the Giant Dwarf Quest. (Quick Guide)
You can buy rubies/emerald in Keldagrim if you need them.
Start and finish Forgettable Tale of the Drunken Dwarf. (Quick Guide)
To brew the Kelda Stout, get your barley from Seer’s Village and use it on a range to create Barley Malt.
(plant jute seeds for diary task after)
While you wait during the quest, use the anvil to create iron dart tips.
Bank the Dwarven stout reward.
Start and finish the Garden of Tranquility. (Quick Guide)
Start enlightened journey until the willow trees. (Quick Guide)
During the quest, grab 6 more willow branches for falador diary.
While waiting for the willow trees (takes 5 hours):
Start and finish Eyes of Glouphrie (Quick Guide) During Eyes of Glouphrie, bring a raw chicken and raw swordfish to create and kill a swordchick as part of the Ardougne Diary.
Start and finish Tower of Life (Quick Guide)
– Smith more iron dart tips. Leave 20 iron bars for quests.
– Mine Volcanic ash in Fossil Island. You’ll need this for ultracompost. Get around 2k at least.
– do farm runs for limpwurts, harralanders and ultra compost (store 15 super composts in leprechuan for quest) make the rest into ultras by using volcanic ash on the bin
– Store 15 supercompost in leprechuan for quest, make the rest into ultras
Do farm runs whenever you have the time.
Start and finish Temple of Ikov. (Quest Guide)
– Fletch iron darts while running around for quests
– Hunt young implings for a yew longbow in puro-puro
Finish enlightened Journey.
After quest:
– unlock varrock balloon (10 willow logs)
– unlock castle wars balloon (10 yew logs, should have them from Wintertotd)
(here’s a guide on how to do that)
Now we’re going to collect items for 50 construction.
First, make 10 dueling rings for quick castle wars trips. (use your mini game teleport every 20 min)
Equip your best axe and go to castle wars.
Cut down 65 willow logs and deposit them on the log storage next to the balloon.
Balloon to Varrock and cut a full inventory of oak logs. Turn them into planks at the sawmill.
Teleport to Castle Wars and repeat this until you have enough planks for 50 construction.
(use the construction calculator)
Move your house back to Rimmington if it is still in Pollnivneach.
Get 50 construction and use Phials to un-note your planks for you, just like we did for the Wintertodt requirement.
– Make Oak Dining room tables from levels 22 – 33
– Make Oak Larders from levels 33 – 50
Move your house to Hosidius for the farm patch.
From this point on, do daily tree runs with the seeds you get from your birdhouse runs.
Complete the following quests while fletching more iron darts:
Big chompy bird hunting (Quick Guide)
Rag and Bone man (Quick Guide)
Family Crest (don’t forget to get the goldsmith gauntlets once the quest is done) (Quick Guide)
Start Legend’s Quest (you need Vanilla Pods for Recipe for Disaster) (Quick Guide)
Death Plateau (Quick Guide)
Troll Stronghold (Quick Guide)
RFD: Pirate Pete (Quick Guide)
Use your Digsite Pendant to teleport to Fossil Island to go underwater. Don’t forget your fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus from RFD Pirate Pete.
Bring maple logs to fletch into maple longbows (u) until you have 55 fletching. (Finish darts first if you haven’t)
While underwater, pick up seaweed spores. Once you have 2, plant them.
– Finish iron darts if you still have any left to do
– Fletch maple logs into maple longbows (u) until you have 55 fletching.
– Cut all your uncut gems from the bank.
– Blow your leftover molten glass into unpowered orbs (also make 2 lntern lenses)
Don’t quit until you finished everything and you have a decent amount of seaweed spores (100+)
This Guide will help you. Runelite’s ‘Ground Items’ plugin is a HUGE HELP on seaweed runs.
From this point on, you’ll do a seaweed run every time you do a birdhouse run (so every 50 min)
Minigame teleport to Blast Furnace
Buy 2800 total gold ore from Ordan the ore seller. Hop around worlds and buy 1 inventory per world to get the best prices.
Get 60 smithing at the blast furnace. Bring your goldsmith gauntlets!
While you are in keldagrim, buy rubies.
Craft your gold bars into bracelets using the edgeville furnace. (leave at least 30 bars for teleportation jewelry)
Go to the mage arena bank (using Edgeville lever)
Do the mage arena miniquest while you’re here if you have at least 60 magic.
Buy 5k nature runes for high alching.
Train agility until you have full graceful. Canifis is the best course to get Graceful. At 60 Agility you should move to the Seer’s Village Course.
While training agility, alch your gold bracelets and maple longbows (u).
Get more maple logs and fletch them if you run out of alchables.
Start and finish Regicide. (Quest Guide)
During quest, pick up whiteberries
Start and finish The Hand in the Sand. (Quest Guide)
Complete all of the remaining RFD subquests. (Recipe For Disaster Quick Guide)
After quests, buy chocolate dust from the chest to make energy potions.

Part 5: Achievement Diaries and Getting B Gloves

In the final part we’ll finally get our B gloves as well as unlock a bunch of the achievement diaries.

On your next herb run, plant Toadflax seeds in your herb patches as you’ll need them to make an Agility potion for the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest.
Make a mithril grapple:
– Smelt 2 mithril ore (buy from flast furnace if you don’t have any)
– Mithril bar on anvil: make 1 Mithril Grapple Tip and 1 mithril bolts (unf)
– Add feathers to mithril bolts (unf)
– Combine mithril grapple tip with mithril bolts
– Combine Mith Grapple (unf) with a rope
Finish the following quests for the Quest Points (to get barrow gloves) and complete Achievement Diaries:
– A soul’s bane (Quick Guide)
– Another Slice of H.A.M. (Quick Guide)
– Icthlarin’s Little Helper (Quick Guide)
– In Aid of the Myreque (Quick Guide)

– Eagles’ Peak (Quick Guide)
– Enakhra’s Lament (Quick Guide)
– Rat Catchers (Quick Guide)
– Olaf’s Quest (Quick Guide)

– Between a Rock (Quick Guide)
– Zogre Flesh Eaters (Quick Guide)
– Rum Deal (Quick Guide)
– Cabin Fever (Quick Guide)

– One Small Favour (Quick Guide)
– Watchtower Quest (Quick Guide)
Complete all the easy and medium Achievement Diaries (leave out Kourend, Wilderness and Fremennik)
Do slayer tasks until you have 60 Attack and buy a Dragon Scimitar
Start and finish Eadgar’s Ruse (Quick Guide)
Start and finish My Arm’s Big Adventure (Quick Guide)
Start and finish Desert Treasure (Quick Guide)
Catch Nature Implings to obtain magic logs, unless you received a lucky drop from Wintertodt.
Kill the Culinaromancer to finish Recipe for Disaster and get Barrow Gloves from the chest

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this Efficient OSRS Ironman Guide will be helpful on your way to B Gloves or even maxing out your ironman or ultimate ironman.

Again, big ups to Oziris for creating the blueprint to this OSRS efficient Ironman Guide.

You can find the latest version of Oziri’s pastebin here: https://pastebin.com/KAm2GfGN

If you’re feeling grateful, you can donate to Oziris here: paypal.me/ozirisrs