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This guide teaches you how to use Ultracompost and how to make Ultracompost in OSRS.

Why use Ultracompost?

Compost is used to prevent farming patches from becoming diseased and also increases their yield.

Ultracompost is the best compost in OSRS. And since this compost holds no farming-level requirements for regular accounts, it should always be used to avoid disease and increase yields, especially for herb farming.

Ultracompost Requirements

Ultracompost can be used at level 1 farming and holds no requirements for main accounts.

Main accounts can buy Ultracompost directly from the Grand Exchange.

ironman guide Ironman accounts will need to unlock Fossil Island to access Volcanic Ash Mines and a mining level of 22 to mine it.

How to make Ultracompost

Ultracompost can be made by using 2 Volcanic Ash on a bucket of Supercompost.

Alternatively, you can also add 25 Volcanic ash to a compost bin which would otherwise output Supercompost.

ironman guide Best way to make ultracompost for ironman

Ironman obviously can’t buy Ultracompost from the Grand Exchange, so we have to make it ourselves.

To make Ultracompost from scratch, you need Supercompost buckets or a compost bin and Volcanic Ash.

How to get Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash can be mined from Ash Piles around Verdant Valley in Fossil Island.

If you don’t have Fossil Island unlocked yet, or don’t know how to get to Verdant Valley, check out our Fossil Island Guide.

These Ash Piles require 22 mining and give you Volcanic Ash based on your current mining level.

The higher your mining level, the more quickly you obtain Volcanic Ash. While writing this guide, I mined 2K of Volcanic Ash on my Group Ironman account with level 76 Mining and it took me about 20 minutes.

So I’d say you can mine up to 6k Volcanic Ash per hour at around 70 Mining.

Adding Volcanic Ash to Supercompost

There are two ways to add Volcanic Ash to Supercompost:

  1. Add 2 Volcanic Ash to an existing bucket of Supercompost to create Ultracompost
  2. Or add 25 Volcanic Ash to a compost bin with Supercompost inside

Using your Volcanic Ash in a Compost Bin is better as it saves Volcanic Ash and you don’t have to go through the extra step of mixing Volcanic Ash with your buckets of Supercompost.

How to use Compost Bins to make Ultracompost

5 steps on how to use compost bins to make ultracompost

If you haven’t filled up a compost bin before, here’s how that works.

Compost bins need to be filled with 15 compostable items. (The big one in the farming guild requires 30 items)

Once it’s full, close the bin. Now you need to wait between 40-70 minutes before for the compostable items to rot.

After waiting, open the compost bin and add your 25 Volcanic ash.

Bring a full inventory of buckets to fill them up with ultracompost from your compost bin.

For Supercompost, compostable items include:

  • Watermelons
  • Pineapples
  • Snape Grass
  • Papaya Fruits
  • Poison Ivy/white/Jangerberries

What most Ironman do is plant Watermelon seeds into the 2 Allotment patches next to a compost bin and use those to fill up the compost bin.

Watermelon seeds are gained from the Temple Trekking Minigame.

If you don’t want to plant your own allotments, you can also buy Pineapples from Trader Crewmembers next to Charter Ships and bank those to use them for your compost bins later on.

Trader Crewmembers sell 15 Pineapple per world, which is exactly enough for one full bin of super/ultracompost.

If you hop between worlds, you can easily get enough pineapples in about 10 minutes to set yourself up for a long time.

Use the Big Compost in the Farming Guild

Regular Compost bins are usable starting at level 1 Farming and are located near every herb farm patch.

The East Wing of the Farming Guild has a Big Compost Bin which can be filled with 30 compostable items to create 30 super or ultracompost.

To access the Compost Bin, you need to be able to access the Farming Guild which requires 45 Farming.


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