Recipe for disaster is still one of the most rewarding, if not the most rewarding quests in osrs. That’s why we’ve assembled this recipe for disaster quick guide for osrs with the help of Slayermusiq1’s quest guides.

Now stop making excuses, go get them barrows gloves.

Quest Start: Another Cook’s quest

To start the quest, speak to the cook in Lumbridge castle (1,2,1,1), he will ask you to get some ingredients for him:

  • eye of newt
  • a glass of Greenman’s ale
  • rotten tomato
  • dirty blast (add ashes to a fruit blast).

Since you will already have the ingredients, speak to him again and the quest is completed. Afterward, head over to the dining room to start the recipe for disaster cut-scene.

The feast

The culinaromancer arrives at the recipe for disaster feast. This image is part of the recipe for disaster quick guide.

Recipe for disaster consists of 10 subquests where you have to free individual council members from the culinaromancers’ grasp.

During the quest, all council members have been frozen by the gypsy to save them from the culinaromancers attacks. Its the player’s job to save them by getting the ingredients of their favorite food.

TIP: You can start every single one of the subquests by inspecting the council members and speaking to the cook asking about each individual council member, this can speed up the process if you’re doing them in rapid succession. 

1. Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

Step-by-step Quick Guide (click to open)
  1. Inspect the mountain dwarf at the feast
  2. Teleport to burthorpe using games necklace (you can buy asgarnian ales from the bartender in the pub)
  3. Run towards the heroes guild, then run south-west until you find a small cabin with a quest sign. Climb down the stairs and speak to ‘And Old Dwarf’ in the underground pub.
  4. Teleport to Falador, talk to a barmaid, and select option 2 twice (2,2). You will hand her 200 coins.
  5. Use your coins on the asgarnian ales to turn them into golden ales
  6. Teleport back to the cabin and speak to ‘rohak’ 7 times. After 4 times there will be a fade-out after which you talk to him 3 more times. In this process, you will hand him 100 coins and the ingredients so he can make the rock cake for you. 
  7. Equip ice gloves (or other gloves*) and pick up the dwarves rock cake.
  8. Hand rock cake to the mountain dwarf to finish the subquest

*If you don’t have ice gloves: You can let the rock cake sit in your inventory for 10 minutes to cool it down or alternatively you can kill a level 13 ice fiend. In which case you want to teleport to the Edgeville monastery (combat bracelet/glory) and run towards the ice mountain where they are located. 

RequirementsFishing Contest Quest
Items– (Ice) gloves (or you kill a level 13 icefiend)
– bucket of milk, pot of flour and an egg which can be bought from the culinaromancer’s chest
– bowl of water (bowl and sink in lumbridge kitchen)
– 4 asgarnian ales (bought during the quest)
– 1000 coins
Teleports– 2 teleports to burthorpe (games necklace)
– 1 falador teleport
– 1 lumbridge teleport

2. Freeing the Goblin Generals

Step-by-step Quick Guide (click to open)
  1. Inspect the generals at the feast.
  2. Teleport to the goblin village (mind altar/Falador teleport)
  3. Climb down the ladder in the small cabin on the right, in front of the main building. 
  4. Talk to goblin cook (2,1). Use charcoal on the cook afterwards. This will trigger a cut-scene. 
  5. Talk to the cook again, select option 3.
  6. Use bucket of water on the bread, spice on fishing bait, and dye on orange slices.
  7. Speak to cook again
  8. Hand bowl to one of the generals to finish the subquest.

RequirementsGoblin Diplomacy
Items– Bread
– Orange
– A knife
– blue, green or purple dye
– spice
– fishing bait
– bucket of water
– charcoal
Teleports– 1 teleport to goblin village (mind altar teleport or falador teleport)
– 1 lumbridge teleport

3. Freeing Pirate Pete

Step-by-step Quick Guide (click to open)
  1. Inspect Pirate Pete
  2. Speak to the cook in the kitchen about protecting pirate pete than select options (1,1,2,3,4,5)
  3. Teleport to Port Khazard (fishing trawler mini-game teleport) and speak to Murphy, select option 1 then speak to him again, he will give you some diving equipment, equip it (your weight should be below 27kg)
  4. Speak to murphy again (1,1), a cut-scene will start
  5. Swim north towards the kelp and pick a couple up and continue swimming north, speak with ’nung’
  6. Swim west and pick up 5 rocks where you see the red dots on the mini-map
  7. enter the underwater cavern entrance
  8. kill 5 mudskippers and pick up the hides
  9. Talk to lung again and then once more, he will let you in the crab pen
  10. enter the crab pen and kill a couple of crabs, pick up the meat
  11. Teleport to Lumbridge and head over to the kitchen
  12. Make the recipe: Use your knife on the bread to make bread-crumb, use your pestle and mortar on the crab meat, kelp, cod
  13. Speak to the cook again (3), use the ingredients together to make fish cake and cook the result
  14. Give the result to pirate Pete to finish the subquest

Skill Requirements– 31 cooking
– 42 crafting (if ironman)
– 4 smithing
Items– raw cod
– pestle and mortar
– bread
– knife
– fishbowl
– needle
– 3 bronze wire
Teleports– 1 teleport to goblin village (mind altar teleport or falador teleport)
– 1 lumbridge teleport

4. Freeing the Lumbridge Guide

Step-by-step Quick Guide (click to open)
  1. Inspect the lumbridge guide at the feast (select option 1)
  2. Teleport to the wizards tower (necklace of passage)
  3. Go up the ladder and speak with ‘Traiborn’. Select option 1.
  4. Speak to him once again and select option 1 twice (1,1) 
  5. Answer Quiz questions*
  6. talk to him again select option 1 twice. (don’t go too fast as you’ll need to answer questions*)
  7. talk to him once again and select option 1 twice to start the final game*. You will receive the enchanted items
  8. Teleport to lumbridge and head over to the kitchen. Use any of the items on the cake tin and cook the result
  9. Use on the lumbridge guide to finish the subquest
Quiz 1 Answers

Man with ponytail and book – Reldo

Ghostly green woman – Velorina

Man with desert robes and white beard – Ali morissane

Elf – Islwyn

Man with purple shirt – Unferth

Man with brown vest – Professor Gronigen

Woman with pink top – Gertrude

Woman (green witch) – Hetty

Man (hooded) – Pirate Pete

Man with a crown – King Lathas

Quiz 2 Answers

Q: Gold ring is to 5 as a holy symbol is to

A: 16

Q: Combat level of Goblins near Lumbridge

A: 2

Q:Glass vial is to 33 as a glass orb is to 

A: 46

Q: Guild closest to Fishing Platform 

A: Legends’

Q: How much GP does it take to bribe a guard at the toll gate to Al Kharid prior to earning their trust?

A: 10 GP

Q: What is the nearest guild to the Fishing Platform (as the seagull files)? 

A: Legends’

Q: I can hear howling in one direction and buzzing in the other—where am I?

A: Catherby

Q: What doesn’t lie between Morytania and Asgarnia? 

A:  Keep Le Faye

Q: If I’m going to need glass, first I will need

A:  Sand, bucket, soda ash, glassblowing pipe

Q: I’m in a bar west of Pollnivneach. Where am I? 

A: Bandit Camp

Q: Take the number of fire runes required to cast Fire Strike, and multiply by the number of air runes used to cast Wind Strike before adding the number of earth runes used to cast Earth Wave. What do you get?

A: 10

Q: The River Salve runs from 

A: North to south

Q: What Ingredients are used in a cake? 

A: Flour, eggs, milk

Q: Which tower is closest to the Crafting Guild 

A: Dark Wizards’ Tower

Q: What is the defence level requirement to wear a Mystic Hat?

A: 20

Q: Defence requirements to wear a Mystic hat 

A: 20

Quiz 3 Answers

Items: Ball, flypaper, potato seed, onion seed, cadava berries, jangerberries, herring, salmon, dwellberries, mithril arrow

Question: which of the following items were NOT shown to you? 

Answer: Trout

Items: fire rune, yew shortbow, tin ore, holy book, dwellberries, mithril arrow, trout, silver ore, chaos rune

Question: How many types of runes were there?

Answer: 2

Items: wolfbane, bloated toad, distillate, cider, dwarves stout, chef’s delight, jade, opal, chaos talisman, mind talisman

Question: which items began with the letter ‘m’?

Answer: Mind talisman

Items: air rune, maple longbow, magic shortbow, tomato seed, unholy book, poisonivy berries, coconut, water rune, logs, black longsword

Question: How many weapons were you shown?

Answer: 3

Items: silverlight, druid pouch, ghostspeak amulet, moonlight mead, book of balance, trout, pike, yew logs, death talisman, magic logs

Question: which items were amongst those you were shown?

Answer: gothic prayer book, magic logs, pike

Quest Requirements– Big chompy bird hunting
Demon slayer
– Murder mystery
– Nature’s spirit
– With’s House
Skill Requirements40 Cooking
Items– Cake tin
– Bucket of milk
– Pot of flour
– Egg
Teleports– 1 teleport to wizard’s tower (necklace of passage)
– 1 lumbridge teleport

5. Freeing Evil Dave

Step-by-step Quick Guide (click to open)
  1. Inspect Evil Dave at the feast
  2. Teleport to edgeville (glory) and head over to the small building next to the bank. Speak with Doris. (1,1)
  3. Head downstairs and speak with Evil Dave (3,4)
  4. Head upstairs and speak with Doris
  5. Head back downstairs, drop your pet cat and select chase on the rats. Do this until you receive 2-6 doses of each spice. (yellow, orange, red brown)
  6. Test out the spices on your spice stews (info below)
  7. Once evil dave says it’s the correct evil stew, teleport back to lumbridge and give it to him at the feast to finish the subquest
How to find the correct evil stew

The correct evil stew is random for every player, which is why you need to have at least 2 doses of each spice to test it out.

Start the testing by adding one dose of the first color to a spicy stew and give it to Evil Dave.

There are two outcomes:

  • outcome 1: “one of the spices is correct, the rest are incorrect” This means you need just 1 dose of that color, write this down
  • outcome 2: “none of them are right” This means you need to add 2 doses of that color to 1 stew and give it to him again, if this is still incorrect it means you will need 3 doses of that color in your final stew. Repeat this process with every color until you know the correct amount of doses of each color.

Once you know the correct amount, add all of the ingredients to 1 spicy stew and give it to Evil Dave, he should say this is the correct evil stew.

Quest RequirementsGertrude’s cat
– Shadow of the storm
Skill Requirements25 cooking
Items– 9 stews
– 1 pet cat
Teleports– 1 Edgeville teleport (glory)
– 1 lumbridge teleport

6. Freeing King Awowogei

Step-by-step Quick Guide (click to open)
  1. Inspect Awowogei at the feast (equip your monkeyspeak amulet)
  2. Teleport to Ape Toll (equip a monkey greegree) and head over to the throne room. Here speak with Awowogei.
  3. Head over to the food store and trade with Solihib, buy 1 band banana and 1 monkey nut
  4. Next, go east and enter the temple. Talk to any of the three monkeys in the north-western room and select option 3. 
  5. Talk to them again. (they will tell you your banana is no good)
  6. Talk to them again. (they will tell you your monkey nuts are no good)
  7. Run west towards the shore, equip your gorilla greegree and use your rope on the banana tree to acquire 1 red banana. Use your knife on it to cut it up. Repeat this process until you have 3 in case you burn one of them. 
  8. Teleport to crash island and find the dungeon sign, climb down and protect from melee. Kill at least 1 snake and pick up the snake corpse (multiple if you fear you might burn your dish)
  9. Use fairy code CLR to teleport to the ape toll agility course, swing the rope and enter the hole. Pick from the bushes downstairs, grind the nuts with your pestle and mortar and use the corpse on it to make raw stuffed snake. 
  10. Return to the monkey temple and climb down the trapdoor at the end. Head downstairs and use the exit in the wall on your right. Equip your zombie greegree, cross over the lava and use your stuffed raw snake on the rock to cook them.
  11. Teleport to Lumbridge and give the stuffed snake to awowogei (equip your monkeyspeak amulet)

Quest Requirements– Monkey Madness
Skill Requirements– 48 agility (not boostable)
– 70 cooking (boostable)
Items– Pestle and mortar
– Knife
– Rope
– 5 coins
– M’speak amulet
– Ninja, Zombie and Gorilla greegree
Teleports– 2 ape toll teleport (ape toll and crash island)
– teleport
– fairy ring C L R

7. Freeing Sir Amik Varze

Step-by-step Quick Guide (click to open)
  1. Inspect Sir Amik Varze at the feast
  2. Talk to the cook in the kitchen and select the option ‘protecting Sir Amik Varze’
  3. Use your bucket of milk on the pot of cream to create a milky mixture
  4. Head over to the Lumbridge mill and go up to the top floor. From here you want to add your cornflour to the hopper, use the controls, and then receive your pot of cornflour at the bottom floor. 
  5. Use the pot of cornflour on the milky mixture to receive cornflour mixture
  6. Head over to the kharazi Jungle and locate the vanilla plants on the south-western side near the shore, search the plant to receive a vanilla pod and add this vanilla pod to your mixture
  7. Head over to the dungeon on entrana (no weapons allowed, except runes) and follow the dungeon. Kill a couple of Zombies on your way to receive a bronze axe and chop the dramen tree at the end and grind the roots with your pestle and mortar.
  8. Teleport back to draynor village to talk to the wise old man (4,2,5,2)
  9. Get your combat gear, anti-dragon shield and dramen staff from the bank (227 black dragon and 160 evil chicken), teleport to Zanaris 
  10. use your raw chicken on the chicken shrine in canaries and head north, kill the evil chicken and pick up the evil chicken egg
  11. add both the egg and the cinnamon to the mixture to create a Brulee
  12. run back and kill a black dragon to receive a dragon token
  13. once you’re out of the lair, rub the dragon token (wear your anti-Dragonfire shield) and a cut-scene will start. Select the option that you want to flame the brulee
  14. Teleport to Lumbridge and give the brulee to sir Amik Varze to finish the subquest

Quest Requirements– Started Legends Quest
– Family Crest
– Heroes’ Quest
– Shilo Village
– Underground Pass
– Waterfall Quest
Other Requirements– Defeat level 227 Black Dragon
Items– bucket of milk
– pot of cream
– pot of cornflour
– axe
– machete
– dramen/lunar staff
– dramen branch
– pestle and mortar
– ice gloves
– raw chicken
– anti-dragon shield
– antifire potion
Teleports– 1 teleport to shilo village
– 2 teleport to draynor village (glory)
– teleport to lumbridge

8. Freeing Skrach Uglogwee

Step-by-step Quick Guide (click to open)
  1. Inspect Scratch Uglogwee (1,2)
  2. Use the gnome glider in al kharid to travel to “Lemantolly Under” and head east to where Rantz is located, speak with them (2,3)
  3. Run south-east and speak to the other Rantz, select option 2, a cut-scene will start
  4. Use your axe on the old fallen tree twice and speak to Rantz, select option 2
  5. Teleport to Tai Bwo Wannai and run west-ward to the teleportation sign, light your logs next to the tree with the arrow inside of it, use your iron spit on a raw chompy and then use it on the fire, a cut-scene will start
  6. Board the ogre boat and speak to Rantz, select option 2
  7. Run west to the swamp-pond on the map, catch three bloated toad with your ogre bellows just like you did in the big chompy bird hunting quest
  8. Run north toward the mining sign, mine any rock
  9. Use your ogre bellows on a bloated toad and then the rock on the result to create a balloon toad, repeat two more times
  10. Run East towards the quest sign and then walk south to the dark circle on the mini-map, drop your 3 balloon toads here and wait for the bird to appear. (if he doesn’t appear, you have to get new balloon toads until he does)
  11. Kill the bird, use the raw jubbly meat on the ogre spit near the quest sign 
  12. Teleport to Lumbridge and give the result to Scratch Uglogwee

Quest Requirements– Big chompy bird hunting
Skill Requirements– 20 firemaking
– 41 cooking
Items– axe and pickaxe
– iron spit
– ball of wool
– tinderbox
– any logs
– row chompy
– ogre bellows
– ogre bow
– ogre arrows
Teleports– 1 Rantz (feldip hills teleport scroll or fairy ring code aks)
– 1 Tai Bwo Wannai (fairy ring ckr)
– 1 teleport to lumbridge

Final Fight: The culinaromancer

Quest Requirements– 175 Quest Points
– Desert Treasure
– Horror from the deep
RequirementsAbility to defeat enemies without prayer
Recommended Items– Wind/water/eart/fire spells (dagganoth mother)
– Ice gloves
– melee/range armour
– good food


Q: How many quest points to start recipe for disaster?

All you need to start recipe for disaster is to have completed cook’s assistant. Every sub-quest has its own quest requirements but only the boss fight has a minimum quest point requirement of 175.

Q: How many quest points for recipe for disaster?

A: You need 175 Quest Points and all the subquests to gain access to the final boss fight of recipe for disaster.

Q: How hard is recipe for disaster?

A: Recipe for disaster is totally possible for any level player, it’s not hard if you use proper quest guides. It’s just a bit of a grind (but totally worth it).

Q: Where to buy recipe for disaster gloves

A: You can purchase the gloves from the culinaromancers’ chest in the cellar underneath the Lumbridge kitchen. You need to complete the full recipe for disaster quest series to gain access to barrows gloves.

Q: What combat stats do you need for recipe for disaster?

Players have gotten barrows gloves at as little as 52 combat, but you should probably make sure you at least have 80 combat to on the save side.

Recipe for disaster Rewards

Of course, the main reward from recipe for disaster are the barrows gloves, which you unlock after defeating the culinaromancer. Barrows gloves are the best in slot combat gloves in the game.

Once you complete the full quest you also get:

  • full access to the culinaromancer’s chest
  • 10 quest points (1 for each subquest)
  • experience lamp for 20K experience in any skill above 50

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