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In this OSRS Rune Mysteries Guide, we’ll go through all the steps to complete the quest.

Just like all our Quest Guides, this guide is F2P, P2P, and Ironman-friendly.

This guide is a part of our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide.

Why Complete the Rune Mysteries Quest?

Rune Mysteries is a very short F2P quest that unlocks the rune and pure essence mines. Furthermore, the quest is also a requirement for a bunch of other quests such as Lunar Diplomacy, One Small Favour, and The Lost Tribe.

Quest Requirements

skill requirements Skill Requirements

There are no skill requirements.

quest requirements Quest Requirements

There are no quest requirements.

item requirements Item Requirements

There are no item requirements.



  • Teleports to Varrock:
    • P2P: Varrock Teleport (Grand Exchange)
    • F2P: Varrock Teleport spell (25 Magic)
    • OR a Chronicle bought from Django in Draynor Village


  • Teleports to the Wizard Tower:
    • Necklace of Passage (about 1k on Grand Exchange)
    • Glory teleport to Draynor Village
    • Fairy ring code D-I-S

OSRSGuide Recommendation:

Use the Quest Helper Plugin for Runelite.

The Quest Helper Plugin makes Questing TONS easier.

  • Helps keep track of the item requirements and whether you have them on you or not
  • Displays a quest guide in the sidebar
  • Highlights NPCs you need to talk to
  • Knows which dialogue you need to use during the quest
  • Shows the next location in the quest on your map

If you want to install it, you can install the Quest Helper directly from your Plugin Hub on Runelite.

install the quest helper plugin for runelite from the runelite plugin hub

Rune Mysteries Guide

1. Speak with Duke Horacio in Lumbridge Castle
2. Speak with Archmage Sedridor in the Wizards Tower
3. Deliver the Research Package to Aubury in the Varrock Magic Shop
4. Deliver the Research Notes to Archmage Sedridor

1. Speak with Duke Horacio in Lumbridge Castle

location osrsYou can use the home teleport in your magic menu. This teleport is available every 30 minutes.

Duke Horacio is located on the 1st floor of Lumbridge Castle (2nd floor for Americans). Talk to Horacio Duke to start the Rune Mysteries quest, he should give you an air talisman.

speak with duke horacio in the lumbridge castle to start the rune mysteries quest
Dialogue: 2-1-1

2. Speak with Archmage Sedridor in the Wizards Tower

location osrsP2P members can teleport to the Wizards Tower using a Necklace of Passage. Or Walk here from draynor after using a Glory Teleport. F2P players will have to walk here from Lumbridge.
wizards tower location osrs

Inside the Wizards Tower, take the ladder to the basement. Inside the first room, you will find Archmage Sedridor. Speak with him and give him your talisman.

He will give you a research package to deliver to Aubury in Varrock.

speak with archmage sedridor and give him your talisman. he will give you a research package
Dialogue: 3-1-1

3. Deliver the Research package to Aubury in the Varrock Magic Shop

location osrsP2P members should teleport using a Varrock Teleport Tablet.
F2P players can teleport to Varrock using a Chronicle, or use the Varrock Teleport spell if they have 25 Magic.

The Varrock Magic shop is located southeast of Varrock Square and just South of the Eastern Varrock bank.

aubury location osrs

Speak with Aubury. Once the conversation is over, speak with him again. He will give you research notes.

deliver the research package from archmage sedridor to aubury
Dialogue 2

4. Deliver the Research Notes to Archmage Sedridor

Once you have the Research Notes, teleport back to the Wizards Tower (or run there from Lumbridge/Draynor Village) and deliver them to Archmage Sedridor.

Once delivered, you have completed the Rune Mysteries quest!

deliver the research notes from aubury back to archmage sedridor to complete the rune mysteries quest

Quests Rewards

Congratulations. You’ve finished Rune Mysteries. The rewards are the following:

  • 1 Quest point
  • Air talisman
  • Ability to mine rune essence
  • 5 Kudos in the Varrock Museum

Rune Mysteries Quick Guide

If you prefer to follow along with a video, check out Slayermusiq’s Quest Guide on Rune Mysteries.

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