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Need the Digsite Pendant so you easily can travel to Fossil Island? This quick follow-along guide has you covered. Here’s how you can get the Digsite Pendant in OSRS.

This article is part of my osrs world map Travel for Beginners Guide.

What is the digsite pendant?

digsite pendant guide for osrs

The Digsite pendant is an enchanted Ruby Necklace that allows you to travel to the Digsite, Fossil Island (Fossil Island Quest) and Lithkren (Dragon Slayer II Quest).

The Digsite pendant is untradeable, meaning no one can purchase them from the Grand Exchange. If you want a Digsite Pendant, you will need to enchant it yourself and this requires you to clean finds in the Varrock museum. (we’ll get to that)

Digsite Pendant Requirements

You need the following requirements to get the Digsite pendant:

Ironman accounts will need to be able to craft a Ruby Necklace, requiring 40 Crafting.

Players who want to unlock the Fossil Island teleport on their Digsite Pendant will also need to complete the Bone Voyage Quest.

How to get the Dig Site pendant

There is only one way to obtain the Digsite pendant, and it requires you to find a Clean Necklace while Cleaning Uncleaned Finds in the Varrock Museum.

The drop rate for the Clean Necklace is 1/51.

Step 1: Clean finds in the Varrock Museum

First, get to the Digsite Cleaning Area inside the Varrock Museum.

The Cleaning Area is located on the ground floor and requires completion of the Dig Site Quest to access.

You can enter this section through the main part of the museum by speaking with the Museum Guard.

how to clean finds in the varrock museum (so you can get the digsite pendant)

Once inside, speak with one of the archaeologists at the table to get started.

Next, from the wall, take the tools to get the cleaning kit.

Equip the leather gloves and boots. (Other gloves/boots don’t work!)

take tools to clean uncleaned specifimen in the varrock museum and obtain the digsite pendant

Now take specimen rocks from the pile (until your inventory is full).

clean finds in the varrock museum for a 1/51 chance to obtain the digsite pendant

And then clean the specimens on the table.

(make sure you have the full toolkit and you are wearing leather boots and gloves)

You will find a bunch of junk and some interesting items:

– Old Coin (display case 45)
– Ancient Coin (display case 44)
– Ancient Symbol (display case 37)
– Old Symbol (display case 36)
– Pottery (display case 22)

Whenever you find something interesting, speak with the Archeologists and add them to the Display Cases in the museum afterward.

add the old coin to the display cases

Any junk that isn’t museum-worthy add these to the Storage Crate in the corner for a chance to obtain an EXP lamp.

add cleaned finds to the storage bin in the varrock museum

Continue repeating cleaning finds until you find a Clean Necklace, with the following message in your chatbox.

clean finds until you find a clean necklace

Once you’ve found the necklace, speak with one of the archeologists.

He will then teach you how to make the pendant. Which requires 49 Magic for the Lvl-3 Enchant spell.

speak with the archaeologists once you've found the clean necklace to unlock the enchantment spell for the digsite pendant

And that’s it! Now you’ve unlocked the ability to make as many Digsite pendants as you want.

If that wasn’t clear, here’s a video guide for you.

Step 2: Enchant a Ruby Necklace

Craft Or Purchase a Ruby Necklace and then use the Lvl-3 Enchant Magic spell (requiring 1 cosmic and 5 fire runes) on the Ruby Necklace.

lvl-3 enchant a ruby necklace to get a digsite pendant
lvl-3 enchant a ruby necklace to make a digsite pendant

Regular players can purchase the Ruby Necklaces from the Grand Exchange.

Ironmen will need to craft the Ruby Necklaces themselves first.

How to unlock Fossil Island teleport on your Digsite Pendant

You can add an extra Teleport to your Digsite Pendant which teleports you directly to House on the Hill inside Fossil Island.

To add this teleport method, you must visit the House on the Hill first.

So first, take the boat from the Digsite to Fossil island.

Then follow the illustrated path to the House on the Hill.

how to get to the house on the hill in fossil island to unlock the fossil island teleport on your digsite pendant

Once here, use your Digsite Pendant on the Strange Machine.

how to unlock the fossil island teleport on your digsite pendant

And that’s it! That’s how you unlock the teleport to Fossil Island on your Digsite Pendant.

fossil island teleport on the digsite pendant

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