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This Guide covers everything you need to know about Barrows Gloves in OSRS. How to get them, whether they are still worth it, as well as the most efficient way to obtain them.

What are Barrows Gloves?

Barrows Gloves are the best tribrid gloves in the game. They are second-best for Melee (just behind Ferocious), second-best for Ranged (just behind Zaryte vambraces), and second-best for Magic (behind Tormented Bracelet).

For a long time, they were best-in-slot for Melee, Ranged, and Magic but those days are over.

For combined purposes, however, they are best-in-slot. This is why Barrows Gloves are still very much one of the best unlocks in OSRS.

Due to the Quest Requirements to acquire them, players will get at least 35 Defence while obtaining Barrows Gloves. This makes it impossible for 1-defence purse to get them, but zerker pures can easily get them.

Why you should get Barrows Gloves

Barrows Gloves are best-in-slot for end-game activities such as Theatre of Blood, Chambers of Xerics, and Tombs of Amascut due to these raids requiring all three combat styles.

But even before the end-game, they are the best gloves players can unlock for PVM & Slayer for a very long time.

They offer a HUGE strength bonus over the Combat Bracelet and also offer AMAZING bonuses for Magic and Ranged.

Furthermore, unlocking Barrows Gloves knocks out a lot of Quest Lines which you will need anyway since a lot of content is locked behind Quests in OSRS. You will have to get them sooner or later if you plan on sticking around for the late game, so might as well be efficient and start the quest grind early.

By not doing Quests early, you are only prolonging the grind and you are also forcing yourself to put in more work by hand-training many skills which would have been trained through Quest Rewards Experience instead.

Are barrows Gloves still worth it?

With the arrival of Ferocious Gloves and Zaryte Vambraces, some players wonder whether Barrows Gloves are still worth it. The answer is yes. Barrows Gloves are still very much worth it due to the limitations that the best-in-slot items come with.

Sure Ferocious Gloves are better than Barrows Gloves when it comes to the Strength Bonus, but they cannot be used for Magic or Ranged, whereas Barrows Gloves are second-best for all three.

Furthermore, Ferocious Gloves are locked behind the Dragon Slayer 2 Quest (which has even more requirements than Barrows Gloves) and cost 7 million GP.

Since Dragon Slayer 2 has a 200 Quest Point requirement, every player who has ferocious gloves has already had Barrows Gloves previously.

When it comes to Ranged, Zaryte Vambraces are better than Barrows Gloves. But they also cost 160M so I don’t see most players giving up on Barrows Gloves so easily. Especially with how versatile they are.

The Tormented Bracelet costs 10M GP and provides an obvious upgrade to Barrows Gloves. But this is the only one of the three that is obvious.

So unless you are pure that is Magic-Only, Barrows Gloves are absolutely worth it.

They will help you out with slayer, combat training, quest bosses, and raids in the late game.

Don’t underestimate B Gloves and don’t be under the delusion that you can skip out on them and perform.

How to get Barrows Gloves

Barrows Gloves are a reward for completing the Recipe for Disaster Quest. Once the full quest is completed, players can purchase Barrows Gloves from the Culinaromancers’ chest for 130K GP.

Full List of Requirements for Barrows Gloves

If you are interested, here’s the full list of requirements for Barrows Gloves:

The most efficient way to get Barrows Gloves

Unlocking Barrows Gloves is one of the first goals for most returning players or mains starting a new account. It’s an important milestone for any OSRS player and a huge Gear Upgrade.

If you are looking for an efficient way to get Barrows gloves, we have two optional guides for you!

Either of these guides will help you unlock the skill and quest requirements in the most efficient order possible and guarantee that you get B Gloves as quickly as possible.

Work your way up to barrows gloves

One thing that I’ve always loved about the Recipe for Disaster Quest line is that it doesn’t just come with one reward, it has multiple. As you progress through the Quest Line, you unlock better and better gloves. Sure Barrows Gloves are the end-goal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from using Adamant, Rune, and Dragon Gloves which are all rewards from the Culinaromancers’ chest that you will unlock before you get to Barrows Gloves.

This makes the grind much more bearable!

Starting at 6 subquests, you get access to Adamant Gloves which are better than your combat bracelet. After that, you can upgrade to Rune & Dragon gloves at 7 and 8 subquests.

And questing your way up to Dragon Gloves goes by very quickly!

It’s really only the final fight with the Culinaromancer which comes with the biggest requirements:

  • 178 Quest Points
  • Desert Treasure
  • Horror From the Deep

By the time you’ve made it to Dragon Gloves you’ll have at least 107 Quest Points. You’ve got about 71 Quest Points to go. This can be daunting but you should keep in mind that these quests unlock more gear, achievement diaries, and will come with a ton of skilling experience!

The way OSRS is created, Questing is always worth it and very much necessary to get to the end game.


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