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The Fighter Torso is one of the best upgrades for mid-game players in OSRS. Interested in getting one? It’s one of the most worthwhile time investments you’ll make!

This Fighter Torso Guide covers everything you need to know about this coveted chest piece.

What is the fighter torso?

The Fighter Torso is a reward from Barbarian Assault that provides a +4 Strength Bonus (equal to Bandos Chestplate) and only requires 40 Defence to wear. It’s very common for players to unlock the Fighter Torso once they reach level 40 Defence as it offers a massive DPS increase and will speed up Slayer Training and Combat Training.

Fighter torso Stats

Here are the full stats for the Fighter Torso:

StrengthStab/Slash/CrushDefensive Stab/Slash/CrushPrayer
fighter torso stats osrs

How to get the fighter torso

To obtain the Fighter Torso, players must get 375 Honour Points in every role at the Barbarian Assault minigame.

If you haven’t played Barbarian Assault yet, there is a little bit of a learning curve but this video by Hannanie explains it really well.

Is the Fighter Torso Worth it?

The Fighter Torso is one of the best mid-game upgrades in OSRS. Getting the Fighter Torso will greatly improve your DPS when training slayer so it’s definitely worth the time investment it takes to obtain one. You won’t be upgrading your fighter torso until you have well over 100m+ so you will be using it for a long time.

Whenever I make a new account (e.g. as I did with Group Ironman) I dedicate one afternoon to doing some Barbarian Assault. This minigame always has a ton of people looking for teams so its very easy to find a team. However, it can be a little difficult to find a good team.

How long does it take to get the fighter torso?

The time it takes to get the Fighter Torso is highly dependent on your capabilities and that of your team.

In a good team, you can get the full fighter torso in about 2-3 hours. However, if you are brand new and you are teaming up with randoms it will likely take up to 5 hours to get the Fighter Torso.

Bandos Chestplate or Fighter torso?

NameRequirementStrengthStab/Slash/CrushDefensive Stab/Slash/CrushPrayer
fighter torso osrsFighter Torso375 honour points in
Barbarian Assault
bandos chestplate osrsBandos Chestplate+4+0/+0/+0+98/+93/+105+1

Both the Fighter Torso and Bandos Chestplate have the exact same strength-bonus. So DPS wise, they are equal. However, the Bandos Chestplate has better defensive bonuses and a +1 Prayer Bonus which makes it better than the Fighter Torso.

That being said, the Fighter Torso is easier to obtain for newer players since it’s free and the Bandos Chestplate costs about 29 million GP. Even if you have the money, it’s better to get the Fighter Torso and spend your money on other gear upgrades such as the Bandos Tassets or even Primordial Boots as opposed to getting just a Bandos Chestplate.


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