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The Rusty Sword cannot be bought from the Grand Exchange, and yet, it is a requirement for the Ardougne Easy Diary. This leaves many players to question, how can I get a Rusty Sword?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get a rusty sword quickly.

How to get a rusty sword in OSRS?

The easiest way to obtain the Rusty Sword is to pickpocket H.A.M members in the H.A.M Hideout in Lumbridge. Alternatively, players who have started or completed the Dig Site quest can dig lvl 1 soil for faster access to a Rusty Sword.

Method 1: Pickpocketing H.A.M members

This method requires 15 Thieving, which you can quickly get by following our Thieving Guide.

The entrance trapdoor to the H.A.M Hideout is located behind the Lumbridge Castle.

H.A.M hideout location osrs

Once you make it here, try to open the trapdoor by right-clicking it and selecting ‘pick-lock Trapdoor’.

H.A.M hideout in osrs

Once inside, you’ll find H.A.M members with the pickpocket option.

osrs pickpocketing H.A.M members to obtain a rusty sword

Pickpocket them until you have a rusty sword in your inventory.

If you are lucky, you will get the Rusty sword rather quickly. If you aren’t lucky, you will get kicked out quite a bit which means you will find yourself somewhere in Lumbridge and have to access the hideout once again.

getting kicked out of the H.A.M hideout

In the creation of this guide, I was kicked out twice and received the Rusty sword after about 20 successful pickpockets.

rusty sword from pickpocketting H.A.M members in osrs

According to the OSRS Wiki, the drop rate for the Rusty Sword on H.A.M members is 1/25 so it’s not too bad!

Method 2: Training Digs at the Dig Site

Alternatively, players who have started The Dig Site quest can also dig level 1 soil at the Dig Site.

dig level 1 soil to obtain rusty sword in osrs

You will need a trowel, leather boots, and leather gloves for this. You obtain these during the quest.

Level 1 soil has a 1/12 chance of giving you a Rusty Sword.

Give Rusty Sword to Tindel Merchant

One of the steps in the Ardougne Easy Diary is to give a rusty sword to a tindel merchant. Here’s what you need to do:

First, teleport to Fishing Trawler using the Fishing Trawler Minigame teleport in your Grouping Menu. This requires 15 Fishing. If you don’t have that, check out our Fishing Guide so you can get that out of the way quickly.

teleport to fishing trawler using the fishing trawler minigame teleport

Now locate the Tindel Merchant on the docks.

tindel merchant location osrs

Talk to him to give him your Rusty Sword with 100gp in your inventory (to pay him).

Once he identifies your sword, your Ardougne Easy Step is complete!

ardougne easy diary step: give sword to tindel merchant

Note: there is a slight 1/96 chance that your rusty sword is junk, in which case you have to get another rusty sword. Good luck!


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