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Finished Desert Treasure and want to get those cool-looking Ghostly Robes? Don’t remember how you are meant to get them? We’ve got you! This OSRS Guide shows you how to get Ghostly Robes in OSRS.


Now before we get Ghostly Robes, there are two requirements:

  • (Partial) completion of Desert Treasure Quest (Until the point where you get the Ring of Visibility)
  • Ring of Visibility

Now if you have lost the ring of visibility, you can get it back from Rasolo in Baxtorian falls.

you can retrieve the ring of visibility from rasolo if you lose it

Rasolo is located southwest of Glarial’s tomb and northwest of the Fishing Guild.

You can easily get here either via Fishing Guild teleport on the Skills Necklace or via Barbarian Outpost teleport on the Games Necklace.

How to get the ghostly robes

The Ghostly Robes are locked behind the Curse of the Empty Lord miniquest.

Here’s an easy guide to this super short quest.

Items needed: Ghostspeak amulet (or Morytania legs 2 or higher) + Ring of Visibility & knife

First, make your way to Glarials Tomb with Ghostspeak Necklace and Ring of Visibility Equipped.

Use a Skills Necklace to Fishing Guild or Games Necklace to Barbarian Outpost to get here.

Here, speak with the Mysteries Ghost (who will only appear with Ring of Visibility equipped, and will only talk to you with Ghostspeak amulet equipped).

Dialogue: 1

He will give you a Ghostly Robe Top (thats 1 piece down!).

Next, bank all your items EXCEPT ghost speak amulet and ring of visibility & knife.

Then, speak with the Mysteries Ghost in lvl 52 Wilderness (West of the Mage Arena bank and the Edgeville Wilderness Lever).

Dialogue: 1

mysterious ghost in level 52 wilderness

You can get here using the Wilderness Lever in Edgeville or Ardougne.

P.s. If at any point during the quest you die and lose your ring of visibility, you can retrieve the ring of visibility from Rasolo.

mysterious ghost 1 location for ghostly robes

He will give you Ghostly Gloves.

Next, speak with Mysterious Ghost at the Chaos Altar (the prayer training one).

Dialogue: 1

Either run down from the previous ghost or use a burning amulet to teleport to the Lava Maze and run to the Chaos Altar.

mysterious ghost 2 location osrs for ghostly robes

He will give you ghostly boots.

mysterious ghost at chaos altar in the wilderness

Next, take the boat to Entrana from Port Sarim.

Remember: you cannot bring any weapons/armour to entrana! Also, don’t bring any ghostly robes you have already acquired!

Speak with Mysterious Ghost in the church of Entrana.

mysterious ghost on entrana for ghostly robes

She will give you the Ghost Robe Bottoms.

Next, go to the Wizards Tower.

Either teleport to Draynor Village via Glory or teleport to the Wizards Tower via Necklace of Passage.

Speak with Mysterious Ghost on the ground floor.

mysterious ghost in the wizards tower for ghostly robes

He will give you the ghostly hood.

And finally, we need to make our way to the Rogue’s Castle in level 54 Wilderness.

You can get here through the Edgeville lever (don’t forget to bring a knife to slash the webbs).

mysterious ghost location in the rogues caslte in the wilderness

The final ghost is located upstairs in the Rogue’s castle.

Speak with Mysterious Ghost Viggora.

final mysterious ghost for ghostly robes osrs

He will give you the ghostly cloak.

And that’s it! You’ve now obtained all the Ghostly robes!

ghostly robes set osrs

Now you should go to the Varrock Museum to collect your other rewards.

speak with historian minas after completing the curse of the empty lord miniquest to get your rewards

After speaking with Historian Minas upstairs you will get 10 Museum Kudos and an EXP lamp for 10,000 experience in a skill above 50!


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