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Need 100 Kudos for the Bone Voyage Quest so you can unlock Fossil Island? No problem! Here’s a Quick Guide on how to obtain 100 Kudos in OSRS.

Do the Natural History Quiz

This method has no requirements.

speak with orlando smith to start and finish the varrock museum quiz and get 28 kudos

You can get 28 Kudos for completing the Natural History Quiz in the museum. This Quiz requires you to go around all the displays in the downstairs area and answer some questions correctly. Afterward, you will receive 28 Kudos and 1,000 experience in Slayer and Hunter.

Check out our guide on the Varrock Museum Quiz to get all the answers.

Complete Quests

Players can gain Kudos for completing Quests with a historical background. Most quests give 5 Kudos and I guarantee you’ve already completed some of them!

To receive your Kudos, speak with Historian Minas upstairs in the Varrock Museum to receive Kudos by telling him about the quests you have completed.

complete quests and tell historian minas about it in the varrock museum to get kudos

The following quests are eligible for gaining kudos:

Rune Mysteries5 Kudos
Demon Slayer5 Kudos
Shield of Arrav5 Kudos
The Grand Tree5 kudos
Hazeel Cult5 kudos
Making History5 kudos
Observatory Quest5 kudos
In Aid of the Myreque5 kudos
A tail of two cats5 kudos
Temple of Ikov5 kudos
Merlin’s crystal5 kudos
What lies below5 kudos
Curse of the Empty Lords (miniquest)10 kudos

Clean Finds At the Varrock Museum

Once The Dig Site quest is completed, you can clean finds in the Varrock Museum for extra Kudos (and also to obtain unlock the Digsite Pendant)

While cleaning finds, you will find the following items:

  • Pottery: 10 kudos
  • Ancient Coin: 10 kudos
  • Ancient symbol : 10 kudos
  • Old Symbol: 10 kudos
  • Old coin: 10 kudos

Whenever you find any of these items, speak with an archeologist.

speak with the archeologist when you find an item

And then place them in one of the corresponding display cases to get the kudos reward.

add digsite finds in the display cases to gain kudos

If you are stuck: check out: How to clean finds at the Varrock Museum


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