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This article covers everything you need to know about the Abyssal Tentacle, and whether it’s worth using this variant over the original Abyssal Whip and other weapons.

What is a tentacle whip?

The Abyssal Tentacle, also known as Tentacle Whip, is a buffed version of the original Abyssal Whip that requires 75 Attack to use. Tentacle Whips are created by attaching a Kraken Tentacle onto an Abyssal Whip, making them untradeable and degradable. Once the Kraken tentacle is attached, you can use it for 10,000 hits before it degrades and the whip is lost, leaving the Kraken Tentacle.

As they are degradable, Abyssal Tentacles are primarily used for high-level bossing & raids (e.g. CoX) and not for combat training purposes, where the regular abyssal whip is more commonly used to save costs.

Tentacle Whips are quite affordable, making them good entry-level weapons for bossing & raiding for players on a budget. For example, the Abyssal Tentacle is the recommended melee weapon for Chambers of Xeric as this weapon only costs about 1.6m in total, compared to the next best option, the Dragon Hunter Lance, which goes for 41M.

Furthermore, tentacle whips are also commonly used by Ironman as these become a major upgrade when they reach 85 slayer (Abyssal Whip) and 87 Slayer (Kraken Tentacle) respectively. While main accounts are able to upgrade their gear past the Kraken Tentacle rather quickly as soon as they have the funds, Ironmen are often left using Tentacle Whip for a very long time.

Abyssal Tentacle stats

abyssal tentacle stats in osrs

Is the Abyssal Tentacle worth it?

The Abyssal Tentacle is a good weapon that comes in at a good price tag of only 1.6m in total. This makes it a great budget weapon for bossing & raids. Just keep in mind that the Abyssal Tentacle only has 10,000 hits before it degrades and destroys the whip inside. So when you chose an activity to use it, make sure you can make back (and ideally profit) the 1.2m you will lose from using the Abyssal Tentacle.

For this reason, you shouldn’t use the Abyssal Tentacle for any type of combat training, including Ammonite Crabs or Nightmare Zone.

You can however use the Abyssal Tentacle to grind out bosses such as General Graardor and raids.

Abyssal Tentacle vs Whip

Compared to the Abyssal Whip, the Abyssal Tentacle has a +8 slash bonus and a +4 strength bonus. This buff is substantial enough that it becomes a decent DPS upgrade and thus the Abyssal Tentacle should be used when DPS matters.

Generally, you should never use an Abyssal Whip for bossing as you should be able to make back the money from using the degradable Abyssal Tentacle which will expedite trips.

Compared to the original Abyssal Whip which requires 70 Attack, the Abyssal Tentacle has a higher 75 Attack Requirement.

How to Get the Abyssal Tentacle

If you want to have an Abyssal Tentacle, you’ll have to make it.

To make an Abyssal Tentacle, use a Kraken Tentacle on an Abyssal Whip. This doesn’t have any Crafting or Smithing requirements.

how to make an abyssal tentacle: use a kraken tentacle on an abyssal whip

Main accounts can purchase both the Abyssal Whip & Kraken Tentacle from the Grand Exchange.

Ironmen will have to grind out Abyssal Demons (requiring 85 Slayer or 80+ Slayer when boosting with Wild Pies) for the Abyssal Whip drop as well as Cave Kraken (87 Slayer, Task-only, not-boostable) for the Kraken Tentacle drop.

Warning: after 10,000 hits, the Kraken Tentacle consumes the whip.

Abyssal Tentacle is great for learners at CoX

The Abyssal Tentacle is recommended for learners to use at Chambers of Xeric if they don’t have the funds for a Dragonhunter Lance which is the next upgrade. Since Chambers of Xeric can easily earn you up to 5M per hour, this is the most ideal use case for an Abyssal Tentacle.

For more info in the Raids, check out our In-depth CoX Guide.


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