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Want to learn how to boost your slayer level in OSRS? Maybe you want to boost for Abyssal Whips on your Ironman? Temporarily increasing your slayer level can be a great way to save yourself from spending hours on grinding the slayer skill.

However, there are some limitations.

For example, you cannot boost your slayer level to unlock a slayer task. Slayer masters will only give you tasks based on your actual slayer level, not your boosted level. You can however attack a slayer monster by boosting your slayer level. So e.g. if you want to boost whips at level 80 Slayer, you can kill Abyssal Demons by using a 5-level Slayer Boost.

For more info on Slayer Training, check out ourosrs slayer guide1-99 OSRS Slayer Guide.

3 Ways to Boost Slayer in OSRS

Wild Pie (+5 boost)

The best way to boost your Slayer Level is to consume a Wild Pie which guarantees a Slayer boost of 5 levels. Main accounts have easy access to Wild Pies since they can be bought from the Grand Exchange for around 600GP each.

However, if you aim to boost your Slayer Level, I’m going to assume you are an Ironman account as these accounts stand to gain way more from boosting their Slayer to unlock new gear.

In this case, you will have to make your own wild pies.

Wild pies can be made by combining Raw Bear Meat, Rabbit, and Raw Chompy in a pie shell. This requires a cooking level of 85. Both raw bear meat and rabbit can be bought from stores but you will have to catch Raw Chompies yourself.

Luckily, you can do this efficiently by banking the Raw Chompies from the 300 Chompies you have to hunt for the Hard Western Provinces Diaries which unlock Elite Void Armour.

P.S. Further down this article I’ve made a guide on how to make wild pies on an ironman.

Spicy Stew with Yellow Spice (up to +5 boost)

Spicy Stew boosting offers a way for ironman to boost their Slayer Level 5 levels without many requirements. I say ironmen because main accounts can just buy wild pies from the Grand Exchange and don’t have to go through the annoying process of Spicy Stew Boosting.

Spicy Stews have the ability to give you a temporary boost between 0-5 levels in a bunch of different skills, including slayer. Which skill is boosted, and for how many levels, is entirely up to RNG. So this method is only handy if you need to boost for a combat task or Quest Requirement.

To boost Slayer with Spicy Stews, you need to add 3 doses of Yellow spice to a regular stew.

Yellow Spice can be obtained by killing Hell-rat Behemoth in the South-Western Room. TIP: Wily Cats are the best for this job. Using raw Karambwanji is the best food as they are stackable.

Slayers Respite (+2 boost)

An alternative to Wild Pies is the Slayer’s Respite. There are two versions:

  • Slayer’s Respite (boosts slayer by 2 levels)
  • Mature Slayer’s Respite (boosts slayer by 4 levels)

At level 59 Cooking, these are an alternative to making Wild Pies. However, making Slayers’ Respite is kind of a pain since the ingredients cannot be bought as an ironman. Furthermore, it takes up to 5 days for Slayer’s Respite to ferment.

Sometimes players may receive the mature version which can boost your slayer by 4 levels instead of two but this up to RNG.

To make Slayer’s Respite you need the following ingredients:

  • Bucket of water
  • 2 Barley Malt(*)
  • 4 Wildblood Hops(*)
  • Ale Yeast
  • Beer Glass

Two of these ingredients cannot be bought from stores in (by ironmen) so they will have to plant seeds using the Farming Skill:

  • Barley Malt has to be obtained by planting Barley Seeds in hop patches, continued by cooking the barley yield on a range
  • Wildblood Hops are obtained by planting wildblood seeds in hop patches

Main accounts can buy Mature Slayer’s Respite from the Grand Exchange. But since Wild Pies are cheaper, you should just go with that.

How to make Wild Pies

how to make wildpies to boost your slayer level in osrs

Obtaining the Ingredients

The following ingredients are needed to make Wild Pies:

  • Raw Chompy
  • Raw Bear Meat
  • Raw Rabbit
  • Pie Shell

Raw Chompy

To get the Raw Chompies, we have to go Chompy Bird Hunting. Check out our Chompy Bird Hunting Guide for the best strategies on how to hunt chompies (many players get this wrong and end up spending hours here for no reason!)

Raw Bear Meat

Raw Bear Meat can be bought from Rufus’ Meat Emporium in Canifis. He has 10 in stock so you will have to hop a lot of worlds.

Raw Rabbit

Raw Rabbit can be bought from any of the Charter Trader Members. The location closest to a bank is the one in Port Khazard (use the Fishing Trawler Minigame teleport to get here).

Charter Members have 20 Raw Rabbits in stock so you will have to hop quite a bit.

Pie Shell

We can make Pie Shells by using Pastry Dough on a Pie Dish. Pastry Dough is obtained by using a bucket of water on a pot of flour. You can buy pots of flour from the Culinaromancers’ chest and the Port Khazard General Store.

Cooking the Wild Pies

To make Raw Wild Pies do the following steps:

  • Add Pastry dough to Pie Dish
  • Add Raw bear meat to Pie Shell
  • Add Raw Chompy to Part Wild Pie
  • Add Raw Rabbit to Part Wild Pie
  • Cook Raw Wild Pie

To Cook Wild Pies, you will need a cooking level of 85. If you don’t have these stats, you can boost your cooking level for 5 levels.

If you want to ensure that you do not burn any wild pies (since they are a pain to make) you should use the lunar spell: bake pie. This spell requires 65 Magic.

How many Wild Pies you need to boost for Abyssal whip

how many wild pies you need to get abyssal whip while boosting slayer

Since I recently boosted for a whip on the Group Ironman, I thought it’d be nice to inform you what you can expect.

First and foremost, I would say that I don’t recommend you boost for whips when you only have 80 Slayer. As soon as your boost goes 1 level down, you will not be able to kill any more Abyssal Demons, making the Wild Pie method very expensive resource-wise. Ideally, you should boost for whips at level 81-83 Slayer.

I boosted my Slayer for whips at level 82 and it took me just 3 Wild Pies to get my first whip (yes I got spooned) and another 80 Wild Pies to get my second whip. Obviously, this is primarily based on RNG. You could get a whip on your very first kill. But since the drop rate is 1/512, you might be here a while.

On average, I was able to kill about 25 Abyssal Demons for each wild pie while using a scuffed iron setup and barraging them. These are non-sweaty rates, if you are tick-perfect & stack all abyssal demons you can farm even harder.

It’s not unheard of for players to go 1k+ dry on their first whip so be prepared to use between 20-100 wild pies.

I would also like to note that you have to use ice burst/ice barrage to make wildpie boosting at Abyssal Demons worth it.


Those are all the ways you can increase your slayer level in OSRS. Once more, you cannot unlock a task by boosting your slayer level! This means you cannot boost for tridents since tridents are dropped kraken which are locked behind slayer tasks.

For main accounts, the obvious way to boost Slayer is to purchase Wild Pies from the Grand Exchange which gives a +5 Slayer boost. For Ironmen, you can test your luck by using Spicy Stews if you only need to kill one monster but you are better off using Slayer’s Respite or Wild Pies if you need to boost for a whip for example.

For slayer strategies, info on slayer masters & tasks, blocks & more, check out ourosrs slayer guide1-99 OSRS Slayer Guide.


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