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In this OSRS Pest Control Guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get your void outfit.

skill requirements Pest Control Requirements

The only requirement for Pest Control is your combat level.

There are three tiers that you can access based on your combat level:

  • Novice: requires 40 combat
  • Intermediate: requires 70 combat
  • Veteran: requires 100 combat

The difference between these tiers is how difficult they are and the reward points you receive.

For the novice tier, you get 3 Commendation Points per successful game. For the intermediate tier, you get 4, and for the veteran tier, you get 5 Commendation Points.

Because of this, it’s recommended to wait until you are combat level 100 to get void the fastest way possible.

osrs world map How to get to pest control

The Void Knights’ outpost, where the Pest Control minigame is played, is an island located Southwest of Ape Atoll.

The easiest way to get to Pest Control is to use the minigame teleport to Pest Control in your Grouping Menu.

Alternatively, players can take the boat to Pest Control from Port Sarim.

how to get to pest control using the grouping menu minigame teleport

How to start a game of pest control

To start a game of Pest Control, hop to the official Pest Control world (344) and enter one of the three boats.

three different tiers of pest control: Novice, intermediate and veteran boats

The closest boat to the bank is the Novice boat, the middle one is the intermediate boat and the furthest one is the veteran boat.

how to start a game of pest control

How Pest Control Works

Pest Control is a very straightforward minigame that doesn’t really have a learning curve compared to some other minigames.

Since it’s team-based, you are almost guaranteed to win every round while playing in the official worlds regardless of your input.

The main objective of Pest Control is to destroy each of the 4 portals that spawn before the Void Knight dies.

Pest Control Map

Here’s a useful map of pest control.

pest control map with all portals and their weaknesses

At the center of the map you have the Void Knight, which needs to be protected from damage from the monsters. Then, behind gates, you have 4 different portals which need to be destroyed. This map also indicates their individual weaknesses.

Pest Control HUD

pest control hud explained

At the top of your screen, you will find the Pest Control HUD.

The right side features the four portals and their health. Whenever a portal opens up, this will be indicated on the HUD.

On the left side, you can see the hitpoints of the Void Knight as well as your current damage output.

Pest Control Portal

At the start of Pest Control, all four portals are shielded up. After 15 seconds, the first shield gets released and is revealed in the HUD. The Void Knight will also announce it. The next shield portal opens 30 seconds later.

Whenever a portal is destroyed, the void knight gets healed for 50 hitpoints.

pest control shielded portal
pest control opened portal

While all weapons can be used to attack the portals, they each have their own weakness to a certain combat style:

  • The Eastern Portal is weak to Magic
  • The Western Portal is weak to Ranged
  • The Southwestern Portal is weak to Stab and Slash
  • The Southeastern Portal is weak to Crush

Void Knight

pest control void knight

At the center of the minigame, you can find the Void Knight. He has 200 hitpoints and needs to be protected from the monsters. The only way to heal him is to destroy portals. For each destroyed portal, he heals 50 hitpoints.

Some players should be on guard duty and kill the monsters that spawn around the Void Knight. However, most of the time this area is pretty crowded in the official worlds which is why it’s better not to guard him and focus on a portal instead.

Pest Control Monsters

Pest control has 7 monsters that get spawned by the portals.

Here’s some information about them, their attack style, weakness & sidenotes.

MonsterAttack StyleSide Notes
spinner pest controlSpinnercombat statsMeleeSpinners are annoying and heal your portals.
brawler pest controlBrawlercombat statsMeleeBig boys that will block you
shifter pest controlShiftercombat statsMeleeThese guys teleport through walls (and attack the void knight in the center)
splatter pest controlSplattercombat statsMeleeExplodes when killed. Avoid killing them near barriers, gates or void knight.
ravager pest controlRavagercombat statsMeleeThese destroy gates and barricades.
torcher pest controlTorcherosrs magic guideMagicThese guys can hit the void knight over the walls.
defiler pest controlDefilerRangedThese guys can hit the void knight over the walls

How to AFK Pest Control

how to afk in pest control guide

The best way to play pest control to grind out void is to play the minigame semi-AFK. What I do for this strategy is run toward one portal at the start of the game and just attack a monster. With auto-retaliate on, you should be able to AFK for a little bit.

Attack the portal once it spawns. You shouldn’t have to click more than 2-3 times per game which is pretty chill while watching some YouTube, Netflix, or doing some chores.

Just make sure you do at least 100 damage to avoid getting punished for being AFK.

TIP: Since you recharge prayer in every game, set up your quick prayers to enhance your combat stats. This allows you to do more damage and get your AFK damage requirements quickly.

Don’t stand in the middle area when you are AFKing, this is a mistake as you will be competing with a bunch of other players to kill the few monsters that spawn, causing you to have to click way too much every game.

Pest Control Rewards

Void armour

void knight equipment osrs

Void Knight Equipment is the main reward from the Pest Control minigame. Void knight armour comes with 3 helmets: melee, ranged & magic which can be easily switched out to change an Attack Style.

When the full set is worn with the correct helmet, void the following bonuses:

  • Melee helm: +10% melee damage and accuracy
  • Ranged helm: +10% ranged damage and accuracy
  • Magic helm: +45% magic accuracy

To wear void armour you need to meet the following requirements:

The full set of Void Armour costs 1,250 Commendation points.

More info on Void Knight Equipment.

Elite Void

elite void pest control reward osrs

Players who have completed the Hard Western Provinces Achievement Diary can upgrade their void to robe top and bottoms to Elite void for an additional 400 Commendation Points.

Elite void has the same defense bonus as regular void but buffs the magic and ranged damage by 2.5% and also gives a +6 prayer bonus.

To upgrade your current void to Elite void, speak with the Elite Void Knight on the Void Knights’ Outpost while having void robes in your inventory and 400 extra Commendation Points.

Experience rewards

Aside from void, players can also spend their Pest Control points on Experience rewards instead of void pieces. This could offer a potential training method for training a combat skill.

For example, when training Ranged at Pest Control, you gain about 20k EXP per hour. But if you spend your reward points from the veteran boat on Ranged Experience, you can bump that number up to 60K EXP per hour. Not bad considering Pest Control is pretty AFK.

How long it takes to get full void

On average, you can expect to do about 25 games per hour.

Meaning you can gain:

  • 75 Commendation points per hour in the Novice tier (100 with easy combat diary)
  • 100 Commendation points per hour in the Intermediate tier (125 with easy combat diary)
  • 125 Commendation Points per hour in the Veteran tier (150 with easy combat diary)

Since full void with 3 helms takes 1,250 Commendation Points, it would take 16.5 hours in the Novice tier, 12.5 hours in the Intermediate tier, and 10 hours in the Veteran tier.

Upgrading to Elite Void pieces adds about 3 hours so the total set (1,650 Commendation Points) would take 13 hours on the Veteran boat.

Players who have unlocked Combat Achievement Diary Tiers gain additional Pest Control Points based on their current tier.

Pest Control BoatWithout DiaryCombat Easy DiaryCombat Hard DiaryCombat Hard Diary

And with the New Combat Achievement Update, it is much easier to unlock these rewards! We recommend you complete at least the Easy Combat Diary before starting your Void grind.

With the Easy Combat Diary unlocked, players can get full void in the Veteran boat in just 8 hours!

Is void still worth it?

Void is definitely worth getting for a budget setup. Elite void is almost BIS at Vorkath and using void is also necessary for learning Theatre of Blood. For Ironmen, getting void is a must.


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