how to get void in osrs

This osrs void knight guide will cover everything you need to know about what void knight is, how void knight works, the difference between regular and elite void and so on. 

What is void knight? 

Void knight equipment is a reward from the Pest Control Minigame. Void is often used in high-level bossing such as Chambers of Xeric (Raids) & The Theatre of Blood (Raids 2) because it requires a player to do far fewer switches than if they were wearing other gear.

To wear void knight equipment the player must have the following skills:

  • 42 in all combat stats: defence, attack, strength, hitpoints, ranged and magic
  • 22 prayer

Void knight consists of the following armour pieces:

  • Void knight Top
  • Void knight Robe
  • Void knight Gloves
  • Void knight helmet: melee, mage, and ranger

How void knight works

Void knight armour already has pretty decent stats:

Armour pieceStab DefenceSlash DefenceCrush DefenceRanged DefenceMagic Defence
Void Knight Helm66666
Void Knight Top4545454545
Void Knight Robe3030303030
Void Knight Gloves66666

However, the main reason people wear void is because of it’s added bonuses which come from the designated helmet. When a full void knight set is worn, you receive an extra bonus from the designated helmet.

Regular void knight stats

Void Melee Helmet+ 10%+ 10%
Void Ranger Helmet+ 10%+ 10%
Void Mage Helmetno bonus+ 45%

Elite void knight stats

Void Melee Helmet+ 10%+ 10%
Void Ranger Helmet+ 12,5%+ 10%
Void Mage Helmet+ 2,5%+ 45%

* Elite void melee does not give any extra melee damage over it’s regular void counterpart. The only difference you’ll see is a +6 prayer bonus from the robes. 

you can ONLY receive the extra bonus IF the full set is worn. 

How to get void in osrs

osrs void veteran ladder, waiting for pest control to start

To get void, you’ll have to play the pest control minigame. Void is untradeable so there is no other way to obtain it. 

Pest control is played in world 344 (you must play in this world to be able to find games) and there are three levels:

LadderCombat Level RequiredPoints per win

Each level has a different combat level requirement and gives a different amount of points per win.

Meaning the higher your combat level, the fastest you will get your full void set. 

You need: 170 veteran wins, 213 intermediate wins and 284 novice wins to get the full void set. 

A veteran game lasts less than 2 minutes, you usually have no waiting time but sometimes you don’t get priority which means there might be a 10-30 second delay in-between games. So let’s say an average veteran game takes 3 minutes including loading time.

This means that full void (1250/5=250 games) will take you around 12,5 hours. And an extra 4 hours to upgrade to elite void. 

Regular void 

The full void set (including the three helmets) requires you to have 1250 void commendation points. A single void set (one helmet) would cost you 850 void commendation points. 

Elite void

Elite void has some extra requirements over regular void. In order to get elite void you need to complete the Hard Western Provinces Diary. You’ll also need to pay 200 commendation points to upgrade each of your regular robes for a total of 400 commendation points. 

You’ll also need to complete a bunch of quests, achieve high level skills and a combat level of 100 to complete the Hard Western Provinces Diary and gain access to Elite void. 

In total, elite void will cost you 1650 commendation points. 

Regular void vs Elite void

elite vs regular void in osrs. Is elite void worth it over regular void?

The only stat difference elite void gives over regular void is the +6 prayer bonus. Elite void gives no extra melee bonus but does give a +2,5% extra ranged and magic damage when the respective helmets are worn.

This makes elite void ranged the best in slot DPS ranged armour in osrs. 

So if you have regular void you should only go through the hassle of getting elite void if:

  • You plan on doing raids/TOB
  • You want to get BIS Ranged DPS
  • You need the +6 prayer bonus

Elite void magic is not worth it as ahrims has better dps (which is why players bring ahrims switch to raids instead of a mage hood)