This is a comprehensive guide to Soul Wars in OSRS.

In this osrs guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the brand-new minigame.

What is Soul Wars?

Soul Wars is a new team vs team minigame within OSRS which has a lot of similarities with Castle Wars. But, instead of capturing flags, your team is supposed to kill the opponent’s avatar 10 times in a row to secure the win.

Soul Wars is actually an RS3 game and was introduced to pre-EOC Runescape back in February of 2009. Many of the nostalgic player base of OSRS still remembers Soul Wars from those early days of Runescape. After a poll vote, in which the player base voted majority in favor, Soul Wars was released to OSRS on January 6th, 2021.

Why should you play Soul Wars in OSRS?

Soul Wars has a bunch of rewards which makes it a tempting minigame to play.

The large majority will play Soul Wars for its EXP rewards. Soul Wars Zeal tokens can be traded in for experience in Magic, Ranged, Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, and Prayer.

This can make Soul Wars an alternative, free method to train prayer.

Or it can help you work on a pure PK build.

Back in pre-eoc Runescape, Soul Wars was often used to get 99 hitpoints on a fresh Runescape account with no other stats. This is no longer possible since OSRS Soul Wars requires 40 combat level to start.

Soul Wars Requirements

In order to play the Soul Wars minigame you need the following stat requirements:

  • 40 combat level (ideally higher!)
  • 500 total level

These measures were put in place because Soul Wars used to be a pretty heavily botted event in pre-eoc.

Soul Wars can also only be played on its designated worlds which are: 320, 350, and 535.

How to get to Soul Wars in OSRS

soul wars location osrs

Getting to Soul Wars is very easy. The easiest way to get there is to use the minigame teleport to Soul Wars.

To do so, head over to your quest menu and choose minigame (the red logo), look through the list for Soul Wars and teleport there, easy!

Another way you can get to Soul Wars is by going through the portal which is located in Edgeville, just West of the Grand Exchange.

An amulet of Glory or combat bracelet can teleport you directly to Edgeville.

How Does Soul Wars Work?

how soul wars works in osrs

Soul Wars is a fairly easy and straightforward minigame that holds a lot of similarities with Castle Wars. Two teams go up against each other, each has its own Avatar which can be killed by the opposing team. The objective is to kill your opponent’s avatar 10 times in a row, doing so will win you the game.

The avatar can be weakened by collecting fragments on the battlefield. You can do this by either killing ghosts or by killing other players. These fragments have to be offered to the obelisk at the center of the minigame. Doing so will weaken the opponent’s avatar and thus making it easier to kill.

Game Start

soul wars lobby

The first time you play Soul Wars, you’ll have to complete a quick tutorial that will give you an idea of how the game works.

From then on, you’ll be able to play Soul Wars with a clan or solo.

Remember: Soul Wars can only be played from Worlds 320, 350, and 535.

Soul Wars has two lobbies, one for clans and one for solo players.

If you’re playing solo, you have to pick the Western Lobby.

Soul Wars Gear Setup

Since Ice Barrage is very common in Soul Wars, just like it is in Castle Wars, you are advised to bring armour with high-magic defense bonuses.

Examples are Karils and Black D’hide.

If you have access to Ice Barrage yourself, this can be a game-changer within Soul Wars to hold off enemies.

Bringing a spec weapon such as AGS, DDS, Claws is highly recommended.

TIP: If you are a ranged player you should give the nomad your Ava’s assembler or attractor. This will give your soul wars cape the ability to attract your arrows or bolts.

Soul Wars Inventory Setup

Before entering Soul Wars, you should make sure your inventory is empty except for any gear switches or runes you may need.

Within Soul Wars, there are a couple of items that you can fill your inventory with such as:

Bandages– Heals 20% of your health
– Can be used on teammates to heal them
PotionsPotions work similarly to combat potions and will increase your combat stats.
BarricadesCan be used to block enemies from entering. Barricades can be killed with weapons or through an explosive potion.
ExplosivesCan be used to destroy a barricade instantly

Both bandages and potions can be found inside your base. Barricades and explosives can be found just outside your base.

The recommended inventory setup is to have 2 potions and the remainder of your inventory filled with bandages. Explosives are generally not used by players because they take up an unnecessary inventory slot.

You can also bring barricades to hold off enemies.

How to play Soul Wars

The whole point of Soul Wars is to offer fragments at the Soul Obelisk at the center of the map to weaken the enemy avatar.

Of course, there is only one soul obelisk so both teams will constantly be fighting over this spot.

Meanwhile, higher-level players should be killing the enemy avatar.

It’s your job in your team to focus on activities depending on your combat level.

It’s also your job to figure out where you are needed most.

Recommended Gameplay for Low Levels

As a low level, you will generally be busy farming and doing obelisk runs with your fragments.

  • Focus on killing ghosts instead of PKing.
  • Do frequent runs to the obelisk to sacrifice your fragments
  • Pick up the bones from the NPCs you kill and bury them at your graveyard

Recommended Gameplay for High Levels

As a high level, you have to figure out where you are needed most on your team.

  • Focus on defending the soul obelisk
  • Focus on defending your team avatar/attacking the enemy avatar
  • Unnecessary player killing is a waste of time!!

Soul Wars Rewards

soul wars rewards
Attack Experience (1 token)Gain 384 experience in Attack.
Defence Experience (1 token)Gain 384 experience in Defence.
Magic Experience (1 token)Gain 352 experience in Magic.
Prayer Experience (1 token)Gain 192 experience in Prayer.
Strength Experience (1 token)Gain 384 experience in Strength.
Ranged Experience (1 token)Gain 352 experience in Ranged.
Hitpoints Experience (1 token)Gain 384 experience in Hitpoints.
ImbuesImbue items such as rings to make them stronger. This used to be exclusive to the Nightmare Zone.
Soul Cape (2500 tokens)Cosmetic cape which holds no stats.
Ectoplasmator (250 tokens)Gives you prayer experience while killing ghosts
Spoils of War (30 tokens)– Random rewards crate
– Make 80k per crate on average
– Chance of Soul Wars pet

OSRS Soul Wars Video Guide

Hopefully, this OSRS Soul Wars Guide has taught you everything you need to know to get started with the minigame. Be sure to check out our other guides as well!