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This osrs wyrms guide will cover everything you need to know to kill wyrms in osrs, whether you want to do so for a slayer task or for its droptable.

This article is part of our OSRS Slayer Guide.

Wyrms Stats

  • Combat level: 99
  • Max hit: 13
  • XP/kill: 133
  • Weak to: stab and ranged
  • Slayer level Requirement: 62

Wyrm location

Wyrms, just like drakes are located in the Karuulm slayer dungeon. The fastest way to get here is by using the fairy ring teleport to code C I R. Otherwise, you can use the skills necklace to teleport to the farming guild which is just south-west from the dungeon.

Caution: Don’t forget to wear the appropriate boots: Granite boots, boots of brimstone or boots of stone otherwise you will take damage in the Karuulm slayer dungeon! If you have completed the Elite Kourend & Kebos diaries, you can wear any boots you want.

How to fight wryms

You can take on wyrms with both melee and ranged setups. If you have good enough ranged stats, ranged is preferred as your gear will have a high magic defence.

If you want to take zero damage from the wyrms you should keep your protect from magic prayer on during the fight. Alternatively, you can just go in high defense gear and tank the hits.

Unlike drakes, wyrms do not have a special attack so they are very easy to kill.

Gear Setup

You want to prioritize magic defense during the wyrm task so that you don’t have to use your protect from magic prayer. That’s why you should at a minimum wear black d’hide, even with the melee setup.

Blowpipe with high ranged level is best DPS for wyrms. I would only advise to go with a melee setup if your ranged level is extremely low or you have access to a rapier/lance.

Ranged gear setup

  • Slayer helmet/black mask (i)
  • Avas assembler/accumulator
  • Necklace of anguish/fury/glory
  • Rada’s blessing/unholy blessing/bolts (if crossbow)
  • Toxic blowpipe (recommended)/DHCB/rune crossbow
  • Boots of brimstone/boots of stone/granite boots (MUST HAVE)
  • Barrows gloves/blessed vambraces/ranger gloves/black d’hide vambraces
  • Archers ring (i)/brimstone ring/seer’s ring

Melee gear setup

  • Slayer helm/black mask (i)
  • Fire cape/legends cape/obby cape
  • Amulet of torture/fury/glory
  • Rada’s blessing/any god blessing
  • Rapier/dragonhunter lace/whip/dragon scim
  • Avernic defender/dragon defender/Tokz-ket-xil
  • armadyl chestplate/karils leathertop/blessed d’hide/black d’hide
  • armadyl chainskirt/karils chainsskirt/blessed d’hide/black d’hide
  • Boots of brimstone/boots of stone/granite boots (MUST HAVE)
  • berserker ring(i)/treasanous ring/brimstone ring/seers ring

Inventory Setup

  • 2 bastion/ranging potions
  • 4 prayer potions
  • sharks/manta rays
  • teleportation method
  • bonecrusher (optional)
  • holy wrench (optional)
  • cannon (optional)
  • herb sack (optional)
  • dramen staff/lunar staff for fairy ring network

Wyrms drop table

Wyrms always drop wyrm bones. Other drops include: herbs, noted herbs, seed, gems, and more.

Full wyrm dorp table here.

Valuable drops:

  • Dragon sword (off-task: 1/10,000 on task: 1/2000)
  • Dragon harpoon (off-task: 1/10,000 on task: 1/2000)
  • 75 – 150 Dragon Thrownaxe (off-task: 1/10,000 on task: 1/2000)
  • 75 – 150 Dragon Knife (off-task: 1/10,000 on task: 1/2000)

Untradeable drops:

  • Hard Clue Scroll
  • Brimstone key

Osrs Wyrms Guide Video

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Hopefully, this osrs wyrms guide gave you all the information you needed to fight wyrms located in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. If anything is missing, be sure to let us know.

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